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7 Best Bridal Makeup Tutorials That All Brides-To-Be Should Watch

Most of the brides would have faced a tough time in searching for a perfect place for their wedding outfits and accessories. But other than that, attaining a flawless makeup is a big success for any bride. The wedding you have seen all over Pinterest may be out of their budget.

One of the best ways to get the ideal makeup of your wish is doing it by yourself or convincing a trusted friend to do it for you. This may sound daunting, but it’s much easier than you think. If you find out the right products and techniques that help you achieve the bridal makeup goals.

In this article, we’ve rounded up our favorite bridal makeup tutorials that will help you to have a classy look on your big day.

1. Anaysa- Bridal Makeup

The popular YouTuber Anaysa’s bridal makeup is one of the best videos that all brides-to-be should watch. The 7-minutes video is a short yet a brief step by step tutorial for beginners. The finished look gives a bright blush with a stunning smokey eye and a pop of bright red lipstick.

2. Aishwarya Kaushal- Complete Bridal Makeup

Bridal looks are always distinctive from normal makeovers. Aishwarya Kaushal has done a straight forward and approachable Indian Bridal Makeup tutorial. This is a long and detailed 30 minutes video which covers every step from primer to makeup setting spray.

3. TBG Bridal Store- Get Ready With Me

Every bride wants to look unique and best on their big day. This makeover is a Kerala themed bridal look for which the bride opted for a traditional silk saree with heavy naga jewellery sets. The bright and classic look of this bride gives a signature bridal luminosity.

4. Smitha Deepak- Bridal look

If you’re looking for an inspiring bridal looks then Smitha Deepak channel is the right place. This video is one of her inspiration from Deepika Padukone’s Bangalore reception look. The step by step procedure will help even the amateurs to rival the professionals.

5. Jitu Barman- South Indian Bridal Makeup

The professional makeup artist and a versatile Youtuber Jitu Barman’s videos on makeup are always unique and mesmerizing. In this video, Jitu Barman has brought the actress, Tanvi Sharma, through which he has achieved a perfect South Indian bridal look with traditional hairdo and accessories. The sultry smokey eye and glossy lips give a complete look to her.

6. GoGlam 90- My Wedding Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial video gives a simple bridal makeup look which you can do it on your own. The major focus is given to the eye which is embellished with glittery eyeshadow and dramatic lashes. This video gives a look that feels natural yet a classy one in a very elegant way.

7. Jitu Barman- Muslim Bridal Makeup

This tutorial from Jitu Barman gives bridal goals for all the brides-to-be. The bold face foundation and humid smokey eye give a stunning look for the bright orange lehenga. The Maang tikka and nose pin give a complete Muslim bridal look to the bride Farhana.

With this, we end our list, explore the trending bridal looks by watching these videos and get a perfect and classy look on your big day. Hope you all enjoyed reading this article, comment below your favorite tutorial in the comment box below.

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The Evolution of Tamil Film Industry from 1930s

The migration of fashion from ancient times to today is just adorable. From M.S.Subalakshmibulakshmi to Nayanthara Tamil Film Industry has its unique style for decades. In this article, we would see the fashion and makeup from the 1930s to till date. Get explored to the dramatic change of fashion in the Kollywood film industry in an undreamable path.

The 1930s

The 1930s are the times when fashion evolution started carving its own path in South India.

makeup evolution

Whitestone jewellery was the most preferred type of accessory in Black and white movie as it enhanced the look.

Take a look from top to bottom from – from the nethi chutti to the heavy anklets.

Most of the heroines preferred tilak shaped bindi and Nath which gave a classic look.

Curly hair was the most preferred hairstyle compared to straight hair.

The 1940s

When it came to the 1940s, in fashion and makeup, the first thing that comes to our mind is the optimistic look of the heroine.

Evolution of makeup
Anjali Devi

The circle thin eyebrows with minimal eyeshadow were the most preferred style.

Have a look at the actresses Anjali Devi and Bhanumathi who have carried themselves in a graceful way.

Tamil industry
Bhanumathi Ramakrishna

The Late 1940s were the times when wing eyeliner came into existence.

Heavy zari saree with whitestone jewellery are the highlights of these times.

As most of the movies were historically based movies, the head crowns and veils were given more importance.

Actress anjali devi
Anjali Devi

Take, for example, the dressing of actress Anjali Devi in the movie Mangaiyarkarasi in which she wore a heavy zari saree with puff sleeves and whitestone jewellery sets.

