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12 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

It’s a common misconception that curly hair is unmanageable and difficult to style however with the advancement in hair products; this is far from the truth. Girls with curly hair are most likely to be anxious about hairstyling for weddings or on their wedding day however stress or anxiety is uncalled for when there is no dearth of great wedding and bridal hairstyles for curly hair.

The aim of this blog is to shed light on this precise subject and present 12 stunning bridal and wedding hairstyles for curly hair geared to meet the styling needs of every curly haired bride or girl at a wedding. Scroll down to see more.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles – Flaunt Your Curls

There are multiple reasons to flaunt your curls at your wedding or at a wedding you are attending. These 12 stunning wedding and bridal hairstyles for curly hair are a few reasons however your biggest takeaway is the opportunity to stand out of the crowd with your naturally gorgeous curls.

1. A Low Bun and a Retro Fringe

Low bun and retro finge

A rather large low bun and a retro fringe is an apt look for curly haired girls at a wedding and can be achieved with some hair product and assistance from a professional stylist. This hairdo works equally well with a wedding gown or ethnic bridal wear hence also making for a great bridal hairstyle. img

2. The Curly Updo

curly updo

Girls with straight or slightly wavy hair generally resort to a curling iron to achieve this hairdo so if you have natural loose curls; it is a bonus. This is a messy take on the standard updo with plenty of loose curls coming undone. This hairdo might require extensions, some hair product and a professional stylist but it is definitely worth the effort. The messy curly updo is a classic among curly hair wedding hairstyles and is bound to stick around for a while. img

3. Long Loose Curls


Girls with naturally curly hair are definitely encouraged to flaunt it and this wedding hairstyle is a great way to do so. A little straightening on the top is required however the rest is your naturally curly hair held in place with a floral pin and let loose to create a spectacular look. This hairstyle is definitely another classic way for brides with curly hair to look their best on their wedding day. img

4. The High Pony


The emphasis here is on taking pride and flaunting your naturally curly hair and this high ponytail is a great way to go about it. The picture above makes it pretty clear that this is not your average ponytail which would be completely inappropriate for a wedding but is, in fact, wedding hair done up in a way that resembles a high ponytail. It is easy to see that achieving this look will require the assistance of a hairstylist but it sure is worth the money you pay. img

5. Braiding


A combination of braiding and partial straightening is all that is needed to achieve this great example of curly hair wedding hairstyles. This hairdo is great for either the bride or curly haired girls attending a wedding. A hair accessory like a small tiara is all that is needed to complete this hairdo. If you possess some hair straightening skills; a hairdresser wouldn’t be required. img

6. French Waterfall Braids

french waterfall braids

If you have shorter curly hair and have few options for a great wedding hairdo; here is one hairstyle for you. French braids are truly versatile and can be done up in multiple ways. French waterfall braids are perfect when attempting to style curly shoulder-length hair. Getting this hairstyle may not require the services of a professional hairdresser; refer to YouTube tutorials for French waterfall braids to get this hairdo done. img

7. Even More Braiding


Braiding provides multiple hairstyling options for girls with curly hair. This stunning braid is one primary example of great wedding hairstyles for curly hair and would most probably demand the professional assistance of a hairdresser. img

8. Curls to One Side


Short curly hair may be limiting when trying to style your hair for a wedding but this is an apt hairstyle; one can always rely on. Simply get your curls to one side with a pin and you are ready to go. img

9. Center Parting for Short Tight Curls

Center Parting for Short Tight CurlsOne sure shot way to get your short tight curls looking fabulous for the next wedding you attend is by opting for a center parting and holding your hair in place with some product. In the picture above; Tyra Banks rocks this hairdo and so can you! img

10. Loose Braiding


If you seek better management for your long curls on your wedding day; this hairstyle will prove to be both gorgeous and nifty. This is an excellent example of bridal hairstyles for curly hair and does not require the expertise of a hairdresser. Additionally; one can add hair jewels for further accentuation. img

