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TBG Artists: Handpicked World class Professionals for Beauty and Style

We, at TBG Bridal Store, boast of giving only the best of best services. This is made possible because of the very fact that we, at TBG, hire only the best artists or professionals who come up world-class services.

The selection procedure for the makeup artists, hair stylist and other professionals like cosmetologists, nutritionists, etc., are extremely thorough and rigorous that makes sure only the best of the kind is being hired for the prospective South Indian brides. In short, TBG teams constitute only the fine and crème professionals to cater to its clients. Read further to know why we say so.

1. It is a great opportunity for rightly qualified and certified artists. Certified qualification is a prime parameter considered while shortlisting the applications submitted for TBG artist position.

2. Experience is like an added bonus for people applying for the position of TBG artist. High weightage is given to the experience of the candidates in respect to the bridal industry. So if you, while reading this article; have the right qualification and experience you can explore a whole new world of creativity through TBG.


3. Personal background check is done by TBG team. Individual verification of artists is done before they are selected as one of the TBG professionals and serve South Indian brides for their wedding and reception purposes.

4. Our TBG artists are evaluated based on skillset, perfectionism and MOST importantly attitude, because we believe they must handle all the situations smartly and help brides during the wedding day stress. Most brides and their family panic on the wedding day for every minute detailing of the bridal look. It is important that artists don’t go hysteric under pressure and handle such situations calm headedly.

So, if you are someone who can hold strong nerve and handle the stressed out brides with utmost care and precision; no one can stop you from being a world-class makeup artist under the banner of TBG.


5. As a candidate applying for the position of TBG artist, it is important to carry knowledge on different products and brands depending upon the department you are applying for, also be aware of the duplicate products. We ensure quality of the brands and products being used for any kind of service.


6. Regular training is conducted for the artists to make them more aware of the daily growing trends in different arenas of beauty and styling, along with the health and fitness of brides.

7. TBG bridal makeup artists or hair stylists, or even fashion designers, do not charge clients beyond what is mentioned on the TBG pricelist. Billing and price are strictly under the control of TBG management to ensure customers are charged by artists uniformly. TBG rates are uniform and rightly priced in the market.

8. TBG artists are selected from all over nation. Although being an online portal exclusive to the South Indian brides, if the prospective makeup and hair styling candidates from North India have that required perfection on the South Indian bridal needs; they might end up getting selected without a second thought.

9. On receiving continuous bad feedback or complaints from the brides or clients, management can always discontinue with the concerned bridal artists or designer.


10. Assistants and individual team members of all TBG teams/departments; also get evaluated along with the main artist.

11. TBG artists are selected in a way that they are capable of providing services both from a shop and customers’ doorstep. (As TBG is an online platform this facility is default requirement.)

12. High range packages and services are assigned only for top notch bridal fashion designers, bridal makeup artists or professionals, recruited from the respective industries, who’re hand-picked after a rigorous scrutiny.

13. People who get rejected during selection procedure need not worry as they can reapply after 8 months from the date of application. Isn’t that cool?


14. Artists who do bridal works as part time and have a different profession are debarred from applying for the job of TBG artist. There is no way that a candidate already associated to another profession can be allowed to be part of the TBG team. This is been maintained for the sheer purpose of maintaining a thorough professional and high class service as promised by TBG.

15. Artists once blacklisted cannot re-join TBG. This is a very stringent rule followed by the institute in order to maintain decorum among all the employees not matter what level of designation they hold.

16. TBG artists and designers are the highest earning bridal artists in South India-not due to their high pricing but because of the trust we developed with our brand and training programmes.

We have designed different Makeup Artist Courses & Workshops at a very worth pricing of 2,000 to 30,000 INR. TBG’s professional makeup courses are designed to make the artists the most proficient ones in beauty and corrective techniques in order to further maintain their careers as makeup artists.

TBG is a disciplined institute that tries to cater to the bridal needs of the South Indian brides not only across India, but also the NRI ones who fly down here for their wedding. It has a well-knit team that keeps communicating with the prospective NRI brides much before they fly down to India for the wedding and reception.

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Different Types of People you can see at a South Indian Wedding

1. The Bride’s/ Groom’s Parents

They are usually seen walking around the mandapam frantically, either greeting people hurriedly or talking on the phone about arrangements.

2.  The Mama

These uncles usually accompany the father of the bride/groom looking important, and call out orders to the caterers during meal times.

