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Top 10 Latest Dramatic Eye Makeup Trends You Would Love At Once

In the last couple of months, there have been drastic changes in the way we used to do eye makeup. The stereotype winged dark black eye liner look is getting tough competition from dramatic colourful liners and dazzling glittery eye shadows. The world of makeup witnessed a lot of new eye makeup trends in a very short span of time. Check out the pictures below and you’ll know what we are talking about.

1. The Ribbon Eye Liner Takes Over Winged or Cat-Eye

eye makeup 1

Millions of models took to the social media to flaunt this beautiful way of applying eye liner. We didn’t really get anything close to this in the recent past. People are moving away from the typical cat-eye or winged look and getting more and more drawn towards this ribbon liner or twisted liner look.

eye makeup 2

This is not some rocket science and anyone can do this. Basically you do the usual wing or cat-eye with the black liner and then, with another liner of different colour; draw serpentine or twisted lines looking like a corkscrew encompassing the black extension.

img source

2. Disconnected Eye Liner Instead Of Neat End Flicks

eye makeup 3

Get an eye liner brush and create this unique eye makeup. Instead of being extra cautious while drawing the end flick here carry an easy flow. You just need to draw lines at the end and over the crease by leaving some space in between. You may choose any colour as you wish to. You can also create your own disconnected patterns as per your wish, there isn’t any stringent pattern.

img source

3. Vibrant and Flashy Shades of Liner

eye makeup 4

Just don’t break the lines with ‘disconnected liner’, also break the stereotype shades used. Forget black and dark brown. Be bold, be vibrant. Try some flashy shades of bright yellow, blue, orange, etc. Choose the seasonal colours from the palette. You may also co-ordinate with the colour of the dress you are wearing.

4. Sleek Floating Lines of Eye liner

eye makeup 5

It’s time to forget the water lines. Add thick coatings of mascara to your lashes and draw fine fines over your creases. You may add a dash of bright eye shadows as well and create a stunning appearance.

img source

5. Dramatic Neon Makeup for Eyes

eye makeup 6

Neon makeup is all over the social media these days. Every single makeup tutorial is coming up with videos talking about neon makeup. This is an absolute fun for all those who love partying and often go for night outs. You may use neon liners for both eyes and lips and create an absolutely stunning and crazy look.

img source

6. Geometric liner

eye makeup 7

Graphic eyeliners give you quite a look bold. It is the best thing to opt for in case you are wearing an outfit in any of the neutral shades, or something with bright coloured prints.

7. Glitter Makeup For A Dazzling Look

eye makeup 8

This trend of glitter makeup is gearing pace more than any other. With the help of a few simple steps you get to attain a dazzling dramatic look. Your eye shadow palette must have shimmery eye shadow and some cream shimmer shades, apart from the usual nude shades. Some loose glitter is a must.

img source

8. Dotted Eyeliner on Lower Lash line

eye makeup 9

Most of the time, we play only with our upper eyelid and leave the lower one with the minimal effect. Apart from a fine lining of kohl or kajal little bit of mascara is what we put on our lower lash line. But this is an old tale now. The dotted eye liner pattern on the lower eyelids has come up as an extremely powerful look. This is highly suitable for the formal or workplace looks.

img source

9. Rainbow Mascara Look

eye makeup 10

This ONE trend is just totally different and uniquely stunning from others. Here you need to use mascara of multiple colours creating a rainbow effect. Get mascaras of two three shades like yellow, orange, pink, blue and green and put them on the lashes of both upper and lower eyelids.

10. Rainbow Eye Shadow Look

eyemakeup 11

You can extend the rainbow effect while applying eye shadows as well. Get a palette of vibrant flashy eye shadows and apply two three shades together, to bring out the rainbow effect. Keep the shades and contrast close going; like yellow-orange-red on the upper eyelid while pink, light blue and green from the inner corner of lower eyelid till the end edge. Or you may also follow the same colour combination on both the lash lines.

img source

So, how do you find these? Whacky, yet enticing? Let us know in the comment section below what you think of these latest quirky makeup trends and if you are willing to try any of them. TBG makeup artist will always help you out to get the perfect makeup look suitable to your skin type and tone. 

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Top 10 Tips On How To Pick The Right Outfit With Matching Accessories And Hairstyle

Shopping becomes a prolonged affair for most of the girls or women. Men are always complaining that we take a huge time whenever it’s our turn to get ready, whether for a casual outing or a special event. In the process, many of us end up doing some terrible fashion faux pas which we regret for a really long time. So here are some important tips on how to get that right look with your outfit and accessories.

How To Pick The Right Outfit?

