TBG Baby Shower Airbrush Makeup Package

With all eyes on you as you progress to a new phase of life, feeling confident a bout how you look is an important element to how you feel overall. Needless to say, it is quite natural to want to look your best for your baby shower, and make many stunning memories to show your children. TBG’s Baby Shower Airbrush Makeup Package is designed specially for the comfort and ease of the expecting mothers. The package contains durable makeup that lasts for half a day. The makeup is flawless and fresh, and is purposefully designed to be light and comfortable for the convenience of the moms to-be. Our artists make sure that the makeup is subtle and do not hurt the eyes, and they have mastered quite a few lightweight hairstyles in their many years, that are convenient for the mothers-to be. read more read less

More details about TBG Babyshower Airbrush Makeup Package
- Flawless, light and fresh makeup for expecting mothers.

- Quick and Light Hairstyling Session
- For Baby Shower Makeup Packages, Trial Makeup is not provided in the package. If a Trial Makeup Session is desired, an extra sum of INR 3000 must be paid apart from the package charge.

- An advance of 70% of the total bill must be paid after trial for confirmation of the package. The remaining 30% must be paid a week before the booked date.

- The advance will not be refunded if the booking if not cancelled at least a month before the booked date.

- Accessories like hair extensions and lashes will be provided by the artist. The Refundable deposit is chargeable.

- The conveyance of the artist must be paid for by the customer.

- The travel and accommodation of the artist must be provided by the customer for outstation appointments
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