No matter how splendid your wedding is, it is a waste if you don’t capture it the right way. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, and so much of work is put into them, you need to remember them in all their glory! No wedding these days is complete without a candid photographer, a pre-wedding shoot, or a creative couple shoots in a scenic location.

The best part about the TBG photography and videography is that, they can be designed as per the customer requirement and preference. So if you are having a simple two days affair i.e the wedding and reception; you may have a two-day package.

Or if you have a detailed week long affair involving the events like Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, wedding and finally the reception; you may look for packages with longer duration. Hence the package pricing is made as per the client’s requirements.

TBG Wedding Photography and Videography Package

The package costs depends on a number of factors as mentioned below:

  • Package cost varies depending on the number of photographers and videographers involved in the shooting. More the number of artists, higher the cost
  • Type of cameras used in the shooting is also taken into consideration while deciding the package pricing
  • Online editing of photographs calls for separate costing that gets included in each package price
  • Installation of LED wall mount televisions in the wedding venue will have separate cost, to be included in the package price
  • Number of photos shot and chosen is taken into account for fixing the package costs
  • Package price may vary with the quality of album sheet material used. Higher quality definitely calls for higher cost
  • Video recording and editing has got different costing compared to photo shoot
  • Different packages are customized for candid photo shoot whether pre-wedding, wedding or post-wedding rituals, strictly as per the client requirements

Everything is optional and each package can be customized as to what the bride wants. TBG will provide you all range of high quality yet cost effective luxury services under any photography or videography package.

How Does it Work?

1. Contact us through call/whatsapp/Facebook or send us and enquiry

2. A TBG consultant will call you with all the details and information

Why TBG Photography and Videography?

TBG professional photographers use advanced camera technology and powerful image editing tools and are able to create and manipulate photos, creating out-¬of-¬the box wedding photos like never before. TBG professional photographers deftly capture your profile in the most apt way, and give you a spectacular way to immortalize your D-day!

Why Photography & Videography is Important for a Wedding?

With the increasing advancement in technology, wedding photography and videography are amazing as never before! From candid photography that captures the most intricate and emotional parts of your wedding to the pre-wedding photography and creative couple shoots that capture your joy as newly-weds, your professional photographer is one of the most important people in your wedding.

Your wedding photography is one aspect of your wedding you just cannot afford to mess up. So, go ahead, hire a TBG professional wedding photographer and pick the best of wedding photography packages and get your special day captured forever!

What is Candid Photography?

Candid Photography is a method your photographer will use to capture natural pictures of you and your family without disturbing you and asking you to pose for the picture. A camera used for candid photography is advanced and has good shutter speed so as to capture motion well and produce crystal clear images.

Most weddings nowadays have candid photography and the couple will have a portfolio of natural pictures, completely capturing the bride and groom's range of emotions, and the essence of South India's many wedding rituals and ceremonies!

What is a Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot?

A Pre-wedding Shoot is a photography session for the bride and groom that is usually held before the wedding. Some couples go for a post-wedding shoot instead, due to time constraint before the wedding. The pre or post-wedding photo shoot is done in a scenic location that the couple chooses, and the couple is usually dressed according to a theme, or whichever style they choose: casual, formal, semi-formal.

Sometimes they even colour-code both their outfits. The photographer and the couple think of a concept or a theme for the shoot and take many shots of the couple in different poses. The session usually includes candid and posed pictures.

What is a Creative Couple Shoot?

A Creative Couple Photo Shoot is a photo shoot for couples where they take…you guessed it –creative pictures! Set in a very colourful location, the bride and groom pose very unusual, playful or dramatic poses. The photography is done from different angles and the photographer edits the pictures to create out-of-the-box creative images and give you the memories of a lifetime!