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10+ South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets – Complete Bridal Jewellery Guide

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The two things that get the most attention for any bride are her wedding dress and the wedding jewellery. Her bridal jewellery becomes the talk of the night for the majority of the ladies in the banquet hall. Thus brides give special attention while selecting the bridal sets for their wedding.

10 latest South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set Designs Online

You, as a South Indian bride-to-be, should take a glance at the wedding collections given below. They are complete bridal jewellery sets that you may have for your muhurtam and wedding reception party.

1. Single Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Single Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

In every set, you will find one common design pattern. Here it is the half-moon pattern that is being incorporated in almost all the jewellery items. The bangles and bracelets come in their unique designs. This is a set of American diamonds and pink colour zircon stones.

2. Three Necklaces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Three Necklaces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This set is giving you more options. You can combine them for both your muhurtam and reception looks. With one choker, a pendant with chain, and a long necklace you are getting multiple beautiful options. Even the Kamar bandh (waist accessory) is strikingly beautiful.

3. Pear-shaped Pendant and Double Necklace Complete Bridal Set

Pear-shaped Pendant and Double Necklace Complete Bridal Set

This pear-shaped pendant set looks too exquisite. With matching maangtika, bajubandh, kamarbandh and billais, this is something worth having for the wedding purpose. Multiple options have been given for bangles and kadas.

4. Light Weighted Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Light Weighted Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Many brides try to avoid the heavy bridal jewellery. They look for light weighted exclusive bridal collections which not only look great but also easy to carry for a long time. The above set fits best for such brides.

5. Intricately Designed Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Intricately Designed Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This set comes with an extremely intricate design for its each and every piece, whether the pendant, chocker, long necklace, kamarbandh, earings, kadas or the jada billai. This is a brilliant exquisite bridal set for any bride.

Jewellery Artist Quote: The bridal collections, similar to the one above, are more popular with the NRI South Indian brides. They come up with a stand apart statement for their elite stature.

6. Droplet Pendant Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Droplet Pendant Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This one is a comparatively simple designed set whose prime pattern is a droplet. It’s been consistent among the maangtika, billai, bajubandh, kamarbandh and earing.

7. Double Neckpieces Rhodium Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Double Neckpieces Rhodium Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This one has rhodium plating and comes in beautiful intricate design. It uniquely stands out as a bridal set and sure to make heads turn for any bride.

8. Rhodium and Gold Plating Combined Neckpieces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Rhodium and Gold Plating Combined Neckpieces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This is an interesting bridal collection with a combination of both gold and rhodium plating on some intricate designs. It looks beautiful and unique and fits for the wedding occasion.

Jewellery Artist Quote: This dual combination of yellow and white metals has come up as the latest jewellery trend among the bridal collections. More and more South Indian brides are checking designs with such a look. 

9. Traditional Gold Plated Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Traditional Gold Plated Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

For brides who want the traditional gold look, nothing can be better than this set of bridal jewellery. It offers two sets of maangtika, three traditional South Indian neckpieces and a beautiful jada billa. Everything in this set has the traditional South Indian touch in it.

Jewellery Artist Quote: The traditional yellow metal look is by far the most sought after look by the South Indian brides. Have a look at the coy South Indian bride below. She is flaunting the traditional yellow metal look for her bridal jewellery. Whether it is the Nakshi pendant, the Kasu Haram or Kasulaperu or coin chain, or any other piece; everything is adding oodles of glamour to her.

10. Simple Yet Intricate Choker and Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Simple Yet Intricate Choker and Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This beautiful bridal jewellery set is simple yet intricately designed for brides who love to keep it minimal. It doesn’t look too heavy unlike the usual bridal collections.

Jewellery Artist Quote: Modern brides usually want to keep it minimal yet stunning. Check out this beautiful bride below wearing such complete bridal jewellery set. She is wearing the traditional mango maala, kamarbandh, bajubandh, and all other items intricately designed using multiple stones and gold plating.

What all Jewellery Items are Included in a South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set?

1. Long Necklace

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]long necklace[/media-credit]

Apart from a small choker, this bride is wearing a traditional South Indian long necklace which has a Nakshi design pattern. This one is a slightly heavy look for brides who do not want to go overboard for a loud bridal look.

