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Motherhood is the ultimate bliss for any women. It is said that womanhood attain s its prime in motherhood. Baby shower or a ‘Vaḷaikāppu’ is a ceremony conducted by the in-law family of the impregnated woman on the ente ring her trimester of pregnancy. Usually a ‘Vaḷaikāppu’ or baby shower is a women exclusive ceremony and involves customs like dressing up the mum-to-be with new bright clothes usually a special saree, bejewelling her with new jewellery, adorn her with flowers and also filling her lap with various gifts, fruits and sweets and arrange a great feast for the all ladies who have come to bless and wish her. Bangles are the most common form of gifts which almost every lady gifts the to-be mother. She is also anointed with special oils by the elderly women in the family. It is a ceremony involving lots of singing and dancing. But before the fest starts, a special puja is performed for the well-being of the mother and her baby. On this day, one will find an unusual extra glow on a to-be mother’s face. read more read less

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