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Why TBG Bridal Store is the Best option for NRI South Indian Brides for Wedding Preparation?

The wedding is something we are always anxious about the most. Everyone wants his or her wedding to be a PERFECT event. So much of arrangements need to be looked after and that too in the best possible way. Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, the to-do list just becomes an endless one. Owing to its diversified cultural heritage, Indian weddings carry a lot more customs and rituals happening along a week’s time.

tbg bridal store for nri brides 1 Photo courtesy: Pexels

The Need For TBG Bridal Store For The NRI South Indian Bride And Her Family

tbg bridal store for nri brides 2

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Nothing works better for South Indian brides living abroad than the online bridal shops like TBG. Away from the motherland, away from the roots, the family of a South Indian bride or groom is found to be struck with the anxiety of not being able to carry on the cultural heritage. This is where the online wedding shops like TBG emerge as the saviour. Read ahead to know the ways online bridal shops are helpful for the NRI South Indian brides.

Plan of Action By TBG Exclusively For The NRI Brides

TBG has a detailed plan of action exclusively made for the NRI South Indian Brides who have their wedding scheduled in some months’ time. Before the South Indian bride and her family come down to India for the wedding, TBG makes sure all the concerned arrangements are made in time and in the most perfect and organised manner.

Multiple Online Sittings With The NRI South Indian Bride As Per Her Convenience

tbg bridal store for nri brides 3

Image courtesy: Pexels

Once the brides contacts TBG, the spokesperson or consultant from TBG arranges multiple sessions of discussions on different issues regarding the wedding. The discussions include everything pertaining to the bridal services as offered by TBG, like Bridal fitness consultation, Bridal diet consultation, traditional South Indian wedding sarees, typical South Indian bridal jewellery, so on and so forth.

The bride, being an NRI; TBG takes special initiative to make sure that the discussions over Whatsapp or Skype or other forms of video conferences are made as per the time convenience of the bride and in relation to the meantime of her residential country.

Multiple Options Shown To The Bride Over Online Modes

tbg bridal store for nri brides 4

Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

The client on her part is supposed to send her latest pictures and according to her looks and complexion, TBG offers the best suited options in bridal makeup, bridal sarees and jewellery; for the NRI South Indian bride via WhatsApp, Skype or mails. After that, as per the feedback on the options, TBG starts arranging for the necessities months before the wedding date.

Connecting With The NRI Bride’s Relatives Living Within The Country 

tbg bridal store for nri brides 5

Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

TBG will also stretch out hands to contact the relatives of the NRI brides who all are staying in India so that the arrangements made are pure as per the tastes and preferences of the concerned family and its customs and traditions.

This kind of a physical bridge between the NRI bride and TBG helps a lot in organising the entire wedding in the best possible way. Not only the arrangements are made as per the personal taste and preference of the different individuals of the wedding family, but also there is hardly any hassle of delivering the wedding dress and accessories in the right time.

Like our article? Having more queries on TBG Bridal Store? Use the comment section below to let us know what you think! We’ll be waiting… 

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5 Different Types of Poo Jadai Designs for South Indian Weddings

Poo means ‘flower’ and Jada means the tail made after tying up the hair. South Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride getting Poo Jadai.

Poo Jadai is also called as Poo Jadai alangaram or Poo alangaram.

What is Poo Jadai Alangaram?

Poo Jadai

Poo jadai designs or the floral designs made on the hairdos of the brides are of high importance in any South Indian wedding.

It is an essential accessory for any South Indian bride. They give colour and fragrance which add to the rustic beauty of the South Indian brides. A South Indian bride looks incomplete without a poo jadai in her hair.

To get ideas about the how to get poo jadai without migraine watch the below video and follow it for your jadai.

The braids and buns of the brides are decorated with possibly the best poo jadai designs to accentuate the beauty for the most special event of their life.

Poo jadai designs for South Indian weddings get special attention. These days’ South Indian brides appoint poo jadai experts to get the best poo jadai designs for their weddings.

A poo jadai is not just for brides but any lady can go for a beautiful poo jadai design during a wedding or any other function.

Beautiful Poo Jadai Alangaram Designs for South Indian Weddings

#1 Traditional and Contemporary Designs

poo jadai design images

Traditionally jasmine jadais have a predominant place in the South Indian weddings.

With time, even roses, lilies and orchids have also taken a strong foothold. You may include various flowers to make the traditional wraps of the poo jadais, as shown below.

Off late apart from the wraps made in different patterns and multiple flowers, netted patterns have been pretty much prevalent with the South Indian brides, be it Tamilians or Telegu; as shown in the pic below.

poo jadai brides images

#2 Poo Jadai Designs with Metal or Beaded Hair Accessories

poo jadai bridal images

If you want to get a bit dressier, you may add metal jewellery or other beaded jewellery to make a difference in your poo jadai.

Usually, temple jewellery comes with such hair accessories to make your hairdo look more traditional and gorgeous. Have a look at the design shown below.

#3 Assemble your Poo Jadai with various other Accessories

poo jadai brides designs

The poo jadai designs which involve decorating the bride’s long plait with beautifully patterned flowers, pearl strings, beads, golden billas, golden jada, etc; have the rich heritage in the South Indian culture.

You will hardly find any South Indian bride without the floral decorations in her hairdo. Flowers are heavily used to give the bride an exquisite look. You may even fix small jewelled combs of different designs, in the spaces in between the flowers of your poo jadai as shown in the pic below.

#4 Full-Length Trails of Poo Jadai

poo jadai alangaram images

There are no strict norms as to how to get the best poo jadai designs. You can do various combinations with trails of garlands, single flowers, beaded hair accessories and other stuff to get the most stunning poo jadai design for your wedding purpose.

Readymade and well-stitched flower patterns are being tied along the entire length of the long plait of the bride. Some of the poo jadai designs include flower wraps around the braid while some also involve single piece flowers stuck in between the knots formed in the braid.

Have a look at the poo jadai trail used in the hairstyle as shown below.

