We know that as brides, you have that desire to look PERFECT on our wedding day.  And why not? ALL the cameras are going to be pointed at you! If what you’re looking for is a bridal hair and makeup artist who is an expert in their field, you’ve come to the right place!

At TBG Bridal Store, we offer you the highest quality bridal hair and makeup packages ranging from limited budgets to high-end services.  Whether you’re looking for trendy reception hairstyle and makeup, or traditional South Indian bridal makeup, look no further! Get the best South Indian Bridal Makeup artists at the click of a button! TBG Bridal Store has the best in the industry for every bride!

South Indian Bridal Makeup Packages by TBG

TBG Bridesmaid Premium Package

  • Radiant, stylish, long-lasting makeup
  • Fast hairstyling session
  • Complimentary service of Sari-draping
  • If this package is selected without a bridal package, a minimum of 3 bridesmaids availing the package is compulsory
  • If this package is selected with a bridal package, the minimum number of bridesmaids required to avail this package is 1
  • Price: Rs. 2500
bridesmaid premium makeup package

TBG Baby Shower Peach Package

  • Flawless and fresh makeup
  • Durable makeup that lasts half a day
  • Light and comfortable makeup for the convenience of expecting mothers.
  • Price: Rs. 6,000
baby shower makeup package

TBG Stunning Engagement Package

  • Light makeup that lasts half a day
  • Complimentary sari-draping
  • Special discounts for the weddings/receptions of brides who avail this package
  • Price: Rs. 10,000
stunning brides makeup package

TBG Elite Bridal Makeup Package

  • HD mask makeup with a mix of international and HD products
  • Lasts a whole day
  • Add-ons for masks, eyelashes and hair accessories will be provided
  • Price: Rs. 13,000 for one day; Rs. 25,000 for two days
elite hair and makeup package

TBG Air Brush Bridal Makeup Package

  • Uses the advanced technology of airbrush makeup
  • Combined HD and international products
  • Covers even the minutest details
  • Add-ons for masks, eyelashes and hair accessories will be provided
  • Light and flawless – perfect for brides who do not like heavy makeup
  • Price: Rs. 16,000 for one day; Rs. 30,000 for two days
air brush and bridal amkeup package

TBG Celebrity Bridal Makeup Package

  • Done by certified professionals of the film industry
  • Experienced artists who have worked with models and photoshoots
  • Covers celebrity style hairstyling, makeup and sari-draping
  • Price: Rs. 22,000 for one day; Rs. 40,000 for two days
celebrity hair and makeup package

How Does it Work?

1. Contact us through call/whatsapp/Facebook or send us and enquiry

2. A TBG Bride consultant will allot a bridal artist for you

3. A trial makeup session in the makeup artist's studio

4. For the main makeup session, the bridal artist will come to your place

Why TBG Bridal Makeup Artist?

TBG Bridal Store offers a varied range of bridal makeup and hairstyling packages for all budgets, never compromising on quality. We understand the taste of different brides and cater to their personal desires – from light, natural makeup to elite or celebrity makeup, we've got something for every bride.

Our packages include light/bold, durable makeup and efficient and elegant hairstyling, with the highest quality and best known brands in the industry, with provision of hair accessories and complimentary sari-draping. TBG also offers trial makeup sessions so that brides don't need to be nervous on the day of the wedding about how their makeup will turn out.

Our screening process for the selection of bridal hair and makeup artists for weddings is quite strict, so as to ensure their sincerity, dedication, experience and expertise. So, we've only got the best South Indian Bridal Makeup artists to serve you! Rest assured, you are in capable hands. TBG is indeed the House of Queens.

Why is Bridal Makeup Important?

So it's your big day! All eyes and cameras are focused on you! At TBG, we believe each bride is naturally beautiful in her own way. But enhancing your features with professional bridal makeup for your wedding is very important. Professional bridal makeup is designed to cover all problems you might face as a bride.

Good bridal makeup artists take into consideration the weather, your skin type, what kind of makeup will suit your features, and make sure that it covers all spots and blemishes and makes you look perfect from all angles for the high definition photos!

If you don't like bold and colorful makeup, you could go for the classic light and natural look. Your bridal makeup artist will help you decide which bridal makeup packages suits you the best. Choose the best bridal Hair and makeup packages for yourself! Be camera-ready!