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Different Marriage Customs in India – All Culture & Religions

India is a land of many religions, cultures and ethnicities and one thing that is common to all religions and cultures in India and the world is weddings. In almost monogamist cultures; marriage is a way of cementing relations between men and women. A wedding is a ceremonial process that announces a marital union between a man and a woman and all cultures and religions have their own distinctive wedding traditions and rituals. Likewise; in all cultures and religions; a wedding is a festive and celebratory event.

Weddings are interesting for so many different reasons however they are all the more interesting when seen through the lens of a religion or culture; apart from your own. This blog aims to delve deeper into types of marriage in India; linked to different cultures and religions in India. Read further to know more.

Different Religions in India

Almost all major world religions are represented in India. This country is a secular nation in the true sense of the word “secular”; as almost all religions thrive here. The majority of Indians are made up of Hindus and Hinduism has it fair share of different sects.

Muslims or followers of Islam make up for the largest minority group in India and there are two primary sects of Islam; Shiites and Sunnis. Christian’s are yet another well-represented minority in India and are further divided into multiple sects of Christianity with varying theological standpoints. Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are also prominent minority groups of different religious affiliations in India.

Bearing in mind that all of these different religions coexist in the country; one must also note that each religion has its own distinctive practices and rituals which bear influence on important life events such as weddings. Exploring the fascinating aspects of weddings of various religions and cultures within India makes for interesting and insightful reading; so scroll down to know more.


Hindu Wedding

There are many fascinating aspects to a Hindu wedding; these comprise of age old rituals and traditions rooted in the Vedas. The most important and interesting among these are as listed below.

The Importance of Astrology

Astrology plays an important role in Hindu weddings. While astrology is often used to determine compatibility between a man and women; the positioning of the stars and the astrological charts almost always determine the date and time of the wedding. This is known as the “Shubh Mauhurat” or “Auspicious Moment” for the most important wedding rituals to take place.

The Hindu Wedding Pre-Party

Many foreign cultures indulge in wedding pre-parties which are mini-celebrations in anticipation of an even bigger celebration; the wedding. The Hindu version of the wedding pre-party is the sangeet ceremony. Sangeet ceremonies are most common in North India and they are characterized by singing, dancing and general merrymaking.

The sangeet ceremony is an important occasion for the bride and groom and as such special sangeet ensembles for men and women are an integral part of wedding fashion in India. The bride and grooms family often indulge in informal singing and dancing competitions during this event which are best described as impromptu or practiced sing-offs and dance-offs.

Mehendi Ceremony

Preparing the bride for the wedding is a ritual in itself and often times, a Hindu bride’s female friends and relatives will gather along with the bride for a Mehendi Ceremony. During this ceremony; the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with beautiful henna patterns. Henna application or mehendi is so popular among Indian brides that henna artists form an important subsection of the wedding industry in India.


Hinduism adheres to a matriarchal family structure which is why the “Kanyadaan” is an important ritual in Hindu marriages. This is the ritual in which the father of the bride formally hands over his daughter to the groom. During this ritual; the father of the bride asks the groom to keep his promise to love, protect and provide for his daughter. The groom formally takes on these responsibilities from the father at this stage.


Panigrahana is the holding of hands ritual around the wedding fire which is lit by the groom. During this ritual the Hindu groom recites vows to four Hindu deities; accepting his marital responsibilities.


Saptapadi or Saat Phere involves the walking around the sacred wedding fire by both the bride and the groom who are bound together by their garments. The Saat Phere or seven steps of walking around the wedding fire represents seven vows that are said out loud in Sanskrit.

Jai Mala, Mangalsutra and Sindoor

Exchanges of garlands between the bride and the groom, the application of Sindoor on the brides forehead by the groom and the gifting of a Mangalsutra; are all small but important rituals that are symbolic of marital union among Hindu men and women.

Griha Pravesh

The final ritualistic step of the Hindu wedding is the Griha Pravesh. During this ritual; the bride makes her formal entry into her husband’s home for the first time. Aarti is performed by the groom’s mother at the doorstep even before the bride can make her entry into her new home and she is required to topple over a vessel filled with rice at the doorstep even while stepping in for the first time.

The entry of the bride into her husband’s home is considered the entry of prosperity and happiness and these rituals are symbolic of these beliefs.


Muslim Wedding

Muslims are one of many minority groups in the country and make up for an important part of the Indian population. As in any other religion; the union between a man and woman is formalized with a traditional exchanging of vows and other wedding rituals. Islam has its own special wedding rituals however everything revolves around the primary ceremony which is the Nikah.

