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15 Trending Latest Lehenga Blouse Designs in India

The migration of brides from traditional silk to lehenga shows the interest in fashion and desire to look unique on their wedding day. Each bride prefers to be distinctive and stylish from other brides. We generally admire at celebrities costumes and accessories and try to impact it on our special occasions, this can be done only if you have the knowledge about the latest lehenga blouse designs trending in the society. In this article, you can get to know about the lehenga blouse design latest models which are trending among celebrities.
To know more collections of lehenga blouse designs watch the below video.

1.Collared center boat neck design

This designer embroidered lehenga blouse gives a warming look and suits for all special occasion. A  braided bun hairstyle will go well with this outfit. This center boat blouse is one of the trending lehenga blouse designs for parties and bridesmaids.

Collared center oval cut
Collared center oval cut

2. Sheer back neck blouse

If you prefer to wear a boat neck top for your lehenga then you can keep this design in your mind. This sheer back neck well suits for any type of lehengas. This model will definitely give an attractive look among the crowd.

Sheer back lehenga blouse
Sheer back lehenga blouse

3. Deep cold shoulder Lehenga Blouse Designs

We all are aware of cold shoulder blouse design but this is deep cold shoulder cut design is unique from other designs. This shoulder design with a triangle cut in the front will make you look stunning in your lehenga.

Cold sleeve crop top
Cold sleeve crop top

4. Elbow length circle blouse

This simple lehenga blouse design best suits for traditional wear like temple visits, family Pooja celebrations. This blouse as a circle shape cut in the back with elbow length sleeve which is highlighted with some embroidered designs. A piping design with the border color of the lehenga will high the design of the blouse.

Crop top with circle back neck
Crop top with circle back neck

5. Cape sleeves blouse

Cape sleeves are additional add-ons to our outfit to make it look prettier. This type of blouse design well suits for casual get-togethers and parties. If you want to look like an angel then you can pick this  cape sleeve blouse design for your lehenga.

Cape sleeve lehenga
Cape sleeve lehenga

6. Off shoulder Lehenga Blouse Designs

Off shoulder is one of the latest model trendings among girls, this model is generally found in western wears and Kurtis now this can be used in lehengas too. If you prefer to showcase yourself in a western look then you opt for this blouse design with some designer works that suit your lehenga to get a stunning outfit for your occasion.

Off shoulder lehenga blouse
Off shoulder lehenga blouse

7. Long Shrug Lehenga Blouse Design

Shrug model blouse is something different from other designs as this is can be used in choli type lehenga. If you are heading for any wedding reception or party then this shrug type blouse will be a perfect choice. You can also wear palazzo pants instead of lehenga skirts for this shrug type blouse.

Long shrug blouse
Long shrug blouse

8. Collared circle neck blouse

This circle shape back with sleeveless blouse is one of the most popular blouse design for your lehenga. You can enrich this design with beads and stonework to get a heavy design work.

Circle collared neck blouse
Circle collared neck blouse

9. Half sleeve netted blouse

This blue half netted sleeve blouse is always preferred by most of the girls at all times. One side floating shawl will make the blouse look prettier. This blouse does not require any special accessories, you just need to wear light makeup with a simple hairdo for any occasion.

Elbow length netted blouse
Elbow length netted blouse

10.  Heavy work close neck design

Lace and stonework are the important things in the blouse design, if you opt for a professional lehenga blouse designer then you will look stunning in this blouse as it simply looks amazing.

close neck embroidered blouse
close neck embroidered blouse

11. Deep V neck blouse

If your lehenga is a heavy work design then you can pick this pattern as a simple work blouse will make the heavy work designer lehenga look prettier. You can use some high design tassels in your rope to make it more attractive.

Deep V neck design
Deep V neck design

12. Boat neck top with two layered down pleats

This lehenga gives a casual look with two layers of pleats which gives an ethnic finish.  Elbow sleeves are the most prefer in recent days so you can pick this design for your lehenga to stand unique from the crowd. One-Side cascading curls with light makeup will definitely help you to present confidently in any occasion.

