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Why you should Attend TBG’s Saree Draping Workshop?

Although just a single piece of eight yards cloth, saree happens to be the sexiest traditional attire a woman can come in. Sarees come in various fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, synthetic, etc. Some sarees come with mixed fabrics, and based on the fabrics the sarees seem heavy or light, and get different textures as well.

TBG Saree Draping Workshops

Draping the eight yards is an art itself. Some are really quick at learning it while others are total mess with sarees. With the TBG Saree Draping Workshop, all you would be South Indian brides can master the art of wearing sarees. Indian women mostly tend to wear sarees more often after their marriage. With the changing fashion trends, many fashionable saree draping ways and techniques have evolved which women are following apart from the usual traditional ways. With the TBG saree draping workshops you get to learn all the traditional as well as latest trends of draping the eight yards.

saree draping workshop for you

Why Do You Need The TBG Saree Draping Workshop?

The TBG saree draping training is specifically designed to help you get a hang of the different types of saree draping styles. You will be taught quick techniques to grasp the different draping looks. The workshop will make sure that you can drape the saree perfect on your own without any help from a third person. You get to know which style suits you according to your body shape and height.

learn saree draping in a workshop

Important Things You Can Learn in the TBG Sari Draping Workshop

# A thorough training will be given the TBG team, in different fashionable ways of draping different types of sarees from the very beginning till the last pinning; during the draping workshop

# Separate training sessions will be allotted for different types sarees, based on the fabric

# Individual guidance will be given throughout the training period

# The training will include saree draping for different events whether formal, casual or special party events

# The best most important learning you can have from the workshop is the 2 minutes to drape a saree session, which will be really important when you have any occasion to attend post your office hours


Different Types Of Sarees To Be Used In The Training

a) Chiffon
b) Cotton
c) Heavy kanchipuram silk
d) Heavy worked synthetic

The Different Styles That You’ll Be Taught

a) A formal style
b) A casual style
c) A party style
d) Variations of party style

Changing Usual Draping Into The Following Styles

a) Gujjju style
b) Coorgie style
c) Mermaid style-double / triple draping
d) Raj Rajashthani style

Assistance On The Followings To Carry The Saree For Longer Time

a) The border on the hip
b) The upper pleats
c) The lower pleats
d) Adjustments to be done ‘The tunnel technique’

Sarees can make any women looks graceful and ravishing. All she needs to know is the right kind of draping style in accordance to her body shape and height. TBG brings to you a uniquely designed saree draping workshop that will be extremely helpful to women who loves to come in the eight yards.

If you are a saree person who keeps on experimenting with her eight yards look, try out the TBG Saree draping workshop. Put your views, suggestions or queries in the comment section below and let TBG serve you.

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10 Different Types of Bridal Jewellery Popular in India

One of the bride’s biggest excitements during her wedding planning is the amount of bridal jewellery sets she gets to wear! Especially Indian brides are said to look incomplete without the grand and extravagant Indian bridal jewellery.  Bridal jewellery adds that festive aura to any outfit and makes the bride appear truly resplendent.

In the Indian wedding context, with the importance attached to bridal jewellery, and the sky-rocketing prices of gold and precious stones, getting your bridal jewellery on rent is a great option! Make sure you pick your jewellery sets after finalizing your muhurtam or reception outfit, so as to make sure they match and don’t clash.

Choose jewellery that goes with the genereal look you’re aiming for, including how it sets off your hairstyle and makeup. Also, remember to pick bridal jewellery that you can use again!

Here are some famous and celebrated varieties of bridal jewellery from all parts of India that you can opt for on your wedding!

#1 Kundan Jewellery


Kundan Jewellery set
Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is one of the most expensive types of bridal jewellery available, for its quality and masterful workmanship. Under the patronage of many Rajasthani aristocrats, this mughal jewellery has attained perfection and is just right for any bride who wants a fabulous and traditional jewellery set!

#2 Gold Jewellery


Gold jewellery set
Gold jewellery

South Indian bridal jewellery would not be complete without this precious metal.  Most brides, even if wearing modern jewellery for the reception, always opt for traditional gold jewellery for the muhurtam wedding ceremony. Gold jewellery comes in various designs and patterns, specialized for each region.

