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How to Mix and Match Different Bridal Jewellery Types to Look Traditional & Trendy

Every soon to be bride wishes to look her best on her wedding day and women take all sorts of fashion measures to achieve this goal. Indian brides on the other hand; have so much to work with when it comes to bridal wear including but not limited to bridal jewellery.

It is quite common for most Indian brides to take the traditional route and opt for exquisite traditional bridal jewellery on their wedding day but many brides do opt for a different look which often involves mixing and matching bridal jewellery pieces for a traditional yet trendy outcome.

This blog aims to present effective suggestions for soon to be brides looking for tips on how to effectively mix and match different pieces of contemporary and traditional jewellery. Read further to know more.

10 Stunning Trendy and Traditional Bridal Jewellery Ideas

When it comes to fashion; the best way to make an effective presentation is with pictures that drive home the point being made and this blog aims to do just that. Scroll down for stunning pictures that are suggestive of ways to mix and match bridal jewellery for a look that is both traditional and trendy. Corresponding information with all pictures will serve as added guidance. Read further to know more.

Statement Pieces

One way to go against the grain and achieve a bridal look that is both traditional and trendy is to opt for statement piece bridal jewellery. By definition; a statement piece bridal jewellery item is the “piece de resistance” that the rest of your bridal jewellery merely compliments. Technically; “less is more” is a fashion fundamental that has been an essential truth for a while now and statement piece bridal jewellery can help carry off the “less is more” bridal look.

1. An antique brooch like mang tikka with a brilliant and precious gemstone is yet another way for modern-minded soon to brides to carry off a bridal look that is both trendy and traditional. The trick here is to go minimal in terms of other jewellery and let your mang tikka steal the limelight for you.

statement pieces

2. This is yet another approach to letting the “less is more fashion” fundamental work for you. While the matha Matha Patti is indicative of the statement piece; it is easy to see how almost no other bridal jewellery pieces are needed to complete this bridal look.

statement pieces_1

It is easy to see how the bridal jewellery ideas above help you to achieve more with fewer pieces of cumbersome bridal jewellery. These ideas are sure to appeal to trendy soon to brides who wish to incorporate traditional elements into their bridal look without going overboard.

The idea here is to look the part of a millennial bride who appreciates the aesthetic and trend value of traditional Indian jewellery. Piling on bridal jewellery is definitely a thing of the past for modern Indian brides.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking with an emphasis on trendy pop colours is another way to mix tradition with trends. While you may choose to incorporate the colour blocking trend into your bridal ensemble with your bridal garments; there is scope to do the same with trendy jewellery.

3. Make note of how these colourful bangles can add a fun and festive feel to your bridal trousseau. This brilliant idea wherein you can use widely available glass bangles for a colour blocking effect makes for a trendy addition to your traditional ensemble for your sangeet ceremony.

color blocking_1

Go Beyond Gold

Gold jewellery is the overwhelmingly common bridal jewellery of choice for most Indian brides but if you are on a quest for traditional yet trendy bridal jewellery and you are looking to mix and match your accessories accordingly; you need to think beyond gold.

One way to do that is to consider the resplendent appeal of diamonds and platinum. The combination of diamonds with platinum makes for elegant bridal jewellery and when you stick to diamond and platinum jewellery pieces made with an emphasis on traditional designs; you have it all; trend and tradition.

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4. This resplendent diamond studded bridal jewellery combination of jhumkis, Matha Patti and bangles is an excellent idea for bridal jewellery mixing and matching that is both traditional and trendy. When combined with appropriate bridal attire; this is one definitive way to look the part of the trendy Indian bride.

women in saree

5. Mixing and matching trendy and traditional jewellery can work for the contemporary South Indian bride too and the picture above bears ample evidence. Make note of how this beautiful splendid bride is bedecked in traditional jewellery from head to waist; traditional jewellery like kamarbandh and bajuband among others with a conspicuously contemporary and trendy design concept.

bridal jewellery_1

6. A stunning diamond choker necklace is one way to go beyond gold and incorporate current trends into your traditional bridal ensemble. A diamond studded choker like the one above will also effectively serve as the piece de resistance of your bridal look.

diamond choker necklace_1

7. This is yet another look to add to your bridal fashion goals if your agenda for the day is to mix and match traditional and trendy bridal jewellery. The bridal tiara is a rather new concept for Indian brides however when worn right; it is a stunning and trendy bridal accessory that can be mixed and matched with traditional bridal jewellery pieces. Make note that the best tiaras are platinum studded with diamonds or other precious and semi-precious stones.

bridal fashion

From the examples above it is easy to see how going beyond gold and thinking out of the box can help you achieve the perfect traditional yet trendy Indian bridal look.

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Fusion Bridal Jewellery

When trying to incorporate both trendy and traditional elements into your bridal look; consider fusion bridal jewellery. Fusion bridal jewellery is easily available and is the go-to option for many soon to be brides.

8. This necklace and earring set is an excellent example of fusion bridal jewellery and you can go one step further by pairing it up with a traditional mang tikka or matha Patti on your wedding day.

fusion bridal jewellery

9. Here is yet another example of fusion jewellery studded with diamonds and centrepiece emeralds that will make for great bridal fashion. Once again; bring in the traditional by mixing and matching other jewellery pieces with a conspicuous traditional design element.


