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Grand Opening of TBG Bridal Store in Nungambakkam Chennai

TBG bridal store is a one-stop shop for all brides. We provide all kinds of bridal services like bridal makeup for different occasions, bridal jewellery sets for rents, bridal blouse designs, Mehendi, poo jadai, garlands, wedding photography, Nutritionist services, Cosmetology consultation, and pallakku service to the brides.

Other than bridal wedding service, we provide services to other occasions like engagement makeup, baby shower makeup, reception makeup, bridesmaid makeup and dresses rental, beautician service at home.

TBG’s First Bridal Store in Nungambakkam, Chennai

TBG bridal store has launched its first bridal store in Chennai, Nungambakkam. This is a one-stop where all your bridal needs can be satisfied. You can experience all the bridal services from makeup to fashion designer consultation in our bridal store.

We provide more than 15+ bridal services in our store. This is a great opportunity for all the brides in and around Chennai, to experience all the bridal needs in one place.

Brides can walk into the store and experience all bridal service by interacting with our bridal consultants. TBG bridal store is located in the center of the town, so it will be easy for brides to walk into the store and take up the services.

The best thing about TBG’s bridal store in Chennai is that you can interact with our team members, makeup artists, fashion designers and precise your bridal needs by consulting with our team.

TBG Bridal Store

Exclusive services available in Chennai TBG Bridal Store

As an extension of our online services, TBG bridal store in Chennai also provide all bridal services. Initially, we are providing three primary services in our physical store namely trial makeup, jewellery trial, and fashion designer consultation. Here, we have listed the services in detail.

Take Bridal makeup trial from celebrity makeup artists

In TBG bridal store in Chennai, you can take up bridal trial makeup service from celebrity makeup artists at a very low cost.  We always believe in trial makeup has it will help the bride to relieve from last-minute stress on their big day. So, we provide celebrity bridal makeup trial at very low cost from our top celebrity makeup artists.

All our makeup artist are highly professional and specialized in all kinds of makeup techniques. You can also get to see their work catalog in our store. Some of the best makeup services our celebrity makeup artist provides are high definition makeup, airbrush makeup, and celebrity makeup.

Our makeup artist will also give you pre-wedding facial tips and advice based on your skin. This will help the makeup materials to settle on the skin perfectly and give you a perfect and natural bridal look.

Makeup artist trial at low cost

Unique bridal jewellery sets at a discount price

In TBG bridal store in Chennai you can get to see more than 100+ unique handpicked collections of bridal jewellery sets at a discounted price. You can try out all bridal jewellery sets in our bridal store before renting it.

All our jewellery sets are manufactured at top quality with the perfect finish. We repolish all our bridal jewellery sets after each rental services to maintain its quality higher.

We also provide a mix and match service where brides can choose the jewellery of their own by mix and match option. Brides can also seek our team members help in finding and matching the sets in the best way. When compared to other jewellery rental shops, the cost of the bridal jewellery sets is very low with high quality.

Unique Bridal Jewellery sets

More than 100 varieties of bridal blouse designs

One best thing about TBG bridal store in Chennai is that you can take free fashion designer consultation and get to see more than 100 varieties of bridal blouse designed by our designers. You can also see the latest and unique bridal blouses designed by our fashion designers. All our fashion designers are a highly qualified professional with years of experience in this field.

If you are looking for the best place to design and stitch your wedding dress, then TBG bridal store is the best choice. Our fashion designers will guide you in choosing the right and perfect outfit for your wedding. You can also opt for trial blouse stitching at a very low cost this will help you in making a wise decision.

Fashion Designer Consultation
Fashion Designer Consultation

Offers available for walk in customers @TBG Bridal Store Chennai

In celebration of launching the physical store, TBG bridal store has some exciting offers to all the walk-ins. Some of them are listed below.

