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10 South Indian Jhumka Designs you MUST TRY

Jhumkas are the basic of any traditional look in India. Jhumkas or the traditional Indian earrings are intrinsic part of any bridal look in South Indian weddings. A South Indian Hindu bride just cannot come to the mandap without wearing her bridal jhumkas. So here are some popular bridal jhumkas which you can pick for your wedding purpose.

1. Diamond and Gemstone Jhumkas

diamond and gemstone jhumka design

2. Gold Plated long Junk Jhumkas

diamond and gemstone jhumka designs

3. Heavy Weight Diamond Jhumka with a Single Stone Ruby

diamond jhumka designs

4. Antique Traditional Jhumkas

antique jhumka designs

5. Pearl Embellished AD set Jhumkas

pearl jhumka designs

6. 2-steps Jhumka

2 step jhumka designs

7. 24 Carat 3-steps Matte finish Jhumkas

3 steps matte finish jhumka designs

8. Zircon Jhumkas for Modern Brides

zircon jhumka designs

9. Light Weight Pearl and Stone long Jhumkas

pearl long jhumka designs

10. Dangler Red Stone Gold Plated Jhumkas

gold plated jhumka designs

TBG is one of the most sought after online bridal store in India when it comes to South Indian weddings. From arranging bridal jewellery on rent to arranging the wedding dresses, or getting the best makeup artist and hair stylist; TBG tops it all. So what are you waiting for? Get through the TBG team via any of the virtual contacts and get the best South Indian bridal services.

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10 Exquisite Maggam Work Blouse Designs You Should Check

India is a land of great artistry and talented artisans who have a significant contribution towards ethnic fashion in the form of textile weaving, embroidery and embellishments. Embroidery stands out amongst these forms of artistry for the painstaking and delicate use of threads of many hues to accentuate Indian ethnic garments.

There are various different types of embroidery in the country with varying degrees of popularity and Maggam work or Maggam embroidery is one such popular variation of embroidery. Maggam embroidery is often used to accentuate the blouse that goes with the Indian traditional saree and such is the appeal of this type of embroidery that Maggam blouse designs are highly sought after and often reserved to be worn with festive, wedding and bridal sarees.

Top 10 Maggam Work Blouse Designs

The nature of definitive Maggam work, when put in words; hardly ascribes to the beauty of Maggam embroidery. For that; one must present some of the best Maggam work blouse designs and this blog aims to do just that. Scroll down to feast your eyes on stunning Maggam embroidery on blouses of various hues and colors.

1. The Peacock Theme Maggam Work Blouse Design

Peacock Theme Maggam Work Blouse Design
Peacock Theme Maggam Work Blouse Design

The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world with its colorful and unique plumage. Not only is this the national bird in India but has also been long admired for its beauty and is often associated with royalty. Thus it is quite common for peacock motifs to find their way onto Indian ethnic wear.

This Maggam work blouse stands out for its design that prominently features the peacock motif along the neckline. Do not forget to consider it if you are looking for bridal maggam work blouse designs.

2. Cutwork and Maggam Work Combination Design

Cutwork and Maggam Work Combination Design
Cutwork and Maggam Work Combination Design

Often time’s embroidery is just one facet of accentuation for the saree blouse. This blouse is a prominent example of the point being made as it features Maggam embroidery in combination with cutwork to create a truly stunning blouse.

3. Floral Design Maggam Work

Floral Design Maggam Work
Floral Design Maggam Work

Floral motifs feature heavily in women’s wear; western or ethnic, printed or embroidered. This exquisite floral motif Maggam embroidery blouse is a prominent example of the point being made.

Considering that floral motifs are often imprinted on women’s wear using exquisite embroidery techniques like Maggam work; it is easy to see why we are not due to get tired of floral garments anytime soon.

4. Maggam Work with Sequins and Semi-Precious Stones

Maggam Work with Sequins and Semi Precious Stones
Maggam Work with Sequins and Semi Precious Stones

Maggam work is often combined with embellishments to create stunning blouses to be worn with bridal and festive sarees. The blouse in the picture above is heavily embroidered with Maggam work in combination with sequins and semi-precious stones to create a blouse that is one of its kinds.

This blouse truly flaunts Maggam work embroidery in all its ethnic glory. This is a famous one from the maggam work blouse designs.

