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Top 25 South Indian Bridal Makeup Tips You Just Cannot Miss Out On

It’s your wedding. With the word ‘wedding’, enough is said, to make one understand you are talking about the most important day of your life. Off late South Indian brides have become extremely conscious of their bridal look. Following are the top South Indian bridal makeup tips which you just cannot miss to look the most stunning South Indian bride.

1. Getting the Right Brand of Long Lasting Bridal Makeup Kit According To Your Skin Type

bridal makeup tips
bridal makeup tips

Before even thinking about the kind of bridal makeup looks you want for the Muhurtam and reception of your wedding, the first and foremost task you need to do is making sure that you get the right brand of long-lasting bridal makeup kit for yourself which suits your skin type. Look out for long-lasting, smudge-free and waterproof cosmetics.

2. Only Tried and Tested Brands, No Experiments on the D-day

best makeup
Tips on bridal makeup

Make sure you stick to your usual tried and tested brands so that you don’t have any worries of skin allergies on a prime day. You never know how your skin will react to a new product or brand, so don’t goof up on your wedding day.

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3. Starting Off With Exfoliation Is a Must

Exfoliation removes the dead cells and thereby offers you a smooth skin to apply the makeup. Your makeup doesn’t look cakey if it gets a prelude of exfoliation followed with cleansing.

4. Age Old Formula of Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing

bridal makeup tips
Bridal makeup tips

Once done with the exfoliation it is always great to follow the age old regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Toning is extremely important after exfoliation which opens up your skin pores.

Toner tones up your skin and keeps you away from fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, end the regime with a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated.

5. Multiple Trial Sessions for the Best Bridal Makeup Look

trial makeup session

It is extremely important that you go through a few trial sessions to have a practical experience of how you might look like, going by the bridal look you are imagining for yourself.

It might happen that a particular bridal makeup doesn’t go with your face structure or skin tone or the season’s trend. So sit with your bridal makeup artist and discuss the perfect look for yourself on your D-day.

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6. Choosing the Right Primer

right primer
Primer on face

Applying a nice primer even before you start off with the base makeup is important as it acts as a base to which your makeup clings to and thus lasts longer; also helps in covering the acne and creases on your skin.

Choose the best primer for your bridal look depending upon your skin type from the wide range of smoothing, oil-controlling, or colour correcting primers available in the market.

7. An Alternative to the Stereotype Foundation

Applying a tinted moisturiser is best recommended for naturally flawless and glowing skin. This way you get a natural yet glamorous look for yourself. Tinted moisturisers offer lesser coverage compared to the foundations and that plays the trick.

8. Getting the Right Foundation

foundation types
Right foundation for face

In case your skin changes with the season then, try what is best suited for the season when you are getting married. Like, in dry seasons if your skin goes way too dry then it’s better to have a cream based or oil based foundations.

But usually, it’s better to get a water based one which is more long lasting and offers a fresher look. Talking about shades, try a few drops on your hand to get the right shade for yourself.

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9. Bridal Makeup Matching Bridal Outfit and Accessories

bridal outfit
Bridal makeup matching bridal outfit

Before starting off with the bridal makeup look make sure that whatever colour makeup you are using is going with your bridal outfit.

Your blush, lip colour, eye shadows, and everything else should be in accordance with your wedding sari or bridal lehenga or whatever outfit and accessories you are carrying. Violating this major rule will only make your look go horribly wrong!

10. Keeping One Feature at a Time for Highlighting

Always go for only one feature at a time. You may choose either of eyes and lips for the two different days of muhurtam and reception. Highlighting both in the same go will only make you look gross.

In case you need to change multiple outfits for different rituals, use colours like gold, bronze, and neutral shades of brown and pink; whether for eye shadows or lipsticks. It’s important to mention here that if you are willing to get a bridal look having a blood red pout, then it’s better to keep your eye makeup as minimal as possible.

11. Avoid Using Fingers, Use Blenders

use blenders

There’s a reason why so many blending tools or beauty blenders (as they are called), are being invented, whether it’s the brushes or sponge blenders of different shapes and sizes.