11. Grapevine Effect


Fashion and styling is often influenced by natural elements and it’s easy to see the similarities between this hairdo and a grapevine. This is just one of many wedding hairstyles for curly hair; that dispel the notion that curly hair is not great for styling. img

12. Let Em Loose

let_em_looseIf you have loose curls that border on wavy; there is no reason for you to tie, pin or braid them. You can choose to let them loose and be proud of your curly mane. The trick here is to blow out your hair and accentuate with a floral hair pin or tiara that keeps your hair out of your face. img

In conclusion; this blog makes it pretty apparent that there is no overwhelming need to straighten out your naturally curly hair for a wedding you need to attend or your own wedding. You can choose to look like all the other girls or stand out for your gorgeous curly hair.

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How to Make a Successful Career as a Makeup Artist and Earn 50,000 per month

Want to be your own boss and earn more than Rs. 50,000 a month? We’ll tell you how!

Do you love makeup but don’t know how to make a career out of it? Do you want a job with flexible timings that pays well? Do you have a desire to work in the beauty industry but lack training? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

What is the scenario of the makeup field today and what is the scope for makeup artists?

Many people love makeup and are good at it, but end up working 9-5 jobs or following other professions due to pressure by family or society or the idea of getting a bigger salary. But often when people are not passionate about their work, they become overworked, stressed and workaholic. There are also women who can’t pursue a full-time career due to family restraints even though they are passionate.

But in today’s scenario, the beauty industry is thriving well and beauty professionals are easily now earning more than employees of other fields. It is also not looked down upon anymore by society and has become quite a respectable career.

Who is this course suitable for?

This is a perfect career path for those who want to work part-time but get paid full time. Housewives, young mothers, part-time students and others who are passionate about makeup will find this course very useful in making you a successful entrepreneur.

Unlike a 9-5 job, bridal makeup artists don’t have fixed working hours and have engagements with clients only for a few days per week. So parents with children at home will have a lot of time to care for them. There are no extra hours or night shifts in the makeup industry so you will have a better work-life balance. There is also the freedom of being your own boss and making your own rules.

How much does being a makeup artist pay?

The makeup industry also pays well and it is easy for a bridal makeup artist to earn more than INR 50,000 per month if they put in hard work and dedication.

Makeup artists also have a fun and vibrant career. Nowadays the workspace is not restricted to the parlour alone, but the artist gets to travel to new places, meet new people, do photo shoots and even work with movie productions.

How does one with no training or experience but a lot of passion enter the field?

If this is now starting to sound like the dream profession and you can’t wait to become a makeup artist but are not sure how to begin down this career path, worry not!

TBG has the perfect offer for you! Enroll in our TBG Makeup and Hair Stylist Certificate Course and undergo the best possible training in the guidance of international trainers with hands-on training, all for a very affordable fee! And the best part is that once you finish your certificate course, TBG will hold a strict screening process for all the candidates, and those found exceptionally good will be given a chance to become TBG artist and earn more than 50K a month!

What are you waiting for? Enroll today. Call or WhatsApp @+919710408986 or send a direct WhatsApp message here –

Join the event here – & Check our website –

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Latest Fashion Trends to Follow in 2018

Fashion trends are subjective to time and as months and sometimes even weeks pass by; a trend ceases to be as followed as it initially was. Often time’s trends last a whole season and some even continue to be relevant from one year to the next.

Keeping track of fashion trends is important if you wish to look relevant at all times and this blog post aims to enlighten the reader on the latest fashion trends that are relevant among Indian men and women at the moment.

The trends detailed below are subjective to Indian and western clothing and while some trends apply to both ethnic and western wear; others don’t. Also, be careful to adopt trends based on personal comfort and body type as the only trend that never fades is confidence and feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear. Read further to know more.

Latest Fashion Trends in India – Follow these Trends in 2018

1. Pastel Shades

pastel shades

Winter is short in India and we will be soon approaching the end of winter; moving into a short spring season, followed by a long summer. Pastel shades are one trend that is all set to dominate in 2018 and is already making a widespread appearance.

