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10 Brilliant Couple Photography Ideas

Love is a beautiful thing and many couples opt to document milestones in their love story with special couple’s photo shoots. These photo shoots have become even more popular with the advent of photo sharing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These special couples photo shoots are intended to tell a love story and sites like Facebook and Instagram are the medium through which many couples choose to relay their shared experiences to friends and family. The occasion and intent of these photo-shoots vary and while many couples may opt for a pre-wedding photo shoot, others may like to chronicle many years of togetherness with an anniversary photo-shoot.

Often times these special photo sessions incorporate special themes and ideas and it’s not uncommon for a couple that is contemplating a special photo session to be on the lookout for couple photo shoot ideas. This blog aims to meet that need with multiple creative couple photography ideas that many can recreate as illustrated below or simply draw inspiration from.

Watch this video to know more about the 10 brilliant couple photography ideas and try it out with your partner.

10 Stunning Creative Couple Photography Ideas

The ten 10 stunning couple photography ideas detailed and illustrated below include themes and suggestions for various occasions such an anniversary, a pre-wedding photo-shoot, a post-wedding photo-shoot, a couples photo-shoot for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or a surprise proposal. These ideas and suggestions are geared towards recording memorable moments for posterity and as mentioned before; relaying your very own love story to friends and family.

1. A Wedding Announcement


The picture above is a brilliant example of creative couple photography ideas that makes for a great wedding announcement on social media. Make note of the mysterious silhouettes that promise the grand unveiling of a soon to be a married couple in all their wedding finery. This idea can be effectively replicated as it is or can serve as a source of inspiration for your very own wedding announcement; made known through the medium of photography.img

2. Just Married


When you want to share your new marital status with the world and show-off the love of your life; the picture above can serve as a source of inspiration for newly-wed couple photoshoot ideas that are hard to beat. Make note of the photo background with an open door in the backdrop that is symbolic of an entry into a new home and a new life.img

3. Explore the Outdoors (19)

Nature has always served as a source of nourishment for young love and your time spent in the outdoors; exploring or simply soaking in the beauty together; is best documented with a special couple’s outdoor photoshoot. The picture above is just one of multiple creative couple photography ideas in the lap of nature that you can draw inspiration from.img

4. Couple Travel Photos (26)

Your shared vacations as a couple or even your honeymoon can prove to provide plenty of opportunity for a romantic couple’s photoshoot. The picture above is just one of many creative couple photoshoot ideas that can be worked into your time spent vacationing or honeymooning with your significant other. Such photos are a great way to announce to the rest of the world that you are experiencing marital bliss or the time of your life with the one that matters most.img

5. Be Spontaneous


The best and most romantic couple photos are often the ones that are not pre-planned. Your best bet is to allow your photographer to capture candid and spontaneous couple moments. If something seems like a fun idea; have it captured by your photographer whether you decide to keep the shot or not; is for you to decide later.img

6. Explore Your Quirky Side


If all there was to a couple was romance and mush; it would get pretty boring, pretty soon. Most couples have a quirky side and they often share lighthearted fun moments together. These moments are perfect for your couples album and Facebook and Instagram photos and should be captured by a professional photographer.img

7. Go Retro


One way to get stunning couples photographs that look great in your personal photo album and in frames on your wall is to go retro with Black and White and Sepia tones. These pictures have a vintage feel that will retain their appeal many years from now.img

8. Flaunt Your Raw Passion (24)

Passion and intimacy needn’t be restricted to the bedroom when couples can flaunt their passion for each other tastefully through professionally shot photographs. The picture above is a great example of couple photography ideas that put conspicuous emphasis on the shared passion between two individuals without excessive PDA. The emphasis here is on expression and attitude.img

9. Explore Photography Tricks


If you desire couples photos that are unlike anything you have seen before; you might have to ask your photographer to explore photography tricks both during the shoot and on the editing table. The picture above is a great example of the point being made.img

10. Love in Real Time


Go back to the beginning of your love story by borrowing from the concept of dating and getting to know each other for the first time. This popular example of creative couple photography ideas relies on taking the photoshoot to the streets of your city, outdoor cafes and scenic sidewalks. This is one way to tell a story of a blossoming love through professionally shot photographs.img

In conclusion; it is important to note that all of the ideas and suggestions detailed above leave plenty of room for adaptation and experimentation. Every couple can play around with these couple photoshoot ideas to successfully execute a photoshoot that best relays their love story. These couple photography ideas are also very suitable for different couples at different points in their relationship. If you are ten days away from getting married; there is an idea for you here and if you are celebrating a few successful years of commitment; there is something for you too. The primary agenda is to help every couple document their relationship with gorgeous photographs.