The 1950s

This trend was followed in the 1950s with some minimal change.

actress Saroja Devi
Saroja Devi

The 1950s are the times when accentuated lashes, rounded brows, and lightly lined came into existence.

Tilak-shaped bindi and curly hair were again trending.

Most of the heroines were of a curvy physique, which was preferred to the slim physique. 

The 1950s was the decade which did not have physique constraint.

actress savitri

The makeup and attire worn in this time were very simple, and this helped the audience to consider them a part of the family.

One best example is actress Savitri, with her looks in the movie Pasamalar, which was simple with a bare lip shade and wispy braids.

Allibabavum narpathu thirudargalum movie
Allibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum

This decade was very notable as this was the era when the first Tamil color movie was released (Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum). 

From then on, the view on fashion and choice of color has changed a lot.

The 1960s

The 1960s opted for a bold look with darker wings and sheer peachy blushes. 

Thickly penciled bold wings are the signature features of the 60s – which is followed even today.

Saroja Devi
Saroja Devi

Can you imagine the two sided-plaits for a saree? Yes, this was the trending style in those days!!!

Other than this, high tight buns were the most preferred hairstyle, decorated with embellishing flowers like crossandra and jasmine.

actress Padmini

Heavy Jhumkas with ear chain and matching traditional attigai jewellery were the desired fashion icon of those eras. 

Round bindis and embroidery sarees came into the trend in these times.

Western dresses like skirts and gowns gained prominence in this time period.

You can see the style of Saroja Devi in the movie Anbe Vaa, in which she has given fashion goals to many young girls of those times.

Anbe Vaa movie
Saroja Devi on Anbe Vaa

The focus was more on eyes, keeping the rest of the face muted.

Pale lip shadows like beige, baby pink, and peach were in vogue.

The 1970s

This theme was not the same in the 1970s, and you can see a minimal change in the makeup. 

For instance – skinny eyebrows were preferred to bold eyebrows.

actress Jayalalitha

Over-lining lips were no more fashionable, as natural looking lips in muted shades were in vogue. 

Retro style was the most influenced fashion as compared with salwar kameez in these times.

Annai oru allayam
Sri Priya

The hairstyles were not the same as high buns, and there were different styles like short hair, ironed hair, pony-tails, etc.,

Smudged liners and orange blush were hugely popular. 

The 1980s

Now come our 1980s fashion look, the very illuminated and vibrant look. 

Bright glossy lips and heavy pink blush were all the rage this period.

actress Sri devi
Sri Devi

Sheer saree with close neck elbow sleeve blouse was the trend in the 80s, which is the trend even today, right?

Untamed brows, bright eyeshadow, and bright metallic lipstick were used in abundance. Dusky looks were the trending looks of this time.

actress bhanu priya
Bhanu Priya

You can see more dusky skinned heroines in this period of an era in a large number.

It was the time when bell bottom pants and shirts came into the trend.

Most of the heroines are portrayed with less makeup and simple outfits onscreen.

Salwaar suits and gowns were the most preferred attire in these periods. The actresses like Nadhiya have given fashion goals like “Nadhiya hairstyles” “Nadhiya jewellery” in the 1980s.

actress Nadhiya

The 1990s

The heroines in the 90s are the same in fashion as compared to previous eras. They all maintained a mattified skin texture with thick eyeliner and full-length brows.

Roja movie
Madhoo Bala

Fluffy and wavy hair was in the vogue and over lining lips were a comeback in this period.

‘Fashion repeats itself’, so this was the period where chubby heroines were in the top. 

The actress like Kushboo was one the trendsetter in the 90s with her classic western look with matching accessories. 


The Late 90s was the time long sleeve salwars were a trending fashion style. Loose fitting Anarkali and straight cut salwars were in fashion in those times. Elbow sleeve blouses were back to trend again in the 90s period.

The 2000s

The new century has also brought new fashion trends in the industry. The early 2000s was the trend for two-tones glossy nude lips and frosty smokey eyeshadow.

No more high buns in this era! Straight free hair was the trend from then!

evolution of makeup

Thin brows and nude eyeliners were the most commonly used pattern. This was not the same in later 2000s.

Compared to western outfits, light shade sarees were the most desired clothing. Shalini’s ‘Alaipayuthey’ looks are still the most iconic ones until now. Do you agree? If so comment below.

The 2000s was the time when western dresses like t-shirts, mini skirts, and shirts came into fashion.

