Imitation Temple Jewellery

TBG accounts for offering the most beautiful and authentic looking imitation je wellery set for the beautiful rustic South Indian brides. Not every shop, whether physical or online, is capable of giving imitation jewellery having the most authentic look. It becomes all the more difficult when it is about getting temple jewellery. Stocks for imitation modern jewellery is easily available, but getting traditional jewellery is a big concern, especially for something like temple jewellery. Temple jewellery shows the century old rich culture of Southern India. TBG has gained an upper hand in offering the most authentic looking traditional temple jewellery in South India. read more read less

More about Imitation Temple Jewellery Rental Packages
- Authentic, solid imitation temple jewellery
- Fashioned by veterans of the art
1. Your Jewelry Booking will be confirmed only after the Advance payment is made.
2. In case of an Outstation customer, a refundable caution deposit might have to be paid.
3. The Courier charges must be borne by the customer. (Approximately INR 200)
4. The Jewelry must be returned on or before due date.
5. In case of a delay in the return, a fine must be paid.
6. In case of missing or damaged pieces, a fine may be levied depending on the number of pieces missing and extent of damage.
7. Usually the courier arrives a day before the function. If there is a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, TBG is not responsible.
Work Samples by TBG Artists
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