#5 Poo Jadai Design matching with your Wedding Sari

poo jadai matching with sari

Apart from these, you may also think about synchronising your poo jadai designs with the bridal Kancheepuram silk. You can co-ordinate the poo jadai with the colour of the saree by getting matching flowers as shown in the pic below.

Even if you do not dress up in a heavy silk, or wear heavy jewellery, you can make a great bridal statement for yourself by getting the best of the best poo jadai designs.

You can always ask for our TBG Poo Jadai experts and we will help you to get the best poo jadai designs for your wedding. These flower accessories and economic yet come with a lot of beauty.

Please comment your views about this article in the comment box below.

Image credits: 1-, 3 – Monkey Hairstyles, 5-Madurai Decorators,

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20 Amazing Poo Jadai Designs that will Make your Day

Indian Weddings, especially South Indian Weddings are bright, colourful and dramatic. Whether it is the wedding venue or the bride, or other people taking part and celebrating the wedding ceremony; everything and everyone seems to carry some brightness with them.

Talking about South Indian Weddings, the unique thing about the look of any South Indian bride is her Poo Jadai or the floral patterns with metallic accessories used to do the decorate the hair or plait of the bride. Here are some beautiful samples if the poo jadai works done on South Indian brides. Have a look.

Watch the below video, to see the different collection of wedding poo jadai for brides.

1. Poo Jadai With Red Flowers Matching Your Red Bridal Saree

Poo Jadai
Red flower poo jadai

2. Two Layered Poo Jadai With Yellow Roses And White Jasmine

poola jada
Two Layered Yellow Poo Jadai

3. Full-Length Bridal Poo Jadai For The South Indian Bride

Poo jada
Full-Length Bridal Poo Jadai

4. Poo Jadai Mandalas With Intricate Work Of Multiple Flowers

poola jada
Intricate bridal poo Jada

5. Bridal Poo Jadai With Beaded Metal Hair Accessory

Poola jadalu
Beaded Metal Bridal Poo Jadai

6. Gorgeous Bridal Poo Jadai With Beads And Semi-Precious Stones

poo jadai
Beads And Semi-Precious Stones Poo Jadai

7. Elegant Poo Jadai Having Beautiful Single Pink Flowers

flower poo jadai
Elegant Pink Poo Jadai

8. Poo Jadai Of Two Layers With A Metallic Floral Trail

poola jada
Metallic Floral Trial Poo Jadai

9. Simple Poo Jadai With Two Rings Of Flower Petals and Buds

Poo Jadai
Rings Of Flower Petals and Buds

10. Single Flower Poo Jadai Throughout The Plait

poo jadai design
Single Flower Poo Jadai

11. Traditional Poo Jadai With Jasmine Flowers

poo jadai design
Traditional Poo Jadai With Jasmine Flowers

12. Modern Bridal Poo Jadai With Bright Orange Artificial Flower Petals

poola jadalu
Modern Bridal Poo Jadai

13. Uncommon Bridal Poo Jadai Design With Rings

poo jadai designs
Uncommon Bridal Poo Jadai

14. Two Tyre Poo Jadai With A Long Beaded Metallic Trail For The Plait

poo jadai
Metallic Two Tyre Poo Jadai

15. Traditional Bridal Poo Jadai With Red and White Flowers

Red, pink and white poo jadai
Traditional Bridal Poo Jadai

16. Netted Poo Jadai Design For The South Indian Brides

poola jada images
Netted Poo Jadai Design

17. Netted Poo Jadai For The Bridal Bun With A Metallic Trail For The Plait

poo jadai for brides
Metallic Trail Netted Poo Jadai

18. Simple Yet Uniquely Designed Bridal Poo Jadai

poola jada
Uniquely Designed Bridal Poo Jadai

19. Bridal Poo Jadai With Multiple Artificial Floral Patterns

poo jadai
Multiple Artificial Floral Patterns

20. Simple And Clean Poo Jadai Design For South Indian Brides

bridal poo jadai
Simple And Clean Poo Jadai

Liked these poo jadais? Want to see more for your wedding? TBG accounts for the best ever poo jadais for South Indian Weddings. Use the comment section below and let us know if you have any query on the poo jadai design for your wedding. TBG team will offer customised bridal poo jadais exclusively for your wedding.  

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TBG Makeup Artist Workshop – Become your own Makeup Artist in 2 Hours

With a splash of colour and a glimpse into the glamorous world of professional makeup and beauty products, TBG’s Crash makeup Workshop in Bangalore was a huge hit! With attendees thanking TBG profusely for conducting the workshop and asking when the next workshop will be held, everyone gathered had a fantastic time of fun, learning and looking awesome! Take a sneak-peek of the workshop here!

The workshop started off on an energetic note, with all our attendees fresh and eager to master self-makeup.

tbg makeup workshop 1

Our instructor for the day was Kinjal Mehta, one of the stars of the makeup industry, with a long list of celebrities in her clientele, a big collection of the best makeup products (like MAC, Kryolan, Vichy), and an absolutely lovable personality!

tbg makeup workshop 2

Covering various makeup looks like Natural, Party, Formal, and Casual styles, and giving the audience tips on smokey eye makeup, winged eyeliner, and red lips, Kinjal then moved on to talk about the latest trends regarding things like artificial eyelashes, body foundation and dry shampoo and so on.

tbg makeup workshop 3

The audience enjoyed getting their questions answered by one of India’s leading makeup artists. Questions paved the way to discussions about contouring techniques, blending, finding the right shade of foundation for the skin tone, covering dark body zones, the procedure for eye makeup, and trending makeup styles.

tbg makeup workshop 4

tbg makeup workshop 5

Step by step, Question by question, Kinjal clarified the nitty-grittyof makeup, the basics, essentials and frequently asked questions. She topped it all off by demonstrating techniques and methods on a participant.tbg makeup workshop 6

Whose beauty she magically enhanced by the end of the workshop!

tbg makeup workshop 7

At the end of the workshop, Kinjal was available to take personal doubts and questions, and of course, for a selfie!

tbg makeup workshop 8

All the participants were overwhelmed by the end of the workshop, and wanted to preserve this memory of bonding over makeup!!

tbg makeup workshop 9


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The Ultimate Bridal Checklist for every Bride to be

To say that the wedding day for an Indian bride is a big day; is an apparent understatement. Words fall short of all the emotions, thoughts and even physical sensations that are attached to this day for a soon to be married woman.