Baraat and Welcome

Similar to Hindu weddings; Muslim weddings in India are also preceded by the arrival of the groom at the wedding avenue with his entourage or “Baraat”. The Baraat is heartily welcomed by the bride’s family and friends.

The Nikah

The Nikah is the primary Islamic wedding ritual wherein the bride and the groom make public their acceptance of the marital union. This is done by reciting “Qubool Hai” or “I accept” in Urdu 3 times when prompted by the Maulvi or Islamic priest presiding over the wedding.

This is known as the Ijab-e-Qubool ritual. This is followed by signing of the marriage contract or Nikahnamah. During this ceremony; the groom often presents the father of the bride with a bride price which is an amount of cash known as “Mehr”. The bride and the groom are separated from each other during this ceremony.

Arsi Mushraf

The Arsi Mushraf ritual is when the Muslim bride and groom first get to lay eyes on each other through a mirror placed between them. A Quran is also placed on top of the mirror. The Quran Scriptures play an important part in a Muslim wedding and verses from the Quran are read to solemnize the wedding.


Buddhist Wedding

Buddhism originated in India and continues to be one of the major religions in this country. Buddhists have their own distinctive religious practices and rituals which extend to Buddhist weddings. During the course of the wedding; both the bride and the groom are dressed in a Bhaku which is a sarong like brocade dress. The actual wedding structure comprises of matchmaking, Khachang and Nangchan and the actual wedding ceremony.

Matchmaking & Khachang

There are many different marriage customs in India however some form of matchmaking takes places in all cases. With Buddhist marriages; matchmaking happens when the groom’s family visits the bride’s family with a marriage proposal. During this time; gifts are given by the groom’s family to bride’s family. Accepting these gifts signifies acceptance of the marriage proposal. At this point horoscopes are also matched and an auspicious date and time for the marriage is fixed.


Nangchan is a ritual in which the bride and groom are betrothed to each other by way of engagement. This is formal ceremony presided over by a Rinpoche or Buddhist Monk. Prayers are often recited and holy scriptures are read during this ceremony. Gifts are also exchanged between two families and drinking and feasting is common. The groom almost always starts living with the bride in her home after this ceremony.

Buddhist Wedding Rituals

The Buddhist wedding rituals are mostly unique but in some ways similar to general marriage rituals in India. Some form of dowry is exchanged even though the groom pays the bride’s father a dowry. Vows are recited from the Sigilovdda Sutta, prayers and offerings are made to the local Buddhist shrine; however these rituals are carried out; away from the Buddhist temple.


Christian Wedding

Christian weddings are more ceremonial than ritualistic. The actual wedding ceremony is a short process marked by the exchange of vows, rings and scripture readings from the Bible. A priest presides over this ceremony that often takes place inside a church however this venue is not compulsory.

Much like the Hindu wedding; the bride’s father walks the bride to the altar and hands her over to the groom. It is hence easy to see that while there are many types of marriage in India; there are some commonalities among them.

The wedding ceremony is followed by a grand reception which is marked by the cutting of a wedding cake. A piece of this cake is often saved by the bride and groom as a wedding souvenir. Dancing is big part of a Christian wedding and the bride and her father often do the ceremonial ‘last dance’ before the bride and the groom get together for their first couple’s dance.

The highlight of the Christian wedding is the brides white gown which is symbolic of purity and chastity and often boasts of a long beautiful train and a veil for the face. The groom usually dresses in a two or three piece suit.


Sikh Wedding

Sikh Weddings are similar to Hindu weddings in many ways but also quite unique. The history of Sikhism as a detour from Hinduism shows in its rituals and religious practices. These rituals and practices extend to ceremonial events like weddings which is why Sikh weddings are similar in many ways to Hindu weddings. Read further to know how.

Roka and Thaka

The Roka and Thaka are the pre-wedding rituals for Sikh couples and their families. The Roka and Thaka are characterized by the father of the bride visiting the groom’s home and the father of the groom doing the same for the bride.

This signifies whole hearted support from both sides of the family for the wedding. During Roka and Thaka; gifts in the form of sweets and clothing is exchanged between both families and the bride and groom are blessed by their respective in-laws.


The formal engagement ceremony among Sikh couples is known as Kurmai. Among the different marriage customs in India; this is one that takes places exclusively during the morning or daytime in a gurudwara. Before any formalities can commence; the priest of the Gurudwara offers prayers for the couple.

The groom then proceeds to present the bride with a ring while the bride’s family presents the groom with a Kara and Kripan; the symbolic steel bangle and small knife that Sikh men carry everywhere. After a few other minor rituals; food and beverages are served to all guests and family members on both sides.