  • Celebrity makeup at the cost of HD makeup
  • Free customized diet plan for all the walk-ins
  • Free jewellery trial for each trial makeup
  • Free fashion designer consultation

There are many more exciting offers waiting in the queue. The offers are applicable only for few walk-ins. So, walk into the store and grab these one-time opportunities. This is the first bridal store which provides all services in one place. This is the best place for brides to experience all bridal services in one place.

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Interesting Nail Art Designs all Girls must try out

Modern girls give more importance to all kinds of makeover stuff, similarly nail arts are also an important part. There are many maintenance stuff like nail shaper, nail trimmers, and special manicures to maintain your nails. Later, this care and importance to nails as developed to applying different weird colors. Now, this as reached the level of designing the nails. Nail designing or nail art shows the creativity of a person.

Now, Nail art is playing a vital role in a modern girls life. There are different kinds of nail art kits available in the market. Which girls purchase and try it out on their own. Generally, girls like to match their nail shades with their outfit and gives more preference to it. This craze towards nail polish has developed to nail arts and designs. We all would have tried hard to get a perfect nail art on our own. But, most of us would have failed in it.

In this article, you are going to see some of the trending winter nail art designs simple and easy styles. Which you could try out this winter season and create a perfect nail art design on your own.

Winter Blue

Winter and blue are always the best couple. There are different shades of blue and you can pick the one that best suits your outfit. One of the trending colors is metallic blue which matches perfectly for this winter season. Some of the other variants of blue color are midnight blue, cobalt blue and the very famous turquoise blue color also suits well for this snowfall winter season.

Winter blue
Winter blue

Matte nail art

Matte finish nail polish is a new style of nail polish. But we all will be aware of the nude french nail polish and would have tried at least once. We can enhance this manicure with snow like effect giving it a winter touch in it. The textural matte nail art will give you the real winter vibe with a unique design on your nail. There are different shades of matte finish nail colors you can choose one of your choices. If you are a person who does not like weird colors then you can go with this nude French art design nail art. This will be the best nail art design for bridal photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

Matte nail art
Matte finish nail art

Floral touch

Flowers are an important part of the winter season, so sync it with your nail shades for a perfect winter shade look. There are different types of floral designs even there are nail art designs for short nails, you can try out the one that best suits you. For a perfect floral nail design, a burgundy color will be the best choice to enhance the floral design in the nail. Look for a matte finished burgundy aks wine nail polish with white shaded floral designs on the nail. Contrast color of the shade will enhance the beauty of both the nail color and the flower design in it.

Floral nail art
Burgundy floral nail art

Shiny matte finish

This kind of nail art is preferred by most of the young girls. This is a combination of two different styles. Combining two trending design in one is the highlight of this design. Fuse the metallic and reverse french in the same color and apply it over matte nails. This will give an awesome look for the winter festivals. You can try this fusion with any of these colors like silver, blue, white, turquoise and burgundy shades as it will give you a perfect fusion.

Shiny matte nail art
Shiny matte nail art

Silver mirror look

Weird colors are the most trending nail shades among young girls. One such weird color is silver. You can enhance this silver shade with mirror works or gota and give it a silver mirror or transparent look. This will definitely give you a different look with a glamorous finish.

Silver mirror nail art
Silver mirror nail art

There are different price ranges of nail art kits available in the market, you can practice this designs for twice and achieve this on regular practice. Try out this five interesting nail art design easily for this winter season and give us your feedback in the comment box.  

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All about TBGs Diploma pro Advanced Makeup Certification

Diploma in pro advanced makeup certification is an extension of beginners course. This is an advanced level course which covers the latest makeup techniques followed in the beauty industry. In this certification course, you will get to know about the advanced high definition makeup, airbrush makeup, and media fashion makeup.

The instructors we have collaborated are top MUAs who have years of experience in the field. You will definitely get to know more about the latest makeup techniques and tricks followed by the notch professional makeup artists.

When and where does this course take place?

This is a three-day certification course taking place in Nungambakkam, Chennai. This is a wonderful opportunity for Chennaities to take this short time span course and build your passion career.