5. Maggam Work Lattice Design Blouse

Maggam Work Lattice Design Blouse
Maggam Work Lattice Design Blouse

The lattice motif has been passed on from ancient Indian architecture to Indian ethnic fashion and this motif is definitely here to stay. This Maggam work blouse is testament to this fact as it features delicate lattice designs created with painstaking Maggam embroidery. No doubt, it is the latest Maggam work blouse designs to pick from!

6. Yet Another Peacock Motif Maggam Blouse

Peacock Motif Maggam Blouse
Peacock Motif Maggam Blouse

It is apparent that the peacock motif is a strong design trend for ethnic Indian garments and this Maggam work blouse is testament to this fact. This blouse features the peacock in all its glory perched upon the branch of a flowering tree. Intrinsically ethnic; this blouse is the perfect completion of a festive or bridal saree ensemble.

7. Gold Thread Maggam Work with Semi-Precious Stones

Gold Thread Maggam Work with Semi-Precious Stones
Gold Thread Maggam Work with Semi-Precious Stones

Here is another brilliant example of Maggam work combined with semi-precious stones. This pink blouse is truly accentuated with gold thread Maggam work that is complimented by tear shaped semi-precious stones. It is easy to see how this makes for the perfect blouse for a bridal saree.

8. Thilagam Stones Combined with Maggam Work

Thilagam Stones Combined with Maggam Work
Thilagam Stones Combined with Maggam Work

Delicate round Maggam work that creates the perfect embroidered polka dot effect for this blouse is combined with Thilagam stones for an upper garment that is worth its weight in gold. This blouse is so exquisite that it is best reserved for bridal wear or festive occasions.

9. Maggam Work Designs for Blouse Sleeves

Maggam Work Designs for Blouse Sleeves
Maggam Work Designs for Blouse Sleeves

Often Maggam embroidery is limited to the blouse sleeves. The blouse in the picture above is an excellent example. This embroidered sleeve design combines many ethnic motifs like deer and peacocks. Stonework is also added to further accentuate this exquisite saree blouse.

10. Maggam Work for Blouse Backline

Maggam Work for Blouse Backline
Maggam Work for Blouse Backline

Just like Maggam work is used to accentuate the sleeves and neckline of a blouse, it is also used to accentuate the backline in low-cut blouses. Here is one brilliant example. Make note of the combination of Maggam embroidery with tiny beads for embellishments. This falls under the simple maggam work blouse designs.

In conclusion; it is easy to see how Maggam embroidery is a truly stunning form of artistic accentuations for ethnic garments. Maggam work blouses are widely available even though this form of embroidery originates in the south of India. The value of the blouse is directly proportional to the extent and beauty of the Maggam embroidery.

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Best 5 Bridal Beauty Tips To Get That Extra Glow On Your Wedding Day

A healthy skin is very important for you to look great on your wedding day. The bright makeup for brides looks gross on any face, if it is dull. Start taking care of your diet and fitness regime well before your wedding comes.

Do follow at least one type of cardio, eat plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables; and have ample water throughout the day. Apart from flushing out the harmful toxins out of your system, water also keeps you hydrated and that keeps your hair and skin healthy.

Apart from maintaining the internal health you need to maintain personal hygiene and beauty regime on a daily basis to keep your skin and hair clean and healthy. Do not avoid your daily shower and maintain a cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime daily before going to bed at night.

Never go to bed with the makeup on, always clean off the makeup thoroughly before going to sleep. Avoiding this might put adverse effects on your skin. Keep these in mind and leave the rest on the hairdo and makeup for brides that will make you look at your best on your D-day.

#1 Covering up the blemishes with concealer

bridal beauty tips

Next that comes under bridal beauty tips, is covering your flaws. You can always take help of concealers to hide your skin flaws. Concealers can be used to cover any spots and blemishes on your face and neck. You can even use a coloured concealer like yellow or green to cover the reddish blemishes on the skin and also brighten up yourself.

#2 Get the extra glow with highlighter

tips for bridal makeup

Speaking about beauty tips for brides, you can get that extra glow with a highlighter. Apply slight touch of a good, branded highlighter on the higher planes of the face which include the check bones, the bridge of the nose, the chin, the center of the forehead, and the area above the upper lip.