Akhand Paath and Other Rituals

Sometimes within a week prior to the wedding comes the Akhand Path; a reading of the entire Guru Granth Sahib within 48 hours; by different members of the family.

Similar to Hindu weddings; there are mehendi ceremonies, the Kirtan which is day set aside for singing mainly religious songs, the arrival of the baraat and the hearty welcome by the bride’s family. Additionally; many other small but unique rituals make up the entire Sikh wedding.

In conclusion; it must be noted that there is often a common thread running between all these major religions and their wedding rituals. Religions like Jainism are so similar to Hinduism in terms of wedding rituals that there is only a negligible difference between the two. In all cases; the Indian wedding; immaterial of religion or caste; is a grand affair.

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Top 10 Stunning Nose Pin Designs for South Indian Brides

Some jewellery comes with a high dose of femininity! Like kamarbandh, anklets and more than anything, the nosepins. The look of any traditional Hindu South Indian bride remains incomplete without a nosepin. But many seem to be scrupulous about getting the right nosepin for themselves.

South Indian brides go apprehensive while choosing nosepins that will suit the shape of their nose and accentuate her facial beauty. So here are some beautiful nosepins which will make you spoiled for choice, for your wedding and reception looks.

10 Nosepin Designs for South Indian Brides

#1 Diamond Studded Nosepin with a tiny Pendant

diamond studded nosepin design
This is a highly exquisite nosepin design as you can see, not very heavy and yet coming with a strong statement for the bride. The design is very simple with small leaves and an extended tiny pendant. This will look good on a bride even with a small nose.

#2 Traditional Beaded Nosepin

Traditional Beaded Nosepin design

This is a beautiful traditional beaded nosepin that adds beauty to a heavily bejewelled South Indian bridal look. Even in case you have not so chiselled nose, this nosepin will work magic for you.

#3 Simple Gold Plated Bridal Ring Nosepin

gold plated nosepin

This simple nosepin is a very common choice among the South Indian brides who do not want to experiment much for their nose accessory and keep it minimal.

#4 Nosepin Having Antique Jewellery Design

Antique Nosepin Design

As you can see this particular nosepin has got a very antique look to itself. So South Indian brides opting for Temple Jewellery or Nakshi Jewellery can opt for this one.

#5 Nosepin Having a Big Loop and a Chain

Nosepin with a Big Loop and Chain[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]

South Indian brides who want to get a bold statement for their nose accessory may get this beautiful nath having a big loop and a beaded chain that ties it to the hair.

#6 Nose pin with Smaller Loop and Beaded Chain Extension

Nosepin with a small chain and loop[media-credit name=”source” link=”” rel=”nofollow” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]

Look at this beautiful loop and chain nose pin. The loop isn’t that big and fits best for diamond, heart, and oval shaped faces. Actress Anushka Shetty looked stunning in it while playing the role of Devasena in the record breaking movie Bahubali 2- The Conclusion.

#7 Septum Nosepin

Septum Nosepin Design

Check out this beautiful traditional golden septum nose pin flaunted by Devasena (Anushka Shetty) in the blockbuster Telegu movie Bahubali 2-The Conclusion. It’s adding dollops of cuteness to that beautiful face.

#8 Stones Studded Septum Nose pins

Stones Studded Septum Nose pins[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”518″]

Such nosepins are very popular among South Indian women. Beautiful septum nosepins studded with beads, pearls, rubies and emeralds are often found accentuating the traditional and rustic beauty of South Indian brides.

#9 Trendy Mini Nosepin

Trendy Mini Nosepin

South Indian brides who want to add a tinge of latest trend to their bridal look so far nose pins are concerned, may go with this type of nose pins. They are fashionable and you can wear them at any occasion afterwards.

#10 Single Stone Nose pin

Single stone nosepin[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”484″]

This single stone nose pin fits perfect for people who have a small nose or for those who don’t have a sharp nose. This solitaire nose pin makes a statement itself by adding elegance and simplicity to your face.

Hope by now you are quite aware of what kind of nose pin you want for your wedding. TBG has evolved as a pro online bridal store in a very short span of time. So for any bridal need, whether its jewellery or wedding garments or other bridal services; contact the TBG team and get the best of the services.  


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7 Hairstyles for Brides to Make Them Look Instantly Cuter in Lehenga

Just draping a bright gorgeous lehenga with matching accessories isn’t enough to make you look the most ravishing bride. Once you are done with the wedding lehenga, the foremost thing that needs to be taken care of is a good hairstyle on lehenga for the bride.

It is very important that you make a clean yet eye catchy hairdo, ignoring which will only make your look go gross. Here are some lehenga hairstyles brides can try out for different occasions.