3. The Athai

These aunties are dressed the grandest of all, and are seen in groups matchmaking between the single youngsters when they are not ‘helping’ the bride dress up.

4. The Bridesmaids

Either the sisters, cousins or friends of the bride/groom, these young women are usually dressed in the latest trends and are seen near the bride, adjusting her dress or hair or helping in collecting the gifts, when they’re not busy taking selfies 101.

5. The Groomsmen

The brothers/ cousins or friends of the groom, these are the characters of the wedding who perform dances and try to seem popular, roaming around the mandapam and talking to as many people as possible.

6. The Kids

They’re seen running around the mandapam playing, or rather, playing games on their parents’ phone, given to them to keep them quiet.

7. The Photographer

This person earns the irritation of most of the guests by blocking the view of the wedding ceremony with his camera or taking videos of people as they’re eating. They are also responsible for making the bride and groom do cheesy poses during the photoshoot.

8. The Caterers

Easily the most loved group of people during the wedding. It is for their delicious kalyana sambar and 20 side dishes and laddoo, jelabi and murukku that most guests attend the wedding. It is only until the caterers serve the food that all the above-mentioned characters perform their respective duties. Once the food is served, the real attraction of the wedding begins.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Roshini

Hollaaa, I am Roshini honed by a multi-faceted career being a chartered accountant, starting an apparel designer store which is well-known in the Chennai fashion and glamour circle, but it all came done to what had been amusing me from my childhood days when I used to see pretty brides and wonder how beautiful they look, and at the age of 23 my amusement took me a step further and try my hands at my artistic skills and with passion, hard work, determination and lots of practice came up Rosh – Makeup & Hair, and the canvas continues for life.

I am a Certified Professional Makeup Artist with a creative flair. I have learnt under the very famous make-up artist Shiv and Ojas Rajani rediscovered my hidden talent and brought out my inner artistic abilities. I have worked on several fashion shows, parties, bridal and all this adds to the artistic canvas. But my forte and inclination are towards all our beautiful brides. I look at enhancing the natural features of a bride with elegance. I truly believe that you should be more confident in your skin tone, rather than applying heavy makeup or overdoing it.

My biggest USPs is that I can make the looks go from a bold, funky, avant-garde look to the other end of the spectrum with soft, ethereal and delicate facades without anyone knowing the contrast has been created by the same person.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Priyanka Bhurat

My journey into makeup world started 5 years ago. Makeup world fascinated me since I was a teenager (12-13 years old). I use to doll up every child nearby my home for school functions or weddings.

Soon it turned to be my passion which gave me immense pleasure.after marriage wen I was gifted with a female child I grew her hairs long and learnt a lot doing on her. Today I am a specialist in bridal and can do 100+ variety of hairstyles and different looks of makeup.

I really love the confidence my brides get when I doll up comes secondary as a by-product.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Rojarani

சிறிது காலம் நாள் நான் மீடியாவில் வேலை பார்த்தேன். முதல் குழந்தை பெறுவதால் அந்த வேலையை விட்டுவிட்டு அம்மா வீட்டுக்கு சென்ற போது அங்கும் எனக்கு இந்த makeup தான் கை கொடுத்தது அங்கிருந்து வந்து சென்னையில் ஒரு ஆரம்பித்தேன். எனக்கு மீண்டும் மீடியாவில் வேலை கிடைத்ததால் இந்த மேக்-அப் தொழிலை செய்து தள்ளி வைக்க நேரிட்டது.

3 ஆண்டு காலம் கழித்து மீண்டும் மீடியாவில் வேலையை விட்டுவிட்டு முழுமையாக என் தொழிலில் கவனம் செலுத்த ஆரம்பித்தேன் எனக்கு இந்த வேலையை விட மனம் இல்லை. என் தோழியின் உதவியுடன். Artist makeup.  பயிற்சி முடித்தேன். என் தோழியின் உதவியுடன் என் வேலை நல்லபடியாக துவங்கி சென்று கொண்டிருந்தது. ஒரு சில மனஸ்தாபம் எங்களுக்குள் வர துவங்கியது. சில விஷயங்களில் மட்டும் பிரிந்து செயல் பட ஆரம்பித்தோம்.

