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Wedding Garlands have a special and indispensible role. Oriental weddings are incomplete without the garlands. Indian weddings for that matter start off with the exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom in the ritual ‘var-maala’ or ‘jai-maala’. Normally there’s a standardized size for the wedding garlands, but you can always customize the length and the kind of flowers to be used. Apart from the usual roses, sunflowers, marigolds and tuberoses, orchids have gained noticeable popularity among the wedding garlands. Seasonal flowers are nicely incorporated in wedding garlands. South Indian wedding is an early morning affair unlike the North Indian weddings. Thus it is easier to arrange fresh wedding garlands for the South Indian weddings than the Northern weddings. read more read less

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Why are Wedding Garlands Imporant?

It is important that fresh flowers are arranged to make the wedding garlands as they might go dull by the end of the day. Exchange of the garlands between the couple is the very first ritual of Indian weddings, thus the main constituent thing that is the garland has to be made is the best way possible. Wedding garlands are designed keeping the seasonal flowers in mind apart from the individual taste and preference of the bridegroom. Sometimes it so happens that some flowers are actually imported from abroad just to make the couple feel elated on their D-day. Some special species of wild orchids and lilies are being imported from abroad to create the ultimate floral statement in the wedding. But such exclusivity definitely does not come unless you are availing a professional service for your wedding garlands.

One may get the flowers, or for that matter, the garlands arranged easily via some of the so many decorators available in the market but then getting the absolute lovable pairs of garlands for yourselves for the D-day is something you cannot take lightly. This is the reason you need the best of bests florists and wedding garland makers to get the perfect set of wedding garlands. Consult professional wedding garland makers who will assist you in designing the perfect pair of garlands; keeping in mind your favourite flowers.

Why choose TBG for Wedding Garlands?

TBG Flower Garland designers are inventive and innovative with the South Indian Wedding garlands they make.  They spend a lot time working out the minute details of pattern and colour on the garland, but the smile on your face when you see your wedding garland is well worth the time and effort! TBG’s South Indian wedding garlands are made from a combination of flowers. TBG garland designers work with both original and artificial flowers and cater to the various designs requested by the bride and her family. Combine any flowers to design your own garland or pick out one from our various designs!