#3 Get the sharp chiselled look with a bronzer

Bronzer is used to contour YOUR face and make it look chiselled and sharp in the photographs. Opt for an angular brush, and apply a few strokes of bronzer on to the sides of the chin (avoid the center), on the sides of the forehead, and on the two sides along the nose bone (avoid the top).

bridal beauty tips for future brides

Here is a great beauty tip for brides for the right application of bronzer. While applying the bronzer, suck in your cheeks in and apply the bronzer on the top part of the contours, near to the ear. While doing so, avoid applying all along the entire length of the contours. Also, make sure you do not go overboard while applying the bronzer that can spoil your entire bridal makeup.

#4 Shine with the shimmer

makeup tips for brides

Shimmer can get you a fresh and dewy look. Applying a sheer gold shimmer along the top of the cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow curve of upper lips, and under the eyebrows will add an extra glow on your face.

#5 Last but not the least: Fixing makeup with primers to make it long lasting

makeup tips for south indian brides

Do not forget to get a good primer in your bridal makeup kit. Apply the primer two minutes post moisturizing your face and neck, and then thoroughly blend it all over. Primer helps to maintain the base makeup involving the concealer and foundation. It keeps the makeup in place for longer duration. This is mandatory when one talks about bridal beauty tips.

Also, watch the below video to get general bridal tips a bride should follow to get extra glow in they wedding.

Please comment your suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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Capture Your Wedding In The Best Ever Way with TBG Wedding Photography And Videography

The photography and videography become one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Speaking about wedding photography, there are two major sections under this. One is the bride’s pictures and other is the couple’s photos. TBG offers you the best Wedding Photography service specially designed for South Indian Weddings.

Bride Photography

Talking about the wedding photography, the bride becomes the most important subject for the photographer.



The camera person tries level best to capture each and every reaction of her during the various rituals of the wedding.


Whether it is her solo shots or with the best friend, or with family and relatives, her look and emotions become very important to be caught on camera.

wedding photography & videography image 3

Different interesting angles are taken to capture the best of the bride and make her look stunningly immortalised in the wedding pictures.


Special attention is given to the background lighting and poses of the bride so as to make her look picture perfect.


Poses are being suggested by the professional wedding photographer to the bride.


While some of the solo shots are kept candid, devoid of the bride’s awareness. 

Couple Photography

Couple photography is equally important as the bride’s photography. Like the solo bride pics and the couple photos always get special attention.


Some of them will be uploaded on the social networks, while others in the wedding album. A few of them will be taken together to make a beautiful wedding collage to be adored on one of the bedroom walls.


A lot is said through the couple photographs.


How the partner treats the other spouse can be easily deciphered by the way the couple pose with each other during the photo shoots.

couple wedding photography image 10

Whether the spouse is taken as a trophy partner or treasured as a real asset; isn’t really hard to make out by looking at the wedding couple photos.

family wedding photography image 11

Couple photos with the respective groom and bride families are a must during the wedding photo shoot.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Off late, the trend of a pre-wedding shoot has grown.



More and more couples are opting for a theme based pre-wedding photo shoot.

wedding couple photo shoot image 13

Your wedding is a new life, a new beginning that you start off with your partner. Get its each and every moment captured in your wedding album for a lifetime.


Excited for your wedding? Get the best professional wedding photographer from TBG. Get exclusive theme based pre-wedding shoots along with the wedding photography and videography. Send your views and queries to us and we’ll be right there to serve you.   

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Why TBG’s South Indian Bridal Makeup Artists are the Best?

South Indian wedding sarees are usually heavy silk sarees in the hues of bright pink, orange, red, etc. Heavy kanchipuram silk sarees are quite popular among the South Indian brides. Here are some of the typical South Indian bridal looks done by TBG bridal makep artists that will give you a clear picture of the traditional South Indian culture and the expertise of TBG artists.

Check out the best south Indian bridal makeup work done by TBG artists. TBG’s Bridal makeup packages start from 6000 INR only.