7 Different Hairstyles for Lehenga Choli

Check out the best hairstyles for lehenga choli for this wedding season and choose the one you like.

1. Lifts on Either Side with Front Parting

Whether you are the manamahal or the bride, or the bride’s best friend, or a close relative at the event; you have all the right to be the photographer’s favorite.

In case you have a thick mane to tame, the best way to flaunt it is by making a small front parting followed up with two small lifts on the either sides; and then finally locking the ends with bobby pins at the back. In place of the lifts, you may also try thin braids or just keep interlocking the hair stresses, gradually pulling them at the back of your ears and finally locking them with pins. Let the loose end of your hair fall on the front to complete the look.

lehenga hairstyles for brides

This is a perfect bridal hairstyle with lehenga you may go for any season. Go for this hairdo with gorgeous lehenga and be a graceful thevadai manamahal.

Try our Bridal hairstylists for your wedding functions, or you can learn hair styling skills from the experts in our hair styling workshop.

2. The Retro Beehive Look

In case your kalyanam or wedding has a retro theme, going for the high beehive look can be a really interesting option for you.

Extremely ease to create, this look makes you elegant, classy and makes a voluminous effect for your hair. All you need is a large bumpit and a few bobby clips or a single small clutch clip for this bridal hairstyle.

best lehenga pictures

Take a portion your hair from the crown area, let it fall in the front and then lock it with a small clutch. Take the bumpit and fix it in the middle of your head. Now open the clutch and pull the section of hair back, gently placing it over the bumpit. Cover the bumpit with the hair as neat as possible. Let the ends fall back and fix your hair by clipping it with the bumpit at its ends.

Now lock the hair section set over the bumpit either with bobby clips or other small pins or even with a tiny embellished clutch clip. Finally, you may spray a little bit of hair spray so that the style sticks around tightly.

Try our Wedding fashion designers and get the latest design lehengas for your wedding.

3. Braids with a Twist

Braids have been the most common hairstyle for Brides in most marriages. But instead of going for the traditional braids, you may go for French braids or fish tail braids with flower trails or single flowers tucked in between them.

Add a new twist to your French braid by loosening the braid-lines on the crown area a bit with a hair comb, to get a messy French braid look. This is yet another catchy yet easy Bridal hairstyle with lehenga you may settle for in any event.  There is no harm is experimenting with the twists of braids in your own style.

hairstyles with lehenga picture

4. Buns in New Ways

Apart from the traditional braids, buns too have been there as one of the most sought after hairstyles for any event. You may play around with the bun in different ways.

Make a middle partition and leave the front hair loose. Take the hair from the middle and tie it up into a messy bun. Tuck the loose ends nicely behind your ears with bobby clips.

You may also go for a side parting and let loose some straight or wavy or curly locks, depending on your preferences. Apart from these bun styles, you may also make a soft bun after ironing your hair and let the crown locks fall low on the forehead, sideways; as shown below.

hairstyles with lehenga choli

Liked the makeup in the above picture? Try the best bridal makeup artist in your city.

5. Half updo for Wavy Hair

Being the manamahal it is your right to look the most gorgeous lady on the day of your kalyanam. Backcomb your hair and then pull the portion on the crown back, make a puff and then finally lock the strands bunch with two three bobby clips.


hairstyles with lehenga for brides

6. Long Hair with Curled up Fringes

Iron your hair after making a small side part, and then curl up the fringes of your long stresses with rollers or curlers. If you want, you may apply a little bit of hair spray to set the curls.

lehenga hairstyles

7. Bold Statement with Permed Messy Hair

Want to be the sensuous sassy bride? Go for cropped choli for your wedding lehenga. Perm your hair and then let it fall loose in a messy manner. Make a small middle parting and wear a big maangtika to complete the look.

best hairstyles with lehenga


Try out these hairstyles and turn your kanavar as the ultimate arvalaraka of your beauty for a lifetime. Don’t miss out on any chance of being the thevadai manamahal of his dreams.

So what are you thinking of? Comment your views in the below section and tell us your opinion.

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Bindi Designs – Different Bindi Designs for different Face Shapes

Are you wearing the right Bindi design according to your face shape?

Bindis hold an exclusive place in the rich heritage of Indian culture. In the old days only vermillion was used to create a dot on the forehead by the women, commonly termed as bindi. But with changed time, now you get a wide variety of bindis.

Thus it is important for you to understand how to select the right bindi for yourself in accordance to the shape of your face. Read ahead and you will know the trick to get the right bindi.

#1 Small Bindis For Heart-shaped Faces

small bindi designs

Brides with heart shaped faces is advised to wear small Bindis as they already have a prominent forehead. There is absolute no need to increase more attention towards it. A small dot, a kumkum spot looks cute on such faces.