A wide range of outfits in pastel shades for both men and women is the latest fashion trend of 2018. So, whether it is an ethnic sari or western jumpsuit for women, or a western blazer or ethnic kurta for men; you are bound to notice the growing popularity of pastel shades.

Fashion experts are predicting that lavender is probably going to be the new pink of 2018, which is your cue to purchase an exquisite lavender sari like one shown above or a fine lavender men’s dress shirt. img

2. Prints, Prints and Even More Prints

prints and prints

The trend of overwhelming prints is going strong and all set to retain its popularity in 2018. The trend of prints at the moment make it quite clear that the sky is the limit in terms of what prints one can wear, so while the traditional floral prints, geometric patterns and ethnic motifs are seeing a resurgence; wild prints, animal prints and even cartoonish art will find is finding its way onto both men and women’s garments.

It should be noted that prints will not be limited to street fashion but you are also bound to come across printed blazers for women and ethnic printed or embossed bandhgalas and Nehru jackets for men. We can also safely predict that prints are going to stick around for a while. Hence; you can safely invest in stylish printed clothing items. img

3. Athleisure Wear

Athleisure wear

Athleisure fashion is big at the moment and will continue to be so in 2018. While the trend of wearing sporty gym clothes to movie dates and to the mall may not catch on with everyone; the prominence of this trend is already quite visible.

Yoga pants, sports tees and track pants are already flooding the wardrobes of a younger Indian demographic and this comfort-oriented trend is bound to stick around for a while. img

4. Palazzo Pants and other Variations of Wide Legged Trousers for Women

Palazzo Pants and other Variations of Wide Legged Trousers for Women

It’s not the time to get sick of palazzo trousers just yet! If you think you have had enough of wide legged trousers in 2017; that’s unfortunate, as this trend is just as popular right now in 2018. It’s probable that this trend will stick around for a while owing to the comfort of wide-legged trousers; especially in the Indian climatic conditions. img

5. Beret Hats

beret hats

Beret Hats are a seasonal trend and make an appearance almost every other winter. This winter, beret hats are trending in a big way among Indian women and the trend is bound to stick around until the end of the colder months. As always, these hats are selling in a wide range of materials like the average fabric plaid beret or the exquisite leather beret hat featured above. img

6. Gelato Hues


Fun and youthful vibrancy is the color story going strong right now which is why gelato hues are trending in a big way. We quite confidently predict that colors like buttercup yellow, pistachio, blush pink, ice blue, aquamarine and lilac among others will continue to trend in 2018 as they are right now.

Gelato colors is and will primarily apply to western fashion in 2018; so we are bound to see a lot of “Petty Young Things” looking younger and even prettier in tops, trousers, skirts and dresses in gelato hues. img

7. Customized Denim

customized denim

Denim have been around for a while and though it is hardly close to losing its status as popular street fashion; 2017 and even 2018 is seeing a preference for customized denim. We can only explain this by saying fashion is always about putting a new twist on regular clothes. Expect to see pop art featured on denim, customized silhouettes, flairs and pleats. img

8. Flower Power

flower powerFloral prints, embroidery and embossing have always been big in India but we are currently experiencing a flower power phase with a unique twist. Floral motifs are finding their way onto men’s shirts, shoes, women’s handbags and even denim. This trend has been around for almost all of 2017 and is going strong even now in 2018. It’s safe to say that no one is complaining. img

9. Oversize Fashion

oversize fashion

Wearing clothes that were a few sizes too big was a big trend in the 2000’s and is currently making a comeback in 2018. Some of us are grateful for the trend of comfortable clothing that hides the extra pounds while some are not but one way or the other; this trend is here and will stay for a while.

Oversize tee shirts, oversized cardigans, large bulky ponchos, free-flowing dresses and wide-legged trousers for women are trends we are already seeing in 2018. img

10. Distressed Look

distressed look

Fortunately looking like a partial hobo is trending at the moment; making enough room for that old denim and tees that have been gathering dust in our closet. Distressed jeans, sweaters, tees and cardis are currently trending and apparently torn is fashion gold on the streets.