Choose from TBG’s collection of stunning gold bridal jewellery sets on rent!

#3 Temple Jewellery

temple jewellery

Antique traditional jewellery engraved usually with the figures of Ganesha or Lakshmi for prosperity and happiness, temple jewellery has a divine, heavy, appearance perfect for traditional brides, and gives an opulent air. Check out bridal jewellery sets on rent at bridal jewellery on rent

#4 Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Or a bride’s best friend. Diamond bridal jewellery  goes with most outfits, and gives a classic and elegant look while spreading that rich and affluent atmosphere to the wedding. They’re a great choice if you want to make your appearance grand while avoiding the brightness and sometimes gaudiness of gold.

TBG’s  American diamond jewellery package is a must-see if you’re considering diamond jewellery! @

#5 Kaasu Maalai

kaasu maalai

One of the most traditional types of bridal jewellery, Kaasu malais are made with gold coins or small mangas strung together to make a beautifully perfect south Indian bridal necklace. They are also sometimes set with precious stones. They are the perfect traditional accompaniment for your muhurtam silk!

#6 Filigree Jewellery

filigree jewellery

Gold and silver bridal jewellery designed with filigree work give a royal feeling, and elevate the bridal outfit. These filigree jewellery sets  give a exotic charm to the bride’s appearance and are a fantastic choice for trendy and elegant outfits!

#7 Antique Jewellery

Bridal jewellery set
Antique Jewellery

Antique Jewellery pieces usually have an ethnic, old-fashioned charm with their burnished gold and copper metal finish and its subtle shine. They don’t sparkle like new jewellery, but they sure have the lure of the antique finish!

#8 Mango Mala Set

Bridal jewellery set
Mango Mala Set

Mangas are the embodiment of Indian tradition. Symbolising fertility and prosperity, mangas are a design often seen in south Indian bridal jewellery. They are set with precious stones too and sometimes include peacocks or other symbols of Indian culture. Traditional bridal gold jewellery doesn’t get better than this!

#9 Navratna Jewellery

traditional bridal set
Navratna Jewellery set

These jewellery sets made with nine precious stones are believed to bring good luck to those who wear it. The sheer grandeur of a necklace made with so many kinds of precious gems speels luxury at your wedding and adds that extra glamour to the bridal attire. If you’re looking for the accessory that sets you off from the rest, look no further!

#10 Meenakari Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery set
Meenakari Jewellery

Originating from Persia, this form of bridal jewellery is famous for its brilliant colour. Gold designs on enamel and embedded kundan stones are specialities in meenakari jewellery to watch out for! Some pieces of Meenakari have different patterns on either sides and are wearable on both sides! How cool is that for re-usable bridal jewellery?

Did you find this blog useful in helping you know about more options for your bridal jewellery? Leave your suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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One Month Bridal Workout Plan for Brides Getting Married in a Month

Indian women have a genetic tendency of putting up weight in no time. Having a unique body structure, most of the fat gets deposited on the tummy, thighs and bum areas due to which Indian women have quite a bulky lower body. But that doesn’t stop them from prohibiting their taste buds lip smacking delicacies of restaurants and the quick bites of street food which are loaded with oil and butter.

With just one month to go wannabe brides might turn hell-bent to get into the right shape and lose weight for wedding. After all it is the day they have been waiting for all throughout their life and have been planning so many things for it. Being a bride it is quite obvious that you would want to look the best for that one night. People should talk only and only about you, admire no one but you!

Not a gym person? Start off at home comfort

Hitting the gym and trying those hard heavy machines and steroids can have more adverse effects on you rather than just putting you back in shape. So it is better you do a little bit of homework by yourself and spare that extra unnecessary expense on the gym. Try some simple yet regular routines of workouts along with maintain a good balanced diet.

workout for brides at home

Warm up is always a must

You can try a 14-minute bride workout session as mentioned below in the comfort of your own home without the help of any expert trainee and lose weight for wedding. But before starting off, make sure that you have warmed up enough.

warmup for brides before workout

In-house bride workout steps for 10 minutes sessions

Two minutes of squats

Thirty seconds to one minute rest

Two minutes of walking/jogging up and down the stairs

Thirty seconds to one minute rest

Two minutes of press-ups and triceps dips using a solid chair (alternate 10 of each)

Thirty seconds to one minute rest

Two minutes of jumping jacks, knee lifts, jogging on the spot (complete 10 of each)

Thirty seconds to one minute rest

Two minutes of planks and sit-ups (complete 30 seconds of planks and Twelve sit-ups and keep alternating)

in-house bridal workout

One of the best exercise which all kinds of people can try it out at any place. This is called as wall sit exercise. Watch the below video to know about the wall sit exercise and its benefits.