2. Kamarbandh

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]kamarbandh[/media-credit]

This is a beautiful South Indian traditional kamarbandh having Nakshi or temple jewellery design pattern in it. Kamarbandh is an intrinsic part of a traditional South Indian bridal look.

3. Maangtika

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Maangtika[/media-credit]

The overall look of this South Indian bride is quite elegant and minimal. All the neckpieces are light and simple, even the earrings are simple jhumkas; but the maangtika stands out as the statement maker. Made in temple jewellery design it’s a comparatively bigger jewellery item the bride is wearing.

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4. Bajubandh and Bangles

Bajubandh & bangles

Bangles have a huge importance in the Indian culture. It’s like a must have accessory for any bride or married woman. For wedding, brides usually go for the red or green glass bangles, or even golden. Some even get colourful contrasting bangles, like the one wearing in the above pic.

Bajubandhs are usually worn on upper arms and are metallic in nature. The bride here is wearing a traditional golden bajubandh.

5. Nose Pin

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”447″]Nose Pin[/media-credit]

Certain jewellery items hold a lot of femininity in them. Nose pin is one of them. It’s like an indispensable part of South Indian bridal look. The bride here sports a small traditional golden and beaded nose pin.

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Aparana says, “I have always loved wearing nose pins. Nose pin is one accessory which I will never do without. I have a wide range of nose pins but for my wedding, I wanted only the best bridal nose pin and so I called up TBG. I think I got the best one!”

6. Nose Pin with Chain

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Nose pin with chain[/media-credit]

Even for nose pins one gets a lot of varieties. This South Indian bride is sporting a small nose pin with a beautiful beaded chain that gets locked in the hair. Such nose pins adds oodles of femininity in any bride making them all the more beautiful.

7. Billai

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Billai[/media-credit]

This is traditional South Indian billai worn by a South Indian bride. Each of them is put at the intermediate knots of the plait.

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Akshaya says, “I had heard about the beautiful poo jadais and hair accessories that TBG is famous for, and got some really beautiful billai for my wedding from them.”

8. Jada Billa

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”526″]Jada Billa[/media-credit]

This is a single chain jada billai, yet another traditional hair accessory worn by South Indian brides for a hard-core traditional bridal look for their wedding.

9. Choker

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Choker[/media-credit]

The bride here is wearing a single choker of diamonds and emerald. The bridal set is giving her a minimal yet stunning look.

Here’s what Veenamani had to say: As a girl I have a fetish for emeralds more than any other stones, so for my marriage ceremony I got in touch with the TBG team who arranged some stunning emerald bridal set for me. I simply loved it.   

With these and many more in its store TBG offers the best ever complete bridal jewellery sets for rent. In case you are a to-be bride, you should definitely contact us and tell us about your requirements.

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In a Castle in the Clouds – The Wedding of Savitha & Kishore Reddy

Savitha Devaraj Reddy’s wedding to Kishore Prakash Reddy that happened on the 18th and 19th of May, 2016 in Bangalore sounds like every perfectionist’s dream wedding.

With all her family and friends rallying around her to give her the best possible bridal experience ever, Savitha’s wedding does not fall short of one of those fairytale weddings in a looming castle glowing with lanterns.

Savitha launches into how she met her Prince Charming. “Kishore and I are both car lovers and so that’s how we met – at a car expo, through our mutual friends. We were friends for two years, and then we were in a relationship for two years. So we’d known each other for four years before we got married. Both of us are dead opposite to each other, and we know opposite poles attract!” she says.

The depths of love this couple share can be seen in her following line. “I had always wanted to get married to a politician,’ she laughs. ‘Kishore wasn’t a politician initially, but he entered politics just for me.”

South indian Bride 3

So followed the next logical step of planning out every detail of the perfect wedding. “I had around 5-6 months between my engagement and my wedding, so I had a lot of time to plan each aspect of the functions. Most definitely the organisation and calm planning helped avoid any kind of stress. My brother was my real strength throughout. When it came to the challenges and problems of wedding planning, I didn’t really get stressed out, because my brother handled everything. He delegated the work to the people in charge and took care of all the minute details to make sure nothing went wrong. He wanted everything to be perfect. My close friend was also a great encouragement to me. She was with me and assisted me in every stage of wedding planning,” says Savitha.

