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Poo jadai designs or the floral designs made on the hairdos of the brides are of high importance in any Indian wedding, especially if it is a South Indian wedding. The braids and buns of the brides are decorated with possibly the best poo jadai designs to accentuate the beauty for the most special event of their life. Poo jadai designs for South Indian weddings get special attention. These days’ South Indian brides appoint poo jadai experts to get the best poo jadai designs for their weddings. A poo jadai is not just for the brides. Any lady can go for a beautiful poo jadai design during the numerous ceremonies of a wedding or any other function. Along with the traditional poo jadais, there are contemporary ones as well which are quite popular with the South Indian brides these days. People are using various fancy accessories to come up with interesting patterns for poo jadais. read more read less

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