Jyothika was one such actress to cultivate new trends in fashion in that period. Now she gives us fashion goals with saree!!!

Kushi movie

Sarees were also in equal trend in this period! Light shade sarees are the most preferred one! Later, in the middle of the decade, half sarees were trending, as Trisha’s ‘Ghilli’ and ‘Unakkum Enakkum’ attire was eye-catchy…

Trisha Krishnan
Trisha Krishnan

Even matching Kundan jewellery sets were in fashion after the movies.

Then came the old trend salwar suits but with minimal changes – like gathering pants and fitted top salwars.

The 2010s

Now, this era from 2010, the industry touches all the aspects of fashion from traditional silk sarees to trending modern outfits.

Anushka Shetty
Anushka Shetty

Let it be layered free hair or front puff one, the colored hair is the most trending style!

Designer Kurtis and palazzos are the trending outfits today! Trimmed brows and nude makeup that gives natural looks are most in fashion!

High buns came into trend after the recent look of Nayanthara in ‘Viswasam’.

Nayanthara in viswasam

The fashion may change year after year, but the grace and beauty of our actresses remain the same for all ages.

Hope you all enjoyed watching this video. Comment on your favorite fashion era in the comment box, or share your suggestions with us if we have missed any.


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The Best Compatible Zodiac Signs Couples to Tie The Knot

The similarity between the couple is one of the most important ingredients to sustain a marriage relationship for a longer time. When the partners are compatible, hardly any conflict can calm down their well-nurtured bond! Even though differences and misunderstandings are indispensable in any relationship, but compatible couples know how to work them out well. Hence, sustaining in a marriage life becomes easier and effortless for these couples.

Before you step forward to dive into marriage life, it is very important to know whether you and your better half are compatible enough to lead an ecstatic married life. One of the best ways to find your compatibility factor is through zodiac signs. In this article, we have listed out 12 best compatible couples based on the zodiac signs.

Matching Compatible Zodiac Signs for Marriage

Aries and Libra

Fun, fiercely independent, and energetic are the best resembles of Aries woman. They have a dominating character in nature and make friends with other dominating signs like Sagittarius and Leo. When it comes to married life, Aries don’t want their partner to have a controlling nature. So, they are best compatible with Libra sign, who is extremely honest and easy- going in nature.

Aries have controlling power in nature and Librans being emotionally dependent- both these signs matches perfectly with each other. The honesty and passion is the key factors of these two signs bound together.

Taurus and Virgo

Taurus women are the Empress of love, sensual, beauty-lover, and emotional. People of this sign have romantic in nature and are very passionate in bed. Undoubtedly, they are most compatible with Virgo which is also a romantic sign. The romantic Taurus and sensual Virgo make a power couple for sure.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Classy and fickle minded people with humorous and creativity are the best words to describe Gemini sign. They are great friends whom everyone likes to have a friendship but when it comes to love life relationship they are a bit difficult. The fear of commitments and lose of freedom makes them weak in marriage.

Sagittarians are the perfect companions for Gemini as they are emotionally stable and magnetic power which attracts Gemini a lot.

Leo and Aries

The real lioness is strong and comfortable in owning her power. They are also self-obsessed and unapologetic in nature which makes almost every sign a bit hard to stay in a long-term relationship. With that Aries is the perfect partner for this sign. Though both of them fight fiercely, once they understand how to overcome their fights, nothing can come in between this couple power.

Cancer and Taurus

Emotional, fragile, and trustworthy are the best resembles for Cancerians. They generally a bit standoffish at first, but once she developed the trust one you, she is the best loyal companion for life. Taurus are emotional and sensitive which is the best compatible sign for Cancerians.

Libra and Gemini

Librans are kind, intelligent, and passionate lovers! They are great problem solvers and diplomats by nature. They always prefer their partner to be intellectual with whom they can have deep conversations. So, Gemini is the most compatible match for them. The down to nature of Librans brings calm to always on the go Geminis.

Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo is the most perfect and organized sign! They are experts in balancing emotions and practicality in their relationships. They are also best for sensuality as well. Scorpions are the best match and compatible with Virgo. The passionate nature of Scorpions attracts the Virgos the most.

Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorns are dominating in nature. They decide what they want in life and aim in achieving the same both in career and relationship. They are whole-heartedly dedicated to whatever they do. They expect the same from the partners too. Then Virgo is the wise choice as they are perfectionists and disciplined in nature. Both these signs have a perfect balance of emotions in their married life.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Sagittarians love to be free and independent. Staying in one place is the dreads to them the most. They love to explore new places which makes them too hard to lead a mundane life. Sagittarians prefer their partner to be the same as they are. Aquarians are the most compatible with this sign. When these two signs are together then they will never witness a single dull moment as craziness fulls their room!

