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Coimbatore is a quickly developing city; where people are fine-tuned to the latest beauty and fashion trends. As such residents take much care to be well groomed and well styled and it is these same residents that have embraced TBG Bridal Store’s at home beauty parlour services in Coimbatore with much gusto. If you are a resident of Coimbatore these beautician home services in Coimbatore are extended to you as well; with the assurance that when you opt for styling and grooming services from TBG Bridal Store you get nothing less than the best services at the best cost. Our group of expert beauticians in Coimbatore is the best in their line of work; excelling in a wide range of styling and grooming services to cover all your needs. To know more about our beauty services at home in Coimbatore or to book an appointment with a TBG beautician; call us, email us or reach out to our TBG representatives via Whatsapp call services. read more read less

Why book Beauty Services at Home in Coimbatore with TBG?

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Beauty services at home in Coimbatore – Get beauty parlour services at your doorstep

Utilizing TBG’s home service beauty parlour facilities in Coimbatore is a great idea for more reasons than one. One cannot discount the convenience of parlour service at home to meet all your grooming and styling needs and to top it off; you are entitled to the best services at the best cost only on TBG Bridal Store.

In keeping with our agenda of reaching everyone with styling and grooming centric services; TBG has truly managed to attract a broad client base including but not limited to college students, 9 to 5 professionals, IT professionals, businesswomen and even housewives and there is no reason that you should be left out.

Our beauticians are ready to be present at your doorstep to deliver a wide range of beauty services; including but not limited to manicure and pedicure services, facials, threading, waxing, skin bleaching and anti-tanning treatments, velvet spas, hair straightening, relaxing massages and body polishing and wraps. Parlour service at home in Coimbatore from the experts at TBG Bridal Store ensures that you look well-groomed and while styled at all times and for every occasion. In keeping with our agenda to serve everyone; our beauty services come in pocket-friendly grooming and styling packages at varying cost to fit into any budget. TBG Bridal Store truly intends to bring the beauty revolution to Coimbatore and you are invited to join in.