Candid Wedding Photography

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Photography is a way to lock up any event, or for that matter, any moment. There are various categories under photography and videography to document various events as per their respective needs. The candid wedding photography is when the subject is not aware while getting captured. Although it’s a matter of the subject’s ignorance, ironically these days the candid wedding photography is designed in an extremely well-planned manner. The photographer sits with the couple and along with his team; on multiple sessions. They have detailed discussions. Various reference pictures are taken to draw inspirations. The couple is tutored on how to look casual and ignorant of the camera, so that the snapshots are as candid as possible. Getting the perfect shot without being conscious of the camera is a real difficult thing. The problem with candid photography is that the clicks need to look casual when in reality they are not. These pictures are actually very well thought of. The couples need to work real hard in order to get those natural and spontaneous reactions while giving multiple shots for the same pose. read more read less

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