Scorpio and Pisces

The Scorpion’s tough looking and revengeful side gives them a false image of being a difficult sign to date. But they are emotional in person and a passionate lover too. They believe in screaming out loud about their love. The charismatic and emotional Pisceans are the matching zodiac sign for Scorpions. When these two signs get into the relationship, it will be like ‘love is in the air and everywhere’.

Aquarius and Libra

Though Sagittarians make the best pair with Aquarius, Librans also make it most compatible with Aquarius. Both the signs trust each other and will have a strong relationship. The free expression of thoughts, desires, emotions, and desires makes them a truly compatible couple.

Pisces and Capricorn

If opposites attract each other are true then Pisces and Capricorn are the real examples in life. The dreamy nature of Pisces evokes the Capricorns to achieve and believe their dreams. These two signs help each other in balancing the love life relationship in a better way.

Remember, dating/marrying someone from a compatible sign will give you an effortless and happier married life. Also, don’t feel bad if you and your better half’s zodiac are not listed above, as love, trust, and understanding are the best signs to strengthen any relationship. Don’t forget to comment on your zodiac sign in the comment section below!

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15 Handpicked Manish Malhotra Lehenga Design Collections

The love for lehenga never fades away, especially when it comes from the trousseau of famous fashion designer like Manish Malhotra. This article is about 15 handpicked famous Manish Malhotra lehenga designs collections. All the girls out there would like to be Manish Malhotra bride at the end of the session.

Manish Malhotra is a famous Indian fashion designer who is a couturier for Bollywood celebrities. He is well known for his unique crafting and designing styles. Come let’s dive into the beautiful artwork of bridal and designer lehenga collections from his wardrobe.

1. Pink Bridal Lehenga Design

Manish Malhotra brides are always unique from other brides. The designer has been tastefully playing with the fabrics and design for every bride in a unique way for years. Have a look at this gorgeous pink bride in her bridal wear.

Manish Malhotra lehenga design
Pink bridal lehenga

2. Silver Stripe Lehenga collection

The rising star Sara Ali Khan is stunning in silver stripe Manish Malhotra lehenga choli. The sheer closing neckline and floating dupatta add extra essence to the attire.

bridal collection by Manish
Silver strip lehenga

3. Ultra Violet Bridal Lehenga

when violets are common, you can opt for ultraviolet. Have a look at the exclusive collections of bridal lehenga designs from the wardrobe of Manish Malhotra. Cold shoulders and the feathery embroidery pattern makes it more embellished.

manish Malhotra bridal gowns
Ultraviolet lehenga

4. Shraddha Kapoor in Heavy Embroidery Pink Lehenga

The angelic look of Shraddha Kapoor in off-white and pink lehenga design is one of the best collections of all time. The floral and heavy zardosi work in the lehenga gives a classic and royal look.

manish Malhotra bridal collection
Lavishing Pink Lehenga

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5. Rich Ivory Hue Lehenga

Another one from the wardrobe of Manish Malhotra lehenga designs, this one is an indisputable force of magnificence, creativity, and determination which is effortlessly designed with the latest fashion trends.

manish Malhotra bridal collection
Ivory bridal lehenga

6. Flaunting Blue Chikankari Lehenga

Sara Ali Khan looks simple and enriching with the fresh hues of the season in a Chikankari lehenga. The contrast silver blouse with silver hangings makes it more appropriate.

manish Malhotra lehenga designs
Aqua blue lehenga collection

7. Gold Lehenga Design

The newly married bride Isha Ambani is looking ravishing in the glittering gold lehenga which was specially designed for her Sangeet ceremony. She is just stealing all our hearts with her fascinating look and style.
Ravishing gold lehenga

8. Red Bridal Lehenga

When it comes to bridal wear, the color that pops up is red, look at this bride who is giving us bridal goals with her traditional red banarasi style lehenga choli.