1. Understanding The Occasion

saree as per the occassion

The most important point to remember before you pick any outfit is the place and occasion you will be going in that dress. You can’t go all bling for a formal office meeting, right? Likewise, going all bland for a wedding or party is just not done! For wedding, you need sarees like heavy silks or sequined chiffons.

Workplace calls for a sophisticated corporate, sometimes glamorous but not too loud outfits. Similarly, you can play around with your style statement whichever way you want while going for night out or other casual occasions. You might have a definite style statement for your daily college routine or workplace but people don’t expect to see you in the same avatar even at a bachelorette party or at a night club.

2. Day And Night Factor

day and night factor

While dressing up for any occasion you also need to consider the fact whether you are going for a daytime event or a night outing. Certain colours which make you look bright in daytime might make you look dull by the night, on the other hand, certain shades are more convenient for a night outing rather than a daytime programme; for example black. You need to play around with different colours and contrasts to look perfect for that particular time of the day.

3. Not To Mess Up In Mix And Match

blouse designs

While doing the mix and match for the different elements of your outfit make sure you are not making a rainbow out of you. Do not add too many elements of different vibrant colours which will eventually make your look go gross. Pick certain shades and play around with them.

For example in case your saree has two or three colours then your blouse should be in the colour that will grab the maximum attention yet make your saree look stand out. Also you can make a standout statement by getting a simple monochrome blouse with some stunning embroidery or embellishments.

A blue kanjeevaram silk saree with golden border and pallu definitely calls for a golden blouse. Always get the blouse or dupatta or salwar in the contrasting colours to that of the saree or the kurti’s.

4. Try Out The Seasonal Colours

seasonal sarees

This tip will definitely make your job much easier next time you are out for shopping. The best way to pick dresses is to go with the seasonal colours. Summer, monsoon, autumn, spring and winter- they all come with their own palette of colours.

How To Pick The Right Accessories (Jewellery/Footwear/Handbags)

5. Understanding Your Garment

jewellery as per the garment

Matching accessories doesn’t necessarily means you need to get them in the same colours as your garment. First of all understand your dress. Not all jewellery and footwear go with all kinds of dresses.

6. Which Footwear For What


When it comes to sarees, it’s always better to get heels. Flat slippers can make you stumble upon heavy pleats of the saree. Likewise beautiful mojris look best with salwar suits. Things like sports shoes, wedges heels, boots, flip-flop and floaters are strict NO for sarees.

Talking about corporate office look you may choose from the various work shoes available in market these days. If it’s about a single piece dress for dinner date, then high heel and strappy stilettoes will get you a stunning personality.

7. Different Jewellery For Different Outfits


Different outfits call for different kinds of jewellery. But even in then different sarees call for different jewellery. You need to understand the fabric and go accordingly. Some sarees look best with oxidised metal jewellery while some might call for the yellow metal. For western outfits, it’s always light weighted minimal jewellery look.

8. Handbags Making The Ultimate Statement


Your handbag makes a huge impact on your overall look. Handbag is the one of the most important accessories you carry, so make sure you carry a right one. For sarees get clutches or potli bags. For casuals you may prefer totes and with the office look you may get messenger bags or ones on the similar line.

Hairstyles Turning Heads

9. Considering Your Facial Shape

Before starting off with any hairstyle wait a while to check the shape of your face. A round face needs a different kind of hairstyle compared to a square face or heart shaped face. But in case you have an oval one, you really don’t have to think much because most of the hairstyles suit this kind of shape. Consult a hairstylist once a while to get the latest trends in haircuts and hairstyling that might look good with your face.

10. Different Hairstyles For Casual Days And Special Events


Special events like parties and big pujas at home, definitely call for special stunning hairstyles and not just a bun or pony tail like the casual days. Try out the different embellished hair accessories available in the market to make a standout statement to your high bun or long plait.

Following these important tips would definitely fetch you a great wardrobe. In case you still need guidance, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook or even phone call. We’ll be right there for you!

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Top 10 Reasons of Not Having the Desired Weight Loss

There’s one thing common to all the brides across the world. As soon as our wedding date is fixed, we hop into the nearest gym or fitness club to get that much-required weight loss and get a perfect shape for the wedding dress. Your sleep goes up for the toss when you see the needle in the weighing machine isn’t stopping at your desired number, even after doing whatever the gym instructor have been asking you for the last one or two months.

Your pre-wedding fitness regime includes a lot many factors than just your daily workout plans and diet. So all you South Indian brides, have a look at the probable reasons given below, which are might be coming in between you and your desired weight.