#2 Oval-shaped Faces are free to Experiment

bindi designs for oval faces

Oval shaped faces are open for all kinds of Bindi experiments. But Brides, keep it classy! You can sport long designer Bindis; trendy fashionable Bindis etc, but make sure it is in sync with your lip colour. Otherwise it can look really gross on you.

Most long Bindis look pretty on oval shaped faces. Do not go for really large round Bindis, or long tar drop shapes, flat triangle or diamond shapes. These shapes do not suit the oval shaped faces.

#3 Long or Vertical Bindis For Round Faces

vertical bindi designs

Round faces look complemented with log and vertical Bindis to have a perfect balance of the face and the makeup. Not to forget is the sync in the makeup.

#4 Triangular Faces Should Come With Bold Bindis

bold bindi designs

Triangular faces looks gorgeous in big, bright and bold Bindis. Chicks with triangular faces can even try the spider, sunbursts, star or the sunrise Bindi for a classy look.

#5 Square Faces with Long and Thin Bindis

thin bindi designs

To choose the right Bindi for square faces is a little tricky. Butterfly shaped Bindis look beautiful on these faces. V-shapes, long thin Bindis look quite well on such faces.

Hope this helped you. In case you still have doubts don’t feel hesitant to reach out the TBG team. You can contact them on any of the virtual mediums. TBG team will offer you the right guidance on picking the right kind of bindis considering your facial structure.

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Why TBG Artists are the Best Mehendi Artist for South Indian Brides?

Indian Weddings, whether North Indian or South Indian weddings; are known to be week-long affairs with multiple rituals and customs to be followed on different days. One of the prime custom or ceremonies of the wedding event is the Mehendi ceremony.

Mehendi ceremony has a very important hold in Indian weddings, both North and South Indian weddings. Not only the bride but also the groom along with their families and friends puts mehendi as it is considered to be an auspicious ritual.

Getting The Best Expert Mehendi Artist For The South Indian Bride

These days instead of getting a local mehendi artist or someone from the neighbouring parlour, people tend to hire professional mehendi artists or expert mehendi artists utilising different online portals.

TBG is one such online portal which is hugely popular among the South Indian wedding planners or South Indian brides.

Why TBG Mehendi Artist For The South Indian Weddings

1. Keeping The South Indian Culture Intact While Doing The Arrangements

bridal mehendi designs

The Unique Selling Proposition or USP of TBG is that it holds specialisation in South Indian weddings. They keep special consideration while making the various arrangements for the South Indian bride.

This, of course, means they go by the taste and preferences of the individual South Indian brides and other members who are taking part in the custom, and also the traditions of South Indian culture.

2. Exclusive Designs For The South Indian Brides

south indian bridal mehendi design

The mehendi designs done by the mehendi expert or professionals sent by TBG, are exclusively for the South Indian brides. The look and feel of the mehendi done by TBG mehendi artist are South Indian to its core.

3. Arranging The Best Possible Designs As Per The Personal Recommendations

south indian bridal mehendi artist

Once the bride contacts the TBG for her bridal mehendi, the TBG consultant on her part carries out multiple discussion sessions with the bride getting all the minute detailing of the bride’s preference for the separate designs for hands and feet.

Sample images of old works along with latest trending designs are sent to the bride and her relatives and friends who all are going to be part of the mehendi ceremony.

4. Best Quality Mehendi Without Any Chemical Adulteration

best mehendi artists

Many will promise you best quality mehendi coming up with the brightest shades of red or maroon or brown. But you never know if the dark shades are coming due to any chemical adulteration.

TBG promises you with the best quality and naturally grown mehendi without any chemical adulteration but that doesn’t mean it won’t offer you a great colour. TBG mehendi artists offer you the best possible bridal mehendi.

5. Multiple Mehendi Artists The Mehendi Done For The Entire Family

mehendi designs for south indian brides

TBG sends multiple expert mehendi artists to the wedding venue so that the other friends and relative who are taking part in the ceremony do get left out or get delayed in putting the mehendi on hands and feet.

Being professional expert they are competent to handle multiple clients one after another. They keep separate designs for the young, the old and also the kids!

Are you a wannabe bride? Looking for the best mehendi for your wedding? TBG Bridal Mehendi service is what you are in need of. Below is the comment section for all your queries, views and suggestions. We would love to hear you!

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10 South Indian Jhumka Designs you MUST TRY

Jhumkas are the basic of any traditional look in India. Jhumkas or the traditional Indian earrings are intrinsic part of any bridal look in South Indian weddings. A South Indian Hindu bride just cannot come to the mandap without wearing her bridal jhumkas. So here are some popular bridal jhumkas which you can pick for your wedding purpose.

