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Saree Draping Workshop in Bangalore

The saree is unanimously considered the epitome of Indian ethnic fashion. This garment comprising of 5 to 9 yards of exquisite fabric is worn all over the country and yet it is neither a uniform or a monotonous look. This is primarily because there are many different kinds of sarees that are weaved from different fabrics, boasts of different embroidery and embellishment methods and are often draped around the body in different ways. At TBG Bridal Store; we understand the cultural and style value of the saree; which is why we offer saree draping classes in Bangalore and other cities. Call, email or WhatsApp call our TBG reps to know more on the subject.

Why Join TBG Saree Draping Classes in Bangalore?

The saree can be styled in so many different ways and this can be primarily attributed to differing drapes of the saree. Culturally; the saree is draped in different ways in different parts of India. However; mastering these different drapes can ensure that you never have to wear your saree in the same fashion every time you decide to look your ethnic best. This is the primary motivation behind TBG Bridal Store’s saree draping workshop in Bangalore. At TBG Bridal Store’s saree wearing classes in Bangalore; the experts will instruct you on how to wear the saree in different styles for different occasions including festive events and weddings. This saree draping course in Bangalore can be especially beneficially for professional stylists in the city that provide styling services at weddings and various other events. Whether you are passionate about the saree or you are a professional stylist; signing up for TBG’s saree draping workshop is imperative.