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It’s really hard to find women these days waiting in the parlour lounge for their regular beauty services. In today’s time you don’t walk to your neighbouring parlour and wait for hours to get your beauty treatments. Rather the parlour comes at your doorstep. Online salons, which offer beauty services at home, can be easily availed via websites, mobile applications, e-mails or even phone calls and messages. Gone is the time when women used to crib about not getting time from their busy daily schedule to get themselves spruced, up with various beauty services like waxing, facial, eyebrow and upper lip plucking; and many more. Whether you are a professional or a home-maker, balancing time between yourself and others, is a huge task; and most of the time you end up sacrificing that much needed ‘me-time’. This is the reason why there is a sudden upsurge in the beauty industry with the numerous portable or online beauty parlours and salons coming into business. With such salons into being, you can avail beauty services not only at home but also at your workplace, or any other kind of venue as well. read more read less

Why book Beauty Services at Home with TBG?

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Salon & Beauty Parlour Services at Doorstep

The predominant reason behind the popularity of calling beauty services at home is that it is less timetime-consumingu no more will have to travel to the right kind of salon or parlour and wait for your turn. Simply get an appointment and the experts will be at your doorstep with the required amenities for your desired beautician services. As a home-maker, you have so many things to look after round the clock. But in between you, definitely deserve to relax and rejuvenate yourself. The beautician services at home, does the thing for you being the ultimate time saver.

Convenience is yet another important factor that makes the beauty services at home a hit. The salons and beauty parlours which offer beauty services at doorstep send their trained professionals to the locations as asked by the customers. So you can get the experts at your home, or workplace or anywhere else and get the right kind of comfort.
Again, when you are availing the beauty services at home, it becomes easier for the expert to focus on each of the services asked for, without taking tension of moving onto other customers, and you on your part get individual attention and full satisfaction.  Also, post the service you can simply go off to bed and relax otherwise you could have been spoiled all the efforts by travelling back to home immediately after the service.

Why choose TBG beauty parlour services at home?

With all the hundred and one number of jobs you have to do to get ready for the wedding, you might not have time to run to the parlour each time you need a beauty treatment. Voila! TBG’s Home Beautician Service has solved your problem. Now get all the best quality salon treatments at the comfort of your home, with no extra charges! Choose from the different range of options under each of TBG’s packages, and feel like royalty!

Why do brides need the beauty services at home?

Brides are the centre of focus and scrutiny during their wedding season. It is imperative that they remain well-groomed at all times. With everything from facials, steam therapies and hair spas to the tiny details like manicures, pedicures and threading and overall grooming like waxing, beauticians design their packages to help brides feel radiant and rejuvenated from within.

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