5 Reasons to avoid wearing a contrast color blouse for your Reception

1. It’s already overdone by a large number of brides in the current trend.

2. Contrast color blouse actually doesn’t work well for a lot of colours.


3. It doesn’t suit brides with broad shoulders because it gives them a bulky look.


4. If the contrast color blouse material is separately procured apart from saree, then the mismatch of cloth will give a clumsy look overall.

5. Contrast color blouses make your wedding photographer’s job difficult. Yes. Lighting arrangements should be altered with regard to saree color at times. Due to this shade mismatch, there are chances your highlights get missed!
So brides? Planning to skip the current trend of contrast color blouses for a change?
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5 reasons for South Indian brides to avoid wearing Lehenga for Reception

1. Sarees are cheaper! Yes, with all the wedding expenses, we know the last thing you would want to compromise on is how look, but saris are definitely not a compromise! Read on to know why.


2. Sarees can be reused after wedding. As beautiful as they are, lehengas are more rarely worn in southern india . A good old wedding sari, though, never goes out of fashion!


3. Sarees suit all south indian brides’ body types unlike lehenga. Sari is something tried and tested by countless generations of South Indian brides. There is definitely more advancement in designing saris to suit different brides.

4. You get into the good books of your in-laws! We know in-laws are very sweet sometimes and won’t thrust their choices on you, but since they tend to like traditional South Indian saris more, you have more number of happy people!

5. We have more choices on sarees compared to lehengas. The availability of lehengas is lesser in South India compared to the North. So that obviously means, you have a wider range to choose from!

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