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Flower Decoration for Wedding & Reception

Indian weddings are mostly big fat events where all the extended family members and friends are invited. Even if a member is out of city or even out of country the person is duly invited and is showered with gifts from the respective sides of the bride and groom. Some families even bring in their distant non-residential friends and relatives from abroad not caring about the whopping expenses. With such a scenario where even the NRI friends and relatives are brought in, you need to make a mark with the wedding venue décor. Having the right kind of decoration sets the mood of the guests and they love to be around, enjoying the party. Hence, even before food, it is the decoration of the wedding venue that sets the impression on the guests and they feel pleased to have attended your party. Talking about venue decoration, it is primarily the flower decoration that takes the predominance everywhere. Starting from the entrance to the ‘mandap’, the food space and the seating arrangements, every nook and corner gets a floral touch in accordance to the seasonal flowers available. At times people order special species of flowers from abroad as well.

Why Choose TBG for Wedding Flower Decoration?

Flower decorations can drastically change the look and feel of any place. The colours and fragrances together create a magical aura in the environment. They freshen up one’s mood and give the feel of the season. This is why flower decorations have become an integral part in decorating any wedding venue. Flower decorations have actually become a universal norm for any kind of wedding irrespective of any geographical location. From bouquets and boutonnieres, flowers are used in various forms to add an extra dash of colour, fragrance, elegance, style and texture to any wedding venue. A floral décor not only become an element of design but also a form of expression. Not only for the mandap, floral decoration is crucial for the welcome gate, car of the couple and at every possible corner of the wedding venue. It adds that much-required liveliness to its surrounding. The decorations need not have to be of real flowers all the time. Fake plastic or paper flowers and also be used in this matter. Some artists also use flower paintings pinned up on the walls of the wedding venue to make it look surreal. Hence it is very important that you bring in a professional flower decoration service provider who will understand and create the right kind of flower decoration at your wedding venue.

Wedding Car Decoration

The car for the newly wed holds special attention on the wedding day. Hence wedding car decoration calls for proper detailing. Some prefer to keep it simple with just a few bouquets of flowers over the bonnet and roof, while some prefer a single trail of flowers running from the bonnet till the back; or some will want the entire car to be covered with a net of flowers. Hence individual preference becomes crucial for wedding car decoration.

Wedding Mandap Decoration

Mandap is the encompassed space where the wedding rituals take place between the bride and the groom in presence of the pandit. Hence it is needless to say that this place in the entire venue calls for the most splendid decoration.

Wedding Pillar Decoration

Wedding pillar decoration stands out in the wedding venue. Pillars need to be decorated more carefully when they are carrying electronics like a fan or speakers, etc. so as to avoid any electrical hazards.

Wedding Stage Decoration

Wedding stage decoration is equally important as is the wedding mandap. It is the place where the newly-wed couple come to greet the guests and take their blessings and wishes once the wedding rituals are completed.

Why choose TBG for Flower Decoration services?

TBG decorators are a boon to the bride and groom during the wedding season. They understand that the element of the wedding that sets the mood for the whole day is the decoration they do for the church or temple or manadapam where all the wedding ceremonies and reception happen. Since this is what provides the festive and grand element of the wedding, they put in their hardest work to make sure it turns out beautifully. Using only the freshest and most fragrant flowers, best quality materials, and for the most affordable prices, they make sure that the decorations match the client’s desires perfectly. Since the flower decoration provides the backdrop for all your wedding pictures, it is important that you get the best possible professional help you can for the decoration for your wedding. TBG decorators understand your ideas and wishes and do not impose their tastes on you. Choose the brand that executes your desires in an excellently professional way. Choose the classy yet affordable brand. TBG's wedding flower decoration is available in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad & 10+ more cities in South India.