என் வழியை எங்கு என்ற பொறுப்பை என் கடவுளிடம் ஒப்படைத்தேன்.  என் கடவுள் காட்டிய வழி தான் “TBG”  “TBG”வில் சேர்ந்ததிலிருந்து ஊதியதையும் மரியாதையையும் எந்த ஒரு குறையுமின்றி அளித்து வருகின்றனர். இதற்காக TBGவிற்கு  நன்றி கூற கடமைப்பட்டுள்ளேன் என்றும் எந்த உறவு TBG உடன் இணைந்திருக்க விரும்புகிறேன். எங்களுக்கான எல்லா வசதிகளையும் ஏற்படுத்திக் கொடுத்து எங்கள் வேலைகளின் மதிப்பையும் புரிந்துகொண்டு தொழிலை வாழ வைக்கும் ” TBG” சேர்ந்த  அனைத்து நல்ல உள்ளங்களுக்கும் என் மனமார்ந்த நன்றிகள்.

TBG வில் என்னையும் ஒரு உருப்பினராக சேர்த்து கொண்ட நல்ல உள்ளங்களுக்கு என் இதயம் கலந்த நன்றிகள். இந்த இனிய பாதையை காண்பித்த என் கடவுளுக்கு ஆயிரம் கோடி நன்றிகள்.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Vydurya Lokesh

Well I am a business graduate who started working as a makeup artist at the age of 19 and chose correspondence to complete my degree education. I, as a child had numerous health issues due to which mostly after 8th std was homeschooled. I happen to do a course which as “DIPLOMA IN COSMETOLOGY” just to kill time during my holidays and little did I know that one day I would flourish in the same industry and would actually become my Mainstream career, as soon as I completed my diploma I wasn’t too keen on pursuing skincare not trichology and hence chose makeup. I did my course with the best in the industry Mr. Puneet saini from Mumbai in 2011 and there is no looking back ever since then. I also happen to start a successful luxury salon brand in Bangalore and at the same time also. Stepped into the south Indian movie industry. “Artistry by vydurya Lokesh” soon began to grow into a successful entrepreneurial venture. I was also awarded “successful young entrepreneurs award in 2012.

What inspired me to start this company or take up this career is truly my love for dressing others. I had been doing that all my life. It gave me pleasure in helping people dress up and watch them feel beautiful. Also growing up, due to my dusky skin tone I had a lot of complex issues too, so I believe the purpose was to mostly overcome my complex and on a long run every person I meet I hope I’m able to enhance their features in such a way they have an all new positive approach at looking at themselves Makeup is all about enhancing you’re featuring and hiding the flaws.

With so many players in the market. I think my USP Is that I always ear to understand the client’s requirement I always strive to make sure they feel like a flawless Version of themselves I believe great makeup Is when you still look like yourself. I also consider myself constantly updated with the latest trends which help in creating new experimental looks every now and then.

I am glad that I have been constantly blessed with great clients and people who actually go out of their way to recommend me amongst their peers. There have been very few incidents where it’s disappointing and you tend to get hard on yourself but towards the end, it’s all worth it.

I am an extremely ambitious person. To come from a person who was confined within 4 walls to establishing myself to this extent. I think it’s only because I believed I wanted it this bad.  I hope to work with the best artists across the globe get to work with more celebrities and of course, training is something that will have my heart always. Passing on knowledge is bliss.

Being an entrepreneur apart from freedom & time it also gives you amazing pressure to outdo yourself. Since no-one really keeps a track on your progress, you are pushed every day to better yourself and tread on a different path to take your work to the next level. The second-best thing is you are able to multitask thanks to the extra time u have.

For anyone looking to take-up makeup as a career. I would say hell yeah!!It’s an amazing job and I promise you won’t be bored doing this a single day!!  You get to know if you have made justice to the requirements in a couple of hours, you get to be a part of people ‘S big day!!  Last but not least it’s a satisfying job. but always update yourself constantly and keep your eyes open to learn. Meanwhile, create a style of your own. Make sure you’re work defines you.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Sowmiya Nagakumar

I am Sowmiya Nagakumar from Pune. I am a professional makeup artist with around 10 months of experience. I am a Bs.c graduate and was working in an MNC in Chennai. In 2014, due to an overdose of stress and an unhealthy life, I decided to quit my job and do something which is creative and also make some money out of it.

By watching YouTube videos, I learnt to make silk thread jewelry and started creating my own unique designs. My work was recognised. By selling it online, I got bulk orders from Singapore and Malaysia. I was happy with my earnings because I was doing what I liked and had enough time to spend with my family and friends. I spent almost 2 years with the Silk Thread Jewellery business.

