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Falling in love is the most beautiful experience for us all. What can be better than getting married to the love of your life? And when THIS happens, you want to capture and lock up each and every moment. Photography is a way or medium that helps you in doing so. These days wedding photography is preceded by a pre-wedding shoot that starts off with documenting the wedding date that is fixed post the betrothing of the couple. Pre-wedding photo shoot is the newest craze found in the to-be wed couples. Couples choose various beautiful locations for this purpose. Some photographers also set up customised backdrop in their personal studios for the pre-wedding shoot. They include a wide range of props and bring out the love stories of the couple through their compositions. Couples usually share their passion, hobbies and desires through such shoots. They also convey what qualities of each other do they fall for. Once the wedding ceremonies start off with engagement, followed by the haldi, sangeet and mehendi; the photography usually turns incidental where the cameraperson tends to lock more of the rituals and emotional moments of the couple and their respective family members. read more read less

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