Manish Malhotra collection of lehenga
Red Benaras Lehenga

9. Heavy Designer Work Lehenga

The heavy embroidery work with semi-precious red and green stones and germs with the patterned leaf motif which flows entirely in the lehenga gives an exclusive look to this bridal lehenga choli.  The rusted shade diamond jewellery gives the complete bridal look.

manish Malhotra lehenga designs
Chikankari bridal lehenga

10.  Royal Ivory Hue Lehenga

No one does ivory better than Manish Malhotra. The pieces of work and flaunting design flow gives a complete bridal look. The cutwork design and elbow sleeve enrich the beauty of the blouse.

bridal collection by Manish
Ivory bridal lehenga

11. Chikankari Lehenga Collections

Karisma Kapoor is exuding in the intricate chikankari lehenga which is derived from Mijwan collections. The sheer neck design with a pearl hanging in the sleeve gives an embellishing look to the entire attire.

manish Malhotra collection of lehenga
Chikankari lehenga

12. Sparkling Mirror Work Lehenga

Natasha Poonawalla carries herself gracefully in the pink mirror work lehenga. The dazzling thread work tassels add glam to her look. This beautiful creation mirror lehenga required 2000 hours to design.

manish Malhotra lehenga designs
Mirror lehenga

13. Magnificent Pink Lehenga

Another one from Isha Ambani wedding attire. She is looking graceful and stunning in the heavy designer work pink lehenga choli which was specially designed for her Sangeet ceremony. The lehenga is just glittering in its own way!!

bridal collection by Manish
Magnificent pink lehenga

14. Metallic Artwork Lehenga Design

Janhvi Kapoor donned an abstract metallic skirt with an encrusted crop top. The lehenga took approximately 1800 hours to come to life with the support of 23 artisans overall.

manish Malhotra lehenga choli
Glittering lehenga

15. Resplendent Ivory Lehenga

The actress Kiara Ali Advani is looking radiant in the ivory lehenga with beautiful tassels hanging in the sleeves. The silver stonework on the ivory lehenga gives us bridesmaid goals for the next wedding season!

Manish Malhotra collection of lehenga
Ivory lehenga collection

Jaw-dropping, wasn’t it? Choose any of these Manish Malhotra lehenga design collections for your special occasions and get the real princess look. Hope you all enjoyed reading this article, comment your favorite one from the list above in the comment section.

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17 Different Types of Kurti That Every Women Should Know

Kurtis is one of the best outfits for most of the Indian women. Not just young and middle-aged women prefer for kurtis but, it has become a staple of females of all age groups. If one wants to carry themselves in a comfortable and elegant way then kurtis is the right choice. Do you know all the latest types of kurtis collections and how to style them? No? then continue reading this article to explore new types of kurti collections.

1. Angrakha Kurti

frock type kurti
Angrakha Kurti
frock type kurti
Angrakha Kurti

Angrakha kurtis are inspired by the ancient musician’s dresses. A chunk of the dress is side sweeps on the other side which resembles like a flap. To make it more embellish it can be designed with tassels, beads, and pom-poms. You can pair this kurti with leggings and palazzos of your choice.

2. Tail Cut Kurti

Types of kurti
Tail cut kurti

Tail cut kurtis styles is one of the trending design patterns in recent times, this kurti is similar to asymmetric expect they are little longer at the back.  This type of outfit best parties and special occasions.

3. High Low Kurti

kurti types
High Low Kurti
kurti types
High Low Kurti

High low kurtis also falls under the asymmetrical bucket. As the name implies the kurti starts with a high cut in the front with layers down with a low cut in the back. This kurti can be paired with ankle leggings to make it more embellish.

4. Flared Kurti Style

all types of kurti
Flared Kurti Style

Flared Kurtis resembles of a chic and traditional look. This kind of attire suits for both formal set up and daily wear. The long flare of the kurti adds a little bounce to the attire.

5. Anarkali Style Kurti

kurti types
Anarkali Style Kurti
all types of kurti
Anarkali Style Kurti

Anarkali kurti is the most preferred outfit of all time. This types of kurti are available in different designs and materials like silk, cotton, linen. The best part with this Anarkali kurti is that it suits any body type that you can dress up depending on the embroidery and fabric.

6. Front Slit Kurti

new types of kurti
Front Slit Kurti
new types of kurti
Front Slit Kurti

Kurtis with a front slit is the trending style in recent time. The floor length and tail ones with a high slit in the front will take your style quotient to next level. You can pair up with leggings or palazzos to make it all go stylish.

7. Straight cut Kurti

types of kurti
Straight cut kurti
kurti types
Straight cut kurti

We all would have worn this style of kurti at least once. Long straight cut kurtis goes well for any occasion and personality. Boat neck with elbow sleeve is the trending design pattern for straight cut kurtis.