The Turning point of my life:

I got married in June 2016 and moved to Bangalore where my husband was working. Even there I continued my Jewelry business.

A few months later, my husband started noticing my Makeup skills and my interest of doing Makeup for others. He encouraged me to make it my profession since I couldn’t depend on silk thread jewellery business in the long run, spending sleepless nights to complete orders. He was very concerned about my health.

Then after searching for a good place to do the makeup course, I did my professional makeup and hair certification from one of the top bridal makeup artists in January 2017 in Bangalore.

I’m lucky and blessed to have complete support from my better half and family, who motivated me and spent few lakhs to help me complete my course.

By practising a lot, I learnt all the makeup techniques and moulded myself to be the best at my work with the help of my mentor. After completion of my course, I did my first Bridal Makeup in April and I got a lot of appreciation from the bride and her family and friends for my work. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

In a few months, I moved to Pune and continued my passion towards makeup, but I had a tough time to get bookings. I travel to Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and few other cities for Bridal bookings from Pune because I don’t want to miss a single opportunity. Since I am a fresher in this field, my current focus is to build my portfolio and make a mark in the bridal makeup industry rather than focusing on profit. I’m still continuing my silk thread jewellery business by making grand Bridal Bangle sets for my lovely brides.

My inspiration is the Bridal makeup artist Manjeet from Bangalore. I am inspired by her work and her level of dedication towards her profession. My aim is to prove my talent and hard work towards my job. I love to keep updating my makeup skills. In 10 years from now, I want to be one among the best artists in the Bridal Makeup Industry by making my future brides more beautiful with my Makeup skills and making their big day memorable. I would also like to teach my skills to people who have a passion towards makeup and give them an opportunity to grow in this industry.

I am finally making my husband proud of me and happy that he insisted that I choose makeup as my profession and I want to take care of my family and be happy by spending time with them. At the same time, I’m enjoying my work in the bridal Makeup Industry with loads of love and job satisfaction. I love my family and my job.

Thank you, TBG for giving me this opportunity to share my story.


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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Indhu

Hi everyone! I have wanted to share my story with someone for a long time but I’ve never got the opportunity. Thank you TBG for this golden opportunity! There should be a beginning and an end to any story, so let me start from here.

I am Indhu from Coimbatore. My childhood was very difficult. Our family was in a financial crisis. There was no money for food or education. My father was the only earning member and my family, including my younger sister, had to survive on that. I cannot even imagine that terrible life again. My father worked very hard for our livelihood. Our schooling was very difficult. We faced many problems with fees, books, etc. My father somehow managed everything. I completed my SSLC, and I didn’t know which course to take in HSC. Even then I was very eager in the beauty industry. So when I was doing my degree, I started working part-time in a beauty parlour. They trained me too. I used to go there every evening and help them.

Moreover, I learned many things there. That was just an experience, but I wanted to get a proper certificate in that field. So after my degree, I did skincare and makeup courses in V.Care Global Institute which I was very eager to do. After that, I served many people in many ways in this beauty industry. But I didn’t get any job worth my eligibility for two years.

I left the makeup industry and went for another job. I worked in different fields such as in Bharathi AIRTEL, and in a private building construction company in a good position. But even then, my mind told me to go to the makeup industry again. What should I do? To run my life, I needed to work somewhere.

During that time, I was inspired by a person whose name I don’t want to mention here. She told me her story, which was just like mine and I was really inspired because now she had reached a big position. I will never forget her. That was a big turning point in my life. All the credit goes to her and so I followed her activities, left all other jobs and determined ”I SHOULD  NOT GO AWAY FROM THE MAKEUP INDUSTRY AGAIN.”

Then I worked with many makeup artists but everyone was selfish and treated me as a slave. Even when they treated me like that, I concentrated on the work and decided that I would become a good makeup artist. So I tolerated their activities. Now I have become a good Makeup Artist too. My dreams are coming true one by one gradually.
I am still waiting for a good opportunity.

I need a good platform and I trust that TBG Wedding Store will give me one.

Awards, Events and Classes:
* I got the Best Makeup Artist Award in 2014 from Raj T.V.
* I took makeup classes for 500 students (2015 to 2016) in Kongu Vellalar Arts College in Perundurai.
* I took a one-day makeup workshop in April in Coimbatore.

