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Poo jadai designs or the floral designs made on the hairdos of the brides are of high importance in any Indian wedding, especially if it is a South Indian wedding. The braids and buns of the brides are decorated with possibly the best poo jadai designs to accentuate the beauty for the most special event of their life. Poo jadai designs for South Indian weddings get special attention. These days’ South Indian brides appoint poo jadai experts to get the best poo jadai designs for their weddings. A poo jadai is not just for the brides. Any lady can go for a beautiful poo jadai design during the numerous ceremonies of a wedding or any other function. Along with the traditional poo jadais, there are contemporary ones as well which are quite popular with the South Indian brides these days. People are using various fancy accessories to come up with interesting patterns for poo jadais. read more read less

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Poo Jadai is an essential accessory for any South Indian bride. It is considered to be auspicious and is one of the sixteen adornments of South Indian women, especially when it comes to a bride. They are a core part of the South Indian culture and reflect the Tamil essence in a woman. They give colour and fragrance which add to the rustic beauty of the South Indian brides. A South Indian bride looks incomplete without a poo jadai in her hair. A Tamilian bride can compromise on any of her other bridal jewellery, but hardly on her poo jadai.

This essentially reflects the importance of the poo jadai in the South Indian culture. Hence off late South Indian brides prefer to consult professional experts to get the best possible poo jadais for their wedding. Some brides get customised poo jadai which compliments their wedding saree and make them feel like a queen. Metallic accessories are often included apart from the usual flowers. Sometimes even fake flowers are tucked in different ways to add colours and vibrancy in the bridal look of the South Indian women. A proper incorporation of colour and patterns can only be balanced if one is hiring expert professional for this poo jadai service.

Why choose TBG for Poo Jadai?

The TBG poo-jadai team is the best choice for your bridal poojadai. TBG poojadai designers customize poojadais to match your bridal outfit and taste. The artists design the poojadais specifically keeping the bride’s request regarding the flowers used, colour patterns, weight and size. TBG’s range of ready-made poo jadai collections cater to the different tastes and themes of all brides. The poojadais created are varied, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

The TBG poojadai designers craft your poojadais with masterful workmanship to put together a poojadai collection which possesses detail and traditional elegance. TBG poojadais are made using only the freshest flowers and the most exquisite hair accessories. And you get this bridal masterpiece at the most affordable price you can find in the bridal industry. TBG Poojadais add magic to the wedding festivities and are ideal to make brides shine like queens. TBG Bridal poola jada available in – Bridal poo jadai in Chennai, Bridal poo jadai in Hyderabad, Bridal poo jadai in Coimbatore, Bridal poo jadai in Bangalore and 10+ more cities in South India.