Elbow length blouse
Elbow length blouse

13. Designer oval shape blouse

If your lehenga blouse is simple and plain then you can pick this simple design for your blouse. This close neck blouse with oval shape back opening will make your lehenga look much prettier. The size of the oval shape is depended on your comfortability, make the shape size on your own choice.

Simple oval close neck blouse
Simple oval close neck blouse

14. Close neck designer Lehenga Blouse Design

A simple hairdo with this high work designer lehenga will give a stunning look. As this is a closed neck you don’t even have to wear heavy accessories a simple bun style hairdo will best suit this outfit. You will definitely get a charming and glamorous look in this black high embroidered close check lehenga.

Close neck designer blouse
Close neck designer blouse

15. Heavy work triangle opening in the back

This type of blouse is mostly commonly liked by college going young girls as the back neck of the blouse is different from other blouse designs. A boat neck blouse with a triangle-shaped opening in the back is one of the trending design among college students and preferred by many young girls.

heavy work triangle neck blouse
heavy work triangle neck blouse

You can pick any one of this latest lehenga blouse design that best suits you. Give your suggestions in the comment box about the above blouse designs.

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50 Trending Hairstyles for Girls in 2018

We girls want to represent in different personification every day when we step out of our home. At the same time, we all are not a professional hairstylist to make a flawless hairdo within minutes. So, here I have clubbed some of the different hairstyle for girls that are trending in 2018. From this, you can choose the one based on the hair type and length in mind.

1. Twisted curls with headbands

People with straight hair generally prefer for a curly hairstyle and vice versa this is common. If you are a straight hair person, use curler to twist your hair.

Twisted curls
Twisted curls

2. Donut buns

Donut buns are most preferred by college and office going girls with long hair as they feel difficult to handle their hair all the day combing. This hairdo set can be a wise choice which is comfortable and give a decent look.

Donut bun
Donut Bun

3. Long wave curls

This style goes well for moist long hair girls with smooth silk type hair. This hairstyle gives an elegant curly look like beach waves. This hairdo well suits for off shoulder tops and gowns which can be done within 10 to 15 minutes with your blow dryer.

Long wavy curls
Long down curls

4. Braid ponytail with fringes

This hairstyle gives you a classy and elegant look. This style suits for all kinds of occasion and costumes. This finish gives a little messy look which goes well for girls with straight cheek face.

Side braid ponytail
Side braid ponytail

5. Long cascading curls with one side trucked

This hairdo is a simple and easy way for people with long hair to have a star look. This hairstyle as cascading curls in the bottom and tied up on the other side. I generally prefer this hairdo when my hair is washed and fresh. This best suits for party and wedding receptions.

Long cascading curls
One side curls hairstyle

6. Straight layered with side partition

This hairstyle goes well for girls who have done a layered or step cut. This hairdo does not require much time as it does not involve any special work. It goes well for all kinds of costumes especially for girls with high dense straight hair. Use a heat protecting hair sprays and light holding sprays to protect and set your hairdo.

Straight layered hair with side bangs
Straight iron hairstyles

7. Curls in a minute

Girls who prefer curly hair look can choose this hairdo which can be done within a minute with the help of good curler wand and blow dry.

One minute curls
Curls in one minute

8. Flower bun style

Flower braid bun hairstyle looks stunning and different from other hairstyles for girls. You may feel that the hairdo look complex or difficult to make it but the truth is this style is as simple as other hairstyles.

The only thing you need to have is a proper hair bun to make a neat hairstyle. If you are preparing this hairstyle for any wedding or family get together then you can use a Juda pin to high your flower bun.

indian bun hairstyle
Flower bun hairstyle

9. Knotted pony

This hairstyle gives a western look which does not require any special instruments like blow dry or curlers to make this hairdo. You just need to apply some hair spray or serum to protect the hair and give a smooth look.