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10. Fusion jewellery often incorporates design elements from around the world and the bridal necklace and earring combination shown above does just that. Studded with semi-precious stones and African glass beads; this could easily be the piece de resistance of your bridal look.

fusion jewellery

Fusion jewellery works best for Indian bridal ensembles when effectively paired with traditional bridal jewellery pieces. It is a sure shot way to add some trendy variation to your traditional bridal look.

In conclusion; all of the pictures above make a good case for upping the ante by incorporating trendy elements with your traditional bridal look. This is the goal for most Indian brides of this day and age and this blog is replete with suggestive ideas on how to achieve this goal.

The reader can either benefit from replicating the looks detailed above or being inspired to try something new. One way or the other; this blog sets the tone for mixing and matching bridal jewellery to arrive at the perfect traditional yet trendy bridal look.

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Advantages of Hiring Over Buying. A Jewellery Rental Guide for Every Bride

A wedding is the time of celebration and expenses. After all the money spent on décor, food, venue, invitation, and dresses, it’s the time for jewellery to take the splurge. Every bride wishes to sport a designer wear with a matching heavy jewellery. After all, it’s her big day, and the deal cannot be ignored but can be negotiated.

Well gone is the time when brides emphasize to buy a brand new bulky wedding jewellery. Renting is a new trend among the modern brides! With a lot of saving, renting has many more advantages over buying new. With multiple varieties available to match your costume to saving a big hell of money are the few gains of renting one, rather buying many.

Reasons to rent a Jewellery over buying

Here are the few benefits of renting a jewellery rather buying a new one. Let us discuss some of the major attractions here

1. Rent is the new trend

After all the décor, chairs, the venue is for rent, why not the wedding jewellery. It not only gives you ease of your bank balance but also caters you needs and desire.

2. Budget sorted

Being practical and realistic are the new symptoms of a bride. When you are not going wear the heavy piece in your daily wear, what is the point of spending heavy amount? Renting the jewellery piece gives you the option to get some other wedding services.

3. Pocket-friendly

Both wedding dress and jewellery can take your budget more than to 60, 000 rupees. There should be a limit, get a designer lehenga and rent the desired jewellery. It’s almost the equal fraction of the allocated budget. It’s like you having the cake and eating it too.

4. Set you free from the aftercare

The sparkle flashy wedding jewellery needs to care like a baby. It’s so huge that if you wore it to a party or family get together, you are sure to look like Christmas tree. And that’s absolutely stupid! The care it demands of regular polish and cleaning will take your entire saving budget. Set yourself free, and rent a fresh piece matching your lehenga.

5. Stay tension free

Stay tension free after the wedding ceremony. Relax and doesn’t stress your mind about “where is the jewellery kept” of course rented too need to care, but until it’s not made of precious stones, it doesn’t attract the people. So be hassling free and rent your jewellery for the wedding day.

6. Invest the remaining time

When the days look short and all your pending works seem to be incomplete, some extra time is the bliss. After pending a whole day with the people, wedding managers and shopping for your dresses, purchasing a brand new from the market is the stabbing thing. With a selection of matching your attire, all the time looks killing. While renting the whole, can save a lot of time, which surely you can invest in other important things.

There are the few benefits of renting afresh pair of wedding jewellery rather than buying a mega price one.
One may get the jewellery on rent for the big fat Wedding day the reasons being very simple as already mentioned. Some tips for choosing the wedding jewellery are as mentioned in the upcoming points in the article. If you follow these simple things, you are bound to look like a princess on your special day and rock it.

You may have come across a well-known saying wherein it’s mentioned that a female’s life starts post her marriage. Well, this is definitely real and hence you should do all in your power to make it the most unforgettable and delightful day of her life. However, selecting jewellery isn’t going to be always easy and among all the duties that you’d have to experience during the planning, this may very well be most difficult. So, if it’s your marriage or marriage of your family/friend around the corner, these guidelines would be able to help you choose the ideal marriage jewellery:

Know what you’re going to wear

Before you even think of purchasing marriage jewellery it is important to know what you’re going to be dressed and what jewellery on the marriage day. Therefore, before choosing jewellery ensure to validate the wedding dress as the jewellery needs to focus around it, therefore, looks good. The jewellery must not get noticed on its own. Instead, it needs for making you take a position out!

List out a spending budget that you would shop from:

The next step would be for making a record of jewellery shops in your area that you would not mind renting the jewellery from. If not in your area you must not think twice to go somewhere else in order to get the job finished. Also, nowadays there are many websites that only deal with marriage jewellery and you may even get them on renting basis. Therefore, take a look at various marriage websites too if you’re looking at some stylish and delightful jewellery.


Now that you’ve found your store, you would need to check out the various designs on offer. See to it that the jewellery you take on rent must make you look wonderful and as previously described it must allow you to take a special stand.

The jewellery must be comfortable

Another essential aspect that you need to consider when you think of purchasing marriage jewellery is that of their overall convenience. Only buy jewellery if you’re going to be completely relaxed with it. When we say relaxed, we’re discussing both luxury as well as convenience in using it.

Hence, following the above tips, you can either buy the jewels either for your wedding or on special occasions. Use this article as a reference when you plan to buy anything and simply glitter on the special day.