1. Diamond and Gemstone Jhumkas

diamond and gemstone jhumka design

2. Gold Plated long Junk Jhumkas

diamond and gemstone jhumka designs

3. Heavy Weight Diamond Jhumka with a Single Stone Ruby

diamond jhumka designs

4. Antique Traditional Jhumkas

antique jhumka designs

5. Pearl Embellished AD set Jhumkas

pearl jhumka designs

6. 2-steps Jhumka

2 step jhumka designs

7. 24 Carat 3-steps Matte finish Jhumkas

3 steps matte finish jhumka designs

8. Zircon Jhumkas for Modern Brides

zircon jhumka designs

9. Light Weight Pearl and Stone long Jhumkas

pearl long jhumka designs

10. Dangler Red Stone Gold Plated Jhumkas

gold plated jhumka designs

TBG is one of the most sought after online bridal store in India when it comes to South Indian weddings. From arranging bridal jewellery on rent to arranging the wedding dresses, or getting the best makeup artist and hair stylist; TBG tops it all. So what are you waiting for? Get through the TBG team via any of the virtual contacts and get the best South Indian bridal services.

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10 Exquisite Maggam Work Blouse Designs You Should Check

India is a land of great artistry and talented artisans who have a significant contribution towards ethnic fashion in the form of textile weaving, embroidery and embellishments. Embroidery stands out amongst these forms of artistry for the painstaking and delicate use of threads of many hues to accentuate Indian ethnic garments.

There are various different types of embroidery in the country with varying degrees of popularity and Maggam work or Maggam embroidery is one such popular variation of embroidery. Maggam embroidery is often used to accentuate the blouse that goes with the Indian traditional saree and such is the appeal of this type of embroidery that Maggam blouse designs are highly sought after and often reserved to be worn with festive, wedding and bridal sarees.

Top 10 Maggam Work Blouse Designs

The nature of definitive Maggam work, when put in words; hardly ascribes to the beauty of Maggam embroidery. For that; one must present some of the best Maggam work blouse designs and this blog aims to do just that. Scroll down to feast your eyes on stunning Maggam embroidery on blouses of various hues and colors.

1. The Peacock Theme Maggam Work Blouse Design

Peacock Theme Maggam Work Blouse Design
Peacock Theme Maggam Work Blouse Design

The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world with its colorful and unique plumage. Not only is this the national bird in India but has also been long admired for its beauty and is often associated with royalty. Thus it is quite common for peacock motifs to find their way onto Indian ethnic wear.

This Maggam work blouse stands out for its design that prominently features the peacock motif along the neckline. Do not forget to consider it if you are looking for bridal maggam work blouse designs.

2. Cutwork and Maggam Work Combination Design

Cutwork and Maggam Work Combination Design
Cutwork and Maggam Work Combination Design

Often time’s embroidery is just one facet of accentuation for the saree blouse. This blouse is a prominent example of the point being made as it features Maggam embroidery in combination with cutwork to create a truly stunning blouse.

3. Floral Design Maggam Work

Floral Design Maggam Work
Floral Design Maggam Work

Floral motifs feature heavily in women’s wear; western or ethnic, printed or embroidered. This exquisite floral motif Maggam embroidery blouse is a prominent example of the point being made.

Considering that floral motifs are often imprinted on women’s wear using exquisite embroidery techniques like Maggam work; it is easy to see why we are not due to get tired of floral garments anytime soon.

4. Maggam Work with Sequins and Semi-Precious Stones

Maggam Work with Sequins and Semi Precious Stones
Maggam Work with Sequins and Semi Precious Stones

Maggam work is often combined with embellishments to create stunning blouses to be worn with bridal and festive sarees. The blouse in the picture above is heavily embroidered with Maggam work in combination with sequins and semi-precious stones to create a blouse that is one of its kinds.

This blouse truly flaunts Maggam work embroidery in all its ethnic glory. This is a famous one from the maggam work blouse designs.

5. Maggam Work Lattice Design Blouse

Maggam Work Lattice Design Blouse
Maggam Work Lattice Design Blouse

The lattice motif has been passed on from ancient Indian architecture to Indian ethnic fashion and this motif is definitely here to stay. This Maggam work blouse is testament to this fact as it features delicate lattice designs created with painstaking Maggam embroidery. No doubt, it is the latest Maggam work blouse designs to pick from!

6. Yet Another Peacock Motif Maggam Blouse

Peacock Motif Maggam Blouse
Peacock Motif Maggam Blouse

It is apparent that the peacock motif is a strong design trend for ethnic Indian garments and this Maggam work blouse is testament to this fact. This blouse features the peacock in all its glory perched upon the branch of a flowering tree. Intrinsically ethnic; this blouse is the perfect completion of a festive or bridal saree ensemble.