8. Long Gown Style Kurti

new types of kurti
Long gown kurti
new types of kurti
Long gown kurti

The long gown kurti is now available in different styles such as printed design,  wide flared, and many more. You can opt this kurti for any occasion as this will give you an elegant and embellish look.

9. Collar Kurti

kurti types
Collar style kurti

If you are looking for a professional outfit then collar kurti is the right choice. Collared shirt or kurti will give a rich and classy look to all kinds of body type. Pair it up with jeggings or ankle leggings to make it match perfect look.

10. Kaftan Style Kurti

all types of kurti
Kaftan style kurti
all types of kurti
Kaftan style kurti

Bored of regular kurti styles? then here is the Kaftan kurti. This kurti style will help you to get rid of the normal girly look and give you a superior and fancy look. If you are heading for a party or get together then this kurti will be the right choice.

11. Asymmetric Kurti

kurti types
Asymmetric Kurti
kurti types
Asymmetric Kurti

Asymmetric kurti are the base for the new evolutions of kurti styles. They are fancy, classic, and sophisticated. This type of kurti does not come with slits in the front and essence the aesthetics of the outfit.

12. Jacket Kurti Design

new types of kurti
Jacket Kurti
new types of kurti
Jacket Kurti

You can make your normal kurti into more classic one by opting for a jacket matching up the outfit. This will instantly add beauty to the entire outfit. Jacketed kurti goes well for tall and round body types.

13. Floral Printed Kurti

new types of kurti
Floral print kurti
new types of kurti
Floral print kurti

Flowers never fail to enhance our beauty, this is the same with the floral printed kurtis. Have a look at this kurti images and get mesmerized.

14. Orange Printed Maxi Kurti

frock type kurti
Maxi style kurti

The orange blue shades of this kurti is a combination of Anarkali and maxi style. The close collar neckline with long sleeve adds beauty to the outfit. The random crush design in the top makes it look royal and rich.

15. Asymmetric Kurti with Jacket

new types of kurti
Asymmetric kurti

The Indo-Western style of this kurti is a mixture of trendy asymmetric style with traditional floral design jacket. This type of kurti gives you a simple and fashionable look for a formal get together. You can pair it up with leggings or palazzo of your choice.

16. Red C-Cut Kurti

new types of kurti
C-Cut asymmetric

C-cut asymmetric kurtis are elegant and chic. The swinging flare on both sides and the hemline open ups adds little bounce to the attire which makes the entire outfit attractive.

17. Dhoti Style Kurti

new types of kurti
Dhoti style kurti

Dhoti style kurtis is a cowl cut design with a mixture of high-low and asymmetric. This is one of the vogue styles right now which will give a unique look in the crowd. You can pair it with dhoti pants to make it look more appropriate.

Here, my list ends up. Hope you all enjoyed reading this and I’m sure you all would have tried most of these, if not try it today. Tell us your favorite kurti by dropping a message in the comment box.

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10 Everyday Things that make you miss your mom after Marriage

Marriage is a life changing experience for both the bride and the groom, but the major sacrifices happen in the bride’s life. It is not easy to leave a place where you’ve made so many memories, the place where you have a secured shelter in the form of Father, the place which has a troublemaker in the form of brother/sister, and the place which has your mom!

Most of the time, you don’t know how much love involved in everything your mom does for you. Probably, you will realize her unnoticed love and care after your wedding. Here we have 10 everyday things that will remember your mom after your wedding.

1. That early morning coffee waiting right on your table before you wake up

Coffee is the key start for a day and the one from your mother’s hand add extra caffeine to the coffee. But now the things are not the same, you have to pull yourself out of bed and make your own cup of coffee and also for your family members.

Mother daughter love
Morning Coffee

2. And how can you miss your mummy’s spongy idly and chutney

Being a responsible wife and daughter-in-law you need to prepare the morning breakfast for your husband and in-laws which will definitely remind your super mom breakfast.

Indian mother cooking
Breakfast time

3. Help you in checking the outfit before leaving office

When nobody gives you an honest opinion on how you look, you will get to remember your mom. In spite of all her morning chaos, she will get time to check out your attire for the day and assure for a perfect look!

Indian mothers love
Getting ready

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4. When You’re Sick

Though we know your husband will take care of you when you’re sick, but you will really look for your mom’s magical touch to resolve your energy.

Indian mother care
When You’re Sick

5. The times when something crazy happens and you want to share with your mom

Mom is the first best friend for a girl to share all her happening in life, but you’re married now and you are away from her. Also, you have certain responsibilities to complete before you get on a phone call with mom.