Weekly schedule of your wedding workout plan

# Weeks 1 and 2: Complete two 14-minute sessions, reducing the rest periods progressively during this period.

# Weeks 3 and 4: Complete two double sessions (i.e. two x 14 min sessions), again reducing the rest periods progressively.

# Weeks 5and 6: Complete three triple sessions, reducing the rest periods workout plan for brides

Thinking about the diet chart?

Just like going overboard with the wedding workout plan will have adverse effects, similarly having a crash will only make you weak and unhealthy and devoid you of the natural glow on your skin. Skipping meals is a strict NO. When you skip meals your body tends to store fat by default and you look bulky, therefore you should definitely have regular hours of meals. Successful weight control comes through the right food taken at right time.

diet plan for brides# You may start you day by having a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey, in empty stomach. You can alternately try ginger instead of lemon. This is very useful in burning the excess fat near the belly area. Avoid consuming anything after this for about an hour. Meanwhile you can go for your morning walk or jogging, which will do the job even better.

# Do not skip the four major meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner.

# Instead of eating heavy meals you can try having munchies or small meals all throughout the day at a regular intervals of two hours.

# In case you are a rice addict, reduce portion sizes gradually so as to take it easy.

# Try to follow a low carbs and high protein diet.

# Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins out of your system.

# Forget the fast food for a month please! Use a tiffin box to carry the food you plan to eat while you are out for the bridal shopping.

Apart from these, you definitely need to have the beauty sleep. Sleep well to look fresh all while the day.

So, are you following these plans? Tell us about experiences, suggestions and queries in the comments section below.

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Best 6 Tips For Your Bridal Diet Plan To Lose Weight Before Marriage

Marriage is like the D-day for any girl. She has an endless list of plans for that one single day. NO matter how she appears all her life, but she won’t keep any stone unturned to look at her best for that single day. Among the many measures taken by the brides, whether Indian or not, the most common of all is chalking a wedding diet meal plan for losing weight and getting into the right shape.

But while doing so you might get wrong in many ways and hamper your health. So while you chalk out your bridal diet plan keep the following points in mind.

#1 Set a doable and practical target before starting the bridal diet plan

First of all, there is no point in setting an impractical target for yourself. There is no way that you can lose 10 Kg in the very first week without harming yourself. So instead of planning a crash diet to lose 10Kg at the very initial stage, plan for a lower limit of 5kg. Having a doable and realistic target is necessary to achieve diet goals in the stipulated time.

bridal diet plan

You can always consult a dietitian or nutritionist for this purpose. Such expert professional will chalk out the perfect wedding diet meal plan for you, considering your body shape, height, current weight, available time, your prevailing health conditions, and such other important parameters; which otherwise might get overlooked by you.

#2 Crash Diets do more bad than good

diet plan for brides

In order to lose weight in quick time, you might go on a crash diet. Some Punjabi or South Indian brides are often caught going on a liquid diet. Your daily calories quota gets curtailed to fewer than 1,000, in order to melt the fat.

But what you ignore is the fact that when your calorie intake gets lowered, your metabolism also gets lowered, and thus your body burns calories more slowly. As a result of which you actually GAIN weight, rather than losing.

#3 Include enough water intake in the wedding diet meal plan

Remember reading ‘have six to seven glasses of water every day’ in the primary? Include regular water intake in your bridal diet plan. We need water for more than one reason. It not only flushes the toxins out of our system but also helps building our metabolism.

wedding diet plans

Not having enough water is one of the greatest mistakes you can do while planning to lose weight. You need water to burn calories. Yes, you read it right. Dehydration also lashes your metabolism, and that means slower weight loss.