7. Gold Thread Maggam Work with Semi-Precious Stones

Gold Thread Maggam Work with Semi-Precious Stones
Gold Thread Maggam Work with Semi-Precious Stones

Here is another brilliant example of Maggam work combined with semi-precious stones. This pink blouse is truly accentuated with gold thread Maggam work that is complimented by tear shaped semi-precious stones. It is easy to see how this makes for the perfect blouse for a bridal saree.

8. Thilagam Stones Combined with Maggam Work

Thilagam Stones Combined with Maggam Work
Thilagam Stones Combined with Maggam Work

Delicate round Maggam work that creates the perfect embroidered polka dot effect for this blouse is combined with Thilagam stones for an upper garment that is worth its weight in gold. This blouse is so exquisite that it is best reserved for bridal wear or festive occasions.

9. Maggam Work Designs for Blouse Sleeves

Maggam Work Designs for Blouse Sleeves
Maggam Work Designs for Blouse Sleeves

Often Maggam embroidery is limited to the blouse sleeves. The blouse in the picture above is an excellent example. This embroidered sleeve design combines many ethnic motifs like deer and peacocks. Stonework is also added to further accentuate this exquisite saree blouse.

10. Maggam Work for Blouse Backline

Maggam Work for Blouse Backline
Maggam Work for Blouse Backline

Just like Maggam work is used to accentuate the sleeves and neckline of a blouse, it is also used to accentuate the backline in low-cut blouses. Here is one brilliant example. Make note of the combination of Maggam embroidery with tiny beads for embellishments. This falls under the simple maggam work blouse designs.

In conclusion; it is easy to see how Maggam embroidery is a truly stunning form of artistic accentuations for ethnic garments. Maggam work blouses are widely available even though this form of embroidery originates in the south of India. The value of the blouse is directly proportional to the extent and beauty of the Maggam embroidery.

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Best 5 Bridal Beauty Tips To Get That Extra Glow On Your Wedding Day

A healthy skin is very important for you to look great on your wedding day. The bright makeup for brides looks gross on any face, if it is dull. Start taking care of your diet and fitness regime well before your wedding comes.

Do follow at least one type of cardio, eat plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables; and have ample water throughout the day. Apart from flushing out the harmful toxins out of your system, water also keeps you hydrated and that keeps your hair and skin healthy.

Apart from maintaining the internal health you need to maintain personal hygiene and beauty regime on a daily basis to keep your skin and hair clean and healthy. Do not avoid your daily shower and maintain a cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime daily before going to bed at night.

Never go to bed with the makeup on, always clean off the makeup thoroughly before going to sleep. Avoiding this might put adverse effects on your skin. Keep these in mind and leave the rest on the hairdo and makeup for brides that will make you look at your best on your D-day.

#1 Covering up the blemishes with concealer

bridal beauty tips

Next that comes under bridal beauty tips, is covering your flaws. You can always take help of concealers to hide your skin flaws. Concealers can be used to cover any spots and blemishes on your face and neck. You can even use a coloured concealer like yellow or green to cover the reddish blemishes on the skin and also brighten up yourself.

#2 Get the extra glow with highlighter

tips for bridal makeup

Speaking about beauty tips for brides, you can get that extra glow with a highlighter. Apply slight touch of a good, branded highlighter on the higher planes of the face which include the check bones, the bridge of the nose, the chin, the center of the forehead, and the area above the upper lip.

#3 Get the sharp chiselled look with a bronzer

Bronzer is used to contour YOUR face and make it look chiselled and sharp in the photographs. Opt for an angular brush, and apply a few strokes of bronzer on to the sides of the chin (avoid the center), on the sides of the forehead, and on the two sides along the nose bone (avoid the top).

bridal beauty tips for future brides

Here is a great beauty tip for brides for the right application of bronzer. While applying the bronzer, suck in your cheeks in and apply the bronzer on the top part of the contours, near to the ear. While doing so, avoid applying all along the entire length of the contours. Also, make sure you do not go overboard while applying the bronzer that can spoil your entire bridal makeup.

#4 Shine with the shimmer

makeup tips for brides

Shimmer can get you a fresh and dewy look. Applying a sheer gold shimmer along the top of the cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow curve of upper lips, and under the eyebrows will add an extra glow on your face.

