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The bridal saree is one thing a bride remains preoccupied with most of the time. Deciding upon the bridal saree is indeed a tough task. The wedding jewellery and the wedding saree for the bride always get the utmost attention of the would-be bride and her wedding planner. Different communities prefer different types of sarees based of different fabrics. If nauvari cotton and silk sarees are popular with the Marathi brides then the Banarsi silks are popular with the Bengali brides. Similarly South Indian bridal sarees are mostly found in silks; with golden borders, embroidery, embellishments and in bright colours. Most of the bridal sarees come with great pomp. Silks are the most common fabric when it comes to Indian wedding sarees or bridal sarees. One will find four kinds of silk namely Mulberry, Muga, Eri Silk and Tussore; used in the manufacturing of such bridal sarees. Among these four, Mulberry is being considered as the best of all. Apart from these, silks are often named after the regions they are produced in or the royal patrons of those silks. Talking about South Indian bridal sarees, such sarees are predominantly found as the kanjeevarams, Mysore silks, Gadwal, Konard, Chettinad, Pochampally Ikkat and Venkatgiri. read more read less

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