We all have used some kind of peel off masks at some point of time. Either it is a home made peel, made of natural ingredients or some sort of a chemical peel. The primary job of a peel off mask is to exfoliate the upper layer of skin or epidermal layer and boost the skin cells rejuvenation. Apart from this some also hydrate, moisture or add glow to the skin depending upon the constituting ingredients of the peel. There are different types of peels available in market or even that can be home made, but before you use any peel it is very important that you understand your skin type; and the requirements of your skin. Peels having glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid, are effective for oily skin giving a deep reaching effect. Some natural peels like that of  pumpkins, contain anti-oxidants and vitamins that are highly helpful for our skin. read more read less

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