South Indian Bride 4

A lot of family members pitched in to make Savitha feel like a princess. “With every element of my wedding, there was always someone very skilled and reliable to take care of it for me. My talented cousin is the one I owe most of my pretty bridal outfits to. She has great taste and experience. What was important to me was that I wanted to wear what was not yet in the market. So I told my cousin, and she helped me with the most cutting-edge, trendy outfits to wear. And as for my jewellery, my mother’s expertise in gold jewellery came in really handy during my wedding,” says Savitha.

South Indian Bride 6

With so many different people she could lean on, was Savitha worried about any element of the wedding? Not really. “I really didn’t have anything to worry about because all my artists and designers knew me and were conscious of my taste while working, so they provided the best quality services for me. I completely relied on them and I trusted all of them so there was no need for me to freak out about any of it. I didn’t even have a trial makeup session with my makeup artist. I told her, ‘I just want you to make me look beautiful,’ and she experimented and found the look that suited me best. She endeavoured to give me a flawless and stunning look, and worked wonders with her airbrush makeup.”

South Indian Bride 8

Savitha’s immaculate wedding will always stay crystal clear in her heart, but she also has some lovely pictures to show her grandchildren. “I’m also very thankful to my photographer for making beautiful memories of our special day. She always believed in the concept of ‘not taking the photograph, but making the photograph’.  Her keen observation brings everything in our wedding to life again when we look at the pictures,” says the happy newly-wed.

South Indian Bride 10

From the worry-free smiles on the faces of the bridal couple, it is clear that their wedding was a fabulous experience for both of them. “Almost a year has gone by, but it feels like just yesterday. We had totally eight events, and all of them were so perfect, so magnificent! Every single thing was done to our taste and requirement. My dream really comes true.”

South Indian Bride 2

So how can we go about handling our bridal planning as coolly as Savitha? “What I would like to tell brides today is to plan everything calmly and well ahead of time,’ she says. ‘Then you will have no need to worry. Note down the few ideas you start getting as soon as the wedding is fixed. Pinterest is an awesome site for ideas – outfits, jewellery, decoration, overall theme, everything. You can find amazing ideas for your wedding. So don’t get stressed out and forget to enjoy your own wedding.”

South Indian Bride 7

Favourite memories? Savitha’s wedding seems so beautiful that she would have savoured every minuscule part of it. And she did. “I don’t have one precious memory in particular. The whole experience was beautiful. The memory of every moment is a treasure to me.”

But one remarkably sweet coincidence must be mentioned here. “My father surprised me with a Mercedes for my wedding, and it had the number plate 1819, which are the two dates of my reception and wedding. Then it turned out that my fiancé had also bought me a car, and it had the number plate 1905 – the date and month of my wedding!”

South Indian Bride 9

Well, with reminders on two car plates, it won’t be easy to forget their wedding anniversary, would it?! Haha, joke. Who could forget such a beautiful wedding? Especially when it’s with the love of your life!

So this is the story of Savitha & Kishore. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

Do you have a story to share? Reach out to us on our email – and we will share it on our blog.

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One in a Million – The Wedding of Anu George & Sachin Louis

The dreamy wedding story of the chirpy and enterprising bride Anu George Canjanathoppil to Sachin Louis on the 24th of October 2016 in Bangalore, revives our dreams of the perfect fairytale that springs from an arranged marriage.

South Indian Bride Image 1

“Yes, mine was actually an arranged marriage. Some of my colleagues expressed surprise when they heard that my marriage was arranged because they saw me as an independent and dynamic personality. But I actually feel that having your family find a suitable life partner for you is possibly one of the best ways,’ says Anu. ‘My parents had been wanting me to get married for eight years, and I kept refusing without even knowing why.”

Finally, when her brother insisted that she talk to this person that he had narrowed down on from more than one lakh potential grooms on an online matrimonial site, Anu finally said yes. So he really was one man in a million, you see,’ she laughs. ‘After that first conversation with Sachin, something clicked. I felt like right then, I had made myself emotionally available, and so I decided to give it a shot.”

South Indian Bride Image 2

Then follows the cinematic account of the couple’s first meeting. Anu had gone home to Kerala to celebrate Onam with her family and was surprised by the arrival of her relatives.

