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30 Best and Beautiful Mehendi Designs for Feet

Mehendi Ceremony became such an integral part of the wedding ceremony that we can’t imagine without it. It is meant for adorning magnificent intricate Mehendi Designs for Feet and Hands of a bride by mehndi expert in their family or professional mehndi artists.

Mehendi Designs for Feet
Mehendi Designs for Feet

Furthermore, Mehendi is one of the Solah Shringaar (sixteen adornments) of bride defined in Indian Hindu rituals. Considered her beauty is incomplete without adorning her hands and feet with Mehendi. This ritual is not only part of Hindu weddings in India but also a part of wedding rituals among Indian Muslims.

Mehendi Designs for Feet or Legs

Never overlook mehndi for bride’s feet or Legs. The intricate mehndi designs on bride’s feet look great when Toe ring is adorned by the groom at the wedding. During the North-Indian auspicious post-wedding rituals like Gruh-Pravesh, the feet Mehendi shows up beautifully with shining Silver anklets and toe rings.

Origin of Mehendi

Mehendi or henna is the art of applying the paste of an indigenous herb in elaborates designs on the hands and feet of the bride which imparts a deep red color. The richness of the color has immense significance in Indian culture. It symbolizes luck, prosperity, and fertility of the bride. India is the source of this beautiful art and is being adopted by adjoining countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, as well as in several Arab countries.

Every bride wants to adorn her body with exceptional and excellent Mehendi designs on her big day. It’s not just covering up hands and legs with any designs. Indeed, Some brides lean towards coordinating hand and legs mehndi designs.

So, Let’s see the most beautiful designs of mehndi which you can apply on your legs or feet.

1.Traditional Mehendi Design for Feet

Mehendi Designs for Feet
Traditional Mehendi Designs for Feet

This basic traditional Mehendi design looks simple but it looks beautiful with heavy anklets. Brides who prefer to adorn with leaf mehndi can opt for this design which lost for months.


2. Simple Mehendi Design for feet

Simple Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image courtesy- bellahenna

This is a simple mehndi design who can apply at home. This simple model is mostly preferred for bridesmaids or small occasions at home such as birthday parties, baby shower and etc.

3. Arabic Mehendi Designs for feet

Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image courtesy- NJ’s Unique henna art

Not only hands with Arabic mehndi designs look great but also feet. These henna designs are much in demands these days which motivate women to put these designs not only for weddings but for any event or occasion at home. These Arabic mehndi designs are known for their simplicity and easy to apply.

Basically,  these Arabic designs are composite of mango and floral motifs in vertically with some intricate of leaves. The surrounding space left in between the design gives the beauty to the design.

4. Lace Mehendi Designs for feet

Lace Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image courtesy- OurWeddi

A new trend of mehndi design which combines the style of lace and traditional beauty of  Mehendi is “Lace Mehendi Design“. This Mehendi design just looks like a lace wrapped around your feet.

Once you remove the mehndi,  it just gives an illusion of a red netted lace wrapped on your feet.  These fusion mehndi designs are mostly preferred by modern brides for their sensuous look.

5. Anklet Mehendi Designs for feet

Anklet type Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image courtesy- Allmehandidesigns
Payal type Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image courtesy- AmritaHenna

These anklet mehndi designs also look catchy for the brides, for those toe ring ceremony is not mandatory. This design looks great with simple anklets studded with stones or polka stones that shines most with the red mehendi feet.

6. PhairPhool/ Feet Harness Mehendi Design for feet

Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image courtesy- Blue Lotus Henna
Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image courtesy- Blue Lotus Henna

Hathphool mehendi designs are the most elegant henna designs for brides who are not willing to wear heavy hathphool. why not adorn your feet too with a feet harness mehendi design similar to the hathphool? This works best if you have a simple anklet design on your feet.

7. Peacock Design Mehendi Design for Legs

Peacock Mehendi Designs for Feet
Image Courtesy- Pinterest
Peacock Mehendi Designs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Peacocks have mostly used patterns in Indian mehendi designs. This intricate with thick and thin shades of mehendi brings out the best of the effort.

Peacocks with elaborated feathers in combination with flower motifs like a rose, a lotus within creative intricate designs are definitely an eye feast. Undoubtedly, these stunning peacock heavy henna designs are most ideal for brides.

8. Baarat Design Mehendi Design for Legs

Baarat Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

One of the best Rajasthani trending mehendi design is Baarat themed mehendi. Rajasthani mehendi designs mainly have the folk dance, tradition, art forms, creativity and the designs that predict the Rajasthani culture. Look at this beautiful henna art elephant carrying bridal umbrella which clearly illustrates the wedding theme.

Baarat Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

One more elegant design of Rajasthani styled mehendi with musical drums which is a part of their traditional folk dance.

9. The bride and Groom Mehendi Design for Legs

Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Yash Joshi

In some Indian rituals,  There is a tradition that brides hands are adorned with hidden names or initials of bride and groom which should find out by the groom. But that tradition turned out to be adorning brides hands with bride and groom pattern.

These patterns to extended to even feet with beautiful portraits or caricatures of bride and groom sketches. These complex designs demand the experts in the mehendi art.

10. Mehendi Designs for Sole

Mehendi Designs for Sole
Image courtesy- shraddha’s mehendi art
Mehendi Designs for Sole
Image courtesy- AllMehandiDesigns
Mehendi Designs for Sole
Image courtesy- Shraddha’s mehendi art

Mehendi on palms and feet is quite common.  Consequently, it got extended to the sole of the feet. Well, this latest trend is soon catching up. A beautiful design on the sole will make the feet gorgeous, elegant and chic. We are sure that you are convinced of the idea by looking at the designs above. You will love these and will get ready to show off your feet with a stunning henna design on your big occasion.

11. Rose Motif Mehendi Designs for Legs

Rose Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest
Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Yogesh Mehandi art

Roses are girl’s favorites. Girls like mehendi designs with rose motifs not just on their hands, but legs as well.  Adoring feet with a single rose and surrounded by leaves itself simply awesome or you can even go for heavy designs in combination with the checkered pattern or with Arabic designs.

12. Lotus Motif Mehendi Designs for Legs

Lotus Mehendi Design for Legs
image courtesy- Bugzy’s photography
Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Henna By Divya
lotus Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Aarti lalan

Lotus has its own importance in our Indian culture. Mehendi designs incorporating lotus flower signify grace, sensuality, femininity, and purity. Either you can go for normal lotus pattern or popular reverse mehendi technique where the surrounding outlined space is being filled to highlight the motif.  Especially, this negative space mehendi designs work well with lotus motifs.

13. Geometric Shapes Mehendi Design for Legs

Geometric Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest
Geometric Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest
simple lines Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

It is easy to feature several geometric shapes in mehendi designs to build beautiful patterns.  Geometric shapes such as lines, curves, angles, and circles are arranged in a distinctive way to come up with a unique design. These henna patterns are easy to apply and best option of beginners.

14. Elegant Leafy Mehendi Design for Legs

Garland Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Wow, look at this beautiful mehendi design which just resembles that small climber plants spreading over the feet. Moreover, The leaves and flowers in between the design give the natural look.

