Cosmetology treatments are a great way to treat your skin for a magical transformation. These treatments use chemicals and high-end equipment to cleanse your skin and get rid of dark spots, acne, unwanted hair and scars. Cosmetology treatments for hair cleanse your scalp and hair from within, giving you luxuriously smooth and silky hair at all times.

TBG's Cosmetology Services

Acne Treatments

  • Rids your skin of Acne scars
  • Uses lasers, acne scar surgeries and Radio frequency surgery
  • Price: Contact us
acne treatments

Serum Therapy

  • Includes AHA serum
  • Anti Acne serum, Anti aging serum
  • Whitening serum
  • Stem cell and O serum
  • Price: Contact us
serum therapy

Botox and Fillers

  • Ideal non surgical solution for wrinkle reduction on the face
  • Price: Contact us
botox and fillers

Trichology Treatment

  • Includes hair test
  • Derma-roller treatment
  • Stem cell treatment
  • Price: Contact us
trichology treatment

Instant Masks

  • Hydration masks
  • Whitening masks
  • Collagen masks
  • Price: Contact us
instant face masks

Diode Laser Treatment

  • Eliminates unwanted hair permanently
  • Safest and most advanced laser hair removal procedure
  • Suitable For all skin types
  • Price: Contact us
diode laser treatment


  • Refine your appearance with tips, tricks and advice on how to make your skin, hair and body fantastic
  • Price: Rs. 2,500 Onwards
cosmetology treatment


  • Stem cell peel, Yellow peel and Fusion peel
  • Papaya peel, Glycolic peel, Salicylic peel and TCA peel
  • Price: Rs. 3,000 Onwards
peel offs


  • Uses spray of micro-crystals to gently pull away the outermost layer of dead skin cells
  • Brings out your layer of younger, healthier skin
  • Removes dull spots, pox scars, acne, and age spots
  • Helps you make the most of your makeup look
  • Effective at exfoliation and rejuvenation of the superficial layers of skin, for radiant and beautiful skin
  • Price: Rs. 3,000 Onwards

Vampire Face Lift

  • Platelet rich plasma therapy
  • Effective anti-aging procedure
  • Price: Rs. 10,000 Onwards
vampire face lift

How Does it Work?

1. Call us or reach us through our website or our Facebook page

2. Book the cosmetology service you need with the help of a TBG bridal consultant

3. Book an appointment with a cosmetologist and avail the cosmetology service you require

Why TBG's Cosmetology Services?

TBG's varied cosmetology packages are specially designed keeping brides in mind and the problems they go through during the wedding season. From Botox and Fillers to get rid of wrinkles, to the exclusive Vampire Face Lift to magically transform you, TBG's packages help you exfoliate and cleanse your skin, giving you the radiant, glowing bridal look you deserve, from deep within.

Why Cosmetology for Brides?

With all the attention that you're going to receive as a bride, you need all the self-esteem and confidence you can get. And what better self confidence than rising from deep within?

If you are thinking of using your wedding as motivation to physically transform yourself from within, and give your body the purification and rejuvenation it needs, cosmetology is a great option for you. Let your cosmetologist guide you through the different cosmetology treatments available for brides and help you choose the right one.