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Photography or videography is the best way to document any event, or for that matter, cease any special moment for lifetime. There are various categories under photography and videography to document various events as per their respective needs. Various photography and videography packages are made in according to various types of events, ceremonies and purposes. It is quite natural that whenever we feel nostalgic about any special day or any moment, we tend to check the snapshots taken at that very point of time. Those snapshots, kind of, enliven the lanes of the memories and we rendezvous that left behind time all over again. These days the most popular packages under photography and videography are pre-wedding photoshoot, candid wedding photoshoot apart from the usual event & ceremony photography. Customised packages are also available for specific events and purposes. Read More Read Less

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Why Photography & Videography is Important?

It is absolutely pointless to point out the importance of this service. Often our rendezvous with the nostalgia happens when we accidentally come across with an old frame. May be it was the first click on discovering our first tooth, or taking the first steps. Each frame comes with a series of thoughts or memories from the good old days. With the mere knowledge of light and shutter speed, one may be able to get snapshots from a wide range of angles. But those clicks might fail to capture the very essence of those moments. The fine thread of emotions might go missing from the shot. Hence you need some expert professional who will not only have the vision but also a heart that will be capable telling stories through the lenses. So without any second thought ask for a service in photography and videography from the best available expert professionals. A different photographer may be specialised in a different form of photography. So it is up to you to choose the correct photographer as per your requirements. Once you are decided on the cameraperson do not hesitate to have multiple sittings with him or her and talk out your preferences and requirements for the concerned event.

Candid Wedding Photography

The candid wedding photography is when the subject is not aware while getting captured. Although it’s a matter of the subject’s ignorance, ironically these days the candid wedding photography is designed in an extremely well-planned manner. The couple is tutored via multiple sessions on how to look casual and ignorant of the camera so that the snapshots are as candid, natural and spontaneous as possible. Getting the perfect shot without being conscious of the camera is a really difficult thing. The problem with candid photography is that the clicks need to look casual when in reality they are not.

Event & Ceremony Photography

Event and Ceremony Photography is the oldest form of professional photography. Event photography means taking pictures of guests and various articles present in the events that reflect the latter. Events may be corporate conferences, birthday parties, receptions parties, bachelorette party, etc. It takes a lot of creativity to bring out the essence of a ceremony through a single click. When you carry a photoshoot for a ceremony or a special event like engagement or even launching of a new product or a seminar of your company’s achievement, what you really want is ceasing each and every moment, emotion and reaction happening around.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photo shoot is the newest craze found in the to-be wed couples. Couples choose various beautiful locations for this purpose. Some photographers also set up customised backdrop in their personal studios for the pre-wedding shoot. They include a wide range of props to bring out the love stories of the couple through their compositions. Couples usually share their passion, hobbies and desires through such shoots. They also convey what qualities of each other they fall for. Pre-wedding photo shoots can be candid or of vintage style or even in any other style. These pictures are often uploaded onto the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Wedding Photography & Videography

Falling in love is probably the most beautiful experience for us all. What can be more beautiful than to get married to the love of your life? Hence when it happens, you just want to capture and lock up each and every moment. Photography or videography is a way or medium that helps you in doing so. Once the wedding ceremonies start off, wedding photography becomes an affair where the cameraperson tends to lock more of the emotional connections the couple and their respective family members go through while performing or be part of the various rituals during the wedding.