15. Checkers Mehendi Design for Legs

Checker pattern Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Look at this extraordinary mehendi design which is intricate of well-used box shapes from small size to bigger size to create a unique design.

checker Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Henna for all
chess-game Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Google

Look at this chic design which resembles a chess-board pattern embedded in the  Mehendi. Small extensions on the side also give a grand finishing to the design. This design can be used on the legs, as the portion covered is quite minimum or it can also be used on hands; on the palm or behind. It can be quite right for events with importance.

16. Single sided Mehendi Design for Legs

single side Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image Courtesy- All Mehandi Designs
Side Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

If you are looking for a different style of foot mehendi then you can for this unconventional mehendi design. Unlike routine mehendi design, one side of your leg is decorated with a mehendi in a slanting pattern to make sure the alluring creates wonder.

17. Authenticate Mehendi Design for Legs

Authenticate Mehendi design
Image courtesy- Akshita mehndi

What a beautiful design of a milkmaid women adorned on the bride’s leg??. Definitely an artistic mehendi design with a traditional touch.

Exotic Mehendi design for Legs

Look at this complex mehendi design which is a combination of multiple traditional patterns.  Even more detailing of peacocks, leaves, flowers and other motifs with mirror image pattern given a magnificent look.

18. Simple round Mehendi Design for Feet

circular Mehendi design for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

In this Mandala styled Mehendi Design, Center part of the feet is applied with mehendi with beautiful flowers or circular patterns and rest of the feet is left empty. These simple pattern coming for ages but looks awesome with a fair skin toned background. Suitable for all ages and occasions and easy to apply also.

Mandala Mehendi design for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

19. Glitter Mehendi Design for Legs

Glittered Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Google
glitter Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Adding some sparkles to mehendi designs gives wow effect. What can make mehendi more alluring than colors and glitters?? Add Glittering colors to mehendi designs so that they shine and reflects the lighting effect of photo lights. Though these glitters go off in few days, the shimmer on your wedding pics lasts for long. Look at the above image where red & gold glitter applied on feet below the mehendi design given even more beauty to the feet.

Stone studded Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Not only glitters adds the beauty to your mehendi designs, but studded the stones as well. Try sticking stone to the bridal mehendi design of leg and see the magic on your D-day.

20. Hands and Legs Matching Mehendi Design for Legs

Matching Mehendi designs for Hands and feet
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Some girls prefer to maintain the similar pattern mehendi designs between hands and feet. A simple design with a small flower at the center with the matching pattern above looking gorgeous. What do you say?

Matching Mehendi designs for Hands and legs
Image courtesy- Henna Purvi

The heavy Rajasthani mehendi design looking same to same on hands and legs. A perfect replica of hands and legs with some elaborated designs on legs. The great art of mehendi artist can be definitely praised.

Matching Mehendi designs for Hands and legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

One more matching mehendi design with a Baarat theme. Elephants are neatly adorned on legs whereas bride and groom figures depicted on palm and Ganesha motifs are beautifully applied on hands.  Especially, This baarat themed mehendi designing are hot trends and must-try mehendi designs, especially for brides.

21. Rounded Mehendi Design for Legs

Rounded Mehendi design for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Bangle mehendi designs are mehendi designs which have the design of bangle or bracelet around the hands. These are most popular bridal mehendi designs for their catchy look and fills the hands completely.  Likewise, the legs also adorned with spiral mehendi patterns becoming famous and fashion.

22. Western Tattoo Style Mehendi Design on Legs

Western tatoo style Mehendi for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest
Henna Tattoo For Feet
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Due to fact that mehendi designs are adopted by other countries, these western tattoo designs became more popular. A small motif or small pattern or unique design is applied on legs. These designs are mostly preferred by college going girls.

23. Floral Mehendi Design for Legs

Flower Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Floral mehendi designs never go wrong designs where ever you apply, be it a hand or leg. A simple bold floral design with leaf motifs looks classy and the floral design in a reverse filling technique with simple dots allover looks marvelous as well.

24. Garland Mehendi Design for Legs

Garland Mehendi design for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest
Mehendi Designs for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

These garland mehendi designs are easy to apply on legs with connecting flowers with leaves and simple dots extensions.

25. Stocking style Mehendi Design for Legs

stocking Mehendi design for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Lace mehendi designs maintain a similar pattern throughout the feet. Likewise, this stocking  Mehendi design also maintains a similar pattern throughout the leg without any gap left over. Look at the complex mehendi design which gives an illusion of wearing the stocks.

26. Bold/Boho Mehendi Design for Legs

Bold Mehendi design for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest
Bold Mehendi design for legs
Image courtesy- Zulfas henna

The floral pattern is simple and still, the bold lines give it a contemporary beauty. The reddish hue of the mehendi makes it look ravishing with classy appeal.

27. Black Henna Design for Legs

Black Henna for legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Hennas are available in different colors as red, orange and black. These black mehendi is mostly used for motifs outlining and for shading appearance. Since black is considered as inauspicious color in Hindu tradition, these black mehendi designs are mostly preferred in kitty parties or for a style statement.

28. Footwear style Mehendi Designs for Feet

Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Look at this heavy feet mehendi design which resembles the shoe pattern, But looks  classy

Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- All Mehandi Designs

29. Parrot Motif Mehendi Design for Legs

parrot Mehendi Design for Legs
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Birds designs are always impressive. Having said that, Parrot motifs are the cutest that other birds no matter where ever you use in wedding ceremonies. Whether it could be stage backdrop in Mehendi ceremony or on bridal lehenga. Those parrot motifs are now extended to mehendi designs also. Look at these beautiful parrot mehendi designs on feet one with single parrot eating fruits pattern and the other one with multiple parrots flying and standing on the branches of a tree. aren’t they adorable on feet?

Parrot Mehendi Design for Legs

Parrot Motifs Mehendi designs on feet

30. Asymmetric Mehendi Design for Legs

Sometimes, the mehendi designs don’t need to be filled with matching and symmetrical patterns. The beauty can lie in the uniqueness of an asymmetric pattern with vine designs and floral patterns all over the legs. Neither the design on the fingers nor the design at the center matching in the above mehendi design. Though both the patterns are different on each foot, the overall look is simply superb.

Asymmetric Mehendi Design for Legs

Asymmetric Lotus Mehendi Design for Legs

 One more mismatch pattern of mehendi design where a few repeated symbols are used all over with finger pattern matching. Such designs give an opportunity for creativity and that worked well too.

These are some most popular and unique mehendi designs that you can apply on feet for brides, bridesmaids, guests, college students, and all age groups.  If you find this post useful, share with your friends and leave us your feedback in below comments section.

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15 Popular South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Engagement

South Indian Brides are known as most grandeur and most beautiful brides with their exquisite outfits, with their traditional but elegant Jewelry, with mehendi, adorned hands.. all exude a sense of royalty.

Besides all, Makeup and Hair Style are the two main things that bring up a gorgeous look to the bride. Especially, Hairstyle which matches with bride’s outfit brings up the extra charm to her beauty with bridal accessories and flowers.

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Engagement

South Indian brides mostly prefer Poola Jada for the wedding, it could be a Natural Flowers or Jeweled jada. But, South Indian Bridal Hairstyle for Engagement can be more creative with Braids, Hair up-do’s, Buns or Curls, the options are totally unlimited.

TBG came up with some unique and must-try South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Engagement, Reception, Mehendi, Sangeet or any other wedding ceremonies. Pick up the one that suits you best from the Hair styles listed below. Also, make sure that your hairstyle matches with your wedding attire as well. So let’s get right into it!!

