Poo jadais  and vheni are one of the most unique and ethnic elements of a South Indian wedding. Can you imagine a bridal hairstyle more traditional and grand than the South Indian poo jadai?

They give a rich, floral aura to the bridal outfit and elevate the wow factor! Whatever colour scheme or style you’re following for your bridal outfit, a matching poojadai will make you shine out grander than among all others.

TBG Poo Jadai for Brides

Poo Jadai Expert

  • Crafted with masterful workmanship
  • TBG’s Poo Jadai collection possesses detail and traditional elegance
  • Varied designs are created, ranging from traditional to contemporary
  • Uses only the freshest flowers and the most exquisite hair accessories
  • Price: Rs 2,500 Onwards
pelli poola jada

How Does it Work?

1. Contact us through call/whatsapp/Facebook or send us and enquiry

2. A TBG bridal consultant will allot a poo jadai expert according to the bride's requirement

3. The artist will share pictures with you on Whatsapp and you can pick the one you desire from the collection

4. The finished Poo Jadai will be delivered to the bride's house

Why TBG Experts for Poo Jadai?

The TBG poo-jadai team customizes pelli poola jadais to match your bridal outfit and taste. The poola jadais are designed specifically keeping the bride's request regarding the flowers used, colour patterns, weight and size. TBG's range of ready-made poo jadai collections cater to the different tastes and themes of all brides, adding magic to the wedding festivities, ideal to make brides shine like queens.

Different Types of Poo Jadais:

All over South India, brides prefer different styles of wearing the poojadai and vheni.

  • In Kerala, brides wear jasmine flower strings as the vheni
  • Andhra brides usually wear a poojadai ending with hanging golden ornaments
  • The current trend in poojadais is substituting the floral part of the poojadai for golden ornaments below the floral vheni
  • Netted jasmine poojadais are also a great option for the modern bride