South Indian Mothers
Miss your best friend

6. After a bad Time in the Workplace

No matter how old you grow, your mom identifies the problems by looking at your face. Mom’s lap is the best therapy to resolve any tension. After marriage, you realize no one knows you better than your mom and no one can comfort as she did.

Indian mother care
Mother the best therapy

7. When you can not find out your accessories

Remember how perfect your mom keeps your accessories and outfit in place! Without mummy around, you can just feel the difficulty in figuring out yourself!

Indian mom and daughter
Finding your favorite accessories

8. Cooking your Favourite Food dishes

The days when your favorite dishes are on your table and you are ready to eat! now it’s not the same, you need to prepare the dishes on your own and it does not come out the same!

mother love
Missing your favorite bites

9. When nobody gives you the Sunday head massage

The times when your Sunday morning starts with your mom scolding of messy hair with that she forcefully put a dollop of oil in your hair and gives a relaxing head massage which would be the fresh start for the next week.

Indian mother daughter love
Head Massage

10. Simply you miss her badly!

You would miss her without any reason!

Indian mother daughter love
You simply miss her

Hope you all could feel the unnoticed love of your mother in every single thing she does. You don’t worry! you’ll slowly get used to the new beginning… Pick your phone and dial to your mom and talk till your battery dries out!


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20 Most Fun Filling Indian Wedding Games for All Age Group

Indian weddings are well known for its eye treating colors and different ceremonies. An Indian wedding is incomplete without a game, right! Yes, games are the best way to break the ice of two new families which can bring a better understanding between families.

In this article, We have listed some of the best funfilled Indian wedding games for the bride, the groom and as well as for the guests which you can play on your sangeet or wedding ceremonies.

Indian Wedding Sangeet Games

We have collected some hand full games for sangeet ceremony, come let’s see them one by one.

1. Freeze Frame

sangeet games
Freeze Frame

This is the best game for sangeet evening where it is all about song and dance. Play the music and let everyone to dance for the song. In the midway pause the music, as the music is paused everyone needs to freeze in the exact position. The person who stands for the longest time in the same position is the winner of the game. This will definitely bring out funny memories at your wedding photography.

2. Cushion Passing

Indian wedding games
Cushion Passing

This is a simple wedding game but will be interesting and funfilled. The game needs a group of people and a DJ. The game starts with music ON and passing the cushion to the other person.  On the midway, the music is paused and the person who is holding the cushion has to perform a task given by the group like singing songs, dancing or any funny activity. Then the game goes on with the music. Make sure you have a crazy people in the group to make the game interesting!

3. Paper Dance

Indian wedding games
Paper Dance

Some games can be romantic too! This game is for all the young couples to make the sangeet evening more special. The bride and the groom dance on a paper, which is folded into half the size after each song. So, the smaller the paper becomes, the closer you get!

4. Antakshari

Indian wedding singing games

One of the best fulfilling game of all time, Antakshari is one of the best games to make the sangeet night more special. How fun would it be watching guests singing songs after some shots of cocktails down!

5. Spot Thy Name

Indian wedding game
Spot Thy Name

This game best suits for mehendi or sangeet ceremonies. The game is about the groom finding his name in the bride’s mehendi, which will be very difficult to spot out though! As all the girls including the bride apply mehendi, the game will make your sangeet ceremony more special.

6. Dance Battle

Indian wedding games
Dance Battle

Weddings are incomplete without dances so, why don’t we have a game with dance. Make two groups, generally, the bride family and the groom family has two groups and dance for the songs played. The group which dances for a long time without drop of energy would win the game.

Indian Wedding Games For Men

Boys are always less aware of their partner. So, we have some interesting games to find out how well the groom has understood his lady love. Here, come the game list.

7. That Is My Wife’s

Indian Traditional wedding Games
That Is My Wife’s

This game is for all the husbands including the groom. Ask the wives to hand over some of their belongings, like earrings, clutch, watch, shoes. Place them on a table all together. Then comes the husbands, they have to go to the table and find out their wives items and handover to her. If he finds out right, then he will be gifted with an exciting prize.

8. Identify Your Bride

Indian wedding game
Identify Your Bride

This Indian wedding game is specially for the groom! Take a long saree and cut small holes in a horizontal line. Now make the ladies stand behind the saree and put their hands inside the holes. The groom has to guess which hands belong to his love lady. If he guesses it right then he is awarded the prize but if he goes wrong then he has to some funny tasks given to him.