Bridal Hairstyles are mainly categorized into 3 ways – Braided, Up-Dos and Buns

Braided Hairstyles for Engagement

Braided hairstyles are the perfect option of brides who are wearing Saree or Half saree for their engagement ceremony. Modern braided hairstyles look chic if you team up with the lehenga and long gown.

Braided HairStyle for engagement
Braided HairStyle for engagement

1. Long Braided Hairstyle twirled with Pearl Strings/ Flower Garlands

Long Braided Hairstyle
Long Braided Hairstyle for engagement

Traditional long Braided Hairstyle is best suitable for engagement function. In this hairstyle, front parted hair used for small puff and the Base of the braid covered with flowers or veni or any Hair Accessory.

Besides that, the whole long braid will be wrapped like a spring with Pearl string or Flower Garland. Flower garlands wrap is a bit heavy to carry but looks great if saree is your engagement outfit. You can complete your bridal look if you accessorize this hairstyle with heavy Maang tikka.

Looped Bang Hairstyle for engagement
Looped Bang Hairstyle for engagement

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2. Simple Braid with Flowers

Simple braided hairstyle for engagement
Simple braided hairstyle for engagement

A simple Braid itself looks good if your hairs are thick enough. Either you can accessorize that braid with flowers in between or arrange the flower garland in a ‘U’ shape or around the Braid in ‘O’ or you can simply end up with Veni at the base of the braid looks great.

Back Braided Hairstyle
Back Braided Hairstyle

3. Romantic Side Loose Braided Hairstyle

Side Loose Braided Hairstyle
Side Loose Braided Hairstyle

Are you a bride who wants to look simple but elegant in engagement ceremony? These Side loose braided hairstyles are a perfect choice for you. A simple braid with loose bangs and some flowers at the back can look wonderful with the braid worn to the side.

You can even accessorize this hairstyle with small flower motif hair clips that absolutely looks stunning. you can even try back braids with hair accessories.

Loose Braided Hairstyle
Loose Braided Hairstyle

4. Accessorized Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle for Engagement

Side Fishtail Hairstyle for Engagement
Side Fishtail Hairstyle for Engagement

Simple classic Fishtail Braid has its own beauty. Addition of pearls or small artificial flowers to fishtail braid looks fantastic with your outfit, be it a Lehenga or Kanjeevaram saree. Give a twist by braiding fishtail to the side and accessorize it with heavy hair accessory to look great.

Side Fishtail Hairstyle for Engagement
Side Fishtail Hairstyle with Hair accessory for Engagement

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5. Twisted Mermaid Hairstyle

Twisted Mermaid Hairstyle
Twisted Mermaid Hairstyle with flower decoration for engagement

No Indian bride can go wrong with this voluminous twisted hairstyle. No matter what is the shape of your face, this will always look classy and graceful. The volume and length of the hair can be extended by adding hair extensions to your hair for added oomph and style.

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Take a one-inch section of Hair and make the side twists and secure the twists with pins in alternate side till the head or bit down to the head and then Braid the rest of hair as a normal mermaid style and secure with an elastic band at the end. Decorate the twists with Flowers or Jewel accessories enhance the Glamour.

Twisted Mermaid Hairstyle
Twisted Mermaid Hairstyle

Hair Up-Dos for Engagement

Up-Do hairstyles are the most sought after Indian braided hairstyles!! they are so pretty and bring out the charm of the bride, no wonder why most brides tend to choose this over many Indian braided wedding hairstyles. Easy to carry and no messing up of Hair during the event.

6. Center parted free open Hairstyle

Center parted open HairStyle
Center parted open HairStyle

You really always need not to go for a complicated hairstyle to look your best on your engagement. A perfectly done simple hairstyle can give the bride the right look.

The hair partition at the centre and bringing some hair to the front over one shoulder gives an ultra posh look, Light and natural looking curls added to the length of the hairs enhances the look. Heavy Maang Tikka or Matha Patti adds the glory.

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7. Mermaid Braided up-do

Mermaid Up-Do hairstyle
Mermaid Up-Do hairstyle

The side braid bang hairstyles on both sides with the loose open hairstyle. Best hairstyle with two mermaid braids from both the sides and join them in the middle and secure with pins and open wavy hairstyle on the shoulders with a traditional wear such as dress and saree make you look beautiful.

Try this stylish hair that makes you look beautiful. Simply try this stylish, unique hairstyle in your engagement to look beautiful.

8. Open Hair with Side Curls Hairstyle for Engagement

Side Curls Hairstyle for Engagement
Side Curls Hairstyle for Engagement

This Open Hairstyle with side curls never goes wrong irrespective of the face shape. Here the hairs have been curled together and brought to the front from one side of the shoulder. If you have Layered hair then this simple hairstyle looks very classy and can give the bride a very soft look.

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9. Front Puffed Hairstyle

Front Puffed Hairstyle
Front Puffed Hairstyle With Hair Accessory

This Front puffed hairstyle is most preferred south Indian engagement hairstyle. This hairstyle can be teamed up with any traditional outfits like saree & half saree as well as modern outfits such as long gowns or lehenga.

Here the hairs at the front have been swept back and pinned creating a light puff on the head. The length of the hairs is fully open and has been taken to the front from both the sides. The hairs have also been curled in smaller sections to give the look a complete touch.

Front Puffed Hairstyle
Front Puffed Hairstyle

10. Up-do with Curls for Engagement

Up-do with Curls for Engagement
Up-do with Curls for Engagement

To get this wedding hairstyle first you have to complete the up do while creating a puff at the crown to get the soft look. Once you have completed the up do, now you need to curl the length of the hairs in sections to get the look. Add some interesting hair accessory to accentuate the hairstyle.

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11. Twisted Curly Up-do for Engagement

Twisted Mermaid Hairstyle
Twisted Mermaid Hairstyle

This hairstyle also looks awesome on Lehengas or Sarees in your engagement ceremony. Start with either sides with one-inch segmented section of hair and twist them and join them back at the centre. and follow the same with 3 -4 layers of twists and open the rest of the hair with curls. you can see the magic on that day with this simple up-do.

Twisted Curly Up-do for Engagement
Twisted Curly Up-do for Engagement

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12. Waterfall Up-Do Hairstyle for Engagement

Waterfall Hairstyle for Engagement
Waterfall Hairstyle for Engagement

A semi-open hairstyle where you will have a waterfall braid at the back of the head or on both sides of the head and tied up at the back, the length of the hairs will be left free.

You can opt to add curls to the lengths or leave it natural. You can embellish waterfall braid with beads or pearls. This adds the perfect drama and glamour to the whole ensemble!

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Bun Hairstyles for Engagement

This Hair Buns are very well suited if the bride is planning to wear lehenga or Saree. Many women prefer to opt for different stylish buns on their special day, particularly because buns match perfectly with the ethnic Indian style. There can be many variations in buns and we will ee some patterns that you can easily pick for your engagement.

Bun Hairstyle for Engagement
Bun Hairstyle for Engagement
Side Flower Bun Hairstyle for Engagement
Side Flower Bun Hairstyle for Engagement

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13. Floral decorated Bun Hairstyle for Engagement

Flower Bun for Engagement
Flower Bun for Engagement

The tight and lower back bun hairstyle looks beautiful with natural flowers. Back brush your hair and prepare a softback low bun on a traditional wear to look good.