#4 Try to know the liquid calories to take throughout a day

wedding diet meal plans

Planning a diet chart without considering the liquid calories you take throughout the day can be a grave mistake. Do not be shocked to know that some of the cold coffees or the fancy cocktail drinks you go for at the bars might have more than 500 calories. Even a fruit beer or soda can add high calories.

#5 Say no to Low-fat food, low-fat and low-calorie aren’t the same

Do not take low-fat food as low calorie food. You might include low-fat products in your diet they are not the same as low-calorie food. Even if you eat five low-fat tarts or cupcakes, you might be taking more calories than a tiny bowl of rice.

meal plans

So, it is better to know the calorie values of different food, you plan to eat throughout a day. Always check the label at the back of any food items (whether raw or cooked) before buying, so that you may know how much calories that particular item is adding to your bridal diet plan.

#6 Taking small bites of fast food while out for the bridal shopping

While on the bridal shopping spree, you might end up having a few bites of the fast food with your friends. You need to avoid that strictly. Definitely, bridal shopping is a huge task.

diet for brides

You might get hungry in between. So better, you carry a tiffin box packed with some sprouts or fruits or nuts, or any home cooked food; which will not only meet your hunger but also add nutritional value to your health.

Please comment your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

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Top 7 South Indian Bridal Sarees You Should Try this Wedding Season

Your wedding saree is a thing you remain concerned about the most! The wedding jewellery and the wedding saree for the bride always get the utmost attention of the would-be bride and her wedding planner; as it is these are the two things which will get the maximum attention on the wedding day.

South India is known to produce the best Silk sarees in India. So South Indian bridal sarees are mostly found in silks with golden borders, embroidery, embellishments and in bright colours. The South Indian bridal sarees come with great pomp.

Silks are the most common fabric when it comes to South Indian wedding sarees. One will find four kinds of silk used in the manufacturing of the South Indian wedding sarees, namely Mulberry, Muga, Eri Silk and Tussore. Among these four, Mulberry is being considered as the best of all.

Apart from these four major fabric categorization silks are often named after the regions they are produced in or the royal patrons of those silks. Here are top seven sarees which are popular as bridal sarees in the South.

Check out the Top 7 South Indian Bridal Sarees

1. Kancheepuram Silk

Carrying a legacy of 150 years, bridal sarees made in Kancheepuram mulberry silk; are known for its bright yet unconventional colour contrasts and motif patterns in their designs.

Unconventional design in form of temple borders, stripes, checks, floral patterns; etc. make the Kancheepuram silk a popular choice as wedding saree in the South. It is considered to be one of the most expensive among other wedding sarees.

kanchipuram silk saree
Image courtesy- Mugdha Art Studio

2. Mysore Silk Saree

Mysore Silk sarees like the above two options have a predominant place in the South Indian bridal sarees collection since ages. Brightly coloured yet minimalistic in nature, these sarees are quite easy to wear.

Marketed and retailed by the Government of India as KSIC saris, the Mysore Silk sarees are identified by its hologram. Check South’s sensation Tamannah Bhatia in Mysore silk in the pic given below.

mysore silk saree
Image courtesy- Beauty By Nila

3. Gadwal Saree

This silk is named after the town of Gadwal in Telangana in Andhra Pradesh; and also for the royal patronage of the Gadwal family. Totally different from the rest of the silks, the body of a Gadwal saree is woven in cotton, the border in zari and pallu in pure silk; afterwards, all the three fabrics are interlocked by a weaving pattern.

The average length of this saree is about 5.5 meters. Thus this sari successfully establishes itself as one of the most sought after South Indian bridal sarees.

Uppada silk saree
Image courtesy- Priva Collections

4. Konrad or Temple or Mubbhagam Saree

Having wide borders of 10 cm to 40, Konrad silk saree is also known as Temple Silk Saree or Mubbhagam Saree. Apart from its characteristic wide border, its design carries traditional motifs and the ends have spaced zari stripes.

