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The bridesmaids are the girls from the bride’s side who are at a marriageable age. They hold special importance from the bride’s side. They are usually from the close friends and relatives. A bridesmaid is supposed to be the one who takes care of all the nitty gritty regarding the wedding affair from the bride’s end on the day the marriage ceremony. At times one principal bridesmaid is chosen to be called the ‘chief bridesmaid’ or ‘maid of honour’ if she is unmarried; or the ‘matron of honour’ if she is married. A junior bridesmaid is a girl who is clearly too young to be married, but who is included as an honorary bridesmaid. The bridesmaids follow a themed colour combination for the dresses they wear during the wedding ceremonies and be great host to the guests attending the party. The activities of a bridesmaid vary from assisting the bride in getting her shopping done to arranging the bachelorette party, researching locations, florists, caterers and other vendors. In short she helps in planning the overall wedding affair and also accompanying her all throughout her wedding. read more read less

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Why is Bridesmaid Makeup important?

As said earlier, the bridesmaid holds special importance from the bride’s side. From assisting the bride in choosing her bridal garment, to her bridal accessories, her shoes, her clutch, her makeup; everything is looked after by her. Bridesmaids are the ones who become the core team that welcomes the baraat or the groom and his family and friends to the venue of the wedding. They are the ones who keep on moving around the venue to check things are duly carried out and take valuable feedback from the guests. Thus they necessarily need to look at their best. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

While supervising all the activities of the wedding, it is quite possible that a bridesmaid loses her glow and her face becomes dull. Thus it is important that she avails the special bridesmaid packages that will not only rejuvenate her but also revamp her look for the wedding. At times, there are well-discounted offers available when there’s a group of bridesmaids availing such packages. Attending a wedding obviously calls for a glamorous look, and when it’s about the bridesmaid who takes so much trouble for the bride; it has to be bit more like the customised bridesmaid packages.

Why TBG Bridesmaid Makeup Package?

If there is anyone else other than the bride who receives as much attention as her, it is the beautiful bridesmaids in their resplendent and festive clothes, attending on the bride! When your sister or cousin or best friend is getting married, it turns out that you can get more excited than the bride! With all that wedding shopping, fun bridal showers to organize and helping the bride with anything at all that she needs, the bridesmaid plays an extremely important role in the wedding. Photographers tend to take a lot of candid photos of young people close to the bridal couple.

So if what you’re looking for is a hair and makeup artist who is an expert in the field of Bridesmaid Makeup, you’ve come to the right place. TBG Bridal Store offers a varied range of South Indian bridesmaid makeup and hairstyle packages for all budgets, never compromising on quality. We understand the taste of different bridesmaids and cater to their personal desires – from simple and elegant wedding ceremony makeup to bold party makeup or reception makeup, we’ve got whatever it is you’re looking for.