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The wedding season can be stressful, and take a toll on your body, affecting your skin. This can make you look tired or ungroomed on your big day. To help you repair and rejuvenate your damaged skin and give you a bridal glow, the services of a professional beautician are required. All you have to do is give us a call or visit our website and book an appointment for the beauty service you require and a TBG beautician will be at your doorstep to serve you in the comfort of your home. read more read less

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Why TBG Beauticians?

With all the hundred and one number of jobs you have to do to get ready for the wedding, you might not have time to run to the parlour each time you need a beauty treatment. Voila! TBG’s Home Beautician Service has solved your problem. Now get all the best quality salon treatments at the comfort of your home, with no extra charges! Choose from the different range of options under each of TBG’s packages, and feel like royalty!

Why do Brides need a Beautician?

Brides are the centre of focus and scrutiny during their wedding season. It is imperative that they remain well-groomed at all times. With everything from facials, steam therapies and hair spas to the tiny details like manicures, pedicures and threading and overall grooming like waxing, beauticians design their packages to help brides feel radiant and rejuvenated from within.