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Motherhood is the ultimate bliss for any women. It is said that womanhood attains its prime in motherhood. Baby shower or a ‘Vaḷaikāppu’ is a ceremony conducted by the in-law family of the impregnated woman on the entering her trimester of pregnancy. Usually a ‘Vaḷaikāppu’ or baby shower is a women exclusive ceremony and involves customs like dressing up the mum-to-be with new bright clothes usually a special saree, bejewelling her with new jewellery, adorn her with flowers and also filling her lap with various gifts, fruits and sweets and arrange a great feast for the all ladies who have come to bless and wish her. Bangles are the most common form of gifts which almost every lady gifts the to-be mother. She is also anointed with special oils by the elderly women in the family. It is a ceremony involving lots of singing and dancing. But before the fest starts, a special puja is performed for the well-being of the mother and her baby. On this day, one will find an unusual extra glow on a to-be mother’s face. read more read less

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South Indian Baby Shower Makeup Packages

Baby Showers are very important and are much-awaited events in a mother to-be’s period of pregnancy. Whether organized by the elders in the family as a very traditional function, or by friends for the relaxation and fun of the mom-to-be, the event is one which makes the expecting mom feel special and cared for by everyone around her. Traditional baby showers are organized in large scales. With the many rituals and traditions, the ceremonies conducted by the elders help the expecting mothers feel the support of all the family members as she steps into a new phase of her life. The function marks a new chapter in her life, for which she is blessed by society as well.

TBG Bridal Store offers a varied range of baby shower makeup and hair packages for all budgets, never compromising on quality. We understand the taste of different women and cater to their personal desires – from light, natural makeup to elite or celebrity makeup, we’ve got something for everyone. Our baby shower function makeup packages include light/bold, durable makeup and efficient and elegant hairstyling, with the highest quality and best-known brands in the industry, with a provision of hair accessories and complimentary sari-draping. TBG also offers trial makeup for baby shower sessions so that moms-to-be don’t need to be nervous on the day of the baby shower about how their makeup will turn out.

Why Choose TBG Baby Shower Packages?

Baby Shower is yet another eventful day in any woman’s life. A woman attains her completeness in motherhood, thus looking extraordinarily beautiful on this very special day is definitely her fundamental right in every way. She is made to wear new bright clothes and adorned with new jewellery and flowers. With this she is obviously in need of a proper makeup as well. In most cases where an Indian woman is having baby shower, she’s made to look like a bride once again with heavily embellished and sequined gorgeous saree and lots of heavy jewellery. Professional mehendi designers are called in, to create beautiful mehendi patterns on her hands and feet.

To top it all, professional makeup artists are also called in to create a surreal look for her. A mom to-be is naturally gifted with a glowing face that the happiness of motherhood brings to her; so not much of blush on is used by the makeup artist- she’s anyway blushing naturally. One crucial thing needs to be noted here that the makeup for baby shower look is kept low on the various makeup kits as they are high on certain chemicals and a pregnant woman should be kept away from them.

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