The emphasis is on “on the streets”; which means that this trend is strictly limited to street fashion. Be aware that ideally only one item of clothing is allowed to be torn or ripped to avoid looking like a complete hobo and attracting loose change from people you come across on the street. img

In conclusion; this blogs effectively lists all the current trends with some predictions for the rest of the year. As mentioned before fashion is subject to time so one should ideally check in every few months to see what continues to trend and what ceases to.

Additionally; fashion is also subject to individual body types, personal preferences and personal comfort. One can pick and choose from any of these trends to make them their own or look elsewhere for inspiration. While investing money in trending fashions; don’t forget to buy some classic clothing items that never go out of style to ensure that you are ready to step out of the house in style even if you haven’t been shopping in a while.

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10 Latest Makeup Trends in India to Follow in 2018

Just like clothes, shoes and accessories; makeup is subject to changing trends. Every year and every few months, new makeup trends and tricks find their way into the spotlight. This is definitely welcome as it efficiently breaks the monotony of putting on the same makeup every time you step out of the house.

Changing makeup trends can apply to a complete look or individual areas of the face like nude lips and smoky eyes. Makeup trends are definitely subject to individual preferences which mean that some people may be comfortable with stunning and dramatic makeup while others might prefer something subtle; one way or the other, makeup trends for 2017 and 2018 has enough for both.

10 Latest Makeup Trends in 2018

1. Lip Gloss

lip gloss

If you’ve had enough of liquid matte lips in the last few years; you would be happy to know that the easy to apply and reapply lip gloss is back in a big way. Late 2017 brought back lip gloss and we will be seeing more of it in 2018.

The color story is bound to be gelato colors which also happen to be the reigning fashion trend for 2018. Lipgloss in shades of pink and red; ranging from light to darker shades are destined to rule. img

2. Less is More

less in more

Less is definitely more according to the latest makeup trends in India and this will be a reason for relief during the warmer months. 2018 will be the year to let your natural beauty shine through and healthy radiant skin will be valued even more than top of the line baking, strobing or contouring products.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean a completely makeup-free look. Minimal makeup will be effectively paired up with bold eyes or scarlet lips and no one is complaining. img

3. Statement Lips

statement lipss

2017 and most of 2018 is the time for statement lips on both pale and darker skin tones. Evening wear will be effectively complemented by statement lips in bold colors with a dash of glitter but common sense will prevail; so you won’t be seeing much of this look during the daytime.

Statement lips will definitely be the trend to make your own for parties and festive events and the emphasis is on contrasting statement lips with understated makeup for the rest of your visage. Less is more applies here too; barring the lips. img

4. Natural Brows

natural brows

Put your tweezers, powders and pencils away for a while as the latest makeup trends in India and around the world is calling for natural and straight; almost boyish brows. If you wish to celebrate after hearing this; we don’t blame you. This new trend is sure to save you a lot of time, effort and discomfort that comes with achieving dramatic arched brows that have been the trend in the last few years.

This trend is sure to work just as well in the office where you are expected to tone it down a few notches with makeup and will also have looking in keeping with the times when you are out and about having a good time. If you have great natural brows; that’s half the battle won but you can seek out external help with tinted gel to hold your brows and fill them out as well. It’s definitely not all natural but it’s almost there. img

5. Say Goodbye to Flawless Eyes

say good bye to flawless eyes

If you have had enough of looking the part of an Instagram model with flawless eye makeup; this is sure to be good news for you. 2017 was and 2018 will be the year for eye makeup with dramatic flaws. In keeping with this trend; it best to apply black liner that is interrupted or applied simply to the center of eyes. The picture above will make the trend adequately clear to you. There is an element of grunge in this trend that is sure to be welcomed by younger women.

Additionally; this trend doesn’t require an application of eyeliner which can cost a bit of time and effort. This look goes perfectly with nude makeup which gives the impression that you care enough to apply makeup but not nearly enough to get it right. img

6. Monochromatic


Makeup products that are multi-use can be of great advantage to you according to the latest makeup trends. The idea here is to go for a completely monochromatic look that is stunning and dramatic. As mentioned earlier; dramatic makeup may not work for everyone so the emphasis remains on finding a shade that is best for you.