Double knot
Double knot

10. Easy and simple temple twist

This temple twists hairstyle suits for all kinds of hair and it just takes a minute to make this hairdo. This hairstyle can also be done in a wet hair and best suits for office girls for a classy and elegant look. Girls who are in hurry to the office can set this hairstyle with two bobby pins and get ready for the work.  

simple temple twist hairstyle
Front twist hairstyle

11. Curly layers with top hairdo

The ponytail is a common and well-known hairstyle which girls prefer all time. This big long ponytail hairstyle suits even to girls with flat or less dense as it gives a high volumize look. To increase the volume or density of the hair just tease/ backcomb the hair to get a puffy look.

Down layers with top curly hairdo
Layered wavy curls

12. Side braided hairstyle with messy look

If you prefer to have a Bollywood heroine look with a messy hairstyle. This is one of the trending and latest hairstyle which most of the girls prefer. This side braid messy look well goes for the office party or club nights which attracts the crowd around.

Side braided hairstyle
Messy one side braid

13. Top braid with smooth layers

If you are looking for a bit different hairstyle from a common one then this can help you. Use the heat protecting hair spray or serum to protect your hair from blow-dry heat. Use some smooth texturizing hairspray to give a glow to your hair.

top braid with smooth layers
Top french braid

14. Messy look with loose braid and curls

If you are the bride or a bridesmaid then this hairdo is a perfect choice as this look well suits for a designer gown. If you are going to become a bride soon then take in the count of this hairstyle for your wedding reception as this will be a perfect and classy for your reception.

french braid bun
Braided curls with messy bun

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15. Front twist with wavy curls

This is a simple hairdo which perfectly suits for all kinds of hair from short to long hair girls as this is going to be set with the front head of the hair. If you have a curler then you can use it make wavy curls. This front twist curls can be used for casual occasions like birthday party, friends get together where you can represent in a charming way.

Front french twist
Front twist updo with down curls

16. Side weeps with retro waves

This side weeps hairstyle is a best for a professional look, if you are heading for a conference meeting or office presentation then this side weep retro waves suits you well. A light makeup with elegant lipstick glow gives you a perfect professional look.

One side retro waves
Retro wave curls

17. Round bangs with straight layers

We all have tried this round bang at least once in our life most probably in our childhood. If you want to try this round bangs again then go you can try this hairstyle for which you need to do a layered haircut and straighten it for have the same look.

round bangs with straight layers
Layered round bangs

18. High wavy ponytail

This is another type of ponytail with curls at the lower bottom of the hair. If you have a curler wands then you can make this hairdo in minutes. Use some texturizing hair sprays or serum to give a smooth look to your hair.

High wave ponytail
High wavy ponytail

19. Smooth finish low twisted bun

Low twist buns well suit for a flooring silk saree which gives you a pleasant and elegant look at the party or wedding reception. This hairdo does not even take much time to do as all you need is a set of bobby pins and plastic bands.

French braid low bun
Smooth twisted low bun

20. Twisted flower shape bun

This is another type of flower bun but it differs from the previous one as it is a twisted shape flower bun. This will give a rough or casual look as well as stylish look. You can choose this hairdo based on the costume you wear.

twisted flower bun
Twisted flower bun

 21. Double ponytail

This double ponytail gives your hair to look like high dense hair as it is involve teasing of hair with a comb. You can get this hairstyle to look different from the usual hairdo in a week.

Double ponytail
Double ponytail

22. Layered bottom curls with side bangs

This is a simple hairstyle for girls who prefer loose or free hair. To have this hairdo you need to do a layered haircut with side bangs. For better curls use a proper curler wand with a blow dryer. This going well for all kinds of costumes from western to traditional outfits.

layered wavy hair with bangs
Layered bottom curls

23. Flooring curls with round bangs

This lower down curls with one side bang are the best choice for party wear costumes and ethnic wears. If you are opting this hairdo for ethnic wear then you can use designer tikka to give essence to the style. Apply some texturizing hairspray to give a polish look.

Round bangs with cascading curls
Round bangs with cascading curls

24. Front twist braid with low bun

If you are looking ahead for a party or college function where you need present yourself front then this classic hairdo is the best choice. This messy front twist low bun hairstyle light gives a neck turn for its simple and stylish look. To make this much better opt for a light makeup and accessories.

