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A nutritionist is an expert who advises people regarding food habits and nutritional matters. They chalk out diet charts for people on the basis on various scientific parameters and help them to live a better and healthy life. Many diseases are cured with the help of a thorough guideline from a nutritionist. A nutritionist is often referred as a dietician. But the terms dietician and nutritionist are not synonymous. In the jurisdictions of many countries the designation of a “nutritionist” is not subject to professional regulation; thus any person may call himself or herself a nutritionist even if being wholly self-taught. A personal trainer is a certified expert to have a varying degree of knowledge of general physical fitness. They motivate and train their clients in getting a better physique by setting targets or fitness goals as per the latter’s strengths, weaknesses and even medical conditions. They perform fitness assessments before and after an exercise program, so as to measure their client’s improvements in physical fitness. They may also educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise; like general healthcare and even dietary guidelines. read more read less

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Why hiring a Nutritionist or Personal Trainer is Important?

Many people do not understand the importance of consulting a nutritionist as they are way too confident about what all to eat and what to avoid. But the thing is, most of the people are actually quite off the track when it comes deciding what all are actually “healthy” for them. For example, bitter-gourd is actually a necessary essential and healthy food, but if someone is already having low blood sugar or on medication for the same, need to avoid daily consumption of bitter gourd.

A nutritionist will design a very personalised or customised diet chart for the client based on various scientific parameters. They thoroughly scrutinize the client’s medical conditions, food habits, allergies, and various other aspects before drawing the diet chart. They not only guide you on what all to eat, but also on what portions or quantities.

Similarly, a personal trainer will give you a personal guidance on your daily physical fitness thereby boosting your overall health condition. Doing random weight training and cardio exercises will only harm you; if you are not following the proper guidelines of doing them. A professional guidance is essentially important when it comes to physical workouts. Even a slightest of negligence can cause severe accidents to someone.

Why choose TBG Nutritionist/Personal Trainer?

TBG’s Nutritionist’s and Personal Trainer’s packages are designed specifically keeping brides in mind. They are formulated understanding the pressures and time constraint of brides, and are aimed at helping you tone up the body and adopt a healthy diet ahead of your big day. The results of sticking to a diet and exercise routine are lustrous hair, glowing skin and the perfect figure!

Why Brides need a Nutritionist or a Personal Trainer?

Sometimes, brides get a little over-excited about fitness plans before the wedding and over-exert themselves, or lose confidence in their appearance and go on obsessive crash-diets. This kind of unbalanced exertion is not good for your body, especially at such a crucial point in your life. This can affect your health, and you might appear tired and worn out during your wedding.

If you’re interested in a wedding fitness plan, or a bridal diet plan, it is imperative that you have professional help. A nutritionist can help you regulate your diet and give you meal plans according to your body type and tendencies. A personal trainer understands what your body can and cannot go through, and offers you the right wedding fitness packages.