Course dates: Dec 16,17,18

Venue: Nungambakkam, Chennai

Contact Number: 9710408986

Free lunch and snacks will be provided to all our students.

Who can join this course?

There is no certain criteria or qualification to take up this course, all kinds of people who are willing to become a professional MUA can take up this course. As this deals with advanced topics, people who already have a knowledge and take this as a career can make use of this course and develop your inborn skills to become a professional MUA.

If you are looking for a freelancer or part-time MUA job opportunity then you can take up this course and get a chance to work with the top brands.

Even housewives and working women who are looking for an opportunity to start their own business can take up this certification course and build your career as an MUA.

Why you should take TBGs Diploma in pro advanced makeup certification course?

TBGs diploma pro advanced makeup certification course is an extension of beginners makeup course. So, the topics covered will be advanced makeup techniques. This will help the professional MUA to refresh their professional skills and get upgraded to the latest makeup techniques practiced in the makeup industry.

One of the best thing about this course is that you can take the complete this diploma course in three days. So, you will not be required to spend months of time to take up a professional MUA course.

Other benefits of taking the Diploma pro advanced makeup certification course

  • Refresh and upgrade to the latest beauty trends

 It is always beneficial in taking up a course in your field. As it will be a refreshment point and helps to upgrade yourself to the latest techniques in the field. This will help you to be up to date on the current trends and needs in the beauty industry.

Refresh and upgrade your beauty skills
  • Helps to start your passion career

 If you are looking for a chance to start your career as a professional MUA, then make use of this opportunity to give life to your passion career. You will also get our mentor support anytime and suggestions to develop your portfolio.

Start your passion career
  • Flourish your professional skills and career

Flourish your professional skills

We assure that post the completion of course, you will be confident enough to develop your business and take it next level without any fear. Our mentors will guide you in developing your professional skills and give tips in approaching the customers and convincing them.

  • Earn up to 50k to 1 Lakh per month 

Taking up this course will help you to double your revenue. A professional media makeup artist can earn up to 1 Lakh per month. We all know that the demand for a quality and professional MUA is higher. So, the more you upgrade yourself the more revenue you get.

Earn up to 50k to 1 Lakh per month
  • Get opportunities to work with top brands 

TBG Bridal Store is collaborating with Naturals salon to provide job opportunity for graduates on successful completion of the course. On successful completion of the screening test, you get a chance to take internships and freelancer with us. Also, you can get a chance for job shadowing with our instructors.

Get opportunities to work with top brands

Our instructors also help you in developing your portfolio along with lifetime support for your career. As TBG is collaborating with Grooms India Pvt, Ltd, you will get two certifications for this course which is an added benefit in developing your portfolio.

What are the topics covered in Diploma in pro advanced makeup certification course?

In this three days certification course, you will get both theoretical and practical hands on all the makeup techniques covered in the curriculum. Below, I have listed a detailed note of the topics covered by our mentors on daily basis.

Day 1: High Definition Bridal Makeup

Instructor: Vino Maddy

Post completion of the orientation session, the day starts with the skin analysis and followed by

  • General understanding of different makeup tools and products
  • 13 steps makeup application
  • Professional bridal day and evening makeup
  • Effective makeup application ( Face contouring and blusher application, eyebrow trimming& drawing, eyeliner, eyeshadow techniques, study of lip shades)
  • Creating double eyelid effect and eyes adjustment
  • Color wheel- theory and identification (cool rose/ warm peach)
  • Makeup for sensitive skin
  • Makeup for mature and wrinkled skin
  • Makeup for dark and pigmented skin
  • Makeup for brides who prefer fewer products
  • Trend based bridal looks
  • Knowledge of the latest makeup products
  • Achieving natural look
  • Groom’s makeup