Pre-Wedding Fitness Regime for South Indian Brides

1. Mothers and Aunts saying, “Don’t step out. You’ll be tanned!”

exercise in gym

Mothers and aunts of the would-be brides often advise not to step out of the house as they’re worried of getting the sun tan, or even evil eyes; once the wedding date gets fixed. But this will not work for you in case you want to wear a fishtail lehenga for your wedding reception party.

You will definitely, have to, step out of your home and do some physical exercise and burn those extra calories. In case you want to skip the sun and not go out for jogging or running in a park or in open air space, then go to a fitness club or gym and grill yourself in a thorough workout regime. Mix cardio and resistance training or weight training in the regime and follow it daily without a miss.

2. Lifting weights will turn my figure manly!

weight lifting

Get the myths out of you! Doing resistance training like lifting dumbbells, and other forms of weights is equally important as running on treadmills or doing cardio. Doing weight lifting boosts your metabolism and thus you tend to burn the stubborn fat more. You get those much-craved curves as added bonus apart from losing weight.

3. More Hunger for Newly Joined Gym Members

Join gym for weight loss

Talking about the gym, one often feels more hunger just after joining a rigorous workout schedule. That’s quite normal, so don’t panic. You need to keep the energy store of your body full in order to recover from the gym’s hard workouts unless you’ll feel fatigued.

But make sure that you consult your trainer or nutritionist at your gym so that you can maintain the required calories without throwing the results of the workout in vain.

4. Mom pampering you like she won’t see you anymore!


Keep that extra pampering by mom at bay. Make her realise that it’s not like you won’t get to eat at your husband’s place. You need to follow a strict diet and avoid food having excess oil, butter or even clarified butter.

5. Say no to cappuccino even if your fiancé insists!


Avoid meeting your fiancé quite often at coffee shops, for the simple reason you can’t have so much of caffeine in your system. As for tea, switch to the healthy green tea that will actually help to burn your belly fat. Avoid the milky sugary tea as much as possible.

6. Give your incessant ‘getting hitched’ parties a break! Let there be one and for all


If every time you go to invite a friend puts you in a position to throw a party then hold on. You really don’t have to hold individual parties or treats of getting the wedding date fixed. Rather get a grand treat for all the friends. This way you not only keep your wallet warm but also avoid eating the restricted diet multiple times.

7. Street Foods while Wedding Shopping is a Blunder!

Street food

Weddings call for frequent shopping and while doing so you end up gobbling loads and loads of street foods. This not only adds on pounds of fat on you but also harms your health internally which reflects on your dull skin and poor hair. So, better you carry a small tiffin box of fresh fruits or nuts and biscuits as munchies for the hours’ long shopping days.

8. Check for Sugar Content in Health Drinks


It’s good to have healthy drinks like the packaged fruit juices, etc. But always check for the sugar content or added sugar numbers available on the product’s label. This thing can put all your hard work up for a toss. The fruits juices with extra glucose should be avoided.

9. Over Stress or Wedding Jitters


Wedding jitters aren’t just for men. The brides suffer from too much of anxiety, stress or wedding jitters as the marriage date approaches. This takes a toll on their health and might even be a hurdle in getting the desired weight loss. So, just talk it out to your fiancé or best friend and fill yourself with all good and exciting thoughts.

10. You’re eating healthy BUT more than the required amount


It is important that you eat healthy throughout the day. But as mentioned earlier, you can’t afford to overeat and make your daily workouts a failure. Try to monitor the total calorie intake for each day. Get a nutritionist or dietician who’ll help you with this. Also, these days you get various mobile apps to guide you on this.

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Top 5 Stunning Wedding Reception Bridal Look Ideas For South Indian Brides

Wedding Reception is the event where South Indian brides come up with a lot of variations and not just stick to the traditional or old looks. Various designers these days have created a wide range of wedding collections exclusive to the taste and preferences of South Indian brides. In case you want to have a strong and unique statement for your wedding reception look check the following options and plan your wedding dress as you wish to.

1. Convert a traditional Kanchipuram silk saree as North Indian lehenga-choli Look

Many of us, at least for once, have converted their mom’s old Banarsi sari into a salwar suit. Some designers have taken it to another notch by designing long skirts made of the Banarsi silk fabric. Now you can do something on the similar line by converting a Kanchipuram silk saree into a lehenga choli for your South Indian Wedding reception dress and give yourself a North Indian twist.

Watch the below video, to know about how to choose the color for Kanchipuram silk saree.