These days you have airbrush kits which give you the best possible blending. Using fingers may end up your makeup go cakey.

12. Correct Bronzer as Per Skin Tone

Bronzer in makeup
Bronzer in makeup

You might prefer to get a cream based bronzer which is a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone or complexion so that it doesn’t give you a heavy look.

13. It’s Your Wedding, Blush Blush Blush

blush for makeup
Blush for makeup

Avoid the powdery look of a traditional blush by applying a cream blush or cheek stain. They can be easily applied with the help of a blush brush or a beauty blender.

14. All Makeup Blended Well

south indian bridal makeup
South Indian bridal makeup

Bridal makeup usually looks bit louder with so much of colour makeup used. But make sure the entire thing is being blended well. You can’t indulge in having harsh lines, not even a single of them for your bridal makeup look.

15. Not to Forget the Fixing Powder

fixing powder
Fixing powder

Fixing Powder offers you a waterproof base that so as to withstand sweat. Considering the climate of South India, brides should never ever skip the fixing powder. You can easily apply it with a powder brush.

16. Get the perfect blend with airbrush

Airbrush for makeup
Airbrush for makeup

Airbrushes give you the perfect blend. Whether foundation, blush or eye shadows; you can have the perfect blend and touch with the airbrush. So instead of buying multiple blenders and sponges for different elements, you can have just one airbrush for all. Its maintenance is also devoid of any hassles, so perfect in every way.

17. Where to Highlight and Where to Contour

highlight and contour
Hightlight and Contour

The simple trick to do the highlighting is to look for the pop-up places where the light hits, like the tip of a nose, temple area, cheekbone, brow bone and inner corners of eyes.

On the other hand, the sides of your nose, jawline and the hollows of your face needs the dark shades from a contour kit to five your face a well-sculpted look.

18. Well Defined Eyebrows

well defined eyebrows
Well defined eyebrows

Getting a pair of well-defined eyebrows gives you a facelift. Always be cautious of your brow shape. It should be well plucked as per your face shape. Once in the right shape, you can dress it using an eyebrow makeup kit.

19. Eyebrow kit to make your brow more prominent

Not all of us have voluminous and dark eyebrows. So, there are eyebrow kits which help us in getting the right colour and volume for the eyebrows. There are already a number of brands from which one can choose as per preferences.

20. Not To Forget The Eyelashes

eyelashes for makeup
Eyelashes for makeup

You shape up your brow, and leave out your lashes? Not done! Use an eyelash curler from any brand available and get that u-curve to your lashes before applying a generous coating of mascara on them.

21. Right Way of Applying Mascara

Make sure you put more at the ends of the lashes rather than the base. This will give you a more natural look.

22. Stick fake eyelashes to create voluminous dramatic eyes

eyeleshes for eyes
Eyeleshes for eyes

Fake eyelashes add volume to your eyes. They become more dramatic and in case you are highlighting this particular feature, then fake eyelashes is a must. Get the right size in proportion to your eye shape.

23. Glitter on eye-shadow

Glitters or shimmers, when applied over eye shadows; create a stunningly glamorous effect. So any South Indian bride opting for a shiny look is advised to dab a bit of glitter all over the eye shadow.

24. Contact lenses in Hazel or Light Brown

contact lenses
Contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses bring out the best dramatic effect in South Indian brides. Especially the hazel lens adds some sort of mystic element to the beautiful eyes of the South Indian brides.

25. Last But Not the Least: Healthy Routine for Healthy Glowing Skin

beautiful glowing bride
Beautiful South Indian bride

Above everything, the one thing that you should start doing with a few months to your wedding is following a healthy routine. No matter how much glamorous makeup you put up using shimmers and cover up your blemishes with concealers, nothing stands like the natural glow.

This is possible only if you eat healthily, drink plenty of water and sleep enough. So more than relying on makeup start following a healthy lifestyle and get that naturally glowing skin.