Day 2: Airbrush makeup

Instructor: Mrs. Muthulakshmi Ravichandran & Arthi Balaji

  • Learning of handling equipment airbrush compressor
  • Airbrush makeup system TEMPTU air
  • Airbrush Gun
  • Airpod latest
  • How to use
  • How to air, trigger control with the air
  • How to airpod pro
  • Assembling, dissembling, and cleaning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Airbrush basics product knowledge
  • Formula overview
  • Makeup Application
  • Airbrush exercise

Day 3: Fashion/ Media makeup

Instructor: Nayab Jumani

  • Understanding fashion makeup looks
  • Deconstructing the eyes
  • Face charts/ key makeup artists roles
  • Backstage at a fashion show (what to expect & etiquette)
  • Makeup for Ad campaigns
  • Light theory
  • Industry Standards
  • Advanced contour & highlighting techniques
  • Perfecting skin tones & bone
  • Structure & more fashion
  • Catwalk makeup

About our Instructors

Day 1: Vino Maddy

He is one of the top celebrity makeup artists who is fascinated by the makeup industry. He always loves colours and prefers living in colours. Vino Maddy believes that Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self. He says that makeup should never precede you, but walk with you. His passion for fashion as decided him to pursue fashion merchandising course and today he is one of the inspiring men with a MAC FULLY CERTIFIED MAKE-UP ARTIST, who can reveal your inner personality with the complete look!!

Artist- Vino Maddy
Artist- Vino Maddy

Day 2: Mrs. Muthulakshmi Ravichandran & Arthi Balaji

Muthulakshmi and Arthi Balaji, born and raised up in Chennai. These two people have worked with numerous recording artists and celebrities spanning red carpet appearances, editorials and ad campaigns. Muthulakshmi has collaborated with brand legends and well known for her ultra hygienic approach, understanding of beauty, fast application techniques and trends. She has 26 years of experience as a makeup artist and rewarded as South India’s top professional bridal makeup artist specialized in airbrush makeup techniques for a smudge-proof makeover.

Artist- Arthi and Muthulakshmi

Day 3: Nayab Jumani

Nayab is one of the famous makeup artists in the Fashion, beauty, media photographic shoots, TV commercials, fashion shows, makeovers and film sets. She confidently delivers the perfection and fine detail demanded by leading photographers and clients. Nayab is more keen that makeup is confidence.  It’s a layer that gives us the energy to carry yourself in anything worn for any event! It makes a huge difference in every individual’s life as it’s about colours and creativity.

Artist- Nayab Jumani
Artist- Nayab Jumani

Taking a certification course in your field is always an add-on to your portfolio. So, make use of this one time opportunity to interact with top MUAs and take your career to next level. Become a professional MUA and stand unique in the beauty industry. For registration call or Whatsapp to 9710408986.

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14 New Dressing Style for Girls

Fashion is something which no girl say ‘No’ to it. Modern girls are more concerned about the outfits they carry out. There are many new dressing styles for girls based on the height and body type the style changes. You can try it out any of this dressing style for your special occasion. In this article, I have clubbed 14 trending and best dressing styles for girls.

Latest dressing styles for girls

1. Torn jeans and off shoulder top

Torn jeans are one of the trending costumes and preferred by most of the girls. You can get this type of torned jeans in different styles, like layers of thorns in the thighs, knee torn and many more patterns. This bottom best matches with contrast color off-shoulder tops. You can even try torned jegging or treggings for off-shoulder tops.

Off shoulder top with torn pant
Off shoulder top with torn pant

2. Shirt with palazzo pant

Shirts are always matched up with jeans or formal pants but this matching with palazzos are something different and trending among young girls. This type of new dressing style for girls well suits for tall girls and skinny type girls. You can also add on more style to this outfit.

Shirt with palazzo
Shirt with palazzo

3. Tassel fringe maxi dress

This tassel fringe maxi dress is one of the best dressing styles for girls. You can wear this kind of maxi to parties and functions. Tassels are now commonly designed in many outfits, this flooring tassels with hip bow make the outfit more beautiful.