Being the reception day, you get the privilege to try out interesting combinations and make an out of the box statement for yourself. Check the beautiful kanjivaram lehenga by famous designer Neeta Lulla below.

north indian lehenga choli look

img source

2. Give a Modern Twist to your Mom’s or Grandma’s Wedding Saree

There are some brides who prefer to wear the dresses from the old heirloom wardrobe of their family. Such a dress is an old treasure carrying a lot of importance. It carries oodles of emotions. So if you are one such bride, who wants to go for her mom’s or grandma’s wedding saree, then nothing can be better than that!

While carrying the rich old heritage, you can also give it a modern twist. Get a jacket blouse or add an extra thin border of glittery embellishments. You can also play with the draping techniques and get a modern bold look with the old heirloom saree.

modern wedding sarees

Whatever you wish to do, do not forget to dry clean and polish the saree. This will add a clean and fresh look to your moms’ or grandma’s age old saree.

img source

3. Innovative and Creative Wedding Dress combination between Bride and Groom

Couples prefer to get matching and contrasting combination dresses for themselves. But at times, they face difficulties in getting the right matching combination. There are simple ways to mix and match the bride-groom dresses.

One, you pick a colour combination and get the dresses made such that either of the bride’s dupatta or lehenga, saree or the blouse matches with the groom’s sherwani or any of the dress elements.

creative wedding reception dress for bride and groom

Or, you can go for the contrasting colour way, where the bride’s and groom’s dresses are made in contrasting colours. Also, you can fix a particular design pattern as per the fabric and get it embossed on both the bride’s and groom’s dresses. This way both the lehenga or saree and the sherwani will have the same motif on the body. You can keep the colour coordination on the similar line while doing this.

creative wedding dress

Img source

4. Kundan Zircon American Diamond embellishments pattern the latest trend Bridal Blouses

The latest bridal blouses that are running in the market come up with a wide variety of embellishments patterns on them. Some have beads or pearls while some have colourful zircon stones stitched intricately. You can choose from those varied combinations and have a customised bridal blouse exclusively for yourself.

Blouse designs for Wedding receptions

Eventually, with your stunning bridal blouse, your wedding reception look will be quite a head turner. Check the below given interesting blouse patterns that are going rounds.

img source

5. Baahubali 2 Devsena alias Anushka Shetty Inspired Bridal Look

With the biggest hit of the year, Indian mega movie Baahubali 2; have also inspired many of the to-be brides. How? Well, the extraordinarily gorgeous looks that actress Anushka Shetty carried while portraying the role of warrior princess Devasena are creating a buzz all around.

anushka shetty bahubali look

More and more people are searching for makeup tutorials for the Devasena looks. These looks are very traditional South Indian and can be re-created easily as the bridal looks of today’s South Indian brides.

anushka sheety bridal recepttion look bahubali

img source

Liked any of the ideas? Want anything out of the box? TBG designers at your service ma’am! Just take the first step towards us via any of the virtual contacts we have. Our expert team will revert with all the required suggestions that will be just picture perfect for you in every way.


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Top 10 Latest Stunning And Trendy Bridal Blouse Designs Making Rounds

Off late there has been an upsurge in getting uncannily stunning blouses. With simple sarees, women are more interested in getting out of the box designs for their blouses. Check out these new designs and get inspired to create some unusual and eye grabbing designs for your bridal blouse.

1. See Through Beaded Blouse

sea through beaded blouse design

This is a glamorously pretty looking blouse very interestingly designed. Although it has a low back, it is covered with a see-through beaded net. The same net is being put on both the sleeves as well. This can be a very interesting piece to flaunt on your South Indian wedding ceremonial rituals. img

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2. Traditional Yet New In Look

traditional blouse design

Although having a traditional look the design pattern and colour combination used on this blouse is pretty new. The body has a geometric pattern and the design on the sleeve is somewhat inspired from a jewellery piece i,e; bajubandh. img

3. Low Back Lacy Blouse With Beaded Strings

low back lacy blouse designs

An outstandingly stunning bridal blouse, this one is a sure head-turner. With a low back the blouse is covered with lacy embellished works along with beaded strings creating a beautiful pattern, accentuating your sexy back. The sleeves are kept see-through smooth satin net with similar embellished patterns on the elbow areas. img

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4. Classy One-Sided Embroidery Satin Blouse

embroidary blouse designs

This one is becoming quite a popular blouse among the celebrities. South Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is looking gorgeous on this one sided heavily embroidered satin blouse. This can be an ideal choice for your South Indian wedding reception look. img

5. Closed Wide U-cut Blouse

wide u cut blouse designs

This traditional silk blouse has come with floral embroidery patterns and the closed back has wide U-cut. The elbow length sleeves are also beautifully embroidered. img

6. Plunging Neckline

neckline blouse designs

A highly sensuous bridal blouse, this one comes with plunging neckline and heavy embellishments. The shoulders have some floral patterns, attached creating an interesting look for you. img

