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Mandap is the encompassed space where the wedding rituals take place between the bride and the groom in presence of the pandit. Hence it is needless to say that this place in the entire venue calls for the most splendid decoration. The mandap needs special scrutiny as there will be a great lot of items to be present there for the various rituals involved in an Indian wedding. Also there’ll be a fire place and hence will have to accompany fire safety items as well. The mandap usually comprises of a platform, few pillars and a dome or the circular roof. Your mandap can also be an open roof mandap without the dome. The decoration of the mandap is made in sync with the theme and colour combination as selected for the overall wedding venue. The floral décor for the mandap always comes in the most stunning and eye-catchy patterns. The pillars are adorned with soft robes and curtains, and the dome is lighted up. Yet there’s always room for customization as per the preferences and fancies of the bridegroom. read more read less

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Why to have a service for Mandap Decoration?

Usually, mandap is decorated with various things such as Kalash, drapes, ribbons, flowers, curtains of soft fabrics, etc. The mandap is the platform set up for priest, bride, groom and their close friends and family members to carry out the essential rituals of the wedding. It is extremely crucial to make sure that the mandap is strong enough to hold a large number of people.

Most of the times, the wedding ceremony takes place at night, and therefore, it is really very important that you make proper arrangement is made to light up the mandap so that it catches the attention of the guests sitting around the mandap.

Also because of the ‘havan’ and the fire place, there’s always a faint chance of the namdap catching fire. Attention needs to be given to this regard as well and proper fire extinguishing arrangements need to be keep handy. It is better to stick to fabrics which would not catch fire easily while planning the décor for the mandap.

With so many things to be monitored, it is always better to get professional help to plan and execute out the decoration of your wedding venue, especially the mandap. Do not compromise on the safety front and go overboard with your fancies.

Why choose TBG for Wedding Mandap Decoration?

TBG Mandap decorators are a boon to the bride and groom during the wedding season. They understand that the element of the wedding that sets the mood for the whole day is the decoration they do for the wedding Mandap where all the ceremonies and rituals happen. Since this is what provides the festive and grand element of the wedding, they put in their hardest work to make sure it turns out beautifully.

Using only the best quality materials, and for the most affordable prices, they make sure that the decorations match the client’s desires perfectly. Since the Mandap decoration provides the backdrop for all your wedding pictures, it is important that you get the best possible professional help you can for the Mandap decoration for your wedding. TBG Mandap decorators understand your ideas and wishes and do not impose their tastes on you. Choose the brand that executes your desires in an excellently professional way. Choose the classy yet affordable brand. Choose TBG.