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16 Best Breakfast Options you should try just One Month before your Wedding

Breakfast is ‘breaking fast’. Being the first meal of the day, it definitely carries a lot more importance than the other meals. With just one month to go for your wedding, you become fussy and avoid eating a lot of foods which you usually die for.

But even if you are dieting strictly in order to lose weight, you can never skip breakfast. Doing so will not only create alimentary or digestive ailments but also make it difficult to lose weight quite ironically, as the body tends to retain the fat due to lack of calories. Here is a list of the foods that you should ideally include in your breakfast.

1. Oats to get that Fish-Cut Lehenga Figure


Oatmeal or Oats definitely top the chart here! With full of fibre and all the required nutrients, this is a wholesome food that keeps you full for a long time and thus helps you with dieting in a much healthy way. Oats is great at controlling the cholesterol level without draining you of energy.

Eating oats reduce your waistline as you feel full and skip those extra junk snacks in between your meals. So brides, who are hoping to get fish cut lehengas for your wedding reception, make oats an integral part of your diet chart. 

Interesting Ways of Having the Bland Oats

In case you find it too bland and boring to have plain oats every day, you may caramelize some banana slices and add them to your oatmeal as shown in the above picture; or crush a few bars of chocolate, or spoons of chocolate sauce, or some tangy fresh fruits like oranges, strawberries, kiwis, etc.; or simply a generous amount of honey and jam!

2. Hatch The Eggs


Eggs are a great source of high protein, iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. They offer us the disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. So having two eggs a day can fetch you a great health.

Like oats, Egg is also a super food. It makes you feel full, so you stay away from the high-calorie quick bites in between the meals and avoid the excess calories to get that desired shape.

Be it egg boils or sunny side ups (like the one shown in the picture above), French toasts for omelettes, make egg an integral part of your breakfast. You may have eggs on alternate days.

Being a good source of protein eggs are important for people who are on a low carb and high protein diet. Eggs are really helpful in weight loss without losing out the nutrients.

3. Brown Bread for Toasts

brown bread

Whenever possible try to use brown bread for your morning toasts instead of the regular white bread. While manufacturing white bread, the flour gets more processed and that’s why the germ and bran of the wheat grain get removed, leaving only the starchy endosperm which is of least nutrition.

Having brown bread will make you avoid the added sugar and high fructose corn syrup of white bread consuming which on regular basis may cause diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

4. Multi-grain Bread and Biscuits

multi grain bread

Talking about toasts and bread, you should also try having multi-grain bread whenever possible. Multi-grain bread is made using more than a single type of grain. They include oat, barley and a few more apart from the regular wheat. Thus they contain vitamins like B1, B2, B3, E; folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron apart from the dietary fibre.

So you can understand what nutritional value a multi-grain adds to your health and thereby gives you that much required natural inner glow on your face and skin before your wedding.

5. It’s Good to Be Nuts


Almonds help in maintaining the blood sugar, blood pressure levels and also cholesterol levels low. Walnuts help with the health of heart as they are rich in Omega 2 fatty acids, and also strengthen bones. Although high in calories, cashew nuts are full of essential minerals and good fats.

Want to impress your in-laws by being a highly active and intelligent daughter-in-law? NUTS will help you in this mission! Have a handful of almonds or any of the other nuts and feel the change in you.

6. Honey Who’ll Never Hurt You


Honey is rich in Vitamin B and other necessary minerals. It has low glycemic index, which is why it doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels like sugar does. So you can use it as a substitute of sugar in whichever food you want. It can be an excellent dressing element for your toasts, milk, confectionaries, etc.

Having honey improves our voice. So if you are a to-be bride have honey to sing in a sweeter voice to your fiancé or husband.

7. Edible Rings of Medhu Vada

medhu vada

Medhu Vadas might be a fried food, but quite a popular choice for breakfast menu. Made of urad dal which is rich in iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and Vitamin B; this is a great food to have, especially for the vegetarians. You can make this fried snack with the help of air fires so that it requires the least possible oil and becomes a totally healthy food, in every way.