In the midst of these myriad emotions, thoughts, sensations and palpable excitement; the bride is still expected to do her part to ensure that the wedding ceremony, reception and all the rituals that make up the big fat Indian wedding go off without a hitch.

Bearing this in mind; the bride needs to be well prepared for her big day. This involves taking measures to ensure that the bride is ready for every possible scenario that may crop up during the course of getting ready for the wedding, the wedding rituals and the celebrations that follow right after.

This may involve putting together an all inclusive and comprehensive checklist and ensuring that every item that will help the bride get through her wedding day without any room for mess-ups and embarrassment; goes on this checklist. In an effort to help any soon to be bride; this article provides assistance on putting this mandatory checklist together by listing essentials for an Indian bride on her wedding day. Read further to know more.

1. The Indian Bridal Checklist of Wedding Day Essentials

Indian Bridal Checklist_1

A nightmare scenario for any bride is for something to go wrong on her wedding day. A broken heel, a sudden rain shower, smudged makeup and many other factors such as these; can actually ruin the fairy tale wedding every girl always wants. Sure; all of the chaotic scenarios mentioned above are simply superficial and do not compare to the act of creating a lifetime bond.

However, absolutely; no one wants to associate their wedding day with chaos and mess-ups. This checklist of everything a bride needs to organize for her wedding day will ensure that the bride has some control over the wedding proceedings and can prevent any mess-ups due with precaution and preparatory measures taken beforehand. Read further to know more.

2.  Hours Prior to Bridal Hair and Makeup

Wedding Beauty Checklist

The first step towards looking the part of a bride is bridal hair and makeup and most brides opt for bridal hair and makeup in a styling salon setting.

Two hours prior to bridal hair and makeup sessions; you need to make sure you have a number of bridal essentials in place. These bridal essentials need to go with the bride to the styling salon if the plan is to move from the salon to the wedding venue. These essentials are as follows

  • The complete wedding ensemble with an emphasis on not missing out on any item; whether it’s the blouse that goes with the bridal saree or the dupatta (sash) that goes with the bridal lehenga choli ensemble.
  • The bride should have a separate bag for bridal accessories along with a separate accessories checklist and ensure that every item on the checklist goes into this bridal accessories bag.
  • Bridal shoes and other essentials like undergarments, wet wipes, safety pins, hair pins and perfume and tissues are smaller items that may be easily forgotten. Care should be taken to ensure that these items are not only on the bride’s wedding day checklist but also goes into her bridal essentials bag; prior to hair and makeup sessions.
  • The bride needs to carry both cash and credit cards to the styling salon to ensure that payments are not only made for services rendered but tips are also paid as an act of gratuity.
  • The styling, hair and makeup sessions may prove to endeavour that take a significant amount of time and the bride needs to ensure that she has easy to eat snacks like nutrition bars and chocolate bars to refuel energy reserves.
  • If the bride intends to make her way from the salon to the wedding venue; she also needs to take into consideration items she will require post the wedding. This post wedding essentials bags should hold the wedding reception ensemble, shoes, jewellery, makeup remover, plenty of tissue and wet wipes.
  • Certain essentials such as an umbrella, an extra pair of shoes, an extra pair of undergarments and your very own makeup kit may not be required at the end of the day. However, having these items on the bridal essentials checklist can ensure that the bride has options when faced with a sticky situation. Unfortunate events can range from a sudden downpour of rain on the way to the wedding venue or bridal makeup at the styling salon that do not suit the bride’s needs. The bride should be prepared for such unfortunate mess-ups.

3. Bride to Wife Essentials

As is the natural order of things; a girl goes from being a bride to being a wife and if a wedding is followed by a girls immediate entry into her marital home or a post-wedding getaway; she needs to be prepared with her bride to wife essentials.

The bride to wife essentials bag would include everything needed for the bride’s first night with the husband at a hotel or her husband’s home. These essentials are as listed below.

  • A trendy yet comfortable night suit
  • The brides mobile phone that is fully charged along with the phone charger
  • Makeup cleansers to ensure that the bride removes all traces of heavy bridal makeup
  • Toiletries such as soap, facewash, tooth paste, floss, feminine hygiene products and wet wipes
  • A pair of comfortable shoes for the day after the wedding
  • The bride’s personal makeup kit and other essentials

It is important to note that the bride must arrange for these items to reach the hotel room or her husband’s home well before the wedding reception is over.

4. A Checklist of Various Bridal Responsibilities

As mentioned before, for any wedding to go off without a hitch the bride has to ensure that she lives up to her responsibilities. This would require a systematic checklist of things to do before, during and after the wedding.

Having a checklist means no slip-ups on the part of the bride and zero unnecessary embarrassments. Some responsibilities the bride needs to keep in mind are as follows.

5. Taking Responsibility for Bridal Trousseau

Bridal Accessories

If the bride is calling the shots in terms of bridal trousseau which includes the bridal ensemble and accessories; she needs to ensure that vendors deliver on time for the big day. Getting this done right means ensuring that all trials and fittings including alterations to the bridal ensemble are completed a few days prior to the wedding.

Conceptualizing the bridal look is mostly the responsibility of the bride and she needs to ensure that her vision is delivered to the dress designer, stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist; well in advance to the wedding day.

6. Bridal Punctuality

The Indian wedding is such that the bride needs to be ready in all her wedding finery well before the groom and his people can arrive. Hence the bride needs to be punctual so as not to keep anyone waiting to commence with the wedding rituals. Any Indian bride can benefit from these suggestions related to wedding logistics listed below.