The contemporary designs for Konrad saree come with patterns of paisleys, diamond, lotus, parrots, peacocks, and elephants to enhance its look and value even more. Thus this silk has gained a special place as popular bridal saree in South India.

konrad silk saree
Image courtesy- Pinterest

5. Chettinad Saree

This south Indian sari from Chettinad district of TamilNadu is characterized by its bold stripes, checks, and contrasting shades.

madisar saree
Image courtesy- Pinterest

6. Pochampally Ikkat Saree

This South Indian bridal saree is produced in a small town called Pochampally near Hyderabad. A Pochampally Ikkat is woven blending both silk and cotton and is smoother and lighter in weight in comparison to other sarees.

pochampally ikkat saree
Image courtesy- Pinterest

7. Venkatgiri Sarees

Venkatgiri sarees are manufactured in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. This sari was patronized by the ruling Venkat Giri Rajas and hence the name, and is also the reason why it is popularly known as ‘Rajmatha Sarees’.

venkatgiri silk saree
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Sarees plays a vital role in our wedding attire, so make sure you make a wise choice by opting for the best collections of bridal silk sarees from South India and make your big day more bigger.

If you are looking for the best South Indian bridal sarees in Chennai, then you can contact us to get the best saree in the city.

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How to make the most of your South Indian Bridal Makeup Look

Indian weddings are the grandest affairs, filled with a riot of colour and the festivity of family and friends all around. With the rustling of silk saris, the bold and chunky gold jewellery, and the fragrant strands of jasmine flowers, South Indian weddings do stand out uniquely among the rest.

Brides, especially, being the centre of everyone’s attention, usually look resplendent in their favourite kanjeevaram saris and temple jewellery, and appear stunning in their south Indian bridal makeup look.

When it comes to bridal hair and makeup, hiring a professional makeup artist who can also do hairstyling for the bride is a wise choice.

Below, we give you a few tips on makeup for brides and how to make the most of your South Indian Bridal Makeup look!

#1 When it comes to bridal hair and makeup, Pre-bridal grooming is very important. Instead of fixing your skin last minute with makeup, make sure you help your skin and hair become naturally beautiful before the wedding with facials and hair spas.


Threading and Eyebrow trimming are mandatory for a neat and perfect appearance, and de-tan treatments and dead cell removal treatments, etc are great options to cleanse your skin and help you glow.

#2 Makeup can only enhance your natural beauty and elevate your features. It gives best results on healthy, fresh skin. Your damaged skin and dead cells need to be repaired and renewed, to give you fresh, rejuvenated skin.


Cosmetology is a wonderful solution for your damaged skin, and uses non-surgical procedures to transform your skin from within, making your skin makeup-ready!

#3 Match your makeup colours and style with those of your attire. Make sure you take into account the colour scheme of your bridal outfit and jewellery and choose a makeup style that goes with it.


3 (1)

Temple jewellery and silk saris might call for bold, dramatic makeup, whereas a light coloured, shimmery lehenga and Kundan jewellery might go better with a more subtle makeup look.

#4 Since bridal hair and makeup are so important, you can’t afford to take risks with it. It is best you let your bridal makeup artist guide you through getting the Products most suitable for your skin.

4 (1)


Most professional makeup artists provide the makeup products themselves and make sure they consider your skin tone, type and sensitivity before using it on your skin.

#5 Cleansing, toning and moisturising are important procedures not only on the day of your wedding before makeup application but are necessary to be done every night for a few weeks prior to the wedding. This will keep your skin cleansed and keep it in perfect condition for makeup for brides.


#6 The role of a Primer in makeup for brides in the hands of a bridal makeup artist is indispensable. The primer lays the basis for the rest of the makeup that is going to be layered onto the skin. So obviously, this element cannot be neglected. Use a good quality primer for skin, and as a base for eyes and lips too, before getting started with them.

6 (1)


#7 To get the best possible results, you need to ensure that your skin looks flawless. The use of a concealer must be handled delicately, and the excess must be lightly dabbed away, and lightly dusted with compact powder to make sure you’re your makeup doesn’t get smudgy or bleary before the day’s done.


7 (1)

#8 Hairstyles can make or break you –and any bride would definitely choose the former! It is best to get the bridal makeup artist to do the hairstyling for the bride as well, as they will be able to match the style well and manage both together. Not to mention, it’s time-saving!!



#9 To make sure you don’t end up freaking out on your wedding because the South Indian Bridal makeup isn’t turning out the way you imagined, it is highly recommended that you have a trial makeup session with your bridal makeup artist a few weeks prior to the wedding so you can finalise your look and relax on your D-day!