The hairstyle is then decorated with beautiful flowers, on the side of the bun. This adds more beauty to trendy jewellery and dress. you can even try braided bun to get the stunning engagement hairstyle.

The way you decorate the bun gives a classic or modern look to your entire attire. you can use big and light weighted Flowers like Lillie, marigold or small flowers like Jasmine or just rose petals. Either you can decorate the entire Bun with flowers or just around the bun. Furthermore, decorating flowers underneath the bun and side of the bun is the latest trend.

Flower Bun Hairstyle for Engagement
Flower Bun Hairstyle for Engagement

14. Dutch Braided Bun with Hair Accessories

Dutch Braided Hair Bun
Dutch Braided Hair Bun

Dutch braids have that quality of making any simple hairdo look super intricate and pretty. This stunning up-do starts off with double Dutch braids in the front and ends up with bun, with a fake juda if your hairs are not thick enough.

A fake juda is the perfect way to get a full-bodied bun in case your hair lacks volume. you can accessorize this bun with flowers at the side or any Leaf motif hair accessory to grab all your guests attraction.

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15. Ringlet Bun Hairstyle for Engagement

Ringlet Bun Hairstyle
Ringlet Bun Hairstyle

Go with this super cool and romantic bun hairstyle on your engagement if it is scheduled in the evening. Certainly, this curly ringlet bun looks so sweet and adorable, the delicate flowers lining it at the top helped in achieving the stunning look.

These are some variety of south Indian bridal hairstyles for engagement from where you can choose the best one for your special occasion and sparkle like a star.

Finally, It is best suggested for the bride to try out different wedding hairstyles before the final day of the wedding. Most importantly, Trial helps to find out the one that suits you best and save time due to last minute changes.

Do you find this post useful? Leave your feedback in below comments section.

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 7 Accessories that Usually Overlooked by Brides in their Wedding 

Indian weddings are known to be a grand affair with multiple ceremonies and celebrations lasting days. The guest lists go into the hundreds and even thousands. Every detail of each function is intricately planned by the bride, groom and their parents to ensure that their family and friends have a great time.

A wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. it’s also a day where stress can play havoc if you’re not prepared. Since the big fat Indian wedding is not an easy event to survive unscathed, so let’s get planning for it.

Bridal Accessories
Bridal Accessories usually overlooked

Are you a Complete Bride with all Bridal Accessories ??

Once after choosing your wedding outfit, the most important thing that should be on your list is Bridal accessories. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and you can’t achieve this without the best Indian wedding accessories to complement your outfit.

After all, a wedding is the special event where you can accessorize as much as you want. Also, How much ever you accessorize the bride, that much she shines on her Big Day. don’t you?

There are so many things to buy and arrange for your wedding. It’s obvious to overlook few of those wedding accessories. However, it’s the small details that make your wedding unique and special, so run through some important adornments that should present in your checklist to make sure you’ve got all the Bridal accessories you need.

1. Maang Tikka or Matha Patti

Maang Tikka is a precious Hair jewellery item which is cheerfully adopted by a woman and it fetches her centre of attraction due to its elegant appearance and lavishing lustre.

The maang tikka is worn at the centre parting of the hair with a classy pendant falling over the forehead. A good looking gemstone can be accompanied with gold maang tikka which complements the overall appearance of a bride.

Maang Tikka
Maang Tikka or Paapidi Billa

Brides were accessorizing their head with Heavy Matha Patti earlier days with Surya and Chandra billas on either side of Hair Partitions. This Matha Patti gives Grandeur look to the bride. Since the brides whoever wants to be simple but elegant can stick to heavy Maang Tikka instead of Matha Patti.

Matha Patti
Matha Patti

There is a chance that you may forget this elegant jewellery during your wedding due to hurry in that wedding events and wishing wedding guests who wanted to visit the bride before the wedding.

What to do If you don’t have Matha Patti?

Don’t be panic, in case if you forget the Maang Tikka. Try to accessorize your head with Any necklace with pendant hanging and secure the necklace ends with pins. You can even try Pearl String as Matha Patti.  Gemstone Pendant certainly works great with this Fix. I promise you to seem like a princess with this trick.

Necklace as Matha Patti
Shriya Bhopal wore Diamond Necklace with emerald pendant as Matha patti in her wedding

2. Nose ring (Nath)

This has got to be one of the most overlooked accessories for the wedding day. A nose ring is worn through the left nostril by Hindu women on the wedding.

Not only on the wedding but also on other auspicious occasions makes the Woman’s face more prettier. It is perhaps one of the most ethnic Indian ornaments, worn through a piercing in the nostril.

Nose Ring
Nose Ring

It is generally made out of gold and silver, as big as a bangle or as small as a nose pin, with precious stones studded. The Nath generally having a chain on one side connecting it to the hair behind the ear.  Mostly these Bangle size  Hoop Naths are must wear nose ring for North Indian bride.

The spot for the nose pierce is linked to the reproductive organs of a woman. For that reason, women get piercing done before their wedding itself.

Nose Ring
Hoop Nose Ring in Bangle Size

In case if your nose piercing is not yet done and you are unenthusiastic towards Nose Piercing then, Pressing nose rings are the best option. Don’t miss out this nose-rings since it gives a complete bridal look.

What to do If you don’t have Nose Ring?

If you forget about this nose pin, you can easily resemble the nose ring with Stone studded bindi tikka. The stone as a nose ring that sparkles like a diamond stud with photography lights.

Pressing Nose ring
Pressing Nose ring

3. Anklets or Payal

Anklets are chains that are worn around the ankles, most often attached with a bunch of chiming beads. It may be a slender chain or it may be thick multi-layered design. It is generally made of silver as wearing on your feet is considered to be auspicious.

Since Gold ankles should be worn by only Royal Ladies on their feet, Silver or Kundan fancy anklets are preferred by most of the brides. Most importantly, No One will allow the Hindu Bride without anklets at their feet since it got it own significance in every tradition.

Don’t compromise with these heavy anklets during your wedding because anklet makes their mark when your toe rings are adored at the wedding and consequently enhances your feet’s beauty.

Anklets with mehendi

What to do If you don’t have Anklets?

You can simulate any fancy or oxidized necklaces pairs  or studded chains since they seem like real anklets.

Kundan necklace pair as Anklet

3. Matilu and Champaswaralu or Ear Chains

Matilu known as Maattal in some places in south India are chain shaped jewel used to hook in the hair from the earring stud. These matilu are worn from the front of the ear which supports your heavy Bridal Jhumkas or earrings. These Matilu  are most often made up of  Gold & diamonds.

Matilu Ear accessories

Likewise, Champaswaralu also Chains those will be attached from ear stud or hair from the back of the ear. These Champaswaralu are multi-string chains available with or without hangings.  The pearl or Gemstone like ruby or emerald studded hangings are trendy now a days. These ear accessories gives feminine look any bride.


Never miss out these Ear accessories because they enhances your beauty during side photo-shots.

4. Haathphool

Haath means Hand + Phool means Flowers

These are a type of jewelry meant to be worn by the bride in her hands. Four or five rings are worn on the fingers from which chains emerge attaching them with a central motif which further is connected to a bracelet by another chain. These are most often made of gold and studded with Kundan work or precious stones.