  • The bride needs to pre-plan bridal styling and hair and makeup keeping in mind the auspicious hour or “Shubh Mahurat” for the commencement of wedding rituals.
  • The bride needs to ensure that there is a level of coordination between her team and the groom’s team so as to appear; as a couple in sync with each other.
  • While engrossed in hair and makeup; the bride needs to communicate with the groom’s team to ensure that she is on time at the wedding venue.
  • The bride should proactively capture behind the scenes wedding shots with the help of the wedding photographer.
  • If the bride has any involvement in wedding music and entertainment; she needs to make last minute checks to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

7. The Bride’s Team


Getting married is sure to keep the bride busy; which is why she should not only have items on her checklist but also people. These people are the bride’s mother, sisters and friends; who will ensure that the bride’s dream wedding is carried out to perfection.

It’s best for the bride to encourage her friends to take on specific wedding duties such as organizing transportation to the styling salon followed by transportation to the wedding venue, coordinating with hair and makeup people, being around the bride for moral support and coordinating with the groom’s people.

When the bride makes a conscious effort to assign specific tasks to specific people she is ensuring that her team is working like a well-oiled machine.

In conclusion; these are the obvious bridal checklist suggestions to keep in mind. Every marriage is different and every bride has her own specific needs. It is the bride’s responsibility to fit these needs into her wedding day checklist.

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20 Beautiful Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

A wedding is undoubted, the most important event in a girl’s life. Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding. Indian weddings, as we all know is a weeklong event with multiple ceremonies and customs followed throughout the week. So, it becomes necessary that the bride arranges multiple outfits for the major ceremonies at her wedding. Especially, pattu saree plays a major role in all parts of the wedding ceremony. In this article, we are going to see some of the beautiful pattu saree blouse designs trending among the Indian brides.

Indian wedding outfits are either sarees or lehengas. For South Indian brides, it is primarily saree. So getting a good collection of blouse also becomes important for them. Here are some of the unique bridal blouse designs which any South Indian bride would love to have in her closet.

TBG’s Blouse design packages start from 2,000 INR only. Know more about TBG’s Wedding fashion designers.

20 Latest Silk Saree Blouse Designs – Try for your Wedding

1. Heavy work elbow length designer blouse

Contrast blouse color will always give the best combination for silk sarees. If your silk saree as a contrast blouse then you can pick this design pattern. This elbow length sleeve with full white stone design and designer back will definitely make your blouse look great.

Heavy designer boat neck blouse

Heavy designer boat neck blouse (source)

2. Royal designer wedding blouse

One of the important parts of a wedding outfit is sarees and blouses, which is the most important thing to portrait your beauty on your wedding day. This special outfit can be made more special with this type of heavy work blouse designs. This kinds of design will give you a royal wedding feel and all eyes will be frozen on your blouse design.

Royal wedding blouse

Royal wedding blouse (source)

Royal wedding blouse

Royal wedding blouse (source)

3. Elbow length embroidered designer blouse

If your silk saree is a soft silk type then this style of an embroidered pattern will be the best. This kind of realistic hand work silk saree blouse embroidered designs like Radha and Krishna, veenai design is will definitely make you stand unique from the crowd.

Elbow length embroidered blouse

Elbow length embroidered blouse (source)

4. Close neck Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

Yellow is always the most attractive and pleasant color. You can pick this kind of close neck design for your pattu saree blouse designs. You can go with a fish cut back for this kind of close neck designs. Grand accessories with bun hairstyle will make you look stunning with your outfit.

Close neck blouse

Close neck blouse (source)

5. Radha and Krishna blouse design

If you want to look more traditional with a modern look then this kind of pattern makes it all. when your blouse speaks the story of your love then it is something different. Any bride to be would have admired at the love story of Radha and Krishna at least once in their lifetime.  Keeping their resembles in your pattu saree blouse design will definitely resemble a lovely impact on your partner.

Radha and Krishna design

Radha and Krishna design (source)

You can pick this style of design for a trendy and traditional look. If you are more devotional and want that impact in your marriage then you can try out this type of design pattern in your blouse.

Devotional saree blouse

Devotional saree blouse (source)

6. Elbow sleeve with pearl designs

If you prefer to go for a sheer type blouse design then you can pick this pearl stone designer blouse. This gives a simple and elegant look. Traditional accessories will go well for this kind of soft silk sarees.

pearl designer blouse

pearl designer blouse (source)

7. Mirror work designer blouse

This mirror work designer blouse is something commonly preferred by all kinds of girls. Though it is an old model design pattern, there are more new innovations in this mirror work, you can give it a try for this style pattern for your silk saree.

Mirror work designer blouse

Mirror work designer blouse (source)

8. Golden gems circle neck blouse

Circle opening is a trending design among young girls, this can also be used in silk sarees. We can enhance this design with additional stuff like golden gems and designer chains. If your pattu saree blouse designs is a self-color then this pattern goes well.

Circle neck blouse design

Circle neck blouse design (source)

9. Simple cold shoulder designer

Cold shoulders are generally preferred in lehengas and western wear. This time lets try it in pattu saree blouse design. This golden color more commonly known as Kerala saree is preferred by all kinds of girls. You can go for a contrast blouse for this type of saree. Try out this cold shoulder blouse for your silk saree this time.

Cold shoulder blouse design
Cold shoulder blouse design

10. Golden coin designer work saree

We all will be aware of embroidered designs, stone design works in a blouse, but this coin design work is something different and looks gorgeous for a silk saree blouse design patterns. Try this different style of golden coin designer blouse for this special occasion and stand unique from the crowd.

Golden coin designer blouse
Golden coin designer blouse
coin blouse designer blouse
coin blouse designer blouse

11. Jewelry pattern blouse design

Jewelry pattern blouse designs are now trending among many brides. If your pattu saree blouse design is a simple and plain then you can go for this work. If your saree as a contrast blouse then this design pattern will highlight your blouse and give an elegant and rich look.