Royal Indian Wedding Games For Women

Now, it’s for the brides. The bride is always tested by the groom’s family in all aspects. These games will also test the ability of the bride in handling situations in a good and funny way.

9. Walk Around With Gifts

Indian traditional wedding game
Walk Around With Gifts

Generally, this game is played in Gujarati wedding, where the brides have to accept the gifts showered by new family members. Here, comes the task, she must try to hold all the gifts and walk around with the gift without letting it fall down. This will symbolizes that the bride is resourceful and ingenious.

10. Guess The Ingredients

Indian wedding games
Guess The Ingredients

We all love eating, but finding the ingredients in the food is little difficult! Close the eyes of the bride and feed her an exquisite dish from the buffet and ask her to write down the ingredients used in the dish within one minute. This will also reveal her cooking skills to the new family members. so, be careful if you are a bride!

Indian Wedding Traditional Games  

Indian wedding games are a combination of rituals and fun. Here, we have collected some funny as well as traditional wedding games which you should try out at your wedding.

11. Shoe Game

Indian wedding games
Shoe Game

This Indian wedding game is quite famous in the west, but now it has been played in all parts of India. This game will definitely be very interesting has the couple answers some silly yet suspicious questions simultaneously. For say, The question can be who has more siblings. If the groom has more siblings, then both the bride and the groom should raise the groom’s shoe!

12. Ring Toss

Indian wedding games
Ring Toss

Ring toss, we all would have played this game in our childhood at street side and beaches. Now, try this game at your wedding by just stealing small things in and around like drinks, snacks, toys (for kids), accessories, and even some money if possible. Ask your guests to throw the ring on the goodies and simply own it!

13. Find The Ring

Indian wedding traditional games
Find The Ring

Indian wedding is more of custom tradition and rituals. Even this game is a traditional Indian game where a ring is dropped in a bowl, both the bride and the groom need to find the ring. Whoever finds it first is deemed to be dominant over the partner in life.

14. Guess The Family Member

Indian traditional wedding games
Guess the family members

A wedding is not only about two hearts getting tied together but it also about two new families getting close together. So, the bride and the groom will not be aware of each other family very well. This game will help them to sort out the family members in a funny way!

15. Thengai Uruturathu

Indian wedding games
Thengai Uruturathu

This is one of the traditional Indian wedding games which is performed after the couple tied the knot. The bride and the groom sit opposite to each other with a 10 feet distance. The couple rolls the coconut to their partners and aims to break the coconut in the midway. The couple is given three chances to break the coconut as it shows a positive sign of leading a happy life. 

16. Tug Of War

Indian traditional wedding game
Tug Of War

This is an age-old game which we all would have played in our childhood. This game is solely between the cousins keeping the bride and the groom in the opposite side. Throw in a rope in the middle and the cousins from both the sides have to tug the rope in opposite directions to grab the prize.

Indian Wedding Games For Guests

Games are not only for the couples, but we also have games for the guests because treating and making the guest happy is more important. Have a look at the interesting wedding games for guests below.

17. Hula Hoop

Wedding games
Hula Hoop

Who says no to hula hoops! especially children. If your wedding is in an open lawn then you can add hula hoop into your wedding game list. Not only kids, but even adults would also enjoy playing this game.

18. Rasogulla Competition

Funny wedding game
Rasogulla Competition

When all the games are of rituals and fun filling, this will be something interesting and most liked game for all of us. Both the bride and the groom’s family get into this game. Two families are set up to eat the maximum number of rasogullas while the other family members cheer up the players and the winning side would get major bragging too.

19. Ask 20 Questions

Indian wedding traditional games
Ask 20 Questions

This is a simple game for us but not for the players. The players of the game are the bride and her new family members. Generally, the bride will not be aware of all the things about the groom’s family. This game helps them to open up and share things.

The game starts by asking 20 questions to the bride that help her open up her thoughts and similarly she questions the groom’s family. Make sure that it is rapid fire to make it more engaging and amusing.

20. Dumb Charades

Sangeet games
Dumb Charades

Generally, South Indian wedding takes place with a reception the previous day before the wedding. So, dumb charades would be the right game to play at your reception night. This game can be played by both children and adults. If you are a very good mono actor then get into the game and have fun!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article. Try out this interesting Indian wedding games on your list and make your wedding diaries more memorable. If you feel any game is missing, then feel free to comment below.