My Favourite Quote is ‘Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self’.
I love makeup forever.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Dhivya Manohar

I am Dhivya Manohar, and I would like to nominate myself for the third category award. I am an upcoming passionate makeup artist. Here is my journey. When it comes to makeup, Let’s just start by plainly saying that I love to look good and stand out, no matter where I am and what I am doing. Also, I strongly believe that looks are the first impression that you make on anyone and everything follows next.

Even as a child, and as far as I can remember, I was one of the siblings and I was the one who always wanted to look good and fashionable all the time. My sister, nah! – not so much (I hope she is not reading this :). Coming from a family where most of the members are from rural parts of India, makeup was not really something one would think about and makeup went as far as Fair & Lovely creams and fashion as far as wearing a Silk Saree. But I, on the other hand, wanted to go beyond just Fair & Lovely and Silk clothing.

My father served the Indian Air Force and that brought the whole family to the great city of Delhi, which was already a metro city at the time. The city had the glitz, glamour, and fashion that engrossed me and provoked my urge and love towards fashion and makeup. Growing up, and competing everyday to look good among the metropolitan citizens fueled my passion to become a makeup artist one day and make people look good for who and what they are.

Being fashionable and wearing makeup always put me on the spot when I made family visits to rural India. But this going back and forth put so many fashion fusion ideas in my head that I had to do something. I would mix and match the best of both rural and urban styles which started to make me stand out even in the urban areas. This fueled my fashion and makeup ideas. With the given Indian student lifestyle, I think I did not have the time and the liberty to pursue my passion. Like every other evolving student, I completed my Engineering degree. Whew!

But the next part of my life, I moved to ‘singara’ Chennai, another interesting metro city. I got a job and now I had the FREEDOM and LIBERTY. It was a blast of fashion and makeup. I would volunteer to makeup and dress up all the girlfriends be it formal or party events or casual outings. Just to see the smiles and happiness of my friends when I make them up and make them look good gave me a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. I was always looking for an opportunity in my life to make this passion of mine go mainstream and make lots of people look good and put more smiles on faces.

Well, my next experience was in Singapore, where the multicultural community gave me an opportunity to explore a lot on the makeup side. The first ever opportunity that I got was when my friend Priya Ravibalan from Singapore called me out of the blue, and asked me to be her official makeup artist for a party that she was hosting for her son’s birthday. I will never forget that day in my life and that was the day that took my passion to a whole new level.

I didn’t think twice, packed my bags with the whatever I had that was related to makeup and fashion, dashed to her house and let my imagination take its toll.

But if you ask me, How was it so different? Then here is the answer. That is the time when I was an official makeup artist for the whole family and friends, girls of all sizes, ages and shades. Wow! And when the party began, all the beauty and smiles that were exchanged and captured that day had a contribution from me. That’s when I was the happiest and that’s what triggered me to want to be a part of the fashion industry.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Anitha Sriram

My name is Anitha Sriram. I am a freelancing makeup artist from Chennai. I have named my brand ‘Luxeface’ and I socially connect with people through the same.

I was working as a HR official in a private bank for almost 7 years. I was basically not a makeup junkie, but the search for my bridal makeup became so intense that I wanted to learn what was so special about it for it to be so popular in demand. I learnt makeup all by myself and started doing my own makeup and also freelanced for friends and family. When I got appreciated by my well wishers, I wanted to do more, and found that it became a serious commitment over a period of time.

Hence, in order to become a certified professional and to become recognized in the city, I did a professional course from Chennai and from a trainer in Malaysia. The skills from both of them had made me grow from one bride to another, and I found myself improvising more and my friends and clients started liking me for my signature looks.

My family had been my constant support for my growth today. When I started doing my makeup for brides, I found I was not able to manage my HR job and this makeup artistry together. Hence, I took a huge risk and quit my job and took up makeup full-time.

I also collaborated with a few designers and photographers to experiment with my creativity in makeup, that helped me a lot to explore my potential and create the same kind of looks which I used to create on my models on my brides. I have a professional experience of a year in this field. Bronzed, glowing skin, and smokey eyes have always been my signature looks.

With the increase in the interest in this field, I also started conducting workshops for the women on the go, which also helps me in connecting with a lot of people. As I love to travel, I don’t hesitate to travel for my brides. I know I have taken a good amount of risk, but what makes me so serious about this is that I have taken up my profession as a passion now, a passion to become a successful entrepreneur in this industry over a period of time.

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