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There is hardly any need to speak about how important it is to look picture perfect these days. Much depends upon your overall look. Your persona is by what you get judged and your persona can be very much influenced by what you wear and how you carry yourself. The right makeup and hairstyle not only enhances your beauty but also boosts your self-confidence. To get a proper hang of the right hairstyle and makeup, TBG presents to you different makeup courses which includes makeup crash course to improve your makeup skills, makeup artist course or a professional makeup course with a certification to make a career in the industry. read more read less

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Who all can apply?

Anyone from students to retired people or people who have quit their jobs out of boredom may apply for this job. No degree or diploma is required for this course. With a little bit of dedication and discipline, one can learn all about makeup tricks and may earn quick money through these professional makeup courses.

Why is the Makeup Crash Course Important for you?

The makeup which looks great for a wedding night is not something you can carry off to your workplace. So whether it is a small party or a dinner date with that someone special or a or a corporate meeting or Nalangu or wedding functions, you need to know the right makeup and hairstyle for all these events.

The TBG crash course on makeup and hairstyles educate ladies on proper application techniques so that they can re-create their favourite makeup look and routine at home.

Why do you need the Professional Makeup Artist Course?

Makeup Artistry has been flourishing ever since the fashion industry came into being. Fashion industry and makeup artistry have been very much interdependent to each other. But the scope of makeup artistry is not restricted to the fashion world, rather it is there as an integral part of every woman’s life. Whenever a woman pays visit to a salon or beauty parlour, she is actually entering the vast realm of makeup artistry.

TBG’s professional makeup courses are designed to make the student proficient in beauty and corrective techniques in order to further maintain their careers as makeup artists. Off late more and more people are getting absorbed in the professional world of makeup artistry.

TBG brings to you a makeup artist course or let’s say a professional makeup course via which you can pursue a career in makeup artistry. All TBG instructors are professional make-up artists who are devoted to achieving excellence in make-up artistry.