#1 Soak In The Bridal Hues Of Pink And Red

South indian bride by TBG

#2 Heavy Gold Bridal Jewellery

south indian bride look

#3 Make A Statement With Your Poo Jadai

south indian bridal makeup look

#4 Bask With That Extra Glow On Your Wedding Day

indian bridal look

#5 The Best Bridal Mehendi Design

how south indian brides look

#6 Professional Bridal Makeup Beauty Artist

south indian bridal look image

#7 Go Flawless With Best Bridal Makeup Services

south indian makeup

#8 Traditional Side Bun And Braid Look

south indian bridal makeup look image

#9 Perfect Bridal Look For The D-Day

tamil bride image

#10 Traditional Kasu Haram Or Kasulaperu Wedding Collection

tamil brides guide image

#11 Wedding Diamond Jewellery Collections

south indian bridal makeup by tbg

#12 Bridal Jewellery Collections In Diamonds

tbg south indian bridal makeup

#13 Professional Wedding Photographer To Make You Look Pic Perfect

tamilbridesguide south indian bride

#14 Expert Photographer To Capture Every Moment Of Your Wedding

south indian bridal look tbg

#15 Groom Your Overall Personality With Fitness Experts Before Wedding

bridal makeup by tbg

#16 Get The Best South Indian Wedding Sarees For Different Customs

tamil bridal makeup look by tbg

#17 Traditional South Indian Wedding Jewellery A Must Have For Brides

tbg bridal store

#18 South Indian Christian Bride In Lovely Wedding Gown

tamil bride makpeupp artist

# 19 South Indian Temple Jewellery Is Never Out of Fashion

tamil brides

#20 Bright Bridal Lehenga For The Reception Party

tamil brides by tbg

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Why you should Attend TBG’s Saree Draping Workshop?

Although just a single piece of eight yards cloth, saree happens to be the sexiest traditional attire a woman can come in. Sarees come in various fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, synthetic, etc. Some sarees come with mixed fabrics, and based on the fabrics the sarees seem heavy or light, and get different textures as well.

TBG Saree Draping Workshops

Draping the eight yards is an art itself. Some are really quick at learning it while others are total mess with sarees. With the TBG Saree Draping Workshop, all you would be South Indian brides can master the art of wearing sarees. Indian women mostly tend to wear sarees more often after their marriage. With the changing fashion trends, many fashionable saree draping ways and techniques have evolved which women are following apart from the usual traditional ways. With the TBG saree draping workshops you get to learn all the traditional as well as latest trends of draping the eight yards.

saree draping workshop for you

Why Do You Need The TBG Saree Draping Workshop?

The TBG saree draping training is specifically designed to help you get a hang of the different types of saree draping styles. You will be taught quick techniques to grasp the different draping looks. The workshop will make sure that you can drape the saree perfect on your own without any help from a third person. You get to know which style suits you according to your body shape and height.

learn saree draping in a workshop

Important Things You Can Learn in the TBG Sari Draping Workshop

# A thorough training will be given the TBG team, in different fashionable ways of draping different types of sarees from the very beginning till the last pinning; during the draping workshop

# Separate training sessions will be allotted for different types sarees, based on the fabric

# Individual guidance will be given throughout the training period

# The training will include saree draping for different events whether formal, casual or special party events

# The best most important learning you can have from the workshop is the 2 minutes to drape a saree session, which will be really important when you have any occasion to attend post your office hours


Different Types Of Sarees To Be Used In The Training

a) Chiffon
b) Cotton
c) Heavy kanchipuram silk
d) Heavy worked synthetic

The Different Styles That You’ll Be Taught

a) A formal style
b) A casual style
c) A party style
d) Variations of party style

Changing Usual Draping Into The Following Styles

a) Gujjju style
b) Coorgie style
c) Mermaid style-double / triple draping
d) Raj Rajashthani style

Assistance On The Followings To Carry The Saree For Longer Time

a) The border on the hip
b) The upper pleats
c) The lower pleats
d) Adjustments to be done ‘The tunnel technique’

Sarees can make any women looks graceful and ravishing. All she needs to know is the right kind of draping style in accordance to her body shape and height. TBG brings to you a uniquely designed saree draping workshop that will be extremely helpful to women who loves to come in the eight yards.

If you are a saree person who keeps on experimenting with her eight yards look, try out the TBG Saree draping workshop. Put your views, suggestions or queries in the comment section below and let TBG serve you.