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7. Royal Cuts And Colour

royal cut and colours blouse

As you can see this particular blouse comes with oodles of royal attitude in it. Whether it is the unusual cuts or the light embroidery patterns or the colour combination; everything adds on to the royal and elegant factor of this bridal blouse. img

8. Filigree Inspired Work

filigree inspired blouse designs

This South Indian bridal blouse has a back whose design pattern is somewhat inspired from the filigree patterns. With a very soft shade of pink the blouse has a very simple fine line of floral embroidery. But the netted filigree look brocade on the back is what making the blouse, stand out as a great fashion statement. img

9. Fancy Net Blouse

fancy net blouse designs

This is yet another sensuous and fancy net blouse. It is studded with stone and other very fine embellishment which is making it fancy without being tacky. Get your bold bridal blouse inspired by this sensuous blouse and make your hubby go weak on his knees for you on the wedding night. img

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10. Backless Blouse With Strings

backless blouse designs

Words will fall short to speak for this stunning backless blouse. It has two strings attached on the back for the required support. This golden full sleeves blouse is definitely something to fall for at the very first sight. img

Understanding The Various Cuts For Your South Indian Bridal Blouse

You can get your personalised bridal blouse as per the shape of your back. There are some basic cuts used while designing saree blouses. Check out the image below to understand the various blouse cut which you can refer to your designer while getting your customised bridal blouse. img

saree and blouse designs

We hope this helps you in getting your dream bridal blouse. Use the comment section below and tell us your views. Feel free to discuss with the TBG designer team. We would be more than happy to get you the best bridal look for your D-day.

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Why Choose TBG?

Why should you choose India’s first and largest online bridal services association? Let us lead you through why TBG Wedding Store is the best bet for your wedding.

✓ One Stop Shop

TBG is an umbrella brand of everything bridal. Be it makeup and hair, designer blouses, or even jewellery rentals, TBG is really on top of its game, with a wide range of products to suit each unique bride’s taste and an astounding array of packages for big budgets and small. Why shop for every element separately when it’s all at your fingertips in the click of a button!

✓ Quality Check

TBG artists are chosen only after a strict screening process to make sure that our brides have only the best of India’s professionals to serve them on one of the most important days of their lives. Bringing to your service the top-notch artists from every profession, TBG’s quality check will make sure you get your money’s worth and a smile on your face!

✓ Assured Service

Once booked by a bride, a TBG artist cannot cancel at the last minute before the wedding, in which case a fine will be paid to the bride and another artist allocated at first notice. Rest assured, brides, that your makeup artist will not abscond on the day of your wedding!

✓ Smooth Communication

Brides love TBG for the ease of planning their wedding. From booking an artist depending on the time and place of your wedding to following up on your trial makeup and hair or dress fittings to the actual D-day, TBG saves the bride the pain of following up with the artist and keeps the communication process smooth and easy.

✓ Branded Products only

We at TBG think that brides deserve nothing less than the very best! After all, they are the centre of attention! Regular checks ensure that our artists use only the top brands as promised in the packages. So say no to fear of cheap or allergic products used on you!

✓ Deals and Discounts

TBG is a bride’s guide to the best deals and discounts in the wedding industry! Be it festival discounts or seasonal deals, you can be sure that TBG is offering you the best deals in South India! Save a little money on your wedding and use it on your honeymoon!

✓ Security Checks

When it comes to high-end products, especially jewelry rentals, it never hurts to make sure. TBG is known for its credibility in background checks and ensures that all jewelry rentals are validated before and after delivery to the bride.

From the mouths of Brides…

‘Thank you guys for making my wedding a huge success! My makeup artist…..she was wonderful and my hairstyling was amazing too! I was so worried about my hairstyling because of my thin hair, but my stylist was great and gave it volume and shine! Your online website was so helpful for deciding the right packages! Thanks for making me look good on my wedding!’ -Kavitha Rajendran, TBG Bride, Chennai

‘I arrived from U.K only three weeks before my wedding and I thought I’ll be very stressed but when I found your website and fixed all the packages through skype, all I had to do was go for the trial makeup and blouse fittings! I was really stress-free! I loved my makeup and reception wear by TBG. I always make sure I recommend TBG when one of my friends gets married. You can get everything in one place, and at a cheaper rate than outside too. Great job, TBG!’ – Ramya Ponraj, TBG Bride, Madurai.