Soon after, she was surprised again by the arrival of Sachin’s father and later, Sachin himself, whose arrival was so unexpected that she dropped the plate of pappads she was carrying, which he hastily rescued from a perilous drop to the floor. (Sigh, this is just like a scene from a movie!)

South Indian Bride Image 3

A period of courtship followed, too soon end in the positive answer that both families were waiting for. So now that the couple could imagine spending their lives together in bliss, the wedding arrangements went ahead in full swing.

What really worried me while planning my wedding was the fact that it was happening far away from where I stayed, so normally challenging wedding planning to become twice as hard. Thanks to my past experience in event management, I had a fairly good idea of all the things that had to be done, and so the mammoth tasks didn’t overwhelm me,” she says.

A surprising fact is that Anu was in the U.S. for work till nine days before her wedding, and there was very little time for her to shop for jewelry (which she picked out in hardly fifteen minutes while shopping with her mother) or decorate the church (which had a funeral service only half an hour before the wedding was scheduled).

Despite all these time constraints, Anu managed to participate in planning her own wedding, and not just arrive in time to walk down the aisle.

“My friends and I decorated the church ourselves with rented-out metal buckets filled with baby’s breath flower buds. The night before the wedding, my family and I sat up tying ribbons on the buckets. We also filled plain water glasses with twigs and tiny tea lights for the centrepieces. It was so much fun! I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” she smiles.

South Indian Bride Image 4

And here’s something to give us major wedding outfit goals. This super creative woman actually designed her own wedding sari. From shopping for the material, designing it, and getting it tailored, Anu George was in charge of creating her own wedding sari. ‘I really didn’t want to wear something right off the shelves that had no special meaning to me,’ she says.

“I wanted everything in my wedding to be personal and meaningful to me, and also to others.  For example, the ‘thank-you’ gifts were plant seeds, which could remind our guests of us every time a flower bloomed in their garden.”

South Indian Bride Image 5

When it came to the challenges of wedding planning, Anu George confesses that she was a very ‘chilled-out-bride’.  Of course, every step was a challenge, and different things demanded her attention at different stages. But Anu had love and support every step of the way. ‘Sachin’s family was very supportive.

The whole wedding was organised in partnership with them. And Sachin was one in a million, as I mentioned earlier because he understood the value of my job and knew how much a part of me it was, to move to Delhi after marriage. And my family and friends were there for me throughout.

Even friends who flew in from all parts of the world worked in collaboration with each other prior to their arrival, and one of my closest friends who couldn’t be there for the wedding kept sending pictures of ideas for decorations and outfits,’ says Anu.

South Indian Bride Image 6

As for what she wants to tell future brides, Anu George says, “I think what really worked for me was that no one gave me advice, knowing how I’m comfortable being myself. If you are not comfortable, you are not beautiful – you need to be comfortable with what you’re wearing, what you’re doing, and what kind of setting you want. Don’t do it for other people, do it for yourself. And don’t stress out and miss all the fun. It’s your day.”

But Anu also adds, “The reason I wanted a low budget wedding was because I kept in mind the many suffering children who lack basic food and education and would benefit from all the money I would otherwise have wasted. In fact, the first time we met, Sachin told me he loves to spend, and that shocked me. I work for an anti-trafficking organisation, so I’m sensitised to the suffering of people who have nothing. That’s the reason I told him how I felt about spending too much on a lavish wedding, and we both resolved that our wedding wouldn’t be a waste of money. I feel that as much as your wedding is about you, it shouldn’t be only about you. I had everything I wanted, and I never felt inadequate. The knowledge that I didn’t waste any money on unnecessary things for my wedding was what made me feel truly beautiful.”

South Indian Bride Image 7

The stellar moments of her wedding that Anu treasures include the coming together of all her friends from different circles to choreograph a dance to perform the day before the wedding, walking out of the church holding hands as a married couple for the first time, and the moment that she and Sachin exchanged rings. “I would say that the feeling of Sachin putting the ring on my finger was one of my favourites.”

South Indian Bride Image 8

Everything just felt right, you know. And the first time I walked into his house is still fresh in my mind. It was everything I imagined. But to those girls who believe in fairytales and castles, I would say that even a simple home can make your heart flutter because that’s where the one you belong with belongs. It’s a feeling that’s beyond magical.’

So this is the story of Anu & Sachin. Do you like this story? Tell us your views about Anu & Sachin’s simplicity in the comment section.