9 (1)

#10 Makeup is perfect for highlighting your features and accentuating your natural beauty. But if your skin is damaged or unhealthy, it will show, and minimise the effect of the makeup. To get the best result with your South Indian bridal makeup, make sure you stay away from oily and fried foods, and definitely remember to sleep enough. Remember! Healthy Skin is the happy skin!


So brides, did you find these tips helpful? Let us know how they worked out for you! Check out TBG’s packages for bridal hairstyling and makeup, Beautician services and Cosmetology!

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Top 5 Celebrity Mehendi Designs For This Wedding Season

The list is endless when it comes to the rituals of Indian wedding. It involves a lot many customs and rituals. Roka, tilak, sangeet, mehendi and haldi; are the major events. Of all these Mehendi is an indispensible and very auspicious custom in Indian culture. It is a core ritual in both Hindu and Muslim weddings.

Mehendi designs are being made using the paste of Mehendi leaves which are soaked in water overnight. Application of mehendi is not restricted to just the wedding purposes. Rather it gets involved in almost all the major festivals in India like Diwali, Eid, Karva Chaut, Teej, and many more.

On the day of mehendi in the wedding week, mehendi designs are made on the hands and feet of the bride. Special bridal mehendi designs are being put on the bride’s hands and feet. Check some of the top mehendi designs as given below, which have been common with celebrities as well.

#1 Faces on your hands: The never seen before Divayanka Triparthi mehendi

The big fat wedding of the Indian television actress Divanyka Triparthi happened on July 8, 2016. Ever since her mehendi ceremony happened, a lot has been talked about the designs made on her hands. Like never seen before, she had images of her husband Vivek Dahiya and herself made on her palms. The idea is not only creative but also looks fresh. Both images are surrounded with intricate floral designs. Check out the amazing mehendi she had for the special occasion in the pic below.

best mehandi designs

#2 Simple and short design for hands: Get your mehendi done the Aishwarya way

Many of the Indian brides try to get mehendi designs by imitating the Bollywood actresses. So even if you want to have a short and simple design for your wedding mehendi, try out the way Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did for her wedding. It was extremely simple, without much heavy intricacies. Have a closer look at the design in the pic below.

mehandi designs for brides 2

#3 Mehendi just for the palms: Sonakshi Sinha does it best

If you are wearing a full sleeve suit or blouse on your mehendi, then you will need to restrict your mehendi only till your palms. Check out how the Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha does it as shown in the pic below. The design is sharp and intricate, gracing her hands.

best mehandi designs for brides 3

#4 Full elbow length mehendi: South Indian bride Shilpa Shetty

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty got married to a Punjabi business tycoon Raj Kundra, and for her wedding mehendi, she extended the design till her elbows. The Mangalorian girl looked outstanding with the heavily intricate mehendi design on her hands. Check out her mehendi below.

bridal mehandi designs 4

Photo credit:

#5 Traditional Single Mandala designs: Go the Vidya Balan style with the core traditional mandala

 In case you are a minimalist and less is more for you, take South Indian bride and Bollywood actress Vidya Balan as your inspiration. For her wedding mehendi she opted for the traditional single mandala design, where a large circle serves as a base around which further patterns are made. It looked cute and simple. Have a look at her bridal mehendi.

best bridal mehandi designs

Significance of mehendi designs

Bridal mehendi designs are not made just for the sake of dressing up the bride. Mehendi holds a lot of significance, especially when it comes to Indian weddings. It is a commonly believed that darker the colour of the mehendi on the hands on a bride, deeper will be her husband’s and mother-in-law’s love for her. Mehendi is also considered symbolic to fertility.

Not only the bride, her friends and other females of the family also put up mehendi designs on their hands. Even the groom is supposed to get a small mehendi design on his hands. In some regions, there is a small ritual after the wedding where the groom is made to search for his name, which is usually smartly written so as not be readily visible in the mehendi design.

Do you have any other design or suggestions in your mind? Tell us more about it in the comments section below.

