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The car for the newly wed holds special attention on the wedding day. Hence wedding car decoration calls for proper detailing. Some prefer to keep it simple with just a few bouquets of flowers over the bonnet and roof, while some prefer a single trail of flowers running from the bonnet till the back; or some will want the entire car to be covered with a net of flowers. Hence individual preference becomes crucial for wedding car decoration. Customization as per the whims and fancies of the newly wedded couple takes the car decoration to a whole new level. The more unique your fancies, the more unique will be the decoration of your wedding car. The wedding car do not necessarily be a four-wheeler car, it can ACTUALLY also be a horse-drawn carriage, if you are willing to shell out that much. read more read less

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Why is Flower Car Decoration important?

It is needless to say how important the wedding car is to not only the newly wedded couple, but also to both their families. What kind of decoration needs to be done on the concerned car, often falls as per the recommendations by the bridegroom. But the kind if car it is, also needs to be checked. Expensive or imported sports cars or SUVs or sedans, cannot be spoiled by random experiments. Here you need experienced professionals who know how to handle such expensive vehicles and how to bring out the best possible decorations for them.

Even for the usual hatchback cars, you can have a wide range of unique decorations to make them look absolutely resplendent. So even if your car model is not imported or a latest model, you still can make a statement by getting an out of the box décor for it. All you need is get some reference ideas mix them with your preferences and recommendations and discuss with a car decoration professional service provider.

Why choose TBG for Wedding Car Decoration?

TBG car decorators are a boon to the bride and groom during the wedding season. They understand that the car that the bride and groom arrive in for all the ceremonies and reception is very important to set the mood. Since this is the first element that provides the festive and grand element of the wedding, they put in their hardest work to make sure it turns out beautifully.

Using only the best quality materials, and for the most affordable prices, they make sure that the decorations match the client’s desires perfectly. Since the bridal couple’s car features in your wedding pictures, it is important that you get the best possible professional help you can for the car decoration for your wedding. TBG car decorators understand your ideas and wishes and do not impose their tastes on you. Choose the brand that executes your desires in an excellently professional way. Choose the classy yet affordable brand. Choose TBG.