TBG Bridesmaid Premium Makeup Package

The bridesmaid is one of the most important people at a wedding after the bridal couple. Bridesmaids are also the focus of many people’s attention due to their proximity to the bride and their festive and grand appearance. The TBG Bridesmaid Premium Package is designed to cover all the problems you might face as a bridesmaid. The Premium Packages provide glowing and classy makeup that enhances the natural beauty of the bridesmaid. It consists of radiant, long-lasting makeup with a fast hairstyling session and a complimentary service of sari-draping. If this package is selected without a bridal package, a minimum of 3 bridesmaids availing the package is compulsory. However, if this package is selected with a bridal package, the minimum number of bridesmaids required to avail this package is one. read more read less

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