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Top 10 Maangtika Jhoomar Mathapatti & Other Bridal Head Accessories For This Wedding Season

Whether it’s your wedding or your bestie’s wedding, or of a distant relative; you have all the right to look at your best every time you step out. So this wedding season get some dazzling bridal accessories for yourself. In case you are a minimalist who wants to restrict to only one or two accessory for the event, then surely maangtika or mathaptti is the thing for you. There’s a growing trend for the head accessories off late. Here are some stunning maangtikas you can go for this bridal season.

#1 Chain of Tikkas without a Pendent

This is not something you will get to see easily. Very modern, yet with a tinge of tribal vulture, this maangtika worn by Bollywood actress Raveena Tendon is an absolute style statement for your mehendi evening or sangeet night of your wedding week. Small silver coins and pink beads are woven together to make it into an elegant masterpiece.bridal mangtika design 1

#2 Multiple strands without a Tikka or Pendant

Check this maangtika with multiple strands of kundan. Its design has been kept as minimal as possible with only strings of kundan and no tikka or pendant attached to it. It is a perfect bridal accessory in case less is more for you.

bridal mangtika design 2

#3 Maangtika with an Overhead Tikka

Quite uniquely designed this maangtika has got an overhead tikka with a few chains dangling on a single side. This can be your ultimate bridal accessory which can make out of the box style statement for you. Go get it for your D-day if you want to break the conventional bride look.

bridal mangtika design 3

#4 Borla Maang Tikka

The Bolra maangtika is more common in Rajasthan and Haryana. Look how Bollywood queen Kangna Ranaut makes a graceful and stunning appearance with this beautiful borla maangtika, having multiple chains falling on the either sides.

bridal mangtika design 4

#5 Broad Pendant Maangtika with intricate Kundan design

Make the ultimate statement on your D-day by gracing your forehead with this elegant kundan maangtika. It has a broad pendant with kundan and pearl beads and the string is kept extremely simple. Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone never looked so beautiful as in the pic below.

bridal mangtika design 5

#6 Pakeezah style Maangtika

Check this extremely gorgeous maangtika flaunted by beauty queen Diya Mirza. Its design is being inspired by the maangtika worn by tragedy queen Meena Kumari in the magnum opera Pakeezah. Unlike the old one this is completely made of only Kundan.

bridal mangtika design 6

Check the original Pakeezah maangtika worn by the quintessential beauty and Bollywood actress,  Meena Kumari; in the pic given below. The middle band is quite thick whereas the side strands are thin ones.

bridal mangtika design 7

#7 Gold plated Maangtika with colourful Beads

Heavily beaded and gold plated maangtikas have always been a popular choice among Indian girls when it comes to traditional occasion or festivals. Check out actress Ameesha Patel posing in such a head accessory in the pic given below.

bridal mangtika design 8

 #8 South Indian Mathapatti

The South Indian Mathapatti comes in a lot of variations. You will get multiple combinations when it comes to the mathapttis. Check out the one worn as a bridal accessory by actress Deepika Padukone in the Bollywood flick Chennai Express.

bridal mangtika design

#9 Single Side Jhoomar

Get a single jhoomar and look gorgeous on your sangeet or mehendi function. You may look for a gold plated jhoomar having an intricate design to make you look stand apart for the special occasion.

bridal mangtika design 10

#10 Maangtika with pearls

Try out elegant maangtikas for a minimalist look like what Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has worn in the pic below. Having multiple side strings, it has got kundan and pearls woven together to make a great head accessory or bridal accessory.

bridal mangtika design 11

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Top 5 Bridal Makeup Tips to Make You Look Perfect on Your Wedding day

A wedding calls for only the perfect finish in everything. You can’t afford any loopholes anywhere, especially when it comes to makeup for brides. Apart from the wedding saree or lehenga, the makeup gets the maximum attention of the invitees. Thus you need to be extra cautious while you are going through the trial sessions and trying out different bridal makeup looks.

It is found that often Punjabi and South Indian brides get way too anxious to get a perfect look in their wedding photographs. This is why makeup is important. There are many bridal makeup looks which give the bride’s face a fine finish. All you need is the right makeup technique and you look stunning in no time. Here are some important bridal makeup tips for brides which will eventually give the perfect look in the quickest time.