Haath Phool

These Haathphool are available in simple designs as well , they are simplified further with a single ring instead of five rings attached from a bracelet. HaathPhool also available  with a studded chain with ruby or emerald or Polka dots to grab even more attraction.

two Finger Rings
Two Finger Rings

Also, two finger attached rings became popular for Sangeeth or Reception events. These haathphool hand accessory looks great when you hold coconut or ‘Thalambralu’, Because those are very  the significant traditional events in most of South Indian weddings.

Haath Phool During wedding
Haath Phool During wedding

5. Waist side Hip Chains or Waist Accessories

This is generally a simple or elaborate ornament meant for the bride to wear on side of her waist. This emphasizes the femininity of her waist and improves her overall figure. These are different from Waist Belts or oddiyanam because waist belts are wore around the waist where as these Hip chains are wore just one side of the Hip.

These Belly Hip chains are just like multi layered chains with hooks attached on both sides. These  side chains can be paired with Waist-belts or you can wear the hip chains alone to get a resplendent bridal look .

waist side chain
Hip Chain

What to do If  you don’t have Side Hip Chains?

In case if you overlooked these Hip chains, try any pearl  strings or step chains or  plain or pendent necklace can be wore as hip chains by securing the both  ends with safety pins. Pair these string chains with Waist belt rather single to get the complete look.

Pearl strings as Side Hip Chain
Pearl strings as Side Hip Chain

6. Hair accessories Juda pins or Hair Clips

Most of the south Indian brides go for Floral or Gold Poola-Jada for the wedding with some pretty  studded Jooda pins. What about pre-wedding and post wedding ceremony hair styles??  which ever hairstyle you go for Pre-wedding or Post-wedding ceremonies, these Hair accessories are so important besides the flowers.

A pretty embellished pin adds some charm to a bun or hairstyle. Jooda pin for the bridal bun, Jada Chains for Open Hair styles, Fancy Hair clips for the braid for South Indian brides must have hair accessories.

Hair Accessories for Brides
Hair Accessories for Brides

These are some of the Bridal accessories you may overlook in your wedding but they add their significant mark for you as a bride. Hence, Make a list of all your bridal accessories and check them while shopping and just before you leave for your D-Day. So that you can sparkle in your wedding with all bridal Accessories.

Do you find this post useful? Comment below and share it with to-be brides if you don’t want them to miss out anything during their wedding…

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Other than this there are many more bridal accessories which are used by modern brides. Watch the below video to know more about the trending bridal jewellery which is preferred by today’s bride.

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13 Creative Ways to Reuse Bridal Lehenga After Wedding

Every girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day, be it the grand decor, mouth-watering food, flawless makeup or lavish venues, but the most important of all is to flaunt herself in a perfect bridal trousseau just like a princess in a fairy tale.

Since wedding is a one time life event, brides never compromise on their wedding outfits and approaches top fashion designers or multi-designer stores , wedding shopping malls and also spend lot of money without any hesitation.Bridal Lehenga is bride’s dream that come true outfit that they wear them on their wedding or reception.

Reuse Lehengas
How to Reuse Bridal Lehengas After wedding??

What to do with your Bridal Lehenga after Wedding ??

But What happens to your super-expensive bridal lehenga once the wedding is over?? Are they safely dry washed and stored in your wardrobe? I am sure that you wear that lehenga hardly one or twice after your wedding. Well, that’s not good spending lot of money and storing them in a rack without using them. isn’t it?? Do you ever think of any other ways to wear that masterpiece?

Here we come up with some interesting ideas to re-wear, re-use and re-cycle your bridal Lehengas. Yes..You read it Right!! Lets go through those ideas.

Re-Wear your Bridal Lehenga in different Style

Wear them in somebody’s else wedding those are very close to you such as your cousin’s or Friend’s wedding ceremony or any grand event that takes place in your family, but just change the way you wear it. Try draping that dupatta in different style

You can go for any one of the following ways a dupatta can be draped in to make you look stunning and perfect and give away your bridal look.

1. Half Saree Style

Popular South Indian style known as a half saree, This traditional look has the dupatta draped over your shoulder like a saree with the opposite corner tucked in the back. Everything is pinned and out of your way. Take the longest end of your lehenga dupatta and bring it to the front.

Fold the corner to create a pleat and then tuck it into the front of your skirt, just below your belly button. Make sure that you tuck in enough fabric to hold the dupatta in place. A few inches should do.

Rewear your bridal Lehenga in Half Saree Style

2.  Stole/ Wrap around Style

Another casual and chick way to drape your dupatta for an everyday and effortless style is to drape it around your neck in v-shape or u-shape. The style works especially well on heavy Lehengas and printed or light designed dupatta that makes for an awesome style statement and keeps you warm in winters too.

Wrap around Dupatta Drape
Drape Dupatta in Wrap Up Style and reuse lehena

3. Deep U/V-Shape Style

This elegant draping style, lets you flaunt your full attire and compliments your outfit. To follow this style, take your dupatta across both the shoulders and let the ends fall loose at the back.

Allow your dupatta tilt a little down from the beauty bone to form a V-shape, and you are ready to flaunt perfectly among your peers. This Dupatta Drape cut downs the heaviness of your Lehenga.

dupatta Draping in U/V style
Draping Dupatta in U/V style

4. Front Pleat Style

One of the easiest ways to drape the dupatta without any extra fuss is to just pleat the whole dupatta and drape it across one of the shoulders. There is no need to fidget it at all and the other end is cleanly tucked at the back. This drape works if your dupatta is not too heavy so that it covers up some of your Lehenga which is heavy embellished.

Dupatta drape with front pleat
Dupatta drape with front pleat

5. Replace Dupatta

Keeping the skirt and blouse as same and Replacing heavy dupatta that comes part of Bridal outfit with plain contrast colored dupatta also gives new look to your outfit. Plain dupatta cut downs extra glitters from your outfit.

You can even try draping saree over your Lehenga but make sure saree should be plain with simple Khaddi border otherwise it looks so clumsy.

Replace Lehenga dupatta
Replace Lehenga dupatta with simple Dupatta

You can wear the Lehenga as it is and replace Dupatta with Saree. You can use lehenga skirt as petticoat for any net saree that works very well with thin ladies.

Reuse Lehenga under saree
Reuse Lehenga under saree

Re-Use Bridal Lehenga with Mix & Match

Usually, the bridal Lehenga comes with Heavy embellishes skirt, blouse and dupatta. So seperate them and re-use with other outfits. Reusing is the best option for whom they don’t want to alter or cut thier precious outfit.

While you re-using your bridal Lehenga, you will not be disturbing or cutting any part of your outfit . It just looks as it is but you will change the appearance by mix-and-match your skirt, blouse & dupatta and team them up with different outfits to create a vivid contrast.

5. Re-use Skirt with Plain top/Shirt

The Blouse makes a huge difference, you can replace your heavy embellished blouse and bring a drastic change to your outfit. You can wear the skirt as it is and team it up with a plain and stable colored button-down shirt, peplum top or any plain monochrome top with no work and tuck your plain top into the lehenga which gives ultra modern look .

