A wedding is great motivation for getting fit and losing or gaining weight! Now you’ve got a deadline, and close family and friends actively motivating you to get fit! And there’s also the dream of the perfect figure in your wedding outfit!

But does it look like the sweets and feasts of the wedding season always seem to put a damper on your bridal diet plans? Is the stress of planning your wedding stealing you of your wedding workout plan? Worry not, you can now get a bridal workout plan or a personal training wedding package at the click of a button!

Bridal Wedding Workout & Training Plans

Diet Chart

  • Complete Diet Plan
  • Focus on either weight loss or weight gain
  • Glowing and healthy skin
  • Silky, shiny hair
  • Price: Rs. 500 Onwards per appointment
diet chart

Personal Training

  • Workout schedules
  • Focus on weight loss or weight gain
  • Maintenance of a toned body
  • Physical fitness
  • Price: Rs. 1,000 Onwards
personal fitness trainer

How Does it Work?

1. Contact us through call/whatsapp/Facebook or send us and enquiry

2. A TBG bridal consultant will allot a nutritionist or a personal trainer according to the bride's requirements

3. Avail an appointment with the nutritionist or the Personal trainer and get a diet plan or a workout schedule

Why TBG Nutritionist/Personal Trainer?

TBG's Nutritionist's and Personal Trainer's packages are designed specifically keeping brides in mind. They are formulated understanding the pressures and time constraint of brides, and are aimed at helping you tone up the body and adopt a healthy diet ahead of your big day. The results of sticking to a diet and exercise routine are lustrous hair, glowing skin and the perfect figure!

Why a Bridal Nutritionist or a Personal Trainer?

Sometimes, brides get a little over-excited about fitness plans before the wedding and over-exert themselves, or lose confidence in their appearance and go on obsessive crash-diets.

This kind of unbalanced exertion is not good for your body, especially at such a crucial point in your life. This can affect your health, and you might appear tired and worn out during your wedding. If you're interested in a wedding fitness plan, or a bridal diet plan, it is imperative that you have professional help.

A nutritionist can help you regulate your diet and give you meal plans according to your body type and tendencies. A personal trainer understands what your body can and cannot go through, and offers you the right wedding fitness packages.