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TBG Bridal Store is India’s #1 online bridal store for South Indian brides. We have it all to make your big day the perfect one.

Wedding Makeup

A selection of the best packages that you would require for your wedding. TBG is proud to present one of the best handpicked and carefully-curated wedding makeup packages in all of South India.

Corporate Makeup

Our amazing non-wedding and non-bridal packages are here to save the day! TBG’s experts and talented artists can make any important day or event stand out. See how we can help!

Photoshoot & Makeup

Everything from looking picture-perfect for having perfect clicks – TBG makes sure that your day doesn’t get boring for a second! Be the best version of yourself with the right makeover and have the best photographs to add to your album or portfolio or social media feeds!

Prebridal Beauty

A wedding begins long before the final date. Prebridal preparation is critical to look the best on your big day and TBG makes it easy for you to do that.

Jewelry Rental

TBG accounts for offering the most beautiful and authentic looking imitation jewelry set for the beautiful rustic South Indian brides. Not every shop, whether physical or online, is capable of giving imitation jewelry having the most authentic look. TBG has gained an upper hand in offering the best jewelry deals for brides in in South India.

There’s more!

TBG is a leading aggregator when it comes to wedding and bridal services in South India. For the best wedding in South India, here are the other services you can approach us for:

Wedding necessities

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