Tassel fringe maxi dress
Tassel fringe maxi dress

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4. Rajasthani salwar

Most of the south Indian girls prefer colorful Rajasthani costume. The gems and glass work in the outfit is the added advantage.  This is one of the most preferred new dressing style for girls, you can even try out this with your sister if you want to match up same as your sister.

Rajasthani salwar
Rajasthani salwar

5. Patiala with shrug

Patiala is one of the closest outfits for every girl. You can wear this Patiala in a more styling way by opting for a crop top instead of a regular kurti. To add on more style to it you can also match it up with a long shrug. This style of Patiala pant and shrug best suits for thin girls as this will give a bit chubby look.

Patiala with shrug
Patiala with shrug

6. Half sleeve floral printed maxi

Floral printed maxi with the close neck is one best outfit for parties and casual wears. Many will be looking for dressing style for thin girls and short girls, if you are one among them then you can try it out this type of full maxi type and get a different look to yourself.

Half sleeve floral printed maxi
Half sleeve floral printed maxi

7. Casual outfit with a jacket

If you are looking for a perfect and stylish outfit for workplace then you can try out this style. Nowadays, there are different types of jeans available like jeggings, treggings, formal pants, cargos and more, you can pick any of the bottom types of your wish and match it with your t-shirt. This is a normal and well-known costume, but to add on to it you can go for casual wear jackets. Casual outfit with a jacket over the shoulder is one of the best and new dressing style for girls as it gives you an aesthetic look. There are different types of jackets from formal presentation wear to casual party wear, you can choose the one as per your wish.

Casual outfit with blazer
Casual outfit with a blazer

8. Mini skirts and tops

Though we all grow up older, we all like to wear skirts even today. The style and pattern of skirts are changing as per the trends.  A floral printed mini skirt with a truck in full sleeve top is one such new variant of the latest skirt type. A simple and plain boat neck top goes well for floral mini skirts. You can even use hip belts and give a western touch your outfit. This outfit suits well for petite and short girls.

Mini skirts and tops
Mini skirts and tops

9. Palazzo with short tops

Palazzos are one of the trending and most preferred costume by most of the girls. As this costume is more comfortable and flexible for any top wear most of the girls opt to this style. Generally, palazzos are matched with Kurtis and long tops but other than that you can also match it up with short western tops. This will best suits for parties and casual get together.

Crop top with palazzo
Crop top with palazzo

10.  Cape sleeve crop top

We all would have tried lehengas and crop tops for parties and family functions, but cape sleeve crop top is something different and unique. A flooring cape gown with stone works on the top will definitely give you an aesthetic look.

Cape sleeve with crop top
Cape sleeve with crop top

11.  Printed shawl with palazzo

Palazzo with flooring long top is one of the best dressing styles for tall and chubby girls. It is very difficult for a tall or a chubby girl to get their expected outfit. This style of long flooring top with palazzo along with a Pakistani printed shawl will definitely give you an elegant and pleasant look.

Printed shawl with palazzo
Printed shawl with palazzo

12. Treggings with the crop top

Matching your crop top with treggings is the trending new dressing style for girls. If you prefer a perfect western outlook then go with this style of dressing and get impressed by others. This outfit best suits for parties and friends get together.

Treggings with the crop top
Treggings with the crop top

13. Lehenga shirt

we all will be aware of lehengas which we generally match up with crop tops or long A cut tops, but here is something new combination. match your lehenga skirt with shirts. This style of dressing is best suits for all occasions and for all kinds of girls. Try this style for any occasion and stand unique in the crowd.

Lehenga shirt
Lehenga shirt

14. Jeggings with a casual top

If you are looking for a perfect and latest dressing style to impress your boyfriend on your date, then this style of outfit will give you both classic and casual look. Pair up your jeggings with the best casual top and get your boyfriend stunned with your look.

Jeggings with a casual top
Jeggings with a casual top

Try out this new dressing style for girls and make your upgraded with the latest fashion style trending among the youngsters. Share your comments about the article in the comment box.