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5 Bridal Makeup Tips – Get the Best look for your Wedding

Bridal Makeup Tip #1 – Playing with Eyeshadows and Eyeliners

eye makeup for brides

It is not necessary to go with the well-defined eyes with a conventional black liner or black smoky look. You play with the colours of the eyeshadow considering the colours of your wedding attire. Go for the eyeshadows which not only suit your skin complexion but also compliment the bridal lehenga or saree.

Just make sure that the different shades merge well with each other in order to avoid any patchy look. This can be a very useful thing to follow while you are trying different bridal makeup looks.

Bridal Makeup Tip #2 – Get your Eyebrows in Shape

makeup for brides

Getting a proper shape for the eyebrows can do wonders to your face. As it is, well-groomed eyebrows make your face look leaner. In case you have a round face, try to get a comparatively higher arch, positioned just above the pupil.

Bridal Makeup Tip #3 – Use the right Base Makeup as per your Skin Tone  

bridal makeup tips

Always get the right shade of foundation as per your skin complexion. While buying the kit of makeup for brides, make sure that you are getting the right shade. Try out the testers to understand the right foundation for your complexion.

Bridal Makeup Tip – #4 Perfect Blends make a Great Difference in your Bridal Makeup Look

makeup tips for your wedding

To get a perfect blend you may use devices like airbrush instead the usual makeup brushes while applying the foundation or concealer or blush. Whether it is the powder foundation or liquid one, make sure you blend it evenly all over your face and neck without any patch.

Bridal Makeup Tip #5 – Right Concealer to conceal all your Flaws and Blemishes  

Not all of us have perfect flawless skin and that’s why makeup is important. Get a concealer closest to your skin tone. A very light concealer will not do any help as it will highlight your dark circles, blemishes, freckles and other flaws. Colour or, consistency and texture of your concealer should be such that it easily blends with your skin.

D o you like these bridal makeup tips? Please leave your suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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Be A Successful South Indian Fashion Designer If You Have A Niche For Designing

Fashion Designing has become one of the most sought after courses these days, whether it is in India or abroad. This is not a gender biased academic field rather it is a platform where gender equality is strongly found. Any of us can become a fashion designer provided we have that creative vision and the urge to keep on modifying our skills.

become a fashion designer 1

Image courtesy: Max Pixel

Utilize Your Niche In Designing

become a fashion designer 2

Image courtesy: Pixabay

If you have a niche for designing clothes and garments, it is better to utilize the talent rather than just bearing it. There have been multiple academic and professional opportunities growing throughout the country off late regarding fashion designing. You may approach any of the institutes to brush up the talent which you have. Even if you don’t get to hone the academic routine, you may take internship with an established fashion designer before coming up with your own label.

Professionalise Your Hard Skills

become a fashion designer 3

Image courtesy: Flickr

In case you have a thorough understanding of different textiles and fabrics, sketching, a minimum practice of stitching or sewing, draping, it will be best if your materialise these skills through some professional ventures. Knowing how to come up with your own innovative patterns with the help of different Computer Aided Design software or CAD software, will be an added bonus.

Have An Understanding Of The Traditional Fashion

become a fashion designer 4

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

While being a fashion designer, you need to consider both your native and global fashion trends. Having an understanding of the traditional fashion will only boost your design thinking process. Following your native fashion is very important. South Indian culture has a wide variety of heavy silks in their traditional clothing trend.

Local Weaving And Embroidery Trends

become a fashion designer 5

Image courtesy: Pixabay

You can make an extraordinary statement while bringing out your own label by using the simple traditional patterns. The history of South Indian native weavers is blessed with a bright talent of embroidery and weaving. The bright colourful embroidery always stands out of the crowd making a strong fashion statement.

South Indian Fashion And Aari Work

Aari Work is something to look up to while talking about South Indian fashion. It is a native form of South Indian fashion which is more popular while designing beautiful blouses for the beautiful South Indian beauties.

become a fashion designer 6

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

There have been a hundreds of fashion colleges popping up throughout the country since the last two decades. Most of the fashion enthusiasts join the fashion colleges just after coming out of their high schools. Interestingly even South Indian girls are turning up at fashion colleges, negating the stereotyped medical, engineering and management courses which are more popular.

Feeling motivated? Do let us know about your queries, ideas and suggestions regarding the designing world. Use the comment section given below to write your views.