With this look you can use the same shade of makeup to highlight and contour most of your visage. You can give this look a pass if you wish; as you can go for the largely makeup-free look that is also trending at the moment. img

7. Pink and Even More Pink

ping and more pink

Girls are taking pride in being girls and that is adequately displayed in the resurgence of pink makeup shades. The idea here is to get a flushed look with pale pink on all of the face including nude pink lips and subtle but dramatic gelato pink highlights for the eyes. The picture here could sufficiently help break down this look.

This look can be effectively contrasted with an androgynous pantsuit or it can be used to compliment an ultra-feminine pastel pink dress. img

8. Hyper Glossy Liquid Eye Liner

hyper glossy liquid eyeliner

If you have top of the line liquid eyeliner and you have mastered the art of application; its good news that liquid eyeliner is back since 2017 and we are going to be seeing a lot of it in 2018. The emphasis is on the shiny liquid liner which is best applied with a winged effect for dramatic eyes. img

9. Metallic Shades

metallic shades

The latest makeup trends in India also calls for metallic shades that are sure to beautify women with darker skin tones. We are predicting a fair dose of bronze, gold and silver shade makeup with an emphasis on the lips and the eyes. This trend is sure to be seen complimenting evening wear at parties and social events. img

10. Burgundy Mascara

burgundy mascara

Look out for lots of burgundy mascara as dictated by makeup trends for this year. Burgundy mascara is bound to give your lashes a rich look and feel depending on the quality of the product and getting the trend right depends on getting the right product. Burgundy mascara is sure to be big among Indian women this year. img

In conclusion; these are some of the trends that we have seen coming to prominence in late 2017 and as we predict; will continue to hold favour in 2018. It is important to reiterate that adopting any of these trends depends on your personal comfort and individual style.

We have made a conscious effort to put together makeup trends that range from subtle to dramatic; allowing every individual to adopt a trend or trends according to their personal taste. These trends are also intentionally easy to recreate at home with an emphasis on including every girl and woman with a passion for makeup.

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6 Mistakes that Occur at Weddings

1. Running out of Food

This is probably one of the most obvious and embarrassing things that could ever happen at a wedding – seeing as how many of us attend weddings just for the food! ; D
It’s imperative to make sure that there’s enough food for everyone and you have reliable caterers.

2. No Vegetarian Food

Another food-related mistake that doesn’t occur that often is when a wedding serving non-vegetarian food forgets to serve vegetarian food for their vegetarian guests. This is more uncommon these days, but when it does happen, it means that some of your guests may leave with empty stomachs.

3. Photography Blunders

There are weddings which are beautiful and grand, but the bridal couple and their families get so caught up organising the wedding that they forget to let the photographer know exactly what kind of a result they’re expecting. This is something that cannot be rectified once the wedding is over and you lose your beautiful memories forever.

4. Makeup Blunders

Brides or their family members who end up trying on their bridal makeup for the first time on their wedding day instead of getting a trial done ahead first sometimes end up with rude surprises of unsuitable makeup which cannot even be rectified because of lack of time before the wedding. This can be emotionally traumatic as you might end up looking worse than normal on the day you want to look your best!

5. Losing Important Things

Everyone knows that there is not a more chaotic day than at the wedding. It’s easy to lose or misplace important elements of the wedding ceremony and end up frantically searching for your earrings at the last minute. This can be avoided by putting together a bag of everything you need at least a week before the wedding.

6. Uncoordinated Communication

Communicating with different vendors delivering different things at different places is very trying. If you don’t want to be on 101 phone calls at the same time, the best thing to do would be to allocate different responsibilities to different family members and friends so that one person doesn’t have to juggle everything.

Did you relate to any of the above or have any funny experiences to share? Let us know!


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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial: How to do a Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are intrinsically attention-grabbing and there is no doubt that the aura of mystery surrounding dark eyes is hard to replicate with any other common makeup technique. Smokey eyes is an oft-repeated evening look and if you have been envying the other girls looking ravishing with smoky eyes at the club or the last party you went to; it would be good news to know that you can recreate the smokey eyes look and variations of it with some practice, for the next time you step out for an evening soiree.