Jewellery pattern blouse design
Jewelry pattern blouse design

12. Square check sleeve design

If you are opting for an elbow length sleeve for your silk saree blouse design pattern then you can go with this checkers design. This design will give you a pleasant and elegant look for any occasion. In this type of design, a simple U cut will go well. You can also add tassels to give extra essence to the blouse design.

Square checks blouse design
Square checks blouse design

13. Kundan blouse design

We all will be aware of Kundan blouse design but will not have an idea of the design pattern. You can try out this design style for your contrast silk saree blouse. It is your choice of keeping a close neck elbow length blouse. You don’t need heavy accessories for this kind of designer blouse

Kundan blouse design
Kundan blouse design

14. Elbow length pleated puff sleeve

we all know the age-old puff sleeve blouse pattern. We can add new pattern to this old design pattern like this picture. A normal puff sleeve with straight elbow length pattern is something really looks awesome. If you prefer a puff sleeve for your silk saree blouse then try this different style next time.

Elbow length blouse design
Elbow length blouse design

15. Sheer sleeve designer blouse

This sheer sleeve designer blouse is something very different and attractive. A boat neck design with this sleeve will give you a pleasant and charming look. This type of design can be preferred for pre wedding rituals as this gives both simple and grand look. Contrast color blouse will go well for this style pattern.

Sheer sleeve designer blouse
Sheer sleeve designer blouse

16. Simple Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

South Indian brides need multiple dresses for their multiple rituals and customs of their marriage which is carried throughout a week. Among the so many customs, haldi remains a very important one and a compulsory ceremony in the marriage. If you are looking to have a designer blouse for your pattu saree blouse designs then you can try this style.

If you are looking to have a designer blouse for your haldi, you can refer to the above image. Being a daytime ceremony, the color is kept mild. Keeping in mind the color of haldi, a mild shade of yellow is being used along with contrasting beige.

Simple blouse design
Simple blouse design

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17. Simple yet catchy self-color blouse design

This is an ideal design for your sangeet night in case you want to keep it simple yet make it eye catchy. The unique peacock at the edge of the back comes as an unusual design for any bridal blouse.

As a matter of convenience, the knot is being kept at the other side, avoiding the usual central positioning. The strings come with beautiful decorative making the blouse all the more ideal for wedding purpose.

Self color designer blouse
Self-color designer blouse

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18. Simple elbow length Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

If you want to go by the bling way, then this particular blouse is ideal for your wedding purpose. Heavily dosed with embellishments this bright brick red blouse will catch all the attention at the wedding hall. Perfect back cuts with strings having decorative will make you look stunning.

Simple designer blouse
Simple designer blouse

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19. Heavy Sequined bridal blouse design

With some lovely bright bridal hues of red, pink and orange; a heavily sequined net blouse with some embellishments will work as the best thing for you on your Mehendi ceremony. You can also have similar thing for your sangeet night as well.

bridal blouse

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20. Maroon color south Indian blouse design

This seems to be the perfect blouse for your D-day. Made out of maroon and gold designer blouse, it is heavily designed with embroideries, sequins, and embellishments; making it the ultimate bridal statement for any girl. This simple elbow length pattu saree blouse design will be an eye catchy decorative.

Maroon color bridal blouse design
Maroon color bridal blouse design

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Liked these south Indian silk saree blouse designs? Feel free to come up with your suggestions on the below comments section.

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10 Different Blouse Work to Checkout this Wedding Season

The Indian saree is worn along with a blouse to make what is a complete Indian ethnic ensemble which is worn on an everyday basis by many women all over the country and even on festive and special occasions. The saree is typically 4.5 metres to 8 metres in length and 2 to 4 feet in breadth.

The shape and dimensions of the saree remains the same as this is a drape garment however it is the blouse that creates room for different silhouettes, design and cutwork. Owing to the fact that there is plenty of room for different silhouettes, cutwork and tailoring in blouses; there is also plenty of variations of this garment that is an important part of the complete saree ensemble.

It is quite apparent that women take these differences in this upper garment seriously which is why women put much effort into matching sarees with different kinds of blouses to create different ethnic looks that range from vintage to glamorous and sexy. This blog aims to introduce the reader to varied blouse types based on design and embroidery, cutwork and silhouette. Read further to know more.

10 Different type of blouse work and designs

This comprehensive list of top 10 types of blouse work is sure to introduce the reader to various kinds of blouses that can be added to one’s wardrobe to create stunning ethnic saree ensembles. Each blouse type stands out for its design, embellishments, silhouette and appeal. Scroll down to know more.

1. Cutwork Blouse

cut work blouse design

As the name suggests; cutwork blouses are characterized by designs that are literally cut into the blouses. This cutwork is further accentuated with embroidery and embellishments to create stunning upper garments to complete the saree ensemble.

In cutwork blouses; it is common to see intricate patterns like paisley, floral patterns and meshwork among others. These blouses may not be worn on an everyday basis but they are highly sought after for weddings and other festive occasions.

2. Mirror work Blouse

mirror work blouse design

Mirror work has been often used to create stunning ethnic garments and the popularity of this unique kind of embellishment extends to blouses for sarees as well.

Mirror work adds shimmer, glamour and glitz to any Indian ensemble which is why mirror work blouses are worn with equally glitzy wedding and festive sarees in vibrant colors and hues. In most cases mirror work is combined with exquisite embroidery; as can be seen in the image above.

3. Kundan Blouse

kundan work blouse design

The popularity of Kundan craftsmanship is not just limited to jewelry and in fact; Kundan often finds its way on to Indian ethnic garments including the blouse that goes along with the saree. Kundan blouses are exquisitely embellished blouses that feature colorful or clear Kundan stones.

Once again; these blouses are mainly reserved for weddings and festive wear. It is impossible to deny the desi bling factor in Kundan blouses and this is very apparent in the picture above; which is just one example of the many different and exquisite Kundan blouses.

