Wedding garlands are an indispensible element of any wedding. Especially in South Indian weddings, Fresh and fragrant flower garlands invoke a festive atmosphere. The colourfulness and scent that marriage malais spread are perfect for any wedding ceremony!

The TBG garland designing team experts customising personalised flower garlands for Indian weddings to suit the theme and taste of every bride.

TBG Wedding Garland Deginers

Flower Wedding Garlands

TBG’s South Indian wedding garlands are made from a combination of flowers. TBG garland designers work with both original and artificial flowers and cater to the various designs requested by the bride and her family. Combine any flowers to design your own garland or pick out one from our our various designs!

  • White carnations, Maroon carnations, Red carnations
  • Bicolour combination with colors such as White, Cream, Maroon, Deep Red etc.
  • Price: Rs. 2,000 Onwards
south wedding garlands

How Does it Work?

1. Contact us through call/whatsapp/Facebook or send us and enquiry

2. A TBG bridal consultant will allot a TBG garland designer according to the bride's requirement

3. The artist will share pictures with you on Whatsapp and you can pick the one you desire from the collection

4. The finished garland will be delivered to the bride's house

Why TBG Flower Garlands for Weddings?

TBG Flower Garland designers are inventive and innovative with the South Indian Wedding garlands they make. They spend a lot time working out the minute details of pattern and colour on the garland, but the smile on your face when you see your wedding garland is well worth the time and effort!

Different Types of South Indian Wedding Garlands:

In South India, wedding garlands are exchanged by the bride and groom three times. There are two ways in which wedding garlands are made.

Thodutha Marriage malai is strung together with fibres, usually those of banana plants.

The Kortha Malai is made with a needle and thread. Jasmine, Mullai and lotus garlands are strung with this method. The most popular Kortha malaisfor weddings are:

Thin Lily garlands

Thick Rose garlands

Bi-flower garlands made using two kinds of flowers

Jasmine garlands

Marigold garlands