If one of your overwhelming makeup related questions is “how to do smokey eye makeup”; you are just where you need to be. Detailed below are multiple tutorials for various smokey eyes looks that you can perfect at home with some practice. To make things simple and to include as many smokey eye tutorials for beginners as possible; the emphasis here is on picture and video tutorials. Scroll down to know more.

How to do a Smokey Eye – 20 Step Smokey Eye Tutorial Guide

1. All Day Smokey Eye Look

All Day Smokey Eye Look
All Day Smokey Eye Look

This step by step pictorial smokey eye makeup tutorial is just what you need for an all-day smoky eyes look. This look is easy to replicate if you pay close attention to this step by step pictorial guide and this look works equally well for both morning and evening social gatherings.


2. Smokey Eyes Made Easy for Beginners

Smokey Eyes Made Easy for Beginners
Smokey Eyes Made Easy for Beginners

This is the perfect pictorial guide for those who have beginner level skills in makeup application. Simply follow the steps in order as made clear by this pictorial guide and stun all onlookers as you step out of your home with perfectly enchanting smokey eyes.


3. Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial Video

Check the video here

The link above will lead you to an Instagram video tutorial for irresistible purple smokey eyes that is sure to get you plenty of admiring gazes at the next party you attend.

4. Glittery Gold Eyes

Glittery Gold Eyes
Glittery Gold Eyes

If you are looking for smokey eyes with an ultra-glamorous twist; it is difficult to beat the effect of gold glitter. This pictorial tutorial is just what you need for the perfect glittery gold smokey eyes look for special evenings.


5. Glitter and Dark Eyes

Check the video here

If the idea of overwhelmingly gold glitter eyes is not your style and you justifiably prefer a look that is much more subtle. This link to an Instagram video tutorial will teach you how to combine glitter and dark eyeshadow to create a smokey eye look that is both glittery and mysterious.

6. Rock Chick Smokey Eyes

Rock Chick Smokey Eyes
Rock Chick Smokey Eyes

You may not have all the makeup essentials needed to get the perfect smokey eyes according to the tutorials above but this tutorial answers the question “how to do a smokey eye without an advanced makeup kit”? This pictorial guide takes you through the steps of getting edgy smokey eyes with a simple kohl pencil.


7. Subtle Smokey Eyes

Check the video here

If you wish for subtle smokey eyes that do not attract a lot of attention; this Instagram video is the perfect tutorial for light smokey eyes.

8. Pictorial Guide for Bronze Smokey Eyes

Pictorial Guide for Bronze Smokey Eyes
Pictorial Guide for Bronze Smokey Eyes

This easy to follow pictorial guide for bronze smokey eyes needs no further explanation but one can’t help pointing out that this is a stunning party look.


9. Light Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes

Light Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes
Light Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes

This self-explained image tutorial is the perfect version of the smokey eyes look for those with blue eyes and a desire to keep it subtle and classy.


10. Smokey Eyes With a Combination of Nude and Black Shades

Smokey Eyes With a Combination of Nude and Black Shades
Smokey Eyes With a Combination of Nude and Black Shades

This pictorial guide is just what you need for a smokey eye look with a twist. This look efficiently combines nude and black shades to create irresistibly attractive eye makeup.


11. Contoured Smokey Eyes

Contoured Smokey Eyes
Contoured Smokey Eyes

Contouring makeup really adds definition to the face and this leaf lined smokey eye look is an excellent example.


12. Black and White Shading

Check the video here

This video tutorial is the easiest way to learn how o create smokey eyes look using black and white shading.

13. Smokey Eyes Minus Dark Shades

Smokey Eyes Minus Dark Shades
Smokey Eyes Minus Dark Shades

If you are looking for a smokey eye look minus the overwhelmingly dark shades; this pictorial guide for smokey eyes makeup with predominantly nude shades is just what you need.