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10 Awe Inspiring Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

A wedding is a momentous and once in a lifetime occasion for most couples tying the knot. Under these special circumstances; it doesn’t come as a surprise that couples are choosing to chronicle the run-up to the impending nuptials with a pre-wedding photo-shoot.

The pre-wedding photoshoot is also a contemporary way to announce to the world; one’s soon to change marital status. Many individuals use the pre-wedding photoshoot to introduce to friends and family their soon to be bride or groom which is why these pictures often find their way onto social media websites like Facebook and Instagram.

The pre-wedding photoshoot is intended to be a creative display of togetherness that is soon to be cemented in marriage which is why; soon to be married couples are often on the lookout for great pre-wedding photoshoot ideas. This blog aims to meet that need with multiple Indian pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that are sure to provide enough inspiration for your own pre-wedding photo session.

10 Awesome Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

Listed and detailed below are ten awesome pre-wedding photography ideas to pick and choose from. These ideas could very well be the basis for your own pre-nuptials photo session and the emphasis is clearly on including something for every kind of couple. Read further to know more.

1. An Undeniably Romantic Ambiance (11)

Getting the perfect pre-wedding photos largely depends on creating the perfect romantic ambiance for many couples. The picture above is a perfect example of Indian pre-wedding shoot ideas that effectively tells a fairytale story for the bride and the groom. The shower of red rose petals is a unique take on the cliché of red roses and their association with romantic love. This pre-wedding shoot is awe-inspiring yet easy to execute. A great photographer who is equally good at the editing table should comfortably get the job done.img

2. Flaunt Your Quirky Side (12)

The pre-wedding photo session is considerably different from a bridal photoshoot owing to the fact that there is lots of room for creative license. Considering the fact that the pre-wedding photoshoot is also an announcement for impending nuptials between two individuals; a great way to get the message across would be to collaborate together as bride and groom to flaunt your quirky side. The picture above is an excellent example of the point being made with an ample dose of humor.img

3. Monumental Love (13)

The perfect backdrop for an Indian pre-wedding photoshoot is an old Indian fort or monument. The backdrop of such an edifice combined with candid romantic moments captured on camera; is highly symbolic of the love of monumental proportions. It’s your love story; make it larger than life with this perfect example of Indian pre-wedding shoot ideas.img

4. Flaunt Your Attitude


A pre-wedding photoshoot is a great way to flaunt your attitude as a couple. There are various pre-wedding shoot ideas to get this message across and the picture above is just one example to draw inspiration from. This theme has a conspicuous desi appeal that also makes for a great example of specifically Indian pre wedding shoot ideas.img

5. A Royal Theme (14)

India has no dearth of exquisite palaces that make for the perfect location for pre-wedding and bridal shoots. The emphasis here is on replicating a royal theme and the picture above is a great example of Indian pre-wedding photography ideas with an undeniably regal touch.img

6. Exploit Photoshop (15)

The simplest couple photos can be given a pre-wedding photoshoot look with expert Photoshop skills. The best way to ensure that you get what you need is to employ the services of a professional with great photography and editing skills.img

7. Capture Yourselves Doing Couple Things (16)

It is not always necessary to plan out a pre-wedding photoshoot and pose for the camera accordingly. You can simply instruct your photographer to go with the flow and capture your partner and yourself doing couple activities together. This is a great example of pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that put emphasis on spontaneity. The editing table will effectively allow you to pick and choose between various pictures taken and your photographer’s editing skills can correct flaws where necessary.img

8. Make A Declaration


As mentioned more than once earlier; the pre-wedding photoshoot is an announcement of sorts for an upcoming wedding and there is no reason why you shouldn’t make this declaration loud and clear. The picture above is a great example of the point being made. Make note of how basic photography and photo editing and altering skills can help you execute one of the best pre-wedding photography ideas.img

9. Take it Outdoors (17)

A simple walk in the scenic outdoors with your partner and soon to be husband or wife can produce plenty of camera worthy moments. The emphasis here is on enjoying alone time as a couple and allowing the camera to capture tender moments that make for the best pre-wedding photo album. This idea can be effectively executed by a great photographer with great editing skills.img

10. Go Vintage (18)

Vintage montages and their appeal extend to pre-wedding photo shoots in more ways than one. Executing a vintage theme photoshoot for your pre-wedding album is one effective way to capture snapshots that will not lose their appeal ten or even twenty years down the line. Additionally the “old is gold” charm is undeniably appealing. It is easy to see how the vintage theme is a great example of effective pre-wedding shoot ideas.img

As intended; there is something for everyone in the top 10 pre-wedding shoot ideas listed and detailed above. A couple that is fun and quirky will find an idea or inspiration here and so will couples that are looking for class, sophistication and timeless appeal. It is also easy to see how these pre-wedding photography ideas are best suited for Indian couples with plenty of room for beautiful Indian locations. These ideas emphasize on pre-wedding shoots that are easy to execute and do not burn a hole in your

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10 Handpicked Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding photography justifiably deserves the importance it gets. A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and in most countries; it’s a social celebration like no other. Weddings signify new beginnings and they are familial and social announcements of a lifelong partnership of a personal and intimate nature; these are just a few of many reasons why weddings are documented and recorded for posterity in snapshots and photographs. Weddings are also wholehearted displays of familial and romantic affections and as such; missing the opportunity to take pictures and create memories for a lifetime is unheard of.