‘I love my reception lehenga designed by TBG fashion designer. The designer designed a beautiful lehenga which was just perfect for me. I was actually worried because I’m not a very lean bride, but it was just too good.’ – Kalyani Sekar, TBG Bride, Sivakasi

‘The TBG bridal consultant really helped me and guided me to choose the right package. I was worried about finding artists in my locality, but they sent an artist all the way to the wedding location and my makeup and hairstyling were amazing I loved it soo much. Thank you!’ – Nivedha Sriram, TBG bride, Hyderabad.

‘Me and my sisters and cousins rocked the aisle as bridesmaids thanks to TBG makeup artist team…you guys rock!’ – Reshma John, TBG Bridesmaid, Bangalore.

‘My wedding was a big success, I didn’t have to worry about anything…TBG custom package took care of it all! I was especially worried that the makeup would turn out to look very artificial, but my artist understood me and gave it a very natural look! Thank you TBG! It’s so convenient to get everything in one place!’ – Sai Gayathri, TBG Bride, Chennai.

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Bella Notte – The wedding of Sameera and Pramod

The wedding of Sameera and Pramod on August 6th in Hyderabad had a magical atmosphere as family and friends blessed their union.

First Impressions

Sameera and Pramod were introduced to each other by a family friend. ‘Our parents didn’t put any pressure on us,’ says Sameera, ‘and Pramod was my very first suitor (though I wasn’t his first!:D) so I wasn’t in any hurry to get married. When I saw his picture for the first time, it was a Linkedin profile picture in which he looked very nerdy, and seeing that he had a Ph. D and was probably extremely studious, I decided that there was no way I would marry him.

south indian couple

So the first time we spoke, I thought the conversation would last for about ten minutes, but we ended up speaking for around two hours, and my negative impression was broken. Our first meeting was in my Uncles’ house where they arranged a formal ‘bride seeing ceremony’. But it was too crowded with relatives and we did not get to spend time together.

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The Question

south indian bride

So the next weekend, he drove down to New York to meet me and we had a great time trying out different food and visiting places. When we spoke the next week, he proposed to me, but it came as such a surprise to me that I went blank and hung up!’, she laughs. ‘But I called him back after a couple of hours and explained that I was just a bit taken aback, and I also said yes. I realised that he was the sort of person who wouldn’t pressurise me and would respect my independence and space.”

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The Wedding

As for the wedding planning, the couple’s parents took care of the arrangements for the whole event since both the bride and groom were in the U.S. ‘The only shopping I did after reaching India was to select my saris. As relaxing as it was, I was partly disappointed because I wanted to be more involved in my wedding preparations,’ says Sameera.

souuth indian wedding couple

Was there anything else that bothered Sameera before the wedding? ‘The three months before my wedding, I was a bit anxious and worried about getting married,’ she says, ‘but my mom was my constant support and strength. She kept me calm at all times and whenever I was apprehensive she comforted me.’

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To Future Brides

What Sameera would like to tell future brides is to relax and not worry too much. ‘If you’ve already decided to go ahead with the marriage, it’s best that you have no doubts, just keep calm and trust your partner. Everything will be fine. Glitches might happen, but that’s okay, take it with a pinch of salt.’

Little Treasures

south indian wedding

When it comes to her favourite moments from her wedding, Sameera remembers the day before with more fondness. ‘The day before the wedding, Pramod and his family came to our house for dinner, all dressed up. This was the first time it was a meeting between just our two families. It was a really special night. I liked showing him my room and the place where I had grown up. That night had a very romantic air to it,’ she smiles.

So this is the story of Sameera and Pramod. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

Do you have a story to share? Reach out to us on our email – and we will share it on our blog.

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A Fairytale Wedding – The Wedding of Binada Hutchaiah and Naveen Ramakrishna

The Wedding of Binada Hutchaiah and Naveen Ramakrishna in Mysore on 21st February 2016, is like a perfect wedding that ends every fairytale. With every element and minute detail planned to perfection, this couple got married in style!

How it all Began…

Binada launches into the story of how she met her husband. ‘Naveen and I met through a mutual friend of our parents,’ she says. ‘Naveen was working in Tokyo. Our parents put us in touch to let us explore to see if our minds met.

wedding stories 2

The distance was never an issue for us as we realised, over time, virtual reality gripped us with excitement. As time passed by, our interactions revealed our true selves to each other and we developed a fondness. Later, Naveen flew down to Mysore to meet me for real, for the first time!! I still remember that day vividly.’

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Communicating long distance is a bit of a challenge by itself, leave alone when you have to plan a whole wedding through texts or calls! ‘It became a long-distance relationship, and we had to discuss a lot before finalising the wedding plans,’ says Binada. ‘We had many never-ending Skype calls. Naveen is very choosy and particular about things, so one can imagine how it would be for a wedding!’ she laughs. ‘He doesn’t compromise easily.’