14. Shimmery Silver Smokey Eyes

Shimmery Silver Smokey Eyes
Shimmery Silver Smokey Eyes

Where there’s gold there has to be silver and that’s exactly why this silvery shimmer smokey eyes tutorial had to be added to this list.


15. Smokey Eyes With a Halo Effect

Smokey Eyes With a Halo Effect
Smokey Eyes With a Halo Effect

This pictorial guide is the perfect tutorial for smokey eyes with a silver halo effect that is just right if you are looking for a unique and stunning look.


16. Rose Gold Eye Makeup

Check the video here

This YouTube tutorial is the perfect guide for smokey eyes with rose gold shades. Rose gold makeup shades are trending in a big way at the moment and this shade perfectly complements pale and lighter skin tones.

17. Dark Linear Eye Makeup

Dark Linear Eye Makeup
Dark Linear Eye Makeup

Use this pictorial guide to create the perfect smokey eyes with an emphasis on dark linear effects.


18. Subtle Shadowing Smokey Eye Makeup

Subtle Shadowing Smokey Eye Makeup
Subtle Shadowing Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelmingly dark and this pictorial guide for smokey eyes with subtle shadowing is sufficient proof of this fact.


19. The Dashed Line Effect

The Dashed Line Effect
The Dashed Line Effect

Use this pictorial guide to get stunning smokey eyes with a dashed line effect. This look is undoubtedly perfect for an evening event.


20. Nude and Black Smokey Eyes

Nude and Black Smokey Eyes
Nude and Black Smokey Eyes

A play with colors is encouraged when applying creative makeup and this smokey eye look with nude and black shades is a great example of the excellent results of makeup artistry and creativity. Follow the pictorial guide to replicate the same look.


These videos and pictorial guides for smokey eyes makeup application take some practice. Do not expect to recreate a look on the first try however carefully following the application steps in each tutorial is bound to get you the perfect results after a few attempts.

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20 Awe Inspiring Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

While many associate mehndi art with South East Asia; not many know that henna temporary body art is just as popular in the Middle East and many Arabic countries. There are many cultural similarities between South East Asia and the Middle East and one of them is a shared love for mehndi art.

Similar to countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, women in the Middle East are also adorned with mehndi art during weddings and festivals and the artistry is just as awe-inspiring as what you would expect to see at an Indian or Pakistani wedding or festive occasion. Listed below are 20 examples of Arabic mehndi designs for hands that are sure to awe you. Scroll down for a truly visual treat.

20 Arabic Mehendi Designs for Hands – Choose one for your Wedding

1. Floral Delight

Floral Delight Arabic Mehndi Design

One thing that women around the world seem to have in common is a love for flowers and floral motifs often find their way into women’s fashion. This Arabic tattoo is great example of floral motifs being used in mehndi art wherever this body art form is prominent; be it South East Asia or an Arabic country. imgsrc

2. Wrist Mehndi

Wrist Mehndi Design

This example of Arabic henna designs for hands emphasizes mainly on the wrists and does a brilliant job of beautifying and accentuating the wrist. This henna design features a resplendent peacock.

It is important to take note that the peacock motif is often an important part of Arabic henna art and there is a good chance you might see one or two more examples of Arabic mehndi designs for hands on this list that feature the peacock motif. imgsrc

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3. Lattice Designs

Lattice Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic henna designs for hands rarely depict religious motifs like one would come to expect from Indian mehndi art, however, this henna art features a lattice design that is similar to the architectural accentuations one would see in the windows of a traditional mosque or Islamic place of worship. Art does imitate life and this is a great example of Arabic bridal mehndi designs for full hands imitating Arabic life. imgsrc

Watch the below video of traditional Mehendi design for brides and get to know the latest styles and pattern followed by today’s bride.