Do you have a story to share? Reach out to us on our email – and we will share it on our blog.

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The Best Ever South Indian Online Bridal Store : TBG The House of Queens

TBG, as it is called the House of Queens, is definitely a place for the queens. TBG Bridal Store is an online association of bridal artists, designers, and salons exclusive to South Indian Brides. It is a forum brings together the best bridal artists so as to make the bride look like a queen on her wedding day.

Why TBG Bridal Store is a one stop shop for all the South Indian Brides

As soon as the wedding date gets finalised, on one end the bride’s father gets busy doing the bookings for the wedding venue, guest accommodation,  etc.; on the other end the bride ends up being anxious and panicked for arranging the different dresses, makeup and accessories for the different events whether it is the Muhurtam or Kalyanam or the reception.

South Indian Bride

But as the bride, you are not supposed to take any stress of your marriage when a highly popular and trusted online wedding planner like TBG is at your service. Only the top notch and experienced professionals are associated with TBG Bridal Store who’ll take care of all your bridal needs months before the wedding.

Glamorous Bridal Look for The D-day with TBG Makeup Artist and Hairstylist  

As to the bridal makeup look is concerned, even here you get to interact with the bridal makeup artist as many times you want to get your desired bridal look. You may go for trial sessions with services like hair styling and makeup, to understand what kind of bridal look will suit you and make you look all the more beautiful.

South Indian Bride - Vaishu


“I think calling up TBG for my bridal look was the best thing I did for my wedding. The TBG makeup artists and hairstylists gave me the look even better than what I had been dreaming for.” Vaishu Jayavelu (South Indian Bridal Makeup)

Get Guided by TBG Fashion Designer and Avoid Any Kind Of Bridal Fashion Faux Pas

The fashion designer will have regular interaction with you to create the best wedding dress. TBG fashion designers are immensely talented and skilful to gift you most beautiful customised wedding dresses.

Bridal Blouse Design


I feel really lucky to have got through the TBG team. They’ve gifted me the most beautiful outfits for both the occasions of muhurtam and reception party of my wedding. The fabric, the intricate designs; everything was so amazingly beautiful. – Priya (Wedding Fashion Designers)

Add on The Glitter with TBG Bridal Rented Jewellery

Once the look of the wedding dress gets finalised you may get your matching accessories from the TBG jewellery rentals. TBG offers more than 100 bridal jewellery on rent.

They carry stunning and distinctive work for the bridal attire, specifically designed in South Indian classic and contemporary style. The jewellery can be sent to the home or be collected from the shop.

South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets


“I guess I would recommend all my friends to go for TBG when it comes to South Indian wedding jewellery. Such a wide variety they have, I felt spoiled for choices. Surely, I couldn’t have got a better collection of rental jewellery for my wedding than what I got from TBG.” – Aparna (Bridal Jewellery)

Get Celebrity Bridal Mehendi Designs, Call TBG Mehendi Artist

TBG mehendi artist will be there for you bridal mehendi designs on your hands and feet. You may even opt to get celebrity bridal mehendi from the TBG bridal mehendi artist.

Bridal Mehendi


“I have always loved putting mehendi, never ever skipped any occasion to put mehendi on my hands. But for my wedding, I obviously wanted the best one ever. I was crazy about getting a celebrity bridal mehendi for both hands and feet but was reluctant to go with the local artists. So one day when I was suggested to look for TBG, I checked them on Facebook and called them up. I guess my bridal mehendi was something many envied me for (laughs).” –Gita (Bridal Mehendi Artist)

TBG Poo Jadai Expert for Customised Bridal Poo Jadais

The TBG poo jadai expert will help you with the bridal poo jadais. The poo jadais will be made out of bright flowers such that they match your wedding outfits.

Bridal Poo Jadai


“When I searched for bridal poo jadais online, the ones by TBG seemed really eye catchy compared to others’. So without wasting any time I just called them up and asked them to show me some more options. They were too excited to get my personal choice of flowers and other specifications and send me so many options via WhatsApp. I was more than happy for the bridal poo jadais I got for my wedding. I realised customer preference is of utmost priority for them.” –Rukmani (Poo Jadai Expert)

TBG Garland Designer to Take Care of The Wedding Garlands

The garland designer will craft exclusive garlands for your varmala or garland exchange ceremony. You can always add your suggestions for the particular flowers of your preference to the TBG garland designer.