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Planning the Big Day

wedding pic 4

The first thing a bride does is to finalise the theme or the colour scheme of the wedding. Binada says, ‘When it came to the outfits and matching the wedding theme, we had to coordinate before we went shopping. He did not have much time for his part of the shopping as he flew down only a fortnight before the D-day and I could not wait until then for my bit of shopping.

I did the sari shopping first and then Naveen tried his best to match it with his outfit. This needed extensive homework on ideas, themes and colour scheme of the wedding. Looking back, I feel so relieved that our planning worked out well’.

tbg wedding stories

But even the most organised brides have at least a few aspects of the wedding that make them anxious. ‘I was worried about the final output on the actual day of the wedding,’ says Binada. ‘Be it my sari or makeup, and also about how much we could match each other. But I am really grateful to my designer and beautician for making me shine on the D-day! They put in a lot of effort and really helped me look my best!’ she says happily.

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To Future Brides

Binada’s advice to future brides is to make sure that they take clear, well-informed decisions. ‘Dear Bride-to-be, Plan well to shine on your D-day! Go with the present trend. It is important that the couple-to-be works together on each other’s ideas,’ she says. ‘Most importantly, take a trial round of your makeup and dress fitting.’ Also, take suggestions from friends and relatives.

Check out blogs, ratings, and comments for all the bridal services. This will help you take good decisions about the style or theme you want to choose for the wedding too. Take the opinion of your close ones before finalising or opting for any services like photography, mehendi, and so on.’

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Special Memories

wedding story pic 1

Which parts of her bridal experience and wedding planning do Binada treasure the most? ‘Though this was also a slightly difficult way to plan the wedding, the memories I like the most are our Skype calls, during which we planned a lot!

This included the wedding venue, its final outlook, deciding which photographers to hire, planning the locations, finalising the menu, costumes and poses for the photoshoot, and discussions over honeymoon destinations, all these Skype conversations were so fun!

wedding pic 6

I also loved our shopping trips, and my trial rounds with my beautician and the boutique for makeup and outfit fittings respectively. It really was a beautiful wedding and continues to resonate within us forever,’ she says with a smile.

So this is the story of Binada & Naveen. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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Something Special – The wedding of Pranali Patil and Tejas Ozarkar

The wedding of Pranali Patil to Tejas Ozarkar on 8th march in Mumbai is the sweet story of two people who were hesitant at first but grew in love as they got to know each other.

‘What I’ve Been Looking For’

“Tejas and I were introduced by mutual family friends, so we first met for lunch and met a few more times after that to get to know each other,’ says Pranali.’ I initially felt that there was very little we had in common and that he seemed a bit uninterested. So I decided that maybe he wasn’t the right person for me. But somehow I felt weird about saying no to him and prayed a lot about it. Finally, I decided we hadn’t communicated properly because it had been almost a year since we had met and we hadn’t made a decision yet. So I called him and spoke to him.

wedding story pic 3

After that conversation, I figured out that he was a very grounded person, and wanted to make absolutely sure before getting married. He told me that he was looking more for a good mother for his children than for a wife, and for me, that says a lot about a man. I started crying and pacing because I knew that he was the man I was going to marry but I didn’t love him yet!” she laughs.

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“He invited me to his friend’s wedding, and after that evening, we started getting closer. He introduced me to all his friends, and to his niece and nephew, and even told them to call me ‘Kaki’, which made me realise that he had already made up his mind about me too.”


wedding story 2

Fast forward, and Pranali and Tejas decided to get married. “Tejas’ proposal to me was very romantic and straight out of a movie,’ says Pranali. ‘He told me his photographer friend was in town, so we might as well have a photo shoot.

wedding story pic 5

So I dressed up, and we took some outdoor photos, and then he said he just wanted to say hi to another friend who was visiting, and we went to the hotel where this supposed friend was staying.

wedding story image 4

But when we went up to the room, it was empty, and set with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Tejas then got down on one knee with a fancy ring and asked me to marry him!! Then, of course, I said yes, and his friend came back to the room to take some pictures.”

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wedding story image 6

Planning the Special Day

wedding story 9

Pranali and Tejas had a big fat Indian wedding, surrounded by all their family and friends. Pranali says the challenges she faced were trying to change the venue after the invitation cards had been printed, coordinating with her parents because they had different ideas about the wedding, and staying up at night to keep to Indian time so that she could plan with her family in India.

wedding pic 7

“I was especially worried about the quality of the execution of everything on the actual day of the wedding. Finally, my mother told me to relax and that she would take care of everything,” says Pranali. When asked who her strength was while planning her wedding, Pranali answers in a word, “Tejas”.