4. Zardosi Blouse

zardosi work blouse design

Zardosi is one of the most exquisite types of embroidery there is and this kind of embroidery often finds its way onto the blouse. Zardosi is set apart from other variations of embroidery as it is exclusively gold thread or silver thread embroidery.

Zardosi blouses are much sought after for weddings and festive occasions and can be quite expensive. Zardosi embroidery is often combined with Kundan work or mirror work to create exquisite blouses and other ethnic garments.

5. Chikankari Blouse

chikankari blouse work

While most of the blouse work types on this list are exclusive to weddings and celebratory occasions; Chikankari blouses can be worn at anytime. Chikankari embroidery is characterized by light embroidery with white threads done on pastel shade fabrics like cotton and light muslin.

As such these blouses can be worn throughout the year and at anytime of the day without the discomfort that is associated with heavy embroidery and embellishments.

6. Lace work Blouse

lace work blouse design

While delicate lace fabric is often used in western women’s wear; it can also be used to create exquisite blouses for the saree ensemble with an Indo-Western fusion appeal. Black lace blouses like the one in the picture above can add to the glamour and appeal of any saree ensemble and makes for great party wear and festive wear.

7. Puff Sleeve Blouse

puff sleeve blouse work

Puff sleeves have always been a favored silhouette for women’s wear and this silhouette works equally well for saree blouses.

Puff sleeves give the saree ensemble a chic vintage look that many women seem to prefer on festive occasions and for wedding wear. The puff sleeve blouse in the picture above makes the appeal of this blouse type very apparent.

8. Net Sleeve Blouse

net sleeves blouse work

The net sleeve blouse is yet another popular blouse type. Once again; this blouse type has very chic and vintage appeal that many women proactively seek out to complete their saree ensembles.

Net sleeve blouses can either be in the form of sleeves that extend to the wrist, elbows or the usual quarter sleeve blouse. Net sleeve blouses can also appear as puffed and is often accentuated with embellishments and embroidery.

9. Sleeveless Blouse

sleeveless blouse design

In the warm and humid Indian climate; the popularity of sleeveless blouses cannot be underscored. These blouses are widely popular during the summer months and they are worn on an everyday basis and even on festive and celebratory occasions.

These blouses are mostly preferred for the comfort factor as they keep the arms cools and the underarms sweat free however there is a certain appeal to beautiful bare upper arms that these blouses highlight.

10. Halter Neck Blouse

halter neck blouse design

While the saree doesn’t really change in terms of cut, length and breadth; it is the blouse that changes the appeal of the saree ensemble on the whole. The halter neck blouse gives the saree an Indo-western fusion appeal that is undeniable. Additionally; these blouses have a glamour and comfort factor that works in its favor.

It is easy to see that the wide range of blouse work types allows for variation for women who enjoy wearing sarees on a daily basis or on special occasions. Bearing in mind that there a wide range of blouse types; one needs to effectively match the right blouse with the right saree. When you have matched the right saree with the right blouse; you have on your hands a complete saree ensemble that is appropriate for the occasion on which you wish to wear this Indian ethnic garment.

Watch the below video to see the importance of blouse design matching your body type.

As mentioned before; the saree can be worn on an everyday basis or on special occasions. This primarily depends on the nature of the saree, the fabric, the nature of embroidery and embellishments. The blouse needs to be matched accordingly. In conclusion; few tips to match the right blouse with the right saree are listed below.

  • The pallu embroidery of the saree should match with the neck and sleeve embroidery of the blouse for the perfect festive wear look
  • Blouses and sarees pair well when put together in contrasting colors
  • Heavily embellished and embroidered festive saree goes well with a shimmery fabric yet lightly embroidered and embellished festive blouse
  • In reverse; a heavily embellished and embroidered blouse goes well with a shimmery fabric yet lightly embellished and embroidered saree
  • Choose you blouse type according to the weather conditions. Heavily embellished and embroidered blouses with longer sleeves can prove to be uncomfortable during the warmer months.

Watch the below video to get an idea of choosing a contrast blouse color for your saree from our notch fashion designer.

Bearing all the points made above in mind; it is easy to see that matching the right blouse with the right saree is essential for style and comfort. Some care must be taken to get this done; owing to wide range of blouse types available.

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10 Stunning Bridal Saree Colors Apart From Red

The traditional Indian bridal saree is red and resplendent and still happens to be the number one bridal ensemble choice among brides in the country. However, the times are changing and so are the trends including bridal fashion trends.

A growing number of Indian brides are opting for a modern version of the bridal saree in colors apart from red. This is not a controversial choice and these choices have been pretty well accepted. So; if you are a soon to be bride and you do not wish to wear red on your wedding day; you can take joy in the fact that you have multiple other options.

Don’t Want a Red wedding Saree? Here are 10 other Colors to choose from!

Red is definitely a vibrant and bright color that effectively matches the revelry and celebrations revolving around an Indian wedding however it is not the only bright, vibrant and festive color on the spectrum.

There are multiple bright shades that make for great wedding sarees and one must also consider the fact that many brides are opting for rich luxurious colors on their wedding day or even classic pastel shades for a more sophisticated look. Listed below are 10 bridal saree colors that are a refreshing detour from the traditional red bridal saree. Scroll down to know more.

1. Pink Bridal Sarees are Trending in a Big Way

Pink Bridal Saree_1
Pink Bridal Saree

Pink is one of the nearest shades to red and it’s no mystery that pink bridal sarees are trending in a big way in recent years. The color pink is feminine yet festive, celebratory yet not too loud; it is no wonder that brides to be are opting for pink bridal sarees in growing numbers.

The pink bridal saree in the image above is an excellent example of what to expect. These sarees are often heavily embellished and are of net fabrics.