Front twist with lower bun
Messy bun with french twist

25. Straight shoulder bob cut

Bob cut is one of the most trending hairstyles for girls among young college going girls. This hairdo gives a classy look when you do an inward curl with your curler wand. You do not need any other instruments or accessories for this haircut. The only thing is you can use smoothing or light holding hairspray to give a polish look.

Straight bob cut

26. Loose hair with side braid 

Girls who prefer loose or free hair without tying it can opt for this hairdo. In this, you just need to braid your front hair and pin it at the back of the head. To emphasize you can pull out some hair from the braid to give a little messy look. This hairdo well suits for western wear and Kurtis.

side french braid
One side front braid

27. One side straight long curls 

Girls with long hair can opt for this hairstyle which suits well for crop tops and off shoulder dresses. This hairdo best suits for night parties and dating with your boyfriend. when you match up your dress perfectly with this hairstyle then am damn sure you can easily impress your boyfriend. Carry a light makeup along with the hairdo to enhance your beauty.

One side shoulder curls
One side shoulder curls

28. One side french braid with messy bun

The image itself shows the stylish look of the hairstyle, this hairdo best suits for wedding evenings and parties. A flooring one fleet saree with boat neck blouse will definitely give you a  stunning look in the crowd. A big earring and bold cheek makeup will emphasize your beauty.

Front braid with lower bun
Lower french braid bun with bangs

29.  Straight and half cobalt blue 

If you are more fashion freak and have a craze for hair coloring and loves to look weird then this time you can pick a half cobalt blue color to your hair. This half grey and half blue dying will definitely make you a weird look and stand unique from the crowd.

Half cobalt blue and grey
Half cobalt blue

30. French twist with beats

This French twist hairstyle best suits for bridesmaids to get a theme hairstyle. Girls will all kinds of hair type can try this type of hairstyle. You can use hair beads to decorate or highlight the bun. If you prefer a messy look then pull out some hair around your hair and get a perfect finish.

French back twist with hair wisps
French twist with beads

31. Reverse french braid

We all are aware of french braid but the reverse french braid is something different and unique. College and office going girls can choose this hairstyle to get a different look and credits from your fellow peeps.

Reverse french braid
Reverse french braid

32. Side ponytail with curls downward

This is another type of ponytail which comes near your temple of the head and has curls downward. If you are heading for a party or get together then you can opt for this hairdo. This hairstyle does not need any headband or bobby pins as it can be secured and knotted with your own hair.

Side ponytail
Side layered ponytail

33. Front puff with lower curls

If you heading for a wedding event or any special family occasion then this hairdo is the best choice. A medium side puffs in the front with perfect curls in the bottom of the hair with a center curl bun will make a perfect hairdo for any special occasions.

Front Puff with lower curls
Center puff with down curls

34. High puff with high ponytail

This is always the best choice for a random and simple look at short time span. A high teased puff with a long ponytail best suits for jean and top and other western wear. Apply some light makeup with lipstick that matches your costume and accessories. If you have done any hair coloring then you will definitely have the same pictorial hairstyle.

High teased puff ponytail
High teased puff ponytail

35. Feather look hair with side bang

Feather cut is something unique from other haircuts as the finish of the haircut is really awesome. If you have done this haircut then you can pick this style and try it. To get an ironing effect use a straighter and get a perfect straight feather with a side bang. This hairdo fits well for casual wear.

Straighten feather hairstyle
Side bang feathered hairstyle

36. Inverted bob cut

Inverted bob cut hairstyle differs from normal bob cut in this type of cut the front hair cascade till the neck and the back head as low height. This is again going to suit well for girls who want a bold and cowboy look.

Inverted bob cut
Inverted bob cut

37. Long and straight fishtail with hair wisps around

This fishtail differs from a normal long fishtail, though the process is same the only thing that you need to pull out some wisps of hair from the braid to give a messy and different look to the hairstyle. This hairdo well suits for saree and salwar sets.

