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Bridal jewellery for rent in Coimbatore has taken off in a big way owing to the financial logic of renting bridal jewellery instead of purchasing jewellery pieces that are often only appropriate for bridal wear and cannot be worn at a later stage. As such; the TBG Bridal Store is well equipped to meet the demand for bridal jewellery sets for rent in coimbatore with an expansive collection of exquisite bridal jewels and accessories. The emphasis here is on making jewellery rentals available to all Coimbatore brides and as such; TBG specializes in the rental of both contemporary and traditional jewellery. Our specialty is bridal jewellery rentals that can suit and compliment any bridal look. To book bridal jewellery rentals or to know more on the subject; reach out to the TBG experts on the phone, via email or by means of Whatsapp call and we will be happy to serve you in any way. read more read less

Why book Bridal Jewellery on Rent in Coimbatore with TBG?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do you provide bridal jewellery for rent along with bridal makeup package in Coimbatore?

    • Yes, we do provide bridal jewellery for rent along with bridal makeup package in Coimbatore. Other than that, we do provide all other bridal services in Coimbatore. We provide different kinds of bridal makeup package like HD makeup, Airbrush makeup, Celebrity makeup and many more. You can choose the one based on your budget and need.

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    Can I rental silver jewellery in Coimbatore?

    • Yes, you can opt for gold plated silver jewellery for rent in Coimbatore. There are different types of gold-plated silver bridal jewellery sets for rent is available in Coimbatore, you can choose the latest one of your choice from the latest collections.

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    What are the different Kundan jewellery available for rent?

    • We provide both original Kundan and imitation Kundan jewellery for rent in Coimbatore. The jewelry set we provide are the latest trending south Indian Kundan jewellery for rent which is most preferred and liked by our brides. The jewelleries are of high quality with the best price.

What TBG brides say.

Wedding Jewellery sets for rent in Coimbatore

Coimbatore brides now have the opportunity to pay just a fraction of the cost for bridal jewellery for rent in comparison to purchasing expensive bridal jewellery that often cannot be worn post the wedding. In keeping with our motto of serving all brides in the country; TBG’s collection of bridal jewellery for rent in Coimbatore can help brides in getting any bridal look; be it an Indian bride in a bridal saree, a bridal lehenga choli ensemble or a resplendent bride in a wedding gown.

Bridal jewellery rentals are the perfect way to save money on expensive jewellery purchases and divert those funds into your honeymoon trip or furnishings and luxury features for your marital home. Bridal jewellery rentals are the smart choice and it is also the stylish choice when you choose to avail of bridal jewellery rental services at the TBG Bridal Store.

In keeping with our agenda of providing a variation of choices for bridal fashion; our collection of bridal jewellery rentals comprise of exquisite American Diamond Jewellery, Imitation Temple Jewellery, Gold Plated Jewellery, Imitation Kundan Jewellery, Original Zircon Stone Jewellery and Original Kundan Jewellery; what more could a bride need in terms of variation and choice. Additionally; TBG also prioritizes providing the best service at the best cost with the aim of fitting into every budget. This is why our jewellery rental package prices range from 3000 INR to 9000 INR; to ensure that every bride can benefit from exquisite rental jewellery from the TBG Bridal Store.