It is easy to wear and can be wore to any function without looking odd. A Black or White colored top or full sleeves T-shirt does wonders with any kind of Bridal Lehenga. Its a bollywood trend currently running with heavy Banarasi Lehenga on plain shirt or top. Dont make both top and bottom heavy that ruins the entire look. You can accessorize your outfit with heavy Kundan necklace to exquisite look.

Lehenga with Shirt
ReWear Lehenga Skirt with Botton Down Shirt
PC: Pinterest
Reuse Lehenga with Peplum Top
Reuse Lehenga with Peplum Top

Reuse Lehenga Skirt with Shirt or Top

6. Reuse Skirt with Jacket/Kurta

Team up your Skirt with Plain and Long kurta with front slit or Plain Jacket that transforms the entire look and feel of your outfit. You can even go for simple embellishment at neck or at the sleeves with small butta over all kurta or Jacket. A Plain Georgette or Net kurta with small butta with out slit also gives stunning appearance when the heavy embellishment of skirt is seen through the semi-transparent fabric. Try experimenting with contrast colors.

Reuse Lehenga with Long Kurta
Reuse Lehenga with Long Slit Kurta

Reuse Lehenga Skirt with Jacket
Reuse Lehenga Skirt with Jacket

7. Re-use Dupatta

Usually, the dupatta comes with bridal lehenga will be heavy. Team them up with any plain and simple apparel such as plain anarkalis, plain Long Gowns or any plain skirt that bring up extra attraction to your outfit also it gives rich and heavy look to your simple apparel. you can use dupatta as Voni in case you are going with Half saree.

Reuse Dupatta
ReUse dupatta with other outfits

8. Re-Use Blouse

You can also reuse the blouse with other sarees. As the wedding blouse would be fully embroidered, you can always use them with a plainer and simpler saree to balance out the look. This gives you a very rich and chic look. Check out these pictures to get an idea of reusing the lehenga blouse with sarees. Try wearing a cape over your choli, it is the trendiest style, which is buzzing in the fashion circuit.

ReUse Lehenga Blouse as Saree blouse
ReUse Lehenga Blouse as Saree blouse

Reuse Lehenga Blouse on Sarees

Recycle Bridal Lehenga to New Outfit

When it comes to Recycling, you will be cutting your Bridal lehenga and use them intelligently, you can use all of that fantastic fabric to create many more fabulous outfits. But what you need is a experience tailor who can turn your outfit as per your need.

Usually, the bridal lehenga skirts are attaches underneath the skirt to look voluminous. you can detach those can-can from the skirt to cut down the volume to it looks like normal lehenga and ready to wear to any occasion.

Can-Can underneath the Lehenga

10. Turn it to an Anarkali

You can transform your bridal lehenga to a beautiful anarkali that never goes out of fashion and will get lot of compliments for sure. Attach the blouse to lehenga skirt if it is lengthy enough and decorate with fancy lace to the waistline to look great.

If the choli length is not enough you can take matching fabric in contrast color and attach to the yoke part of the anarkali and embellish the neck and sleeve ends to grab the attraction . If Kalis are more in the bridal lehenga then remove excess kalis while converting Anarkali to keep it fit and no one even recognize that it was made from your bridal lehenga.

covert lehenga to Anarkali
Recycle Lehenga to Anarkali

Lehenga to anarkali
Recycle Lehenga to Anarkali

11. Design your own Saree

Yes .. You heard it correctly. Not only Sarees are converted to Lehengas, but also vice versa. Lehenga sarees also soo famous now a days. Open up your lehenga skirt and attach some plain cloth to saree start tucking part and Heavy embroidery dupatta to the saree pallu.

If you dont want to disturb the lehenga skirt then Attach the lehenga Dupatta with any Plain  or Net Saree with some lace. you can see the elegant designed saree by yourself and It looks even great if you go for contrast dupatta and Skirt has more Kalis. that’s it you are ready to rock the show..

Design your own Saree by reusing Lehenga Dupatta
Reuse Lehenga Dupatta and design a saree

12. Layer your Lehenga

The Layered Lehenga styles are one style which gives a very designer and stylish look. A Layered Lehenga, as the name suggests, has several layers of materials on the skirt, forming flares of different sizes from top to bottom of the skirt It has high-low hemline with same fabrics or different fabrics being seen from the uneven hemlines layered over one another.

These Layered Lehengas not only gives attraction they can dim down the shimmery part of skirt as well. If you have heavy embellished or shimmery part in your skirt that you want to convert it up then just layer it up on top of skirt with sheer fabric , Georgette or any transparent fabric with Lace or border attached to that layer.You can even try slit for the top layer.

Cover it up with Sheer fabric and Reuse Lehenga
Cover it up with Sheer fabric and Reuse Lehenga

13. Convert into Kurti/Jacket/Shrug

If you have colorful and heavy embellished lehenga dupatta, then you can stitch it into a brand new heavy work kurti, which you can wear at evening parties and functions. Not only Dupatta you can ask your tailor to convert your lehega Skirt to stunning kurti or Long Jacket with fashioned Neckline . No doubt all your friends and relative inquire about your outfit.

Convert Lehenga Skirt to Jacket
Convert Lehenga Skirt to Jacket


Reuse Dupatta
Convert dupatta to shrug

Reuse LEhenga as Long Jacket
Convert Lehenga to Long Jacket

We can think of these Revamping Bridal Lehenga Ideas .. Share us your thoughts if you can think of more.  Try these Reuse Lehenga ideas and share us your opinion in below comments section.

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All You Need to Know About Airbrush Makeup

Makeup is an art that has been perfected over the course of time. Makeup started simple and rather rudimentary and can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Sumer. However, a lot has changed since then. Today makeup and cosmetics have been perfected in more ways than and this not only pertains to the quality and variety of makeup but also the process of makeup application.

The process of makeup application itself is varied as the intention is to create different facial aesthetics. Makeup artists are always coming up with new ways for effective makeup application and airbrush makeup application is one such new way.

Owing to the quickly growing popularity of airbrush makeup alongside the fact that it is a rather new concept; many have been asking the question “What is Airbrush Makeup”? This blog aims to provide all the relevant information pertaining to airbrush makeup. Read further to have all your questions answered.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

In recent times; makeup has been mostly applied by the fingers or by means of special makeup brushes, and sponges. Airbrush makeup is a unique concept owing to the fact that it is sprayed onto the skin.

Airbrush makeup is applied by means of an airbrush which comprises of 3 primary components; a compressor that results in a uniform and controlled flow of air, a vent or a hose which is connected to a gun like a trigger.

The device is often adjusted to change the air pressure for makeup applications of varying kinds. This device can generally handle broader, detailed, heavier or lighter makeup application techniques.

It is important to note that the popularity of airbrush makeup was initially limited to the entertainment business. Airbrush makeup was first used in the movie Ben Hur in 1959 however it is still a rather new concept for special occasion makeup application such as wedding makeup.

Having made this point; it is important to note that airbrush makeup is growing in popularity among brides on their wedding day. This method of makeup application is increasingly being used to create exquisite bridal looks.

Read further to know more about airbrush bridal makeup including pictorial illustrations of different examples of airbrush makeup for wedding.

Air Brush Makeup for Wedding

Airbrush Makeup for Wedding
Airbrush Makeup for Wedding

Bridal airbrush makeup is trending in a big way as mentioned before. This is primarily due to the airbrush makeup benefits that are more than just one. Some of these benefits are as listed below.