Fishtail with messy look
Different fishtail braid hairstyles

38. Braid crown with centre partition

Just like the name the hairstyle also gives you a queen look with classic and style on its way. If you are heading for college cultural or friends get together then this would be the best choice. Layered or feather cut hair will make this hairdo better.

Centred crown braid
Centred crown braid

39. Centre-parted temple twist with low bun hairstyle

This centre-parted low bun hairstyle best suits for a wedding day for ladies. To get a traditional touch you can decorate the bun with flowers or head beads to highlight it and give more essence to your look. You can also add on some additional makeup to portrait better in the photography.

temple twist lower bun
Twisted bun Indian hairstyle

40. Top up-do messy bun with front twist

This hairdo best suit for girls who prefer to wear gowns to any wedding functions and other casual parties. This gives them a stunning and realistic outlook with a perfect makeup that suits the outfit. A little messy finish of this hairdo can create more attraction in the crowd.

top updo with messy look
Messy bun with top updo

41. Side bang with front braid and bottom curls

This is a hairstyle which as several styles in one design. This detailed work hairstyle can help bridal women or ladies who are heading for a wedding reception as a bridesmaid. Ladies with long texturizing hair can take up this hairstyle confidently to get a stunning look.

Side bangs with lower curls
Front braids and bangs

42. Straight layered with highlight strips

If you are have done a layered haircut then small highlights of your own choice of color can make your hair look better. You just need to comb your hair roughly and add some smooth texturizing hairspray then you are all set to head out for any occasion without any time delay.

Straight layered with highlights
Straight layered with highlights

43. Front twist with lower cascading curls

This is best for bridal as well as bridesmaid hairdo as it gives a decent and elegant look without any additional accessories. Girls with long smooth hair can opt for this hairstyle to make to portrait their hair well in the photography and to capture in everyone’s eye.

Front twist with wavy curls
Front twist with wavy curls

44. Round bangs with lower messy bun

Girls with round bangs can take this hairstyle to give a pleasant and elegant look. You can make a lower bun with a messy style. This hairstyle can well go with western wears.

round bangs lower messy bun
Round bangs lower messy bun

45. Layer hairdo with front french braid

The hairstyle that Deepika Padukone set in her hair is an elegant French braid with little wisps of hair around her face and the lower part of the hair is given high wavy curls using the curler wands. This hairdo goes well for girls who are going for a casual party with friends and family to give a stylish look.

Layered temple french braid
Layered temple french braid

46. Temple twist with beach wave curls

This hairstyle well suits for office going girls and official get together. A small twist from the forehead and long beach wave curls in the bottom are one of the best and quick hairstyle. Use light holding hairspray or serum to give a texturizing effect to your hair.

Center partition twisted curls
Twisted curls with center partition

47. Lower curls with layers of twist

A small front puff with two to three temple twist covered by a flower band along with cascading lower wavy curls is the best choice for a bridal reception and suits well for lehengas and heavy work designer saree. Feather or layer haircut will be a perfect choice for this hairdo.

temple twist with lower curls
Layers of twist with down curls

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48. Ironed hair with high teased puff

This ironed high teased puff suits well for girls with long hair. You just need to backcomb your forehead hair and use any head tikka or chutti to give a pleasant view in a simple way. Use curler rods to have a wavy look in the bottom hair.

Iron hair with teased puff
Teased puff with ironed hair

49. French braided twisted bun

Ladies who are looking for a hairstyle that match up with their gown or lehenga can opt for this hairdo which gives you a pleasant look. You can use any flowers bands or beads to highlight the bun.

Low twist bun with temple french braid
French braided twisted bun

50. Straight long french braid

Girls who have long hair can prefer this hairstyle as you can get a straight long french braid cascading down the shoulder. This hairdo well suits for salwar kameez and saree which gives you a modern ethic look.

Straight long french braid
Straight french braid

From this you can get an idea about the latest hairstyles for girls trending and liked by the modern girls, you can pick the one that suits you and give it a try. I assure that these styles will give you a stunning and presentable look for you. Give your suggestions and feedback in the comment box about the hairstyles for girls article.