Wedding Flower Garlands


“I needed everything to be picture perfect for my wedding. Even with the garlands, I was really curious and had regular interactions with the TBG team. They on their part considered every minute detail of my preference and expectations and as a result, I got outstanding garlands for my varmala ceremony.” –Vaishu Jayavelu (Wedding Garlands)

Create Your Wedding Memorabilia with TBG Photography and Videography Experts

The TBG photography and videography service will make sure each and every moment of you D-day is being captured to bring out the emotion associated with it. Different customizable packages like the bridal photoshoot, couple photoshoot, pre-wedding photoshoot, candid photoshoot are there for you to choose from.

South Indian Wedding Photography


“I didn’t want to miss a single moment of my wedding like even in the rituals or moments I’m not involved directly, it should be somewhere there; so that I can relive those moments. Also, I didn’t want the clichéd wedding photographs. So when I got to know about the TBG, I booked their Photography & Videography team for a pre-wedding photo shoot apart from shooting the muhurtam and reception party. I don’t have words to thank them for the beautiful album and video they’ve made for me.”  -Madhu (Wedding Photography & Videography)

Boost Up Your Health with TBG Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

With two to three months’ time to go for your wedding, TBG will take care of your health and fitness via its nutritionist and personal trainer service, so that you get that right shape and health.

Nutritionist-Personal Trainer for Brides


“Fitting into the reception lehenga was a big nightmare for me until I got through the TBG team for my diet and fitness regime. The personal trainer and nutritionist not only helped me in getting the right shape and weight but also made sure that I’m healthy and fit from inside. I love TBG! (smiles)” –Apshita (Nutritionist/ Personal Trainer)

Get Flawless Beauty by Consulting TBG Beautician

You’ll be pampered with the doorstep beautician services to get the perfect flawless glowing skin which becomes your utmost requirement at the time of your wedding. Get regular sessions of basic beauty regime involving waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure and lot more.



“As soon as my wedding date came closer I started having anxiety and a lot of tension for the freckles and one pimple which unfortunately developed at that time. But all thanks to the TBG beautician who took great care of my skin and I looked pretty good in my wedding pictures.” –Lisa (Beautician)

Get That Million Dollar Worth Smile by Consulting TBG Dentistry

To have a dazzling smile on your wedding picture TBG dentistry service is something you can refer to without any second thoughts. Experienced and professional dentists will sculpt beautiful pearl white smile on your face.

As a South Indian bride, once you get in contact with the team of TBG Bridal Store; it becomes their utmost duty to make your wedding memorabilia the best of its kind in every possible way.



“With TBG dentistry, I got the best smile for my wedding album!” – Veena (Dentistry)

One and For All Bridal Needs: TBG Custom Bridal Package

By availing the Custom Bridal package, you get one and for all answer to your bridal needs. It’s one call for all the bridal needs that includes customisable packages on celebrity makeup, hairstyling, complimentary saree/lehenga draping, bridal jewellery rental, wedding dress designing, bridal mehendi; etc. as per the client requirements.

TBG Custom Bridal Package


“TBG Custom Bridal Package was a one and for all solution for me. Instead of getting five to six different services, getting their individual costing, I just booked the TBG Custom Bridal Package for my look on the wedding day. It covered all the basic services I had wanted and I was sorted at one go.” –Akshaya (Custom Bridal Packages)

What Is the Difference in Planning Your South Indian Wedding With TBG

Having specialisation in South Indian weddings and the trust of over 1000+ brides, TBG fits in as the best online bridal store for your South Indian wedding, who’ll be knowing the nitty gritty of your wedding more than you do. So all you need to do is call TBG and hand over your wedding to the team.

TBG South Indian Bride

Make the Difference with TBG Team

The difference with TBG is that you just don’t get your wedding dresses arranged as per your linking, special attention is been given to the options provided to you.

The garments which you are shown to choose from are shortlisted considering whether you are having a summer/ monsoon/ winter or spring wedding, and are designed by immensely talented fashion designers who are always there to customise your wedding dresses as per your suggestive inputs.