4. Arabic Henna Art for The Backhand

Arabic henna Art
Arabic henna Art

Henna art for the backhand is just as popular in the Middle East as it is in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and more often than not; floral motifs dominate. Featured above is a brilliant example of floral motif henna art for the backhand. imgsrc

5. Rose Motifs

Rose Motifs
Rose Motifs

The rose is highly treasured for its sweet perfume in the Arabic culture and rose motifs often find their way into Arabic art. This brilliant example Arabic mehndi designs for hands artfully incorporates the rose motif. imgsrc

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6. Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Design

full_hands_arabic mehendi design
Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Design

The picture above is brilliant example of Arabic bridal mehndi designs for full hands. Note that this mehndi design features both the popular peacock motif and the rarely seen yet beautiful fish motif. imgsrc

7. More Full Hands Henna Designs

Full Hand Mehndi Delight

This is yet another brilliant example of mehndi art for the entire hands. This also doubles up as a stellar example of stellar bridal Arabic mehndi designs for hands. imgsrc

8. Lattice and Leaf Motifs

Lattic and Leaf Motifs
Lattic and Leaf Motifs

If you have visited or seen pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful mosques; this lattice and leaf motif example of Arabic mehndi designs for hands is sure to invoke a sense of Déjà-Vu. imgsrc

9. Finger Henna Art

Finger Henna Art

In parts of the Middle-East henna art is worn like everyday accessories for the hands and this is one example of this henna art trend in which the mehndi designs are limited to the fingers. imgsrc

10. Subtle Mehndi Art

Subtle Mehndi Designs

Like anywhere else; Arabic brides often opt for subtle henna art on their wedding day and this is one brilliant example of subtle bridal Arabic mehndi designs for hands. imgsrc

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11. Mehndi Art with Shimmer

mehendi design with shimmer
Mehndi Design with Shimmer

Like brides anywhere else; Arabic brides prefer a fair amount of wedding bling and this Arabic mehndi design with a hint of shimmer proves the fact. imgsrc

12. Half Palm Designs

Half Palm Designs

One of the newest Arabic henna art trends is the half palm design and the bridal henna art for the hands featured above is a brilliant example of this trend. imgsrc

13. Even More Lattice Motifs

More Lattice Motifs

Bearing in mind that lattice motifs in Arabic mehndi art are extremely delicate and feminine; the urge to include yet another example of lattice motif bridal Arabic mehndi designs for hands could not be resisted. imgsrc

14. Color Contrasting

Color Contrasting
Color Contrasting

This is a brilliant example of color contrasting in Arabic mehndi designs. Make note that while most of the henna has been washed clean and reveals a beautifully stained palm, some areas have highlighted with even more henna to get a deeper contrasting shade. imgsrc

15. Even More Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Art

Full Hands Araabic Mehndi

Arabic mehndi art that covers almost every inch of the hands, right up to the wrists is truly awe-inspiring and this is a brilliant example of the Arabic bridal mehndi trend. imgsrc

16. Contemporary Arabic Floral Mehndi Art

Contemporary Arabic Mehendi Design
Contemporary Arabic Mehndi Design

Many Arabic brides opt for more contemporary mehndi art to go with their contemporary wedding wear and this is a brilliant example of the trend. imgsrc

17. Even More Rose Motifs

Even More Rose Motif

This contemporary Arabic bridal henna art features the traditional rose motif making it the perfect example of modern and traditional fusion bridal fashion. imgsrc

18. Miniature Mehndi Art

Miniature Mehendi Art
Miniature Mehndi Art

Many Arabic mehndi artists show of their artistic skills with miniature mehndi art which when done to perfection is as awe-inspiring as the example of miniature mehndi art featured above. imgsrc

19. A Handful of Awesomeness

A hand full of Awesomeness

Being at a loss for words after seeing this brilliant example of Arabic mehndi designs for hands is quite commonplace. Just gaze at it silently; that’s perfectly okay! imgsrc

20. Dome Motif

Dome Motif
Dome Motif

The dome is a predominantly Arabic architectural feature and is often considered a milestone in architecture. The dome often finds its way into other forms of Arabic art and the mehndi art featured above has a very prominent dome motif. imgsrc

Arabic mehndi art is not just limited to Arabic countries but is a source of inspiration to henna artists all over the world. The next time you decide to get henna art on your hands; show this lineup to your henna artist if you desire a replica of any of the examples listed above or simply wish for henna art with an Arabic theme.