2. Wedding Vibrancy with the Color Yellow

Yellow colour bridal saree_2
Yellow colour bridal saree

The color yellow is yet another excellent option when considering wedding sarees in colors apart from red. Yellow has a distinctive festive and celebratory vibe that is hard to deny and bright yellow can be just as effective as vibrant red; when a bride needs to stand out in a crowd of wedding guests and family.

3. Go With Green for a Refreshing Change

Green bridal saree_3

Perhaps you didn’t consider the viability of the color green in terms of wedding saree colors however different bright shades of green can make for great wedding sarees. When exploring the different options for bridal saree colors; give a green saree like the one in the picture above; a fair chance.

4. Substitute Red with Maroon

Maroon Bridal Saree

If you wish to look the part of the traditional Indian bride minus the red saree; substituting red with maroon can be a brilliant idea. While red is vibrant and bright; maroon is a darker and richer shade that effectively denotes bridal opulence.

Go with a maroon bridal saree such as the one in the picture above for a rich and luxurious bridal look. Gold embroidery on a maroon saree; more often than not brings out the bridal opulence; most brides are on the lookout for.

5. Rich Prussian Blue Bridal Saree

Prussian Blue Bridal Saree_5
Prussian Blue Bridal Saree

Prussian blue is a rich opulent color that makes for great bridal sarees. Rich lustrous Prussian blue fabric has a royal vibe that can transform any bride into a princess. The advantage of wearing a Prussian blue bridal saree is that it can be easily matched with a red blouse so that you do not have to completely eliminate this traditional bridal color from your wedding ensemble.

6. Go with a Purple Bridal Saree for Royal Look

Purple Bridal Saree_6
Purple Bridal Saree

In ancient times; the dye used to color fabrics purple was very expensive and purple clothing was limited to aristocrats and royalty. Purple remains true to its royal vibes even today and you can opt for purple bridal saree for an undeniably royal bridal look.

It must be noted that purple is not an unusual bridal saree color and the brilliant purple Kanjeevaram silk saree in the picture above; is an excellent example of the point being made.

7. Opt for a Resplendent Rose Pink Bridal Saree

Rose Pink Bridal Saree_7
Rose Pink Bridal Saree

Owing to the popularity of pink in terms of contemporary bridal saree; this rose pink bridal saree had to be added to the list. Rose pink is a delicate and feminine color and when combined gold weaves, embellishments and stonework; it makes for great bridal sarees.

8. Grab a Gold Bridal Saree

Gold Bridal Saree_8
Gold Bridal Saree

It’s hard to deny the appeal of gold to the average Indian bride and a gold saree combined with gold jewelry for a bridal look is good overboard in a great way. Very rarely; too much of something is not a bad thing and a gold bridal saree combined with gold jewelry is an excellent example of the point being made.

9. Enjoy the Sheen of a Silver Bridal Saree

Silver Bridal Saree_9
Silver Bridal Saree

Silver is yet another popular shiny and shimmery wedding color and a silver bridal saree can have just as much as bridal appeal as the traditional red saree. The silver saree in the picture above is an excellent example of the point being made.

10. Aim for Elegance with an Off-White Bridal Saree

Off White Bridal Saree
Off White Bridal Saree

Off-White isn’t necessarily a popular color for celebratory occasions however changing trends have brought the off-white bridal saree under the spotlight. Off-white by itself is not a great bridal color but when combined with clear stonework, glass work and crystals; an off-white bridal saree can result in an elegant and regal bridal look.

In conclusion; one must note that while red suits Indian skin colors to a large extent; one may need to choose from the additional colors listed above; based on a look test. Additionally; none of these colors make for great bridal sarees by themselves. However, when combined with embellishments and embroidery; they can easily replace the traditional red bridal saree.

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Why Organic foods are not the only Healthy option for Brides?

There has been a sudden upsurge in the consumption of organic foods amongst us with the growing health awareness. There are people going overboard to get all organic fruits and vegetables; especially South Indian brides who are to be married off soon, are really concerned about having a healthy living to get a healthy glowing skin and hair. But what you need to know is that you can actually do without visiting organic retail outlets and getting huge bills.

1. Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

Lacto-fermented veggies, such as pickles, kimchee and sauerkraut, are potent detoxifiers. Although their name may sound intimidating, these crisp, tangy veggies are not difficult to make or eat. These veggies have very high levels of probiotics, which break down and eliminate toxins from the body. Making lacto-fermented veggies takes nothing more than salt or any of the fermenting agents, vegetables and filtered water.

2. Respite In Form of Oats

Respite In Form Of Oats

If on one hand we have major food crops affected by the chemical injects, then on the other hand we also have respite in form of oats whose cultivation is yet not affected by the chemical fertilizations and pesticides. Oat is a whole grain food which is highly rich in fibre content. It is extremely nutritious and helpful if losing weight. Oats give you all the much required nutrients and also keeps your tummy full so that you don’t feel the hunger to grab the fast food bites.

3. Add Some Not So Popular Yet Nutritious Foods In Your Bridal Diet

bitter gourd

You can play a trick on your diet by including the food items which are not so popular, be it for the taste or lesser availability or even due to difficulty level in preparation; yet they are highly nutritious. Bitter gourd or bitter melons, unknown green vegetables, millets, etc. are good examples of such foods.

4. Digestive Foods Which You Usually Ignore

digestive foods

Adding digestive foods like zucchini, digestive biscuits, wholegrain food, fishes, clarified butter or ghee, etc. in your daily diet will add up the nutritional values in your system, and also make you a healthier being with better immunity.

5. Protein Rich Food Items

Protein Rich Food Items

Get a high protein and low carb diet. Add more and more protein rich food items in your daily food diet chart. Make sure foods like milk, fish, almonds, chicken, egg, etc. are decent part of your regular diet.

6. Fresh Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

It is very important that you buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Being the seasonal ones, they are grown without much application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Thus you not only get an economic grocery shopping by avoiding the expensive organics but also get to utilize the nutritional benefits of those seasonal foods, and get a healthy glowing skin before your wedding.