TBG Bride

TBG For the NRI Brides Who Will Have South Indian Wedding

TBG has a detailed plan of action exclusively made for the NRI South Indian Brides who have their wedding scheduled in some months’ time. Once the bride contacts TBG, the spokesperson or consultant from TBG arranges multiple sessions of discussions on different bridal services involved in South Indian weddings.

Being an NRI bride; TBG takes special initiative to make sure that the discussions over WhatsApp or Skype or another form of video conferences are made as per the time convenience of the bride and in relation to the meantime of her residential country.

TBG Brides


“Being an NRI South Indian bride, I was really tensed about getting the right traditional look for my wedding. Monitoring all the arrangements won’t have been so easy if not TBG. The team kept regular contact with me via the online mode and noted my needs and preferences. I am really happy with the way they had shaped my bridal needs.” –Aruna (TBG For NRI Brides)

TBG South Indian Brides

TBG has gained momentous popularity as a platform that connects a South Indian bride to all her wedding necessities making the event as seamless as possible. Gone are the days when people had to rush to different places for different arrangements.

TBG brings together the best of all South Indian wedding arrangements and that too at economic rates. So don’t cough up your savings to expensive wedding planners. Visit the TBG website and get your wedding planned in the best possible way!

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Why TBG South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set Rentals are Popular?

TBG is the one name for all the bridal needs of the South Indian brides. Any South Indian bride can do all her wedding arrangements through the various services offered by TBG. From wedding saree to bridal makeup, hairstyles, bridal jewellery and bridal Mehendi; everything is being offered in by TBG.

As a South Indian bride, your wedding look gets the perfect touch with the varieties offered by TBG. The TBG online portal brings to you the exclusive and vast collection of traditional South Indian bridal jewellery sets as well as latest modern jewellery. Have a look at the possible varieties you may like to opt from, for your gala wedding.

5 Popular South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets for Rent

1. Traditional South Indian Jewellery Set: The Mango Mala

Mango Malai Bridal Jewellery Sets

Here is a complete set of traditional South Indian bridal jewellery set comprising the ancient mango mala, baju bandh, kamar bandh, jhumkas with chains, maangtika and also hair accessories. All are having the traditional temple jewellery look which is typical to the South Indian culture.

2. Modern Bridal Jewellery Set: Diamonds and Rubellite

Diamond and Rubellite Bridal Jewellery Set

Here is a fancy and modern bridal jewellery set for all you South Indian brides who are gearing up for their wedding. As you can see, all the jewellery pieces in this set have a very modern touch in their design; you make an upbeat statement for yourself in this diamond and rubellite set.

3. Traditional Nakshi And Temple Jewellery Bridal Set

Temple Jewellery Sets for Brides

This is a traditional South Indian jewellery set having an antique touch. The design is what we call Nakshi  Temple jewellery. Nakshi design carries designs or carvings of Gods and Goddess in them.

4. Uncut Diamond Necklace Set For South Indian Brides

Uncut diamond Jewellery Sets for Brides

This exquisite uncut diamond necklace set fits best for the wedding reception for any South Indian bride. This big glittering stones shine you on your special day. TBG always come up with the best quality stones for their jewellery collection.

5. Guttapusalu Haram: Jewellery Having Pearls And Coloured Beads and Stones

Bridal Jewellery Sets for South Indian Brides

This traditional temple jewellery set has an intricate work with small beads and coloured stones. The floral pattern coupled with the mango design has been thought to blend the modern and traditional designs together.

Why is TBG’s South Indian Bridal Jewellery Rental is Popular?

The TBG rental jewellery has gained popularity cause of the economic and reasonable rates yet having the best quality. The credit to hold a wide range of modern and traditional bridal jewellery, keeping in view various taste and preference of South Indian brides.

How TBG connect the Brides to the Jewellery Owners?

As soon as the bride contacts TBG, our bridal consultant sends relevant pictures of their works and stock and also connects her with the jewellery owners. Next, the bride is supposed to select the pictures or designs they like and then they collect the desired jewellery set from the owner’s physical shop. At times the owner also couriers the set to the brides.

Do let us know about your views, suggestions and queries on jewellery rentals via the comment section below. Feel free to reach out us for your wedding arrangements. TBG team will offer you only the best possible arrangements for your wedding, keeping your taste and preference as the priority.