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The wedding day is a very special day for a soon to be bride however this upcoming day does set off some stress and anxiety. One of the multiple reasons for a soon to be brideโ€™s stress is finding the right bridal makeup artists. Fortunately TBG Bridal Shop excels in bridal makeup services in most major cities of India including Coimbatore. Opting for TBG bridal makeup packages in Coimbatore comes with assurance of the best makeup services money can buy. TBG bridal makeup artists specialize in bridal makeup in Coimbatore to meet the needs of every bride at a pocket friendly price. Additionally; TBG bridal makeup artists come with the guarantee of an impressive portfolio bolstered by training, expertise and experience. Booking a TBG bridal makeup package in Coimbatore or having any queries answered on the subject of bridal makeup services offered by TBG; is as simple as picking up the phone and talking to the TBG representatives, or corresponding with us via email or Whatsapp call. read more read less

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At TBG we value the need for choice, quality and pocket-friendly services among our clients. To fulfil the need for choice; TBG offers a wide range of bridal makeup services to suit every bride. We offer contemporary and traditional bridal makeup, south Indian bridal makeup and even Christian bridal makeup among other specialized makeup services.

In an effort to ensure that TBG has a variation of makeup package choices for our clients; we have a wide range of customized makeup packages such as our Celebrity Artist Bridal Makeup Package, Brahmin Iyer/Iyengar Bridal Makeup Package, AirBrush Bridal Makeup Package, High-Definition Bridal Makeup Package, Christian/Catholic Bridal Makeup Package and the Pre-Wedding Photo-Shoot Makeup Package. These various packages are tailored to meet every bridal makeup need from pre-wedding events such as the pre-wedding photo shoot to post-wedding events such as the reception.

Our artists are always available to ensure that brides who opt for TBG bridal makeup packages in Coimbatore look their best on every day of what is a prolonged Indian wedding. Our packages also make room for traditional and contemporary makeup services and it must be noted that TBG makeup artists in Coimbatore are well in-touch with the latest makeup trends to provide contemporary as well as traditional bridal makeup excellence.

Additionally, our bridal makeup packages in Coimbatore are variedly priced; ensuring that these packages fit into any budget and meet the makeup needs of any Coimbatore bride.