#5 Last but not the least: Fixing makeup with primers to make it long lasting

makeup tips for south indian brides

Do not forget to get a good primer in your bridal makeup kit. Apply the primer two minutes post moisturizing your face and neck, and then thoroughly blend it all over. Primer helps to maintain the base makeup involving the concealer and foundation. It keeps the makeup in place for longer duration. This is mandatory when one talks about bridal beauty tips.

Also, watch the below video to get general bridal tips a bride should follow to get extra glow in they wedding.

Please comment your suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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Capture Your Wedding In The Best Ever Way with TBG Wedding Photography And Videography

The photography and videography become one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Speaking about wedding photography, there are two major sections under this. One is the bride’s pictures and other is the couple’s photos. TBG offers you the best Wedding Photography service specially designed for South Indian Weddings.

Bride Photography

Talking about the wedding photography, the bride becomes the most important subject for the photographer.



The camera person tries level best to capture each and every reaction of her during the various rituals of the wedding.


Whether it is her solo shots or with the best friend, or with family and relatives, her look and emotions become very important to be caught on camera.

wedding photography & videography image 3

Different interesting angles are taken to capture the best of the bride and make her look stunningly immortalised in the wedding pictures.


Special attention is given to the background lighting and poses of the bride so as to make her look picture perfect.


Poses are being suggested by the professional wedding photographer to the bride.


While some of the solo shots are kept candid, devoid of the bride’s awareness. 

Couple Photography

Couple photography is equally important as the bride’s photography. Like the solo bride pics and the couple photos always get special attention.


Some of them will be uploaded on the social networks, while others in the wedding album. A few of them will be taken together to make a beautiful wedding collage to be adored on one of the bedroom walls.


A lot is said through the couple photographs.


How the partner treats the other spouse can be easily deciphered by the way the couple pose with each other during the photo shoots.

couple wedding photography image 10

Whether the spouse is taken as a trophy partner or treasured as a real asset; isn’t really hard to make out by looking at the wedding couple photos.

family wedding photography image 11

Couple photos with the respective groom and bride families are a must during the wedding photo shoot.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Off late, the trend of a pre-wedding shoot has grown.



More and more couples are opting for a theme based pre-wedding photo shoot.

wedding couple photo shoot image 13

Your wedding is a new life, a new beginning that you start off with your partner. Get its each and every moment captured in your wedding album for a lifetime.


Excited for your wedding? Get the best professional wedding photographer from TBG. Get exclusive theme based pre-wedding shoots along with the wedding photography and videography. Send your views and queries to us and we’ll be right there to serve you.   

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Why TBG’s South Indian Bridal Makeup Artists are the Best?

South Indian wedding sarees are usually heavy silk sarees in the hues of bright pink, orange, red, etc. Heavy kanchipuram silk sarees are quite popular among the South Indian brides. Here are some of the typical South Indian bridal looks done by TBG bridal makep artists that will give you a clear picture of the traditional South Indian culture and the expertise of TBG artists.

Check out the best south Indian bridal makeup work done by TBG artists. TBG’s Bridal makeup packages start from 6000 INR only.

#1 Soak In The Bridal Hues Of Pink And Red

South indian bride by TBG

#2 Heavy Gold Bridal Jewellery

south indian bride look

#3 Make A Statement With Your Poo Jadai

south indian bridal makeup look

#4 Bask With That Extra Glow On Your Wedding Day

indian bridal look

#5 The Best Bridal Mehendi Design

how south indian brides look

#6 Professional Bridal Makeup Beauty Artist

south indian bridal look image

#7 Go Flawless With Best Bridal Makeup Services

south indian makeup

#8 Traditional Side Bun And Braid Look

south indian bridal makeup look image

#9 Perfect Bridal Look For The D-Day

tamil bride image

#10 Traditional Kasu Haram Or Kasulaperu Wedding Collection

tamil brides guide image

#11 Wedding Diamond Jewellery Collections

south indian bridal makeup by tbg

#12 Bridal Jewellery Collections In Diamonds

tbg south indian bridal makeup

#13 Professional Wedding Photographer To Make You Look Pic Perfect

tamilbridesguide south indian bride

#14 Expert Photographer To Capture Every Moment Of Your Wedding

south indian bridal look tbg

#15 Groom Your Overall Personality With Fitness Experts Before Wedding

bridal makeup by tbg

#16 Get The Best South Indian Wedding Sarees For Different Customs

tamil bridal makeup look by tbg

#17 Traditional South Indian Wedding Jewellery A Must Have For Brides

tbg bridal store

#18 South Indian Christian Bride In Lovely Wedding Gown

tamil bride makpeupp artist

# 19 South Indian Temple Jewellery Is Never Out of Fashion

tamil brides

#20 Bright Bridal Lehenga For The Reception Party

tamil brides by tbg