Watch the below video to know the benefits of airbrush makeup.

A Natural Look

A Natural look with Airbrush Makeup
A Natural look with Airbrush Makeup

Traditional makeup can have a heavy and put on look whereas airbrush makeup is perfect for the bride that wishes to look natural; with an even skin tone on her wedding day. Even as airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin; these millions of droplets of makeup formula tightly bond with the surface of the skin.

Unlike traditional makeup that ultimately settles on the surface of the skin resulting in the heightened appearance of open pores and wrinkles; Airbrush bridal makeup results in a uniform and even skin tone.

Additionally; makeup application errors are more commonplace when makeup is applied with the help of sponges or brushes; airbrush makeup mostly negates the chances of uneven makeup application.

Finer Aesthetics

Finer Aesthetics with Airbrush Makeup
Finer Aesthetics with Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup for weddings almost always results in finer aesthetics. As mentioned before the airbrush or device that is used to spray makeup onto the surface of the skin can be easily adjusted to create broader or finer makeup strokes, it can also be easily adapted for lighter or heavier application and as such airbrush bridal makeup almost always results in finer aesthetics.

Airbrush make up can be effectively used to highlight the eyes, lips and cheekbones in the form of eye shadow, lip colours and blush. Additionally; airbrush makeup can be highlighted, layered, shaded and contoured; just like traditional makeup.

Better for the Camera

Better Pictures with Airbrush Makeup
Better Pictures with Airbrush Makeup

Almost all weddings are captured on a video camera and we live in a world of multiple megapixel and HD cameras that hone in on the smallest details of an image.

Traditional makeup which settles on the skin with time; exacerbates the appearance of the finest wrinkles and open pores which is then magnified through the lens of a new age video camera while airbrush makeup looks smooth, even and yet natural; even on video.

It is easy to see that one of the benefits of airbrush makeup is that a bride looks good on her wedding day and in her wedding videos and pictures.

Stays on Longer

Airbrush Makeup Stays Long
Airbrush Makeup Stays Long


It is no secret that the average Indian wedding is a long drawn out affair which is never good news for the bride caked in traditional makeup that seems to degrade with time. In such circumstances; bridal airbrush makeup seems like the logical idea as it stays on for 12 to 24 hours depending on various factors.

Makeup that stays on longer is always welcome bearing in mind that an Indian wedding is a long process with various rituals and customs for the bride to carry out to perfection and look like a million bucks while at it.

Other Airbrush Makeup Benefits for Brides

The application technique of airbrush makeup is uniquely ‘globular’; this results in a fine mist like dispersal of makeup on the skin.

This proper dispersal of makeup on the surface of the skin results in an even, natural and a light layer of makeup that is barely noticeable.

Different airbrush makeup formulas can easily create different looks just like traditional makeup.

Waterproof airbrush makeup is almost always more effective than traditional waterproof makeup and works better for Indian brides in the warm and humid Indian climate.

Application of airbrush makeup is often considered more sanitary as the artist’s hands do not come in contact with the wearers face.

How to Do Airbrush Makeup?

How to do Airbrush Makeup
How to do Airbrush Makeup

Many amateur makeup artists and hobbyists find themselves asking the question “How to do Airbrush Makeup”. The answer is simple and complicated all at once. It does take a lot of practice to perfect airbrush makeup application and the right airbrush makeup tools are compulsory. Once you have the right tools or in other words the airbrush makeup kit; you can take necessary steps to perfect this technique.

The compulsory airbrush makeup kit consists of a mini-compressor, an airbrush gun, cleaning brushes, hose pipe and a wench. One can easily buy these kits online and they are often certified for quality and come with a warrantee period of one year.

You do need to have a basic understanding of makeup on the whole even if you have been limited to working with traditional makeup; to perfect the skills of airbrush makeup application. The primary characteristic of airbrush makeup is a freehand technique alongside adjusting air pressure and distance of the airbrush from the skin to create different makeup effects.

Plenty of YouTube videos and other online sources can be of great help when picking up the basics of airbrush makeup applications. Fortunately, this skill can be self-taught and perfected with practice and time. The airbrush kit is not the only set of tools you will be working with when learning airbrush makeup applications.

The makeup formulas of different kinds and the measures of each that you have to use to create different makeup effects; is something you need to acquire further knowledge about. Once again; online sources can come to the rescue.

In conclusion; it is safe to say that airbrush makeup is a nifty and trendy makeup solution for Indian brides and the long drawn out big fat Indian wedding. Additionally; learning airbrush makeup and perfecting the skill is all about having the right tools, seeking out online tutorials and lots of practice.

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Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations near Bangalore

Indian weddings are traditionally multi-day affairs and involve many intricate ceremonies. The actual wedding hardly gives the couple a chance to be themselves. Now a days, bride and groom are getting some exception to see each other before their wedding. One such exception is Pre-Wedding Photoshoots.

Pre-wedding photo shoot gives a great opportunity for to-be couple to meet each other before marriage, help them to build up beautiful and lovely relationships, that become synonym of Love and some times its like official date for couples who are going for arranged marriage.

Couples can also use the best photos of pre-wedding photoshoot as the backdrop of their wedding invitation card, make them a part of their wedding albums, or create short video or slideshow to showcase during wedding or on their wedding website.

Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot near Bangalore

A pre-wedding shoot, especially in natural locales makes the couple be at ease. It offers the couple a chance to laugh, talk, walk and just enjoy each other’s company, while the photographer get a chance to capture those un-replicable precious moments of their love and bliss beautifully. It would be a better time for both the couple and photographer to take hassle free photographs.

Watch the below video to see some of the other pre-wedding shooting spots in India.

Why should go for outdoor photoshoot??

When it comes to a pre-wedding shoot, couples these days usually prefer natural settings over a pretentious background. This option is favored by photographers as well. Shooting at locations rather than the studio or a closed space offers a wide array of backdrops.

“Gardens for instance, especially early in the mornings, have a lovely natural light that most equipment cannot give. It just brings out the emotions and colors perfectly,”. Nature adds various elements like trees, flowers, lakes, ancient monuments, etc. make beautiful backdrops that bring out the colors of the outfits too.

Almost all couples and their photographers prefer natural scenic outdoor locations for their pre-wedding shoots. An outdoor location allows the couple to be themselves in front of the camera.

So, choosing the correct location can do wonders for your shoot. Well, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the best location for a pre-wedding shoot in Indian Green & Vibrant city Bangalore. Here are the best locations in Bangalore for a pre-wedding shoot.

1. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Cubbon Park

Cubbon park is located in the heart of the central administrative area of Bangalore. This is one of Bangalore’s greatest blessing which is located in the center of the city. A number of well-maintained gardens and statues further add to the beauty of this park. Cubbon Park also one of the best and scenic pre-wedding photoshoot .

For all those couple looking for a sylvan surrounding to be the background of their photo frame, this park has lot of wonderful shooting spots for them with ancient, greenery, a huge trees , aquarium to add a fairytale quality to your pictures.

