TBG Grooms HD Makeup Package

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- Radiant, Stylish, long-lasting HD Makeup suitable for HD pictures

- Dark clearance, hiding mark and mole, making out even and natural skin, eyebrows correction, lips correction and white hair correct, Beard touch and hair touch

- Hairline Shape, even out tone of hair, white and grey hair hiding, hair scalp and gap filling, fix and setting hair.

- Styling - tie, bow, sherwani
- INR 3000 paid for the Trial Makeup Sessions provided for Grooms HD Makeup Packages is not refundable if the customer cancels the booking. Trial makeup charges are not adjusted in the final booking amount.

- An advance of 70% of the total bill must be paid after trial for confirmation of the package. The remaining 30% must be paid a week before the booked date.

- The advance will not be refunded if the booking if not cancelled at least a month before the booked date.

- The conveyance of the artist must be paid for by the customer.
The travel and accommodation of the artist must be provided by the customer for outstation appointments.
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