Eating vada improves moisture in your body naturally and thus you don’t need a frequent spa for getting silky smooth skin. So try to love this edible rings while you are already in love with your solitaire!

8. Yummy Venn Pongal Filling Tummy


Pongal is a highly nutritious and yummy food. It is one of the best options to have for breakfast. It’s a dish where rice is boiled in milk with added lentils or moong dal, jaggery and bit of cumin; and usually served with sambar or coconut chutney.

Interestingly, eating Pongal reduces stress and thereby reduces hair fall.

9. Mixed Vegetable Stew or Sambar


Nothing can be easier than this South Indian mixed vegetable stew. Just take some fresh vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, okra, French beans, sweet potatoes, eggplant, etc. and brim it for a while. Season it with a pinch of salt, cinnamon powder and a few curry leaves.

Nothing beats the good effects of eating seasonal vegetables on our health, skin and hair; so sambar is definitely something to swear on, for all you South Indian brides-to-be.

10. Desi Pancakes or Appam


We Indians have our own version of pancakes in form of appams. These are made from a batter of fermented rice and coconut milk. Extremely easy to make, appams are a popular choice in Indian breakfast menu.

In case you are thinking of a light yet healthy breakfast then appam is the solution for you.   

11. From North To South, Upma All Pervasive


Upma is a common breakfast food which is very much fond by children. Whether among North Indians or South Indians, Upma is pretty much popular nutritious food. It is a thick porridge made of semolina or coarse rice flour with some added vegetables and nuts.

This can be a good change in your daily breakfast when you get bored of stuff like oatmeal and protein shakes. With high nutritional value, it will keep your daily calorie count in check too.

12. The English Way Of Assorted Fruit Platter

fruit platter

One should always try to have at least one fruit a day. Raw fruits are better than the canned fruit juices as they are rich in fibre content. Try out the different fresh seasonal fruits every day. Try to make a fruit platter of assorted fruits like kiwis, oranges, apples, berries, etc. and have and include them in your daily breakfast. This way you’ll get a lot of vitamins and fibre.

It’s known to all, how fresh cut fruits and juices help us in getting a glowing and beautiful skin and hair; which is so very important for anyone whose marriage is round the corner.

13. A Glass of Fruit Juice

fruit juice

At times a glass of fresh fruit juice is all you need to feel fresh and kick start your day. Try different fruits on a weekly basis, if not daily. Try to avoid the canned ones with preservatives in them. Instead get your juice done at your home by simply using your juicer.

Flush out the toxins out of your system and get a flawless glowing skin with a daily glass of fruit juice in the morning. Especially in summers, it gives you a refreshing start.

14. Puttu


It’s a steamed rice cake very popular in South India. Being easy to make with coconut flavour, this is a common breakfast food which is healthy as well.

This is yet another interesting twist to the regular breakfast menu. Quite popular among South Indians, puttu is a filler (just like oatmeal) and great to start a day with.

15. Oats Idli for the Calorie Conscious

oats idli

Who doesn’t like those lovely soft supple idlis? But for those who are on a diet control mode can go for Oats idlis instead of the regular ones. Have them with sambar and coconut chutney.

People who are on low carbs diet should certainly try the oat idlis instead of the regular fermented rice idlis, or the white idlis. This way you not only get the required fibre but also keep the calories in check.

16. Last But Not the Least MILK


MILK should have topped the chart, isn’t it? It’s the one food with all the nutrients. Considering this fact, many of us just rush to the workplace after gulping one glass of milk; which we shouldn’t be doing.

Having milk gives you almost all the required nutrients. Being rich in protein, B12, etc.; milk will help you in attaining a healthy glowing skin and hair. This is a super food which every nutritionist or dietician will suggest to have at least once in 24 hours.  

Losing weight in a short time often gives brides panic attack. But with TBG nutritionist, it becomes a healthy and easy-going thing. In case you are a would-be South Indian bride, taking too much tension about getting the right weight in a healthy way, then TBG is the answer for you. Contact us and we’ll guide you thoroughly.