All of the statements made above support the need for wedding photography and more and more soon to be wedded couples are on the lookout for wedding photography themes and ideas to give their family album that unique touch. Listed below are multiple wedding photography concepts with an emphasis on Indian wedding photography ideas that make for a must read for soon to be wed Indian couples.

10 Wedding Photography Ideas

The 10 wedding photoshoot ideas detailed below could very well serve as reference points for your very own unique wedding photoshoot or one could simply replicate them as they are. The options are endless but the agenda is the same; to capture the joyous occasion of an Indian wedding at its photographic best.

1. Bridal Beauty


The bride is the central protagonist of the big fat Indian wedding and no wedding album is complete without pictures of the bride in all her bridal finery. This is perhaps a basic example of wedding photography ideas and conceptualization but a wedding photographer who is worth his or her weight in gold; will efficiently capture mesmerizing bridal snapshots like the one above.img

2.Band of Brothers


Familial ties are a central feature of any Indian wedding and the bond between a bride and her brothers is a relationship like no other. The picture above is an excellent example of wedding photoshoot ideas that effectively captures the bond between the bride and her brothers which is reflective of fraternity, protection and a fair dose of humor. Such snapshots add a fun element to your wedding album that cannot be done without.img

3.Your Cover Photo


Whether it’s for social media or a physical wedding album; a great cover photo is in much demand. One of the best wedding photography ideas for a cover photo is to add a hint of mystery. This brilliant close-up shot of the bride and groom holding hands with an emphasis on all the wedding finery is a great example of a cover photo that peaks interest.img

4.Your Gang of Girls/Guys


Just like anywhere else; friends play an important role in an Indian wedding and they should very well find a place in your wedding photoshoot. The picture above is indicative of a fun moment shared between the bride and her friends but such pictures shouldn’t just be limited to the bride. The groom is encouraged to pose for a group picture with his friends too; with an emphasis on flaunting their fun side collectively.img

5.Flaunt Your Fun Side


Marriage is bound to have its fair share of fun moments for both bride and groom and it all starts with the wedding itself. Have your photographer capture snapshots of the lighter moments you share as a couple and take your cue from the picture above. This picture is an excellent example of fun and creative wedding photography ideas that allow the bride and groom to explore their humorous side.img

6.Capture Intimate Moments


Overall; a wedding is a celebration of romantic love and companionship which is why your wedding album should have a fair share of romantic moments shared between your partner and yourself. The frame should be devoid of anyone else but you two as you are the protagonists of this love story. This is an integral example of wedding photography ideas and concepts that need to be captured in photographs.img

7.The Bride and Her Mother (10)

A mother has an integral role in the upbringing of a daughter and marriage is a happy culmination of sorts for this special role. A wedding is bound to have special bittersweet moments between the bride and her mother and if you are not capturing these moments on camera; your fairytale wedding picture book is rather incomplete. The picture above is an excellent example of Indian wedding photography ideas that emphasize on the special relationship between the bride and her mother.img

8.Ceremonial Snapshots


The rituals and ceremonies involved in an Indian wedding are undeniably fascinating. These rituals are often an extravagant display of colors which is why they make for excellent pictures in your wedding album. The picture above is an excellent example of the point being made; we see the silhouette of the bride in all her wedding finery; juxtaposed with the beautiful decoration of the ceremonial mandap.img

9.Highlight The Décor


It’s quite probable that you would spend a ton of money on your wedding venue decorations which is one reason why to highlight the decorations with wedding photography. One brilliant example of Indian wedding photoshoot ideas would be for the bride and the groom to pose for pictures under a canopy of lights and baubles as indicated in the picture above.img

10.The Grand Culmination


The wedding reception is the grand culmination of your journey on the road to becoming husband and wife, and it deserves a special snapshot that captures the pair of you as Mr. and Mrs.; the picture above is an excellent example of the point being made. img

In conclusion; it is important to note that all of the ideas listed and detailed above require minimum set-up and effort and can be captured in the natural wedding environment. All one would need is the services of an excellent wedding photographer who can effectively capture the best snapshots and then take them to the editing table; resulting in an awe-inspiring album of wedding photos.