Mehendi is one of the most classic features of Indian weddings. The most fun brides have is definitely at the mehendi ceremony!

Some brides want to let their friends do the mehendi for them before the wedding, not understanding the risk involved. Instead, hire a bridal mehendi artist, let go of all other stress while the professionals work on you.

TBG Bridal Mehendi Packages

Emerald Henna Package

  • Simple Design for your Hands, Arms and Feet
  • Price: Rs. 3,000 Onwards
emerald bridal mehandi package

Diamond Henna Package

  • Intricate Designs for your Hands, Arms and Feet
  • Price: Rs. 4,000 Onwards
diamond bridal mehandi package

Sapphire Henna Package

  • Simple Designs for Hands, Arms, upper arms, feet and ¼ of legs
  • Price: 5,000 Onwards
sapphire bridal mehandi package

Platinum Henna Package

  • Intricate Designs for Hands, Arms, upper arms, feet and ¼ of legs
  • Price: Rs. 6,000 Onwards
platinum bridal mehandi package

TBG Elite Henna Package

  • Intricate Designs for Hands, Arms, upper arms, feet, and knee-length legs
  • Price: Rs. 8,000 Onwards
elite bridal mehandi package

How Does it Work?

1. Contact us through call/whatsapp/Facebook or send us and enquiry

2. A TBG bridal consultant will allot a mehendi artist according to your requirement

3. The artist will share images of her work with you on Whatsapp from which you can choose a design, or you can request a design from a picture you have

4. The artist will come to the bride's house for the mehendi function as travelling with mehendi is very inconvenient

Why TBG Mehendi Artist?

TBG bridal henna artists are constantly on the lookout for what is trending in the field of bridal mehendi. They innovate to suit the unique taste of each bride and to cater to their style.

They work to reproduce any picture of mehendi patterns or designs that the bride specifically wants. So, if you're on the lookout for a talented and experienced bridal mehendi artist, book TBG now!

Why Brides should go for Mehendi?

Mehendi is one of the most traditional elements of Indian weddings that has been passed on for many generations. Seeing how red the bride's mehendi turns the next day is one of the most fun rituals to tease the bride about how much the groom loves her! And, of course, is there anything more fun to do together right before the wedding with your group of friends rather than getting your hands and legs adorned with beautiful mehendi while chatting and laughing?