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wedding pic 8

To Future Brides

What would Pranali tell future brides? “Don’t stress about the little things – the whole things –the big things are what matter and what needs your attention. Since my parents took care of everything before the wedding, I was able to just think about the important things.”

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Special Moments

wedding story image 1

Pranali laughs when asked what her favourite part of the wedding was. “After the wedding- the time between the wedding and the reception, Tejas and I slept for an hour. It was probably the best nap I ever had! Another special moment was during the wedding ceremony when everyone around us was looking for something and asking around frantically, and Tejas and I were talking about something and having our own special moment, oblivious to everything around us.’

So this is the story of Pranali & Tejas. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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Painting a Dream – The Wedding of Preeti Hannah Daniel and Nithin George John

The wedding of Preeti Hannah Daniel to Nithin George John on the 5th of August, 2013, in Chennai, is the dreamy story of the coming together of a couple meant for each other.

An Enchanting Encounter

‘Nithin and I were introduced to each other by one of our mutual friends, about a year before we got married, (although we were already acquaintances),’ says Preeti.  ‘He was in the U.S. then, so we spoke on the phone every day, The first time we spoke, I was at a concert with my family, so there was romantic music playing in the background, and the ambience was beautifully lit.

Image 2

I remember being very impressed with his voice,’ she admits. ‘Coincidentally, the name of the song that was playing in the background when we were talking was ‘Let’s fall in love’! What with the magical atmosphere of the night, thinking of it now, it was an enchanting evening!’

‘Soon we got to know each other and started considering the idea of marriage. He even composed a piece of music for me, and titled it Painting a Dream!’ says Preeti.

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Wedding Preparations

So was it a smooth or a bumpy ride going about with organising the wedding? ‘There were quite a few challenges when it came to coordinating with the church authorities and working around their rules to organise the reception the way we had planned since we wanted to have the reception too in the church grounds,’ says Preeti.  ‘And getting the decorators to work with the light and sound system contractor was a bit difficult.

I wanted a different stage from what the church already had, and I didn’t want the decoration to look too fabricated but wanted a more natural, DIY look. So getting all that together was a challenging task. I’m one of those people who feels the need to oversee every detail to make sure it’s perfect, even though there were so many people around to help, so handling everything together was a bit difficult.’

Image 3

But it seems like these weren’t her main concerns. ‘The major thing I was worried about was the weather since we had an outdoor reception. We had to hope and pray that it wouldn’t rain, ’says Preeti. ‘And of course, I was worried about the fact that I was getting married itself.

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So, in a way, I think I kept myself busy with wedding preparations as a numbing factor to the reality that I was getting married and pretend to myself that I didn’t have cold feet. But as it turned out, it didn’t rain, the decoration and the outfits of the bridal entourage turned out beautifully, and the relationship I entered with cold feet turned out to be warm and rosy,” she smiles.

Image 4

Every bride has their own support system to lean on when things go awry. For Preeti, it was her family and friends who stood by her during the stressful months of wedding planning and were there to advise her. ‘They were silent supporters and hard workers.

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My friends stayed over at my house a few nights and helped me out with all the wedding arrangements.  And Nithin too was extremely supportive. He didn’t discourage or dismiss my ideas when many others did. He just asked me to plan it the way I wanted and to go ahead with the preparations. ‘

Image 5

To Future Brides

What word of experience would Preeti like to pass on to future brides? ‘The one I would stress on is to delegate the work to people around you who are eager to help so that you don’t have to struggle by yourself at the last minute. Make sure that you plan everything well ahead of time so that at least the week before your wedding you’ll be free to have fun with family and friends. Also, plan ahead with your photographer/videographer about what kind of formatting and sequencing you want, so that you will like the final result.’

Image 6

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Shimmering Highlights

Which moments of her wedding does Preeti treasure the most? ‘I remember being amused at how Nithin’s hand trembled as he put the ring on my finger,’ laughs Preeti. ‘I thought I was the only one to have cold feet!’ Walking down the aisle and seeing all the people I knew waving or smiling at me was definitely fun and a very precious memory,’ says Preeti.

Image 7

‘The other fun fact was that we got to do most of the fun work as a family and as a bunch of friends. We tied up the ‘thank you’ favours, customised the wedding invitations, and even did some elements of the decoration together.

Image 8

I really enjoyed having all my close friends and cousins right there with me as the bridal party when I was getting married. My family and friends travelled from all around the world to be with me, so having all these special people around us as we said our vows made it my dream wedding.’

So this is the story of Preeti & Nithin. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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