Greenery View at Cubbon Park
PC: Sowmya Photography
Couple at Cubbon Park
PC: thePicturist

2. Pre-wedding Shoots at Bangalore Palace

A Perfect place for Bangalore Palace stands majestic between all the rush of city , is Voted as one of the Wonders of Bangalore and this is one of the must try place for Royal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

This Maharaja palace is loaded with lot of great architecture and scenic spots which includes famous Ballroom, the Maharani’s Courtyard, the Durbar hall, and the corridors filled with paintings, and the spiral staircase.

Bangalore Palace

Inside View of palace
PC:Marija Georgievska
Durbar Hall of Bangalore Palace
PC:Marija Georgievska
Bangalore Palace inside Staircase
Bangalore Palace inside Staircase

3. Photoshoot at Melkote (150 Km from Bangalore)

Melkote, the town most famous for its Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple at the top of a hill and perfect place for the couple who wanted to take photographs with traditional temple backdrops.

Best spot in Melkote is ”The Kalyani” with steps and Mantaps all around, which is the favorite of many filmmakers. You can produce wonderful images in around this location.

A Couple Posing at Melkote
PC:Neeta Shankar
Raya Gopura at Melkote
Raya Gopura at Melkote

RayaGopura ( meaning the Royal Tower or Gateway ) is one more place in Melkote which is incomplete construction of tower with great internal view. The main attraction is the carvings on the four pillars & inner walls made entirely of stone adds to the scenic & historic charm to the place.

The temple has a serene vibe, you can enjoy the view with a cool breeze and what else could be the better place to capture the elegance of love between the couple with the beauty of the temple view .

4. Photoshoot at Lepakshi Temple

Be it a tourist attraction or pilgrimage heaven, a temple is a sacred place. It’s a place where people come to pray and where people find peace of mind. It is also a place where two people come to promise each other to make a commitment of a lifetime at the altar of the Gods.

Lepakshi temple is one such locations near Bangalore for best couple shoot experience. It might take about 2 and a half to 3 hours to reach this place from Bangalore. But it’s worth visiting this place. Lepakshi temple is located in Ananth Pura District of Andhra Pradesh it’s about 120 km far from Bangalore.

Lepakshi Temple MandapView
Lepakshi Temple MandapView
PC:Matesh Ramaswamy
Lepakshi Temple stair View for Couple Photoshoot

Temple is known for its cultural and archaeological and texture which gives excellent backgrounds to produce candid pictures.This Temple is collocated with the Veerbhadra Temple is a glorious example of the Vijayanagar style of temple architecture and Kannada inscriptions.

5. Photo shoot at Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Traveling just 60 odd km away from Bengaluru City will take you to one of the most exquisite and ancient architectural marvel, the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple.

This ancient temple has mind-blowing texture colors which make photos look more vibrant. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple Photoshoot has become a trend these days.

Bhoga Nadeeswara Temple
Bhoga Nadeeswara temple Kalyani
PC: Shibin Dinesh Photography
Bhoga NAdeeswara temple Kalyani

The main temple buildings (gopuras), the mandapas in front of these gopuras and the pillars on these mandapas all with ornate carvings on them offer you a visual as well as photography delight.

The complexities of the statutes, the geometrical patterns on the walls, the intricate details on the carvings, inscriptions in unknown languages all provides the scenery vibes and great painting illusion backdrop.

There is also a massive temple tank/Kalyani (Shringi Thirtha Pond) which is surrounded by exquisitely carved mandapa gives a pious environment and evidently very picturesque.

6. Photo shoot at Makalidurga Fort

Makalidurga is a perfect location, situated just 60 kilometres on the outskirts of Bangalore. The Fort at the summit has an ancient temple of Shiva with Nandi.

The MAKALIDURGA FORT is on top of the hill which makes the trek even more interesting for the couples who are nature lovers or adventure junkies, what could be better than this trek route.

 Couple PhotoShoot at MakaliDurga Trek
Couple PhotoShoot at MakaliDurga Trek

The lake surrounding it, the railway track passing through the base of the hill which adds a vintage style to your photographs, taking pics while walking and sitting on railway track adds uniqueness to your photographs.

The Makalidurga Fort is on top of the hill which enables one to capture the most beautiful sunset and sunrise from the hill top- all these provide enthusiasm to the adventurous couples and also for photographer’s dream come true.

7. Photo shoot at Lumbini Gardens

Since the Horticulture Department has banned all formal photo shoots within the LalBagh park’s premises, Couples are heading towards Lumbini Park for their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. Lumbini Gardens is a public park on the banks of the Nagawara Lake in Bangalore.

Another park kind of place in Bangalore with only difference being a huge water body with boats which is easily accessible for such shoots. It contains an eco-friendly boating park with an artificial beach and Golden Pearl Floating restaurant which is a great place for night time photoshoot.

Lumbini Garden
PC: Pixabay
Golden Pearl Floating Restaurant at Lumbini Gardens
Golden Pearl Floating Restaurant at Lumbini Gardens

8. Photoshoot at ShettyHalli Church ( 200 km from Bangalore)

Shettyhalli church is located about 200 km from Bangalore also known as Rossary church is a dilapidated structure on the banks of Hemavathi river. The church was build by French missionaries and a dam was constructed over Hemavathi river.

The ruined structure showcases the marvelous gothic style of architecture of church. People who love landscape pre-wedding photography can extensively use this location to get the vintage look.

shettihalli church
shettihalli church

9. Photo shoot at Nandi Hills (60 Km from Bangalore)

One of the picture-perfect pre-wedding photoshoot location in Bangalore is Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills or Nandi Betta is an ancient hill fortress located in Chikkaballapur district. It is about 60 km away from the city of Bengaluru.

Don’t miss this Place If you are looking for unique photoshoot 4851 ft above sea level with different scenic views at sun rise and sunset which adds glory to your photos, reach this place by 6 am if you want to take stunning pictures during sunrise. This scenic place offers you variety of scenic backdrops for your shoot.

Couple Photoshoot at Nandi Hills
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Yet another traditionally rich and old place- calm at its core and sober in appearance. Excellent climatic condition, rocks, fort and a range of ancient temples are some of the main attractions of the Nandi Hills. It provides lots of opportunities to get creative couple photos.

However, it is not advisable for conducting a pre-wedding photo shoot on weekends due to high volume of tourists visiting this place at that time of the week.

Some things to keep in mind for great pre-wedding shoot photos:

  • After you have finalized the places for your photo shoot, here are some pointers for you (and your photographer) to consider:
    The results of a pre-wedding shoot really depends on the couple themselves and how completely comfortable they are with each other.
  • Discuss your ideas about the theme, concept, outfits, etc. with your photographer. Do not surprise him with sudden change of plans on the day of the shoot, as he might come prepared with some ideas.
  • Photographers usually have a vibrant imagination when it comes to the final result. Take their professional advice and go with their instinct. It works well most of the times as they take into consideration many aspects like the natural light, the backdrop, colors of your outfits, etc.
  • Keep in mind that some places (especially historical monuments) might require taking a written permission from the authorities in charge.
  • While you should stick to your personality, its always nice to get some outfits in pretty, fluttering dresses which can catch the wind and show movement in a photograph.
  • Visit the location before the actual shoot to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Some places are best visited early in the mornings or late in the evening. Also, Peak day time has harsh sunlight and too many passers by. So, plan your shoot accordingly.

Hope this post helps you to select best photoshoot location to take your candid moments.