Trichology Treatment

Trichology treatment involves various issues related to hair and scalp. It’s a n organised study and encompasses solutions for hair and scalp problems. Under trichology one gets cured for hair fall, hair damage, itchy or scaly scalp, alopecia, and other forms of diseases. With the ever increasing stress in our hectic lifestyles, our health is getting damaged in a lot many ways. The immediate result is visible on our skin and hair. Our skin starts becoming dull and wrinkled, like our hair. Stress is a major cause for hair loss or alopecia. A trichologist is someone who can help you with all sorts of hair problems whether it is due to stress, lack of nutrition, or even genetic. Even if you do not have a severe hair issue, trichology can actually still help you in maintaining a good voluminous and healthy mane. read more read less

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