7. Breakfast And Snacks Food Items

Breakfast And Snacks Food Items

Add multi-grain breads and other types of whole grain foods in your breakfast and snacks. Adding multi-grain will add protein and fibre in your diet, eventually giving you a fit and strong physic.

8. Smoothies Which Are Great In Nutritional Value

healthy smoothies

You can actually make some really tasty and healthy smoothies in your kitchen in no time. Make a thick paste out of some fruits, vegetables and nuts in a blender with milk or juice. Add naturally sweet fruits with a dash of cocoa powder, tobasco sauce or alcohol.

9. Commonly Grown Foods Which Are Not Commercially Exploited

grown foods

It is for the wellness of not only your skin but also your health, try to get fruits and vegetables which are not commercially exploited by the usage of chemicals. You might be surprised to know that most of the commonly bought vegetables like potato, tomato and onion; are grown throughout the world during all seasons by utilizing different chemicals.

You think we missed out anything? Feel free to suggest! Use the comment section below and let others know if there are other potential healthy alternatives for organic foods.

Image courtesy: Pixabay, Flickr, Wikimedia commons, Wikipedia

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Top 10 Bridal Jewellery Items For South Indian Brides

Your wedding is not just the day you waited for years; it’s a day for which even your parents wove big dreams. Like you even your parents want you to look nothing less than the most beautiful women in this world for that one single day.

So the two most important things that by default get the most of the planning, and top the diary of your wedding planner, are the wedding dress and wedding jewellery. Usually you tend to buy the wedding garment first and then get the bridal jewellery in accordance to it. Here are all the options you would like to go through before deciding upon your wedding accessories for the D-day.

#1 Extravagant Diamond Jewellery Items for South Indian Brides

Nothing can please women more than diamonds. Diamonds and women are like best friends forever. Although South Indian weddings are more popular for their Gold and Temple jewellery, Diamond jewellery off late, has gained quite a prominent place. The larger than life South Indian weddings these days shows pomp and grandeur like never before.

bridal jewellery

South Indian brides are getting more and more inclined to bling diamond jewellery as her bridal jewellery. The best thing about the diamond jewellery items is that you can wear with any kind of dresses, whether it is a traditional saree or lehenga or suit or anything else. Your wedding jewellery gets a sort of extravagance when they come in glittery diamonds. Check out Mangalorian girl and Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty in some exquisite collection of bridal jewellery made of emeralds and uncut diamonds.

#2 Royal Getup with Polki Diamond Jewellery

Thinking of adding a royal touch to your wedding jewellery? Go for Polki Diamond Jewellery items. Bridal jewellery pieces in kundan jadao or polki diamonds adds a royal grandeur apart from extravagance. Polki was initially introduced by Mughals.

south indian bridal jewellery

Such jewellery pieces are made of uncut natural diamonds. As part of your wedding jewellery you may include necklace sets, heavy chokers, chandbalis or the Jadau sets made in polki diamonds having intricate designs of Meenakari and enamel work. Recently many Bollywood actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone were spotted flaunting such jewellery pieces.

#3 South Indian Brides incomplete without theTraditional Mango Mala

Mango Mala or Managa Malai is like an indispensible item in the list of bridal jewellery for South Indian brides.  The traditional Mango Mala is a long and intricate necklace designed with precious and semi-precious stones. It makes the bride look absolutely flamboyant yet ethnic on her D-day. It accounts to carry a rich heritage and is gaining popularity with time.

jewellery for south indian brides

#4 Look exquisitely beautiful with traditional Nakshi and Temple Jewellery pieces

The layered chains of gold balls, at times with coloured beads and Nakshi work with antique finish; all together gives you an exquisitely beautiful look on your wedding day. Such bridal items come in designs or cravings of Goddess, precious gems and stones, uncut diamonds, polkis, nakshi balls or south sea pearls. Nakshi waist belts or vaddanams or kamarbandhs are quite popular items.

south indian bridal jewellery

#5 Certain things like Antique Gold Jewellery will never lose the grandeur   

Whether it is the haath-phools, maang-tikkas, thick bangles or kadas, vanki or baju-bandhs, waist belts or kamar bandhs or a necklace; anything in gold has comes with great opulence. Check the Konkani speaking Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wearing a golden haath-phool in the grand blockbuster movie Bjirao Mastani. Beside her is a pic showing an antique baju-bandh.

bridal jewellery for brides

#6 Guttapusalu Haram / Pearls Necklace

Gutta Pusalu haram is a famous South Indian traditional design with heavy bunches of beautifully adorned small pearls, clustered along an antique gold chain. The Gutta pusalu haram or necklace is usually studded with rich rubies, emeralds or kundans and looks very graceful which is why it has become a trendy choice for today’s brides. Some of the Gutta pusalu necklaces come in reversible models with different colored  stones studded on both sides.

south indian jewellery

#7 Pacchi Jewellery

Pacchi work is one of the most intricate art form so far jewellery making is concerned. It is created with glass stones or beads, coloured pacchi leafs, and pearls. Each and every leaf is designed by hands on the top of the other, which gives it a three dimensional look.

jewellery for south indian tamil brides

#8 Kasu Haram or Kasulaperu

Kasu haram or kasulaperu is a traditional neckpiece designed with coins put together with embossed design over them. It is timeless jewel mostly common with the Keralites.

bridal jewellery for females

#9 Mangtika Mathapatti to grace the bride’s forehead

Mangtika or mathapatti completes the look of the bride. It graces the forehead of the bride and brings the best in her overall look. Check sizzling Bollywood actress Kartina Kaif adorning herself with a typical South Indian mathapatti, in the pic below.

brides jewellery

#10 Half Mathapatti of Side Mathapatti

Although used in a yesteryear film Pakeezah, the half mathpatti or side mathaptti as worn by the quintessential beauty Meena Kumar can make a woman look beautiful like never before. Also known as the Pakeezah jhoomar allows the bride to have a side parting of her hair unlike the usual center parting.

jewellery pictures

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