Jewellery is one of the most essential elements of Indian weddings. The fact that exchange of wedding rings and thaalis are the most important rituals of the wedding ceremony has made jewellery an indispensible part of any wedding.

Brides, this is a great excuse to get as many jewellery sets as you want!

Getting wedding jewellery for rent is a cost-effective way to adorn yourself with all your favourite kinds of jewels! Make sure not to mix up jewellery sets you already have with new sets, because they might not match. And now, with TBG, you can get your bridal jewellery on rent online!

Types of Bridal Jewellery on Rent

Imitation Temple Jewellery

  • Exquisitely designed chunky Temple Jewellery
  • Traditional and ethnic appearance
  • Price: Rs. 1,000 Onwards
bridal imitation temple jewellery

American Diamond Jewellery

  • Made using only the best quality diamonds and crafted with mastership
  • Chic and contemporary patterns
  • Price: Rs. 2,500 Onwards
bridal diamond jewellery

Gold Plated Jewellery

  • Imitation of Gold with Authentic appearance
  • Traditional and Contemporary designs
  • Price: Rs.2,500 Onwards
bridal gold plated jewellery

Imitation Kundan Jewellery

  • Authentic looking Imitation Kundan stone jewellery
  • Exotic and trendy designs
  • Price: Rs. 4,000 Onwards
bridal imitation kundan jewellery

Original Zircon Stone Jewellery

  • Made using the choicest original Zircon stones
  • Radiant and dazzling bridal designs
  • Price: Rs. 4,000 Onwards
bridal zircon stone jewellery

Original Temple Jewellery

  • Authentic, solid temple jewellery
  • Fashioned by veterans of the art
  • Price: Rs. 5,000 Onwards
bridal original temple jewellery

Original Kundan Jewellery

  • Made using cherry-picked original Kundan stones
  • Fresh, classic and novel designs
  • Price: Rs. 8,000 Onwards
bridal original kundan jewellery

How Does it Work?

1. Contact us through call/whatsapp/Facebook or send us and enquiry. Our TBG bride consultant will call you with all the details

2. Visit our Jewellery rental stores and pick out any piece you desire

3. NRI brides who arrive shortly before the wedding can communicate on whatsapp with our jewellery team who will share pictures of the Jewellery rental collection

4. The jewellery will be sent to your home or you can collect it from the shop

5. After the wedding, return the jewellery safely to the jewellery team

Why TBG Jewellery Rental?

At TBG, there is no compromise on quality or variety. Our Jewelry Artists create stunning and distinctive work for the bridal attire with a South Indian classic and contemporary style. Our wedding jewellery sets for rent are designed to suit the sensibilities of the South Indian bride, and all of them are priced wonderfully reasonably!

Our packages for bridal jewellery sets on rent range from original, Imitation and plated gold, diamond and Kundan and stone jewellery to wedding temple jewellery sets for rent.

Looking out for any particular design which you stumbled upon recently but still couldn't buy anywhere? Talk to our experts, explain your style and get it exclusively designed, or simply pick out the best from their exclusive pieces!

Why you should go for Jewellery Rental?

The expenses of organizing a big fat Indian wedding are sure to burn a whole in your pocket. If you think buying a lot of jewellery sets for just one day is an unnecessary expense, getting bridal jewellery on rent is the perfect option for you!

Bridal Jewellery sets on rent are very reasonably priced, and you don't have to feel the pressure